Professional Body Double - Chapter 72

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ZhouXiang got up to get his makeup done at 4 o’clock in the morning. A minor actor like him who doesn\'t have a dedicated make-up artist must get up early or he\'ll end up delaying the filming progress.

It was very hard for him to leave the room. Don\'t know what is going on with YanMingXiu but he said that he could only fall asleep with ZhouXiang next to him. Even when YanMingXiu is half asleep, he wouldn\'t let go of him. From the time ZhouXiang woke up to the time he left the bed, it took more than ten minutes of struggle to get out of YanMingXiu\'s embrace to get up. Until YanMingXiu had fully awakened and saw clearly who he is, did he finally let him go.

WangYuDong was in the next room. He doesn’t know what YanMingXiu\'s mood is like at the moment, but it\'s probably not too good.

Having been with YanMingXiu for a period of time with this identity, he (ZhouXiang) has instead felt a lot calmer. It can be said that there was no hatred toward YanMingXiu. After all, no matter how one puts it, YanMingXiu gave him money so that he and ChenYing didn\'t have to fall into desperation. As for whether or not he\'s a substitute, YanMingXiu had made it evident right at the beginning. With everything so clear-cut, he actually felt content.

If YanMingXiu had frankly told him that \'we are only fuck buddies\' in the past, then many of the future events would not have occurred. He would not be stupid enough to continue to be persistent with this. So with things being clear, ZhouXiang felt that it is good. His and YanMingXiu\'s relationship is merely an equal exchange. As long as he kept this point in mind, he felt that he is fully armed and no one could hurt him.

The only thing that had given him some trouble recently is TanYin. The conversation that day may have had a little impact, but it\'s still not obvious enough. TanYin still approached him intentionally or unintentionally. ZhouXiang is after all an old senior of the entertainment circle. TanYin saying those words, some of it is true. But with his knowledge of such people, TanYin has a different purpose and it is mostly related to YanMingXiu.

ZhouXiang really just wanted to bear with him for these few days and then get rid of him after the film is over.

After getting his make-up done at around 5 o\'clock, ZhouXiang waited at the reserved hotel. Several of the rooms on the first floor of the hotel have been converted into dressing rooms and lounges. ZhouXiang drowsily leaned against the bed with his coat wrapped around him. At this time, he felt someone coming over, his nose faintly smell a man\'s cologne.

ZhouXiang opened one eye and sees TanYin. Then he closed his eyes, wanting to ignore him.

TanYin leaned on his side and softly asked, “ZhouXiang, lend me your cell phone, my phone battery is dead.”

“Oh,” ZhouXiang can\'t wait for him to get away so he pulled his phone out and threw it at him.

TanYin grabbed his phone instantly.

Initially, ZhouXiang was so dazedly tired that he didn\'t have too much of a reaction. But after not hearing any movements around him for more than ten seconds, he opened his eyes and saw that TanYin was gone.

ZhouXiang instantly got up from the bed and ran out of the room to find him.

He remembered the message that YanMingXiu sent him a few days ago. He forgot to delete it. Although the content of the message didn\'t really say much, but if it was seen by someone that is observant, he\'d still worry.

There was no one in the hallway. ZhouXiang wrapped his coat tightly around himself and grabbed a man from the hotel lobby to ask if he had seen TanYin. The man said that TanYin had gone out.

ZhouXiang quickly ran outside of the hotel. Surely, TanYin was standing at the door not far away, with his head lowered fiddling with his cell phone.

ZhouXiang ran over, “Xiao Tan.”

TanYin suddenly turned his head and hurriedly pressed the phone\'s buttons a few times. He didn’t seem to know how to use this old cell phone.

ZhouXiang walked over and grabbed his phone back, furrowing his brows, “Weren\'t you going to make a call?”

“Yeah, the signal is good outside.”

ZhouXiang turned on the phone screen and surely the screen was on the sent box. He snorted, “Then why haven\'t you called?”

“I don\'t know how to use your old-style rotten phone,” TanYin’s eyes look somewhat erratic.

ZhouXiang responded, “Tell me the number, I\'ll help you call.”

