Professional Body Double - Chapter 73

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Because of the ruckus from the morning, the filming atmosphere on the first day after arriving at the mountain is somewhat depressing. No need to mention the director, his expression was gloomy the entire day. WangYuDong and YanMingXiu\'s expression also weren\'t good. The employees beneath didn’t even dare to joke around, everyone were walking on egg shells.

Under such tensed atmosphere, they completed their work before dinner time. Despite the emotional tension, perhaps everyone was staying focus for fear of making any mistakes. The day\'s filming progress was exceptionally smooth. After work, they gathered to have dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

YanMingXiu didn’t come downstairs for dinner so ZhouXiang quickly finished eating and order take-out for him and brought it upstairs.

When he entered the room, YanMingXiu was on the phone discussing business matters. The light in the hotel room is a little dim. The laptop\'s screen resting on his lap illuminated a layer of blue reflected on his face, making him look a bit gloomy, especially when he looked up at ZhouXiang.

ZhouXiang put the take-out on the table, then sat down on his bed and turned on the TV. He lay motionless watching the TV screen, which was playing a movie. But whatever movie was playing, ZhouXiang couldn\'t get into it at all.

He thought for an entire day, fuming rage toward both WangYuDong and TanYin, but sadly realized that he couldn\'t do anything. He thought since he can\'t throw punches at WangYuDong, at least he needed to teach TanYin a lesson, but what use is there? Well, if TanYin wasn\'t instructed by WangYuDong, would he have dared to do what he did? The feeling of having to suppress himself with nobody to vent makes ZhouXiang feel like a balloon filled with resentment. If he was poked a few more times, he would explode.

What’s more, this matter is far from over. He didn\'t know what YanMingXiu would say or do. Anyway, if it was such a big deal, he just won\'t be part of this movie and just go back to the work that CaiWei had arranged for him. He\'ll still be able to support his family.

YanMingXiu discussed his work matters with the person on the other line for a long time before finally hanging up.

ZhouXiang turned to look at him and said calmly, “Your dinner is on the table.”

YanMingXiu slowly responded, “Your past have nothing to do with me but since you\'re with me now, if you dare to get yourself involved with any others, I\'ll definitely not let you off.” His voice is very dismal, the sound is not loud but still there is a kind force that makes it impossible for people to ignore.

ZhouXiang didn’t have any expression on his face; his eyes remain staring at the TV screen. “I don’t know why TanYin did what he did. But I\'ve already severed my relationship with him a long time ago.” He didn’t want to explain too much. There was no point. What he really wanted to say about WangYuDong, he can\'t say it in front of YanMingXiu because then he\'d only be asking for humiliation. Moreover, he\'s never expected anyone to support him, especially YanMingXiu.

YanMingXiu moved the laptop to the side, raised his chin and pointed at the food on the table. “Take it out. I\'ve no appetite, don’t let me smell it.”

ZhouXiang stood up, picked up the food and put it outside the door. Then he turned back to pull the door close.

At this time, a gust of wind blew through the hallway and the door slammed close causing a loud bang, shaking the walls.

YanMingXiu lifted his head and raised his eyebrows, “You seem to be very dissatisfied?”

ZhouXiang shrugged, “President Yan, that was the wind blowing.”

YanMingXiu narrowed his eyes, “ZhouXiang, I always feel that you have a lot of things hiding from me.”

ZhouXiang responded, “President Yan, I don\'t have anything to hide from you. Just that my business is not worthy of your interest, nor is it necessary to be mentioned.”

“What if I want to know?”

ZhouXiang smiled awkwardly, “What does President Yan want to know? I\'ll definitely answer it truthfully.”

“Let\'s talk about TanYin then. You said that you don’t remember him but even WangYuDong knew that you guys use to be together. You also should know it yourself. So the reason for your argument this morning is because of?"

“He wanted to get back together but I don\'t want to."

YanMingXiu led out a long “oh” sound, then changed the topic and coldly asked, “Then do you know why WangYuDong is targeted against you?”

ZhouXiang glanced at him in surprise.

“What? You think I will believe that TanYin, who is merely a newcomer, especially being under WangYuDong, would be so daring as to just leave? What is really the reason? Someone like you….how are you worthy for him to…….”

Before YanMingXiu even finished talking, ZhouXiang already knew what he wanted to say. He is such a minor actor, what does he have to make WangYuDong waste his time to step on him? The only possibility is that he had offended WangYuDong but he still didn\'t know how he offended WangYuDong. Naturally, he can’t answer the doubts in YanMingXiu’s heart.

