Professional Body Double - Chapter 8

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As soon as they entered the apartment, Zhou Xiang pushed Yan Mingxiu against the wall. He stroked Yan Mingxiu\'s silky face with his slender fingers, and smiled gently, "Xiao Yan, you\'re so good-looking."

Yan Mingxiu reached out his hand, and grabbed hold of Zhou Xiang\'s already responding groin. His lips perked up slightly, "Mn, I can tell that you really like it."

Zhou Xiang lightly licked Yan Mingxiu\'s lips, and said in a low voice, "I like it, of course I like it." Holding the back of Yan Mingxiu’s head, Zhou Xiang intensified the kiss. His lips carefully sucked and devoured those pair of lips in every angle, and his tongue slipped into Yan Mingxiu\'s slightly parted lips, entwining with his tongue, skilfully teasing and ravaging his mouth.

Ever since Zhou Xiang discovered in his teens that he was gay, in these many years, he had been in two solid relationships. However, those relationships no longer had any traces in his heart. He had had several long-term sex-friends but he hadn\'t had many one-night stands. He wasn\'t someone who slept around. He only had healthy physiological needs. To him, a stable genuine relationship was a luxury good: something that could only be found by accident and not through seeking. Only a small handful could walk their lives together to the very end. Zhou Xiang also longed to meet a person who would be true to him. But before all that, being able to roll in the bed sheets with a person who he found pleasing to the eye, seemed to be a more feasible and realistic need.

Yan Mingxiu was quite young, having just turned twenty this year. Although he wasn\'t a pure and innocent boy, he hadn\'t had much sexual experience either. He couldn\'t quite hold up against with Zhou Xiang\'s aggressive and intense kissing technique. Their breathing became a bit heavy and rough, and their entangled mouths brought about a concentrated scent of lust.

Yan Mingxiu slipped his hand into Zhou Xiang\'s clothes, gently caressing Zhou Xiang\'s smooth and firm back. Zhou Xiang also slipped his hand into Yan Mingxiu\'s clothes. The two fondled and caressed each other. The passionate and heated atmosphere was on the verge of exploding.

Yan Mingxiu raised his neck, letting Zhou Xiang to lick and kiss his throat and collarbone. His hand continued to move down, and in the end he clasped Zhou Xiang around the waist, and flipped and pressed Zhou Xiang against the wall. His hand reached into Zhou Xiang\'s pants, kneading Zhou Xiang\'s firm and perky ass.

Yan Mingxiu\'s actions grew more aggressive and assertive. Blindly engrossed in the act, Zhou Xiang took a long time before he realised that something wasn\'t right. He suddenly woke up, and grabbed hold of Yan Mingxiu\'s finger which was about to enter that certain hole of his.

Yan Mingxiu was also pulled up short.

They both had realised what the problem was.

Zhou Xiang said awkwardly, "I\'m a top."

Yan Mingxiu didn\'t speak. He looked at him, frowning. Anyone would be unhappy if they were forcibly interrupted after already progressing to this stage, especially an egotistical person like Yan Mingxiu.

Their lust was immediately put out like they had been splashed with cold water. Being attracted to each other was a good thing, but finding out they were both tops, only one step before they jumped into bed, was honestly a bit of a mood-killer.

Zhou Xiang had nothing against being on the bottom, but he hadn\'t ever bottomed before. You can\'t just give someone a gun and expect them to go on a battlefield. No matter what, he still needed to temper and steel himself to let himself mentally accept it first. After looking at Yan Mingxiu\'s dark face again, he knew that there definitely wasn\'t going to be any action today.

Zhou Xiang was vexed and disappointed. A peerless beauty was right in front of him; they had kissed and touched birds, but were now stuck between the problem of who was on the top and bottom. At this point in time, even if he wanted to continue, he couldn’t lower his pride to do so.

Yan Ming\'s spirits had been dampened greatly. He picked up his suitcase and said, "I\'m going now."

Zhou Xiang stopped him. "Hey, don\'t, look at that rain outside, where can you go at this time? The terrain here is low, cars might not be able to get out anymore. Though we didn’t manage to do it to the end, I\'m not so bad that I\'ll kick you out. You\'re already here anyway, sleep here tonight."

Yan Mingxiu looked outside the window. That downpour showed no signs of stopping. How to leave was indeed a big problem.