TanYin was surprised, “Forget it. I\'m not going to call. It\'s too cold. I want to go in.” After saying that that, he intended to go back to the hotel.

ZhouXiang immediately grabbed his arm and shoved him against the wall. He is really getting angry. TanYin has repeatedly provoked him as if he\'s deliberately asking for trouble.

TanYin\'s expression looked a bit tensed.

ZhouXiang asked coldly, “What is it that you really wanted to see?"

“See what?”

“Tell the truth. Don’t treat me like an idiot.” ZhouXiang suddenly tightened his grip on his arm. He never liked to use violence but this time he really needed to scare him.

TanYin is like a rooster whose tail has been stepped on as he angrily retorted, “I don’t know what you\'re talking about. Do you have a delusional disorder? What\'s there to look for in your rotten old phone? And what do you have that\'s worth seeing?”

“If there isn\'t anything to see then what the hell are you looking for?” ZhouXiang rudely cursed, “Surname Tan. Stop bothering me. I\'ve already told you clearly. Do you not have ears? Let me tell you, if you really pissed me off, I\'m going to make you regret it.”

TanYin\'s face suddenly changed. After a long while, his eyes suddenly turned red. "I just wanted to know what the relationship is between you and YanMingXiu!"

ZhouXiang was shocked but calmly responded, “I am President Yan\'s temporary assistant.”

“I don’t believe it. You like men. YanMingXiu’s sexuality is also said to be very ambiguous. You don’t have any experience. Why would he let you be his assistant? Moreover, just being his assistant, how could you sleep in his room? How could a big celebrity like him be willing to sleep in the same room with an assistant?" TanYin gripped onto ZhouXiang\'s collar, his expression grieved and furious, “ZhouXiang, I initially thought that you are different from me. You won\'t sell yourself to climb up. But what about now? In the end, how much better are you compared to me? What right do you have to look down on me? If it wasn\'t for YanMingXiu, you think you could get this role? Or stay in the same room with him?”

ZhouXiang’s face is livid. He clasped TanYin’s chin and furiously retorted, “What does my matter have to do with you? What fucking right do you have to interfere with my matters? I\'ve already said that we have no relationship whatsoever. How many times do you need me to repeat that for you to understand?”

“Are you admitting it?” TanYin voice trembled, “ZhouXiang, are you admitting to it? You\'re really with YanMingXiu?”

ZhouXiang pushed him away immediately and coldly answered, “You start any rumors of President Yan, be careful that you won\'t be able to bear the consequences.”

TanYin\'s body is obviously shaking but he still sneered scornfully, "Whether or not this is a rumor, you know it clearly yourself. ZhouXiang, I\'ve misjudged you, you….you\'re not much better than me."

ZhouXiang really didn’t want continue this bickering with him. He glared at him fiercely. Then turned to head back to the hotel and continued to wait in the room to start filming his scenes. At this time, it is dawn and the sky is mistily dusky. His phone rang. It is from YanMingXiu.

YanMingXiu\'s drowsy voice sounded from the other line, "Come up.”

ZhouXiang muttered, "Okay," and immediately took the elevator upstairs.

When he entered the room, it was not yet 7am. YanMingXiu is still lying on the bed. His voice lowly, “Help me pick an outfit, I don\'t know if it\'s cold or not outside.”

"Very cold." ZhouXiang replied intermittently as he got YanMingXiu\'s warm pants and down jacket, "President Yan, you should get up."

"How long before filming starts?"

“Your scene is scheduled for 9 am. Get wash up, I\'ll bring you breakfast.”

YanMingXiu nodded and turned over to get up.

At this time, the hotel room\'s phone rang.

YanMingXiu furrowed his brows and picked up the handset. “Hello? Oh, Dong Ge… What?” YanMingXiu squinted his eyes as he glanced at ZhouXiang. His tone completely changed, “I know, I\'ll ask him.”

ZhouXiang\'s hand that was holding the clothes paused. He felt that it\'s not going to be anything good, "What?"

YanMingXiu’s eyes are very cold, "What is your relationship with TanYuXuan?”