ZhouXiang smiled sarcastically, “President Yan, I am just as baffled as you. I don’t know how I could have offended Dong Ge. Your FAMILY is of one mind, if you could help me figure it out, perhaps I could correct my mistakes."

When ZhouXiang mentioned \'family,\' he especially emphasized it with a heavier tone. YanMingXiu’s expression became unsightly. He grabbed his cell phone and threw it at ZhouXiang’s face, immediately hitting ZhouXiang in his cheekbones, making it instantly swollen.

YanMingXiu responded coldly, “ZhouXiang, don\'t you have a bit of shame. You keep repeatedly speaking to me with this mocking sarcasm. Even if I was to spend money to raise a dog, it\'ll bark nicely upon seeing me. Who do you think you are? If it wasn\'t because ….. do you think you\'re even worth a few yuan?”

ZhouXiang caressed his face, feeling the air leaking from his voided heart. But he didn\'t feel anything. He didn\'t feel humiliated, let alone sadness. He felt that what YanMingXiu said is extremely right. If it wasn\'t because he looked a bit like WangYuDong, whether it was from before or in the present, how could he have the opportunity to stand in front of YanMingXiu?

After such a long time, he had finally accepted this fact and was able to fully be at peace.

He smiled, “What President Yan said is right. I admit that I am wrong. No matter what Dong Ge does, he must have his reasons.”

YanMingXiu raised his eyebrows deeply. The smile on ZhouXiang’s face made him feel uncomfortable, not only is it uncomfortable, it was simply glaring to the extreme. He instinctively felt that he had seen this expression before from somewhere, this expression made his heart tremble.

YanMingXiu didn’t know how he could teach this person called ZhouXiang a lesson because this person is too untamed. But at the same time, there are so many commonalities between this person and “that person,” so that he is always subconsciously tolerant of him.

He has repeatedly tolerated his words and even gave him the condo he had prepared for his older brother. He knew that he is not “ZhouXiang” but because there were so many overlapping details between them, it made him lose his mind.

He didn’t know what he is expecting from this fake ‘ZhouXiang.’

What exactly was he expecting!!

He stared at ZhouXiang coldly and ordered, “Undress.”

ZhouXiang is slightly startled and then nimbly removed his clothes piece by piece.

YanMingXiu press him onto the bed, separating his thighs. Then, he proceeded to brutally and fervently fuck him. The lines on ZhouXiang’s back are painfully stretched, his muscles trembled violently with YanMingXiu\'s frightening rigorous speeds; sweat dripped along the sides of his cheeks onto the bed sheet.

ZhouXiang clenched his teeth trying with much difficulty to suppress himself from making any sounds. The moans lodged in this throat instead became smothering sounds.

The phone next to the bed suddenly rang. ZhouXiang slowly looked up and blankly glanced at it.

YanMingXiu immediately pressed his head into the blanket and hoarsely shouted, “Don’t let me see your face!”

ZhouXiang’s face was forced into the blanket. He hated that he couldn\'t directly bury himself beneath the bed.

YanMingXiu picked up the handset; his thrusting movements became a bit stagnant but he was still slowly pummeling in and out of ZhouXiang. Back and forth, his hot weapon thrusted repeatedly into ZhouXiang\'s body. This strange feeling made his entire body shook.


WangYuDong\'s voice came clearly from the other line, "MingXiu, this is just a small hotel in the mountains. The soundproofing is not very good. Dong Ge is just on the other side of your wall. Can you be bit more restrained?" Although his words were calm and very polite, the anger and ridicule in his tone still can\'t be concealed.

The soundproofing is indeed really bad. YanMingXiu\'s movements repeatedly made the headboard slammed loudly into the wall. Any average adult neighbor knew what is going on in the room next door.

ZhouXiang felt his face rapidly burning hot as he tightly clenched his fist.

YanMingXiu faintly responded, “I\'ll have the room changed tomorrow.”

"MingXiu!" WangYuDong gloomily responded, "This is not a problem with the room. What are you really thinking?"

YanMingXiu retorted, “Dong Ge, what is really the matter?”

WangYuDong suppressed his anger, “I want to talk to you about the matter this morning.”

"Fine, I\'ll go to your room in a bit.” After saying that, he immediately hung up.

Holding onto ZhouXiang’s waist, he continued to forcefully thrust into him. Not a word was spoken during this entire ordeal. In fact, there was not a hint of warming atmosphere between each other; it was simply venting sex.