Zhou Xiang snatched his suitcase from his hand and placed it next to the shoe-shelf. "Come, go sit inside, let\'s eat dinner, satisfy our living needs first."

It was only then that Yan Mingxiu had the opportunity to study the apartment properly.

An apartment with a floor area of over seventy square meters, two bedrooms, two lounges. The floor plan wasn’t very practical, but it didn\'t appear cramped either. Although the apartment had seen better days, and the furnishings also felt dated, everywhere showed signs that it had been diligently cleaned and maintained by its owner. Zhou Xiang\'s home was completely different from normal bachelors. It was clean, fresh, comfortable and warm, corresponding very well with the impression Zhou Xiang gave off to other people.

Zhou Xiang quickly adjusted his mood. Acting completely unaffected, he passed Yan Mingxiu a pair of slippers.

Just a moment ago, they had started passionately making out at the entrance hall before they had even taken off their shoes. Thinking about their enthusiasm just earlier, he felt a bit embarrassed.

Zhou Xiang let Yan Mingxiu into the room and poured him a cup of water. He smiled gently at him. "What do you want to eat for dinner?"

"Anything is fine."

"Then, go watch TV for a little while. I\'ll go make dinner."

Yan Mingxiu nodded. His face relaxed a little.

The apartment had an open-plan kitchen-dining and the kitchen-dining and living room was only separated by a single wall of transparent glass. Yan Mingxiu only needed to turn his head to be able to see the view of Zhou Xiang\'s back busying around in the kitchen.

He narrowed his eyes, closely watching that back that moved about continuously in front of him. He felt that the area around his lower abdomen was about to start to burning up again.

He fantasized that the person standing there making dinner for him was Wang Yudong.

That back view that bore a remarkable resemblance to Wang Yudong\'s blurred inside his mind, and was then completely superimposed with Wang Yudong\'s back view. It felt as if that back would turn around in the next second, and Wang Yudong, carrying a gentle smile on his handsome and refined face, would softly ask him, "What do you want for dinner?"

He fantasized that he could embrace that person from behind, tear open his clothes and do every shameless thing to him he could, leaving behind his marks on that person\'s body.

Suddenly, the back turned around, and Zhou Xiang\'s face suddenly appeared in front of him, shattering his delusion. Zhou Xiang asked with a smile, "Do you eat spicy?"

A nameless rage arose in Yan Mingxiu’s chest. He answered stiffly, "No."

Zhou Xiang sensed that he was unhappy. He shrugged his shoulders and didn\'t let it bother him. Yan Mingxiu was at least ten years younger than him. He hadn\'t gone so low as to get into a sulky fit with a little boy.

Zhou Xiang had lived with several relatives in the past after his parents passed away. However, living while relying on someone else’s charity was an unbearable feeling. His relatives also didn\'t care about him, kicking him back and forth. He couldn\'t take it anymore, and ran back to this house by himself. Hence, starting from when he was a fourth grader in elementary, he started fending for himself. He bought and cooked his own food, and washed his own clothes. There wasn’t a single household chore that he wasn’t a good at.

After half an hour of labour, the rice was done and he had also made three dishes and one pot of soup. He placed the hot and fragrant dishes on the table, and called out to Yan Mingxiu, “Hurry and come over to eat, it\'s already past eight.”

Yan Mingxiu walked over and looked at the dishes on the table. It was all normal home cooking, but were things that he hadn\'t eaten for many years. He sat down, and couldn\'t help but praise, “Smells great.”

Grinning broadly, Zhou Xiang pinched his tender cheeks. “It tastes even better than it smells, hurry and eat, after you finish eating, give Xiang\'ge a smile.”

As Zhou Xiang had been magnanimous and acted appropriately the entire time, Yan Mingxiu couldn\'t get mad. He gave an embarrassed smile, and extended his chopsticks to pick up a block of tofu and sent it into his mouth.

Zhou Xiang scooped a bowl of soup for him. "How is it? It’s yummy, right?"

A natural smile appeared on Yan Mingxiu’s face for the first time. "Pretty good, it\'s delicious."

Zhou Xiang was happy too. “Here, eat more. My fridge still has some rock-sugar braised snow-pear I made yesterday. Remember to leave some space in your tummy to eat dessert later.”

The two harmoniously started eating dinner, as if the awkward scene when they entered the house never happened.