ZhouXiang didn\'t understand, “Before I got into the accident, we signed under the same model company. But I don’t know him now.”

"Is that so? WangYuDong just told me that someone saw you having a dispute with TanYuXuan outside the hotel half an hour ago. Now he\'s missing. Many people are looking for him. "

ZhouXiang frowned deeply. Now he really wants to get his hands on this troublemaker TanYin and beat the crap out of him.

He can only attempt to say that they have ended their relationship, “I was really with…”

“Why were you guys arguing?”

“We…he mentioned the past, but I don’t remember. He got angry, that\'s about it.”

YanMingXiu sneered, “Is that it? WangYuDong told me that you guys were a couple before. Many people also knew of this. You really forgot?”

“I\'ve really forgotten.” ZhouXiang couldn’t understand what role WangYuDong played in this matter, but he has strong resentment in his heart. At least from his past life\'s experience, anything that involved WangYuDong has not been good.

YanMingXiu bolted out of bed with his expression chilling, “Go down first and see what\'s going on. I\'ll be down soon.”

ZhouXiang braced himself to go downstairs. Many people were gathered in the hotel\'s lobby. WangYuDong looked upset and exasperated saying something. Everyone looked busy but when they saw ZhouXiang, they all stared at him.

WangYuDong also saw ZhouXiang. He angrily ordered, “Come over here.”

ZhouXiang’s heart sank. He already knew what is going on. TanYin belongs to WangYuDong\'s company. WangYuDong is using this opportunity to cause trouble for him. But at this time, he didn\'t understand. WangYuDong was still fine yesterday. Why this change in him suddenly today. Could he have guessed wrong? Is it really just TanYin messing things up?

“Dong Ge. What’s going on?”

"What\'s going on?!" WangYuDong’s voice wasn\'t loud but it is quite imposing so everyone around could hear it, “I have no control over your private affairs but there must be a premise on how you handle your personal matters. That is, it can\'t affect or delay work. Especially, it can\'t affect and delay everyone\'s work for your personal reasons! You and Xiao Tan’s previous relationship, I don’t want to mention. It would be inhuman for me to be lashing out at you over that, but what now? You guys are part of a collective workgroup. How could your personal conflicts lead to this? Right now because Xiao Tan had an argument with you, his emotions are out of control and we don\'t even know where he went. We\'re going to start filming soon. You tell me, how can we resolve this? Huh?"

All the eyes around him pierced his body like needles.

ZhouXiang’s cheeks are burning hot. He secretly clenched his fists even though he couldn’t say a word of rebuttal. It\'s not that he has nothing to refute, but if he dares to openly contradict WangYuDong, things will just get worse. Just like in that year, his is such a minor role so he could only force himself to suffer in silence. There is no place for him to reason.

He absolutely didn\'t believe that TanYin would get “emotionally out of control” over the few words he said. Even if he was lent tremendous courage, TanYin would not dare to disappear in between filming. Besides, his big boss is present. If he is that naïve, he would not have gotten to his position today. This matter is definitely instigated by WangYuDong, otherwise he would never dare to do it.

But why is WangYuDong targeting him again? How could he not know that he is once again hindering WangYuDong\'s path?

The things that are happening are following the path of two years ago. ZhouXiang can\'t help but be a little scared, though he still forced himself to calm down. He somberly said, “Dong Ge, I had an accident two years ago and lost my memory. Even if we were in a relationship before, right now I don\'t remember. But I don\'t think my explanation matters. It\'s better to find Xiao Tan first. I\'ll confront him then.”

The director also seems to be furious, sitting on the side with a black face, “The first with this matter is that Xiao Tan needs to bear responsibility. As for whom else, wait for him to come back and then talk about it. Regardless of whether or not ZhouXiang had an argument with him, for him to leave over such private matters is definitely irresponsible. This kind of behavior must be severely punished.”

WangYuDong glanced fiercely at ZhouXiang, “I\'ll get even with you after finding Xiao Tan.”

“What\'s going on ah?" A low voice suddenly came. Everyone turned their heads and see YanMingXiu standing behind them, sweeping his eyes at them coldly.