After YanMingXiu was done, he went to the bathroom and showered. Then changed his clothes and walked out closing the door.

ZhouXiang rested in bed for a long time before he could breathe calmly. He also got up and took a shower and changed his clothes. As if nothing had happened, he flattened the sheets, laid on the bed and made his usual daily call to ChenYing.

When he heard ChenYing’s gentle and loving voice, he felt his mood becoming exceptionally calm.


WangYuDong poured a cup of tea for YanMingXiu and placed it on the table, then looked at him solemnly.

YanMingXiu glanced at him indifferently, “Brother-in-law, I know what you wanted to say but I\'m advising you not to say anything. Even my dad and my older brother can’t control me, why waste the time?”

WangYuDong heaved a sigh, “MingXiu. You call me brother-in-law, that is proof that we are one family. Even though I knew long ago that you stopped listening to what I said but I don’t want to see you continue being lost in your ways. I want to see you normal, to get married and have children so that mother, father, and older brother, as well as your older sister can be at ease and stop worrying."

YanMingXiu gave him a fleeting glance, “If this is what you wanted to say, I\'m going to head back first.”

"MingXiu…" WangYuDong furrowed his brows and lowly muttered, "You weren\'t like this before but because of that ZhouXiang, you became this distant with me……"

YanMingXiu raised his hand in front of WangYuDong, his voice coldly detached, “I\'ve said it many times. Don\'t mention ZhouXiang in front of me.”

WangYuDong gritted his teeth, getting himself a bit riled up, “MingXiu, you still haven\'t awakened? It\'s almost been three years. Why do you continue to wrongly persist on making it so hard on yourself, even now finding one that has the same exact name…”

YanMingXiu immediately stood up and chillingly uttered, “Shut up.”

WangYuDong instantly grabbed onto YanMingXiu\'s collar, his expression conflicting and his eyes flickered. He suddenly revealed a remorseful expression and sighed, “MingXiu, you becoming like this today is Dong Ge\'s fault. I know that you have feelings for me but I\'ve always evaded it. At the time, I merely thought that you were still young; sooner or later you will understand…. It\'s Dong Ge\'s failure to handle this matter, not paying attention to your issue so I ended up pushing you to someone like ZhouXiang…"

YanMingXiu grabbed his hand and very, very slowly took his hand off his collar. His expression extremely chilling, "You\'re thinking too much. It\'s already all in the past. You just need to be good with my sister, don\'t keep caring about my matters."

WangYuDong\'s body shook as he furrowed his brows, “MingXiu, I only hope that we could return to the past. Before… before you would listen to the words Dong Ge says. Can you listen to Dong Ge this time? You are my only little brother-in-law. I hope that you could live a normal life."

At this moment, even staying an extra second is too much for YanMingXiu. He shook his head and turned to walk out the door.


YanMingXiu didn’t return around.

WangYuDong squinted his eyes as he look at his back. He quickly thought, if he was to say this next sentence, to what extent would it offend YanMingXiu? Maybe this is a good opportunity to test this out, to see whether or not he would still be able to use YanMingXiu.

He sighed, “MingXiu! ZhouXiang is already dead. When are you going to accept this reality?!”

YanMingXiu’s body immediately froze. He turned around slowly. His eyes were already so blood-shot that it is abnormally scary. He enunciated word by word, “Say-it-again.”

WangYuDong is stunned by his imposing manner, not only did he not dare to speak any further, even his body couldn\'t move.

YanMingXiu pointed at him, his voice sounding murderous like the chilliness of hell being frozen over, “No one can say this sentence. No one can. You, WangYuDong, most definitely can\'t. The reason why ZhouXiang went to the mountains is because he was forced to by me and by you. I\'m letting you go is merely because you are my brother-in-law. If you continue to be voracious (greedy) and speak more nonsense, don\'t blame me for not caring that we are family."

WangYuDong only felt the chills from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. His entire body felt ice-cold, so much that he couldn\'t even speak.

He knew that he had overestimated YanMingXiu’s affections toward him and underestimated YanMingXiu’s stubborn persistence toward ZhouXiang.

He really hated ZhouXiang. Because of ZhouXiang, he lost his most beneficial supporter in the Yan family.

No matter how much YanMingMei loves him, she is after all, a woman. No matter what happens at home, if YanMingXiu can’t be by his side (as in supporting him) like before, the series of real powers he wanted to achieve in this family will be more difficult.

Once he thought of this, WangYuDong even hated the fake \'ZhouXiang\' next door.

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