Professional Body Double - Chapter 70

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The two people looked at each other like this, both with heavy thoughts weighing on their minds. Without moving or saying anything else, YanMingXiu tried to probingly see something from ZhouXiang’s expression but ZhouXiang\'s puzzled expression only looked calmly at YanMingXiu.

He will never let YanMingXiu discover that he is that (older) ZhouXiang. He is not willing to let anyone know that that (older) ZhouXiang is alive again and is still walking the same path that he had traveled before.

YanMingXiu didn\'t intend to let him off as he persistently asked, “Don’t ask why. What I ask, you answer. Tell me what you know.”

ZhouXiang decided to be ignorant to the end, “Then ask.”

“How did you get into an accident?”

“My mom said that it was from being crushed by heavy equipment during work."

“You used to be a contracted model for JiNian Media. Who have you been in contact with?”

“President Yan, I\'ve already said that I lost my memory, I really don’t remember.”

YanMingXiu’s face is very unsightly. He wanted to decipher from ZhouXiang’s expression whether or not he was speaking the truth. He\'s always felt that something like memory lost should not have happened to him (ZhouXiang), but the investigation results showed that his symptoms of memory loss are confirmed by the hospital.

This person and (older) ZhouXiang have too many similarities and too many coincidences. So much that YanMingXiu definitely didn\'t believe that all this is absolutely just “coincidences.” He felt that there is a thick layer of satin gauze in front of him. If he could open this satin gauze, he would be able to see the truth. Unfortunately, this is something he\'s unable to do. This matter has exceeded his imagination. He can’t make an effective judgment. He even wondered if he is being delusional from his desperate longing to see ZhouXiang alive. Unwilling to give up, YanMingXiu persistently asked, “You… did you have any dreams the time you were comatose? Were you conscious?”

ZhouXiang shook his head. “Not at all, my memory stopped on the day of my accident.”

Without any evidence, YanMingXiu can\'t determine whether or not ZhouXiang is speaking the truth. He\'s soon to be driven crazy by this strange fantasy in his mind.

ZhouXiang once again asked, “President Yan, why are you asking about this?” He could guess that YanMingXiu probably doubted his identity. After all, these coincidences are really strange. But does YanMingXiu\'s expression have to look so distorted?

Perhaps, he felt very unlucky seeing the shadow of a “dead man” in a living person.

YanMingXiu was aware that he couldn\'t get any more concrete answers from him so he just lowered his head in frustration, not giving any response.

ZhouXiang merely sat quietly. His many years of acting experience in this career has brought him the benefits of not only being able to support himself, but also a certain level of acting skills. Although the waves in his heart are like the surging tides, as long as he doesn\'t panic, he could make himself appear calm on the surface.

He believes that he can fool people, with the premise that he absolutely not panic.

YanMingXiu lifted his head; his voice full of exhaustion, “We\'re going to GuiZhou tomorrow, are you