Professional Body Double - Chapter 84

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The next morning, the three of them took the first flight to GuangXi. Once they got off the plane, they switched to a car and drove toward XiWan Mountains. It took them more than ten hours before they finally arrived at the location nearest to the village in the afternoon of the next day.

ZhouXiang still had an impression of this village. When he went to the mountain that year, this was the last place they stayed at to reenergize. This was also the last place where he had his last phone call with YanMingXiu in his own identity.

Three years have passed. This small village is entirely different from his memory. It is not the village itself that has changed but that when the villagers knew that outsiders have arrived, they all came out in crowds to take a look.

When the three of them arrived at the entrance of the village, they were stopped by two people wearing casual clothes. The short hair stubbles on their heads and their stiff temperament and unified movements and expressions made it obvious that they are soldiers at just a glance.

CaiWei asked, “Dai Ge (T/N), what’s the matter?”

T/N: Dai Ge (大哥) is used to address an older brother or unrelated older male.

A soldier responded, “What are you guys doing here? Something happened in this village recently. No outsiders are permitted to enter."

CaiWei is astonished, “Could it be the corpse……has already arrived here?"

The soldiers looked at him strangely, "Who told you guys to come here?"

“The party in charge, a member from that crew informed us. We are friends of the deceased and are here to identify and claim him.”

The soldiers hesitated for a moment, "Wait a bit. I\'m calling for someone to come out." Then he turned and went into the village.

The three people waited at the village entrance, looking at each other.

CaiWei said imposingly, “What is going on? Why even the troops are brought here? And looking at their stance, there seem to be many of them."

LanXiRong looked inside the village, “Not sure but I\'m guessing it\'s YanMingXiu that got them here."

ZhouXiang didn’t pay much attention to what they were saying at all. When he was standing at the village\'s entrance, thinking that his body might be inside, he felt such agonizing pain. He is really afraid to see his \'own\' decomposed or skeletal body but he must go and see, even if it was only to bid farewell to his body.

This would also allow him to completely let go. No one in the world could understand his mood at the moment, this kind of indescribable pain.

After a while, a soldier came out with a gloomy looking fat person.

CaiWei recognized at once that this was the person in charge of the crew that year. His surname is Xue. He has been sent here by his boss to handle this matter. After discovering the body, there are a series of matters that needed to be dealt with, such as compensation for ZhouXiang as well as the set of equipment that was worth more than a million yuan. CaiWei heard that because the equipment was still missing, the insurance companies were still hassling with them.

“Xue Ge,” CaiWei walked over and shook hands with him.

Xue Ge\'s expression looked flushed as if he had just quarreled with someone. He says breathlessly, “Ah, you\'re here. Come on in……Huh? Why did you bring so many people? I\'ve only prepared one room for you."

CaiWei responded, “XiRong is also Ah Xiang\'s friend. He insisted on coming to see. This person (ZhouXiang) here is from my company and my boss wanted him to come along to help me handle things."

Xue Ge took them into the village but they detoured around the roads. Along the way, he whispered cautiously as if he was afraid of someone, “Try not to let people see you as much as possible. This entire situation is chaotic."

“What\'s really going on?”

“I\'ll tell you when we go into the house. Aigh (sigh sound), Lao Cai, you came with two people, I really can\'t make the arrangement. Even this farmer\'s bed was all I could get after a long struggle. The troops had taken over this area entirely. The two of you (LanXiRong and ZhouXiang), I really have no other way, you\'ll just have to sleep on the ground."

LanXiRong responded, “It\'s fine, the ground it is then.”

Xue Ge said with embarrassment, “Mr. Lan, I\'m sorry. You guys will have to suffer a little. Have a rest first."

"Not a problem."

ZhouXiang is so anxious that his entire person is on the verge of exploding. It is impossible for him to rest calmly. He quickly asked, "Xie Ge, when can we…"

CaiWei instantly grabbed him, disappointedly getting him to stop talking.

Xue Ge looked at him strangely, CaiWei asked, “Xue Ge, when can we see Ah Xiang? We are here to confirm whether or not it is Ah Xiang.”

“Oh, no need to confirm. The DNA results are already out. It is him.”

