Professional Body Double - Chapter 9 (2)

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After the meal, YanMingXiu continued to watch TV while ZhouXiang went to clean up the kitchen.

After cleaning up, ZhouXiang brought out the dessert and tea. He had not entertained anyone in his home for a long time. He rarely had people over. Even if he brought back any fuckbuddies, they just have sex; they certainly wouldn\'t have time to sit down to have tea and chat.

Although it is a pity that he and YanMingXiu couldn’t achieve the goal (sex), sitting and chatting with him on this rainy night is quite romantic so ZhouXiang’s mood has been good.

ZhouXiang casually chatted with YanMingXiu, asking him about the things he is doing now. YanMingXiu started school earlier than usual so he graduated from college at just 20 years old. Now, he came back to work. He didn\'t disclose much but ZhouXiang is very interested. The two chatted for a long time. ZhouXiang is a very humorous and considerate person. So toward the end, YanMingXiu obviously became less reserved and would occasionally reveal a smile that makes ZhouXiang\'s heart jump.

Seeing such expression from him, ZhouXiang couldn’t stop his heart from beating erratically. He hadn’t experience this feeling in a long time.

Time went by quickly. Soon it was already past 10pm. YanMingXiu yawned a few times and ZhouXiang also felt tired. The two were exhausted today.

ZhouXiang smiled, “We’ve chatted for a long time, you must be tired. Go take a shower first and sleep.”

YanMingXiu opened his suitcase to take out a set of clothes; then went to the bathroom to shower. When he came out, ZhouXiang was watering his flowers. ZhouXiang turned and sees YanMingXiu wearing loose pajama shorts looking refreshed and especially captivating.

The two looked at each other; both have lust on their minds, but when they remembered the embarrassment a few hours ago, no one made any further moves. ZhouXiang pointed to the bedroom, “I got a newly washed blanket. Tonight, you\'ll have to bear it a little and sleep next to me. My guest room hasn’t been cleaned for a long time so it\'s not suitable for people to stay there."

YanMingXiu nodded, then turned and walked into the bedroom.

When ZhouXiang came out after the shower, YanMingXiu seemed to have fallen asleep. He quietly walked into the bedroom and heard YanMingXiu\'s even breathing. Looking closely, YanMingXiu was really so exhausted that he fell asleep; his long eyelashes casted a fan-shaped shadow around his eyes and his prominent nose and lip line made his side profile look so perfectly beautiful. Just looking at him, ZhouXiang\'s heart continued to beat erratically.

ZhouXiang is not a person who judges people by their appearance. Though, he couldn\'t help but admit that most gays in the ET circle are quite superficial. Men pay more attention to sexual temptation than women. In the ET circle, who they seek for are those people who look attractive, has a good figure, who can be messed around with big time, and would take off their pants on the first meeting. Who has the time to really look into the inner beauty of another person? With YanMingXiu\'s attractive appearance, it is hard for ZhouXiang to not fall for him.

ZhouXiang still fell a bit pity that nothing happened today. He leaned down and secretly kissed YanMingXiu\'s cheek. Then, climbed into the bed and slept next to him.

YanMingXiu gently opened his eyes after ZhouXiang lay down, his eyes flashed with unclear radiance.

Due to the long-distance flight, YanMingXiu was very exhausted. He slept until 2pm of the next day. He was dazed when he woke up. For a moment, he didn\'t know where he was. Flinging his head in trying to recall, he realized that he’s in the home of a man he had just met for a day and even almost had sex with him.

When YanMingXiu has sex with others before, he never goes to their homes or takes them to his own home. He didn’t know what happened yesterday. He actually went home with ZhouXiang without hesitating. His mind could not get rid of ZhouXiang\'s back silhouette when he was cooking. He dazedly glanced at the empty space next to him on the bed; there is a strange and unfamiliar feeling, making him continuously lost in his wild thoughts.

ZhouXiang happened to come in at this time. Seeing that he had awaken, he raised his eyebrows, “You slept so sweetly; you slept for 14 hours.”

YanMingXiu\'s throat is a little coarse as softly murmured, “I just got off the plane and haven\'t\' slept for more than 20 hours.”

ZhouXiang smiled, “I got a new toothbrush and towel for you. Go wash up and come out to eat. I\'ll heat up the food for you."

YanMingXiu slept so much that he was dizzy so he wobbled to the bathroom. A new toothbrush and towel have already been placed on the sink counter. This scene seems as though he would be living here. YanMingXiu mockingly smiled.

After washing up, he came out of the bathroom. The aroma from the food permeated his nose. He had live abroad by himself for many years. Being able to wake up with breakfast already prepared by someone, this feeling is really not bad.

ZhouXiang pulled out a chair, “Hurry up come and eat. You must be hungry.”

YanMingXiu nodded and stretched, “I didn’t expect to sleep for so long.”

ZhouXiang sat down beside him. He watched him eat and asked, “You have to go home today? I can give you a ride.”

YanMingXiu nodded, “You don’t need to. The rain stopped. I can just take a taxi.”

“Don\'t need to be polite. I\'m off today.”

“It\'s okay," YanMingXiu added with a serious tone.

ZhouXiang can only say, “Alright then. It\'s usually easy to fetch a taxi here."

After YanMingXiu finished eating, he turned on his cell phone and saw several text messages, mostly from his sister. He felt a bit annoyed. After pondering over it, he called her back.

“Hello? MingXiu? What\'s going on? Why did you turn off the phone?”

“No battery.”

“You didn\'t charge it at the hotel? What hotel are you staying at? You said that you can\'t come back because of the rain, I can go pick you up."

“Don\'t need to. It was raining really hard yesterday. I\'m coming home now."

“Where are you? I\'ll go pick you up.”

“It\'s okay. I\'ve already called a taxi.”

"What is the matter? You sound weak, caught a cold?"

YanMingXiu also don\'t know why. But when he hears his sister\'s voice now, he felt annoyed and can’t wait to hang up. Trying hard to suppress his temper, he responded, “No, I\'ll go back by myself, don’t worry.”

YanMingXiu hung up the phone and sighed.

ZhouXiang sat on the sofa with a faint smile, “So you\'re leaving?”

“Yeah,” YanMingXiu nodded.

“Leave a number?”

YanMingXiu walked over, bent down and took ZhouXiang\'s phone from his hand to punch in his number. After he\'s done, he gave the phone back to ZhouXiang. ZhouXiang looped his arm around his neck and pursed his lips, “Will we meet again?"

YanMingXiu narrowed his eyes and breathes on ZhouXiang\'s face, “If you’re willing to let me top you.”

ZhouXiang smiled, “That’s not a big problem but do you have experience? I am a manual worker; I can\'t get injured."

YanMingXiu faintly smiled, “You\'ll know once you try."

ZhouXiang gently pecked YanMingXiu\'s lips, “Why don\'t you stay today?"

YanMingXiu stood up, “I have to go home. Another day."

ZhouXiang\'s eyes revealed a pitiful expression, “Let’s go, I\'ll walk you downstairs.” He was never this attentive to his fuck buddies.

After ZhouXiang walked YanMingXiu to the taxi, he was a little reluctant to go home. He fiddled with his cell phone, looking at YanMingXiu\'s phone number; his heart began to depict his next meeting with YanMingXiu.

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