At this time, no one dared to interject. WangYuDong reiterated a simplified version of the situation to him.

YanMingXiu responded, “Then, we should go find the person first. Whoever\'s problem this is, or a problem with both of them, we\'ll know clearly out when he\'s found."

The director also added, “Everyone, drop your work at hand and go search. The sky was still not bright yet when he left. It\'ll be troublesome if he got into an accident. Everyone get into teams of three and start from all directions. You must bring him back. "

“Director, director! Xiao Tan is back!”


Everyone turned their heads and saw that TanYin had really returned. The clothes on his body were dirty. It seemed as if he had rolled on the ground several times, looking very pathetic and his eyes were still bloodshot.

WangYuDong quickly uttered, “TanYin! TanYuXuan! Where did you go?”

“I…” TanYin’s gaze went from WangYuDong to ZhouXiang, and then from ZhouXiang to YanMingXiu. Then he bit his lip and didn’t speak. His expression seeming to have great grievances and he looked pitiful.

"Say something.”

“I….. went for a walk…and fell.”

“Bullshit." WangYuDong angrily muttered, “Tell the truth, what is really going on?”

TanYin is choking with sobs, “Dong Ge, don’t ask, just take it as though I fell.”

The two people echoed each other\'s words. This was even more effective than TanYin directly accusing ZhouXiang. His (TanYin\'s) expression of biting his tongue both provoke everyone’s curiosity and also made people assume that he is afraid of ZhouXiang because ZhouXiang has YanMingXiu\'s as his backer (supporter), so he\'s afraid to speak up.

ZhouXiang is so furious that his entire body trembled. Nobody would know that the person who really can\'t speak up is him.

If YanMingXiu was really his backer, that would have been great. He could thoroughly discredit both WangYuDong and TanYin in front of everyone, but unfortunately he doesn’t dare. Not only is YanMingXiu not his backer, even his (YanMingXiu) heart has always been toward WangYuDong. He, ZhouXiang, is a fucking nobody. Even though he didn’t understand why WangYuDong suddenly wanted to make things difficult for him, regardless of what WangYuDong does to him, he can\'t fight back. He could only endure.

He could only endure it.

Everyone around looked at him awkwardly with all kinds of speculations forming in their minds.

WangYuDong gloomily voiced, “Director, this.. no matter what, for whatever Xiao Tan did wrong, he is my person, it was neglection of duties on my part. I apologize on his behalf. When we return, the company will internally impose punishment on him. But right now, our schedule is set. To carry out punishment at this time is not appropriate. I\'ll have him go get dressed-up. He\'ll perform well to compensate for this ruckus. Is that fine with you?"

WangYuDong\'s words gave the director no other alternatives. The director naturally wouldn\'t say anything else. Originally, he was only worried about the progress of filming. Other people\'s private affairs, he was too lazy to care so he nodded, “Xiao Tan, YuDong has pleaded for you. It\'s your blessing to have such a good boss. Don\'t do this again. Hurry up and go get ready.”

TanYin nodded. He hurriedly looked at ZhouXiang. His expression looking very complicated.

ZhouXiang looked at him coldly. He wanted to see how this show will end and what WangYuDong wanted to do.

Others are observing YanMingXiu, waiting for him to speak. He didn\'t say anything and others can’t say anything about ZhouXiang.

Only WangYuDong grabbed YanMingXiu and said, “MingXiu, since ZhouXiang is the person you recommended, Dong Ge is not going to say anything. Let’s not delay the time and start filming. I\'ll go to you tonight and we can talk privately."

ZhouXiang really wanted to pounce over and kill WangYuDong. This hypocrite two-face, trying to act selflessly impartial and considerate for the sake of the general good, this high and mighty big star with a great public image, why is he repeatedly making things so difficult for him.

YanMingXiu didn’t look at WangYuDong but faintly swept ZhouXiang a glace. “Work first. This matter, we really need to talk about it.”

WangYuDong\'s face flashed a trace of awkwardness; his expression a bit gloomy.

End of the chapter