ZhouXiang\'s mind buzzed. He thought he was already prepared mentally. With the facts already in front of him, he could force himself to accept but when he actually heard it, he felt his vision turning bleakly dark, as if he is about to blackout.

LanXiRong carefully supported him and gently squeezed his palm.

CaiWei somberly responded, "How come it\'s this fast?”

“Come in. Come in and talk," Xue Ge led them into the room that was prepared for CaiWei.

CaiWei quickly asked, “How could it be so fast? The corpse……the body was found only three days ago. Even if it was shipped here immediately, that would have taken close to two days. The medical facilities here are so lacking, just to send the samples out to do the comparison and have it be sent back would take at least two to three days. How could the results be out already?"

Xue Ge lowered his voice and responded, “The Yan family directly brought doctors and medical instruments here. Why do you think there are more than a dozen soldiers here?"

Although his voice was very low, the three could still hear it clearly.

ZhouXiang blurted out, “What does he want?”

Xue Ge frowned as he pondered over who this person is. CaiWei haven\'t even spoken yet and he already opened his mouth.

CaiWei turned to glance at ZhouXiang with a warning. He responded, “Xue Ge, don’t mind him. My assistant is a bit anxious. Is YanMingXiu already here?”

“He came two days ago, even earlier than me."

“Then right now he……Ah Xiang right now, what\'s the situation?"

Xue Ge\'s face revealed a strange expression, "It\'s so troublesome. I can\'t leave for the time being. Not only did YanMingXiu come, his older brother also came."

CaiWei looked at him shockingly.

Xue Ge was just about to speak but felt that some things couldn\'t be said in front of others, “Lao Cai, let’s go to my place. Let them rest a bit."

CaiWei had no choice but to head out with Xue Ge.

LanXiRong and ZhouXiang were left sitting on the shabby bed inside the farmer’s house, still haven\'t recovered from the shock.

According to Xue Ge\'s words and with what they saw with their own eyes, this village is obviously being controlled by the Yan family. Is this something worth that big of an effort?

ZhouXiang can’t sit still, “I have to go see.”

LanXiRong grabbed onto him, “Xiang Ge, the village is full of people brought by YanMingXiu. Even if you wanted to go see, you won\'t be able to. Just sit and see if Xue Ge can think of some ways."

ZhouXiang’s expression is a bit distorted, “I really can’t wait. I have to go see immediately. XiRong, you don’t understand, that is my……my body. Fuck, how could there be such a ridiculous thing? I\'m going to collapse if I don\'t do anything."

LanXiRong looked at his obviously unusual expression. Although he couldn’t experience what ZhouXiang is going through, he could somewhat understand his feelings. He said helplessly, “Okay then. I\'ll go with you. It\'s dark now, we can see if we can sneak in……"

“No, I\'ll go by myself. It is easier to be discovered with two people, especially with your face; a lot of people still recognize you. If something were to happen, it will affect your reputation. I\'m fine going by myself."

LanXiRong stood up, “Xiang Ge, I can’t let you go alone……”

ZhouXiang gripped his shoulder to make him sit on the bed, “Right now, you can\'t help me. So please, wait here for me. I\'ll go see by myself. I must go and see."

LanXiRong knew that ZhouXiang is right. The current situation is too strange. He\'ll just wait here. If ZhouXiang doesn’t come back, he could still find CaiWei and Xue Ge for help.

ZhouXiang rubbed his face and energetically shook his head, forcing himself to calm down a bit. Then, he went out of the house.

This small village is so deserted that it\'s not even equipped with a power system. The electricity used in the village is supplied by one generator. At 9 o’clock in the evening, most of the people are already sleeping. The village is particularly dark, almost nothing could be seen from two meters away.

ZhouXiang went back and forth in the dark village. There were only twenty households in this place, very less. Most of the people are asleep. He barely ran into anyone along the way, but sometimes there were a few soldiers walking around. At the end of the village, he finally found a household stationed with soldiers. There was no light in that house but the house next to it was lit and someone came out from time to time.

ZhouXiang’s heart jumped wildly. Perhaps his body is in one of these two farmers\' house.

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