Professional Body Double - Chapter 75

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ZhouXiang walked around the hotel first. He thought that if YanMingXiu didn’t leave the hotel, he would go back to the room to sleep. In any case, he won\'t freeze to death. So he walked around the hotel but the hotel is so big that he couldn\'t find anyone. The auntie at the front desk was so engrossed in talking on QQ that when he asked her if she had seen anyone going out wearing pajamas, she mumbled that she didn\'t know.

Finally, the auntie checked the door and confirmed that someone did go out. This door doesn\'t function well and people didn\'t know how to use it so they won\'t know how to close it tightly.

ZhouXiang panicked a bit. If something happened to YanMingXiu, the unfortunate one would be his so called “assistant” (himself). Especially WangYuDong would not let him off.

He borrowed a flashlight from the auntie and went out.

The people in the village slept early so there were not many households with their lights on at 11pm. The entire village is pitch black. ZhouXiang stood at the same place for a long time as he didn\'t know where to start looking.

He couldn\'t shout and couldn\'t alarm other people, otherwise when YanMingXiu returns, he\'ll most likely be the one to get in trouble. He wrapped his coat tightly around himself and walked into the village while swaying the flashlight back and forth, quietly calling for YanMingXiu. When he reached to the end of the village, he met a young couple who was having a rendezvous in the middle of the night. The light from the flashlight scared the two people and ZhouXiang took the opportunity to ask them if they have saw a person wearing pajamas.

The two thought for a long time and then the woman suddenly remembered, “It seems that someone has gone into the mountains.”

ZhouXiang quickly asked, “How long has it been?”

“Just now.”

ZhouXiang ran wildly in the direction that they pointed. If YanMingXiu really entered the mountain, it would be too dangerous. He has an instinctive fear of this dark forest because he was buried inside of a mountain.

Walking with much difficulty through the solid grass in this mountain forest at night with the wind whistling in his ears really makes people feel so chillingly cold that their scalps were numbing. He couldn\'t imagine how far YanMingXiu could have ran wearing just a thin layer of silk pajamas.

Why bother doing that? Could it be this hard for YanMingXiu to accept because that movie wasn\'t shot solely by WangYuDong but had a stuntman?

ZhouXiang felt that this is so pitiful and ridiculous. YanMingXiu is really an affectionate person.

"YanMingXiu! YanMingXiu!" ZhouXiang raised his voice and called out loudly. He didn\'t dare to run too deep into the mountains for fear that he would get lost, but after searching for ten minutes, he couldn\'t find YanMingXiu. He wanted to go back to the hotel and asked people to come search. If something happened to YanMingXiu, he can’t bear the responsibility.

After making up his mind, he followed the path to head back.

The mountain forest is not tranquil. The birds that were hovering above the skies seemed to be frightened as they made ear-piercing sounds and anxiously flew up the skies. Hearing these sounds, ZhouXiang felt a burst of panic.

Just as he was climbing up a high slope, a tremble suddenly rose up from the bottom of his feet and then his entire body swayed uncontrollably. ZhouXiang\'s feet that were stepping on a stone became wobbly and he suddenly rolled down the slope.

An earthquake!!

Only nature can gather the power from the shaking of the earth that makes people fearful. ZhouXiang never dreamed that he would run into an earthquake at this time. Although the amplitude is not particularly high but ZhouXiang was too nervous; he couldn\'t even stand up.

The leaves and tiny branches fell on him. He tried frantically to stand up and rushed out of the woods.

The big shake has stopped but there are still small aftershocks from time to time that jolted ZhouXiang’s heart. The close-by village is brightly lit and the resounding screams are endless.

After ZhouXiang passed through a marsh land, he saw a familiar figure. It is YanMingXiu. YanMingXiu seemed to be standing in the woods in a daze, as if he just realized where he is at.

"YanMingXiu!!" ZhouXiang yelled and rushed over.

YanMingXiu turned his head. Under the light, his skin exposed an abnormal blue and whitish color, his lips frozen purple and his eyes red. He looked very confused and helpless.

ZhouXiang couldn’t describe his feelings at the time. It\'s likely gut-wrenching. He really despised the love YanMingXiu has for WangYuDong. He wanted to vomit.

ZhouXiang shoved the coat he brought to YanMingXiu and uttered sternly, “Are you fucking crazy?! Do you know how dangerous it is to run into the pitch black mountains?! You can die, you can really fucking die!"

YanMingXiu didn’t even catch the coat but instead let it fall to the ground. He looked at ZhouXiang with a void look, as if he didn’t understand what ZhouXiang was talking about.

“Can you not feel the earthquake? Hurry up and get out. It\'s is too dangerous here, if any wood falls……"

ZhouXiang exasperatedly picked up the coat and draped it over YanMingXiu\'s body, then dragged him out. After dragging him a few steps, YanMingXiu suddenly broke his hand free, and embraced his waist tightly with strength so strong that knocked both of them to the ground.

ZhouXiang is so angry that he wanted to punch him to death. He is anxious to leave this place and get to an open flat land. If there was another big aftershock…this second life that he got with great difficulty… even though it is filled with depressing things, he still didn\'t want to die.

He could only hear YanMingXiu\'s weak voice coming from behind, calling out for \'ZhouXiang.\'

ZhouXiang is shocked; his fist clenched tightly gripping the weeds.

YanMingXiu called out for \'ZhouXiang\' again. ZhouXiang had never heard YanMingXiu called him like this. Never before and not in the present. The way he called him was like…like he was asking for help.

ZhouXiang didn’t understand but YanMingXiu\'s voice shocked him, making him feel like his hands and feet were tied, stiff and unable to move.

After a while, ZhouXiang could only feel YanMingXiu’s hot chest, but couldn’t hear a sound. He turned around slightly and realized that YanMingXiu had fallen asleep, as if everything that happened earlier was just him (YanMingXiu) sleepwalking.

In such a place that is freezing cold and with an earthquake that had just occurred, YanMingXiu actually fell asleep!

He patted YanMingXiu’s face. It is ice cold.

He\'s really asleep? Is he asleep or unconscious?

ZhouXiang also wasn\'t sure. He only knew that he needed to get YanMingXiu out of here as soon as possible, but now it\'s become a difficult task. To carry out such a person who is taller and heavier than himself out of this unleveled forest, even though they are not far from the village, it is enough to exhaust him.

ZhouXiang sighed and said to himself, “You are my fucking ancestor.”

He put the coat on YanMingXiu and then lifted him on his back. YanMingXiu’s weight almost crushed him; each step he took is with much difficulty carrying YanMingXiu. The more than 200 meters mountainous path made him so tired that he was about to kneel down. Finally, he got YanMingXiu out of the woods.

There seems to be a lot of crew members searching for them. Many flashlights were shining towards them from not far away, so bright that ZhouXiang couldn\'t open his eyes.

"Right here! Right here!"

"President Yan! ZhouXiang!" Several staff members ran over. Seeing that YanMingXiu had fainted, they were scared.

The director also ran over and quickly asked, “What’s going on! Where have you been?! There is an earthquake, do you know how dangerous it is?”

WangYuDong also came over and pulled YanMingXiu down from ZhouXiang\'s back. He patted YanMingXiu\'s face and yelled, “MingXiu? MingXiu? Put him on the stretcher and quickly call the doctor.”

ZhouXiang opened his mouth and wanted to say that he (YanMingXiu) was fine. But seeing how nervous everyone is, it is pointless for him to say it, so he just retreated to the side.

WangYuDong glanced at him fiercely and asked in a stern voice, “ZhouXiang, what’s going on!”

ZhouXiang responded coldly, “I came out for a walk with President Yan. Then there was an earthquake and President Yan hit his head.”

“What\'s with walking in the middle of the night?!”

ZhouXiang also vented his frustrations. The grievances in him were too much. If he didn’t vent, he might do something even more extreme, so he responded sarcastically, “If President Yan wanted to take a walk, it\'s not in my control to refuse.”

Everyone around them took a breath of cold air. No one in the entertainment circle dare to talk to WangYuDong like this. WangYuDong is also stunned. He never expected ZhouXiang to dare talk back at him. His first reaction is that ZhouXiang was just being arrogant because of his relationship with YanMingXiu.

Most of the other people also thought that way. Especially those who speculated that ZhouXiang\'s and YanMingXiu\'s relationship are abnormal. They look at ZhouXiang oddly.

ZhouXiang shook his head and turned to go to a distant place. He found an open space and sat down on the ground.

Seeing that he couldn\'t go back to the room right now, there is nothing he could do so he just sat on the side holding his knees like a porcupine with thorns all over his body. He watched the group of people from afar busily helping YanMingXiu. WangYuDong\'s anxious expression is unusually glaring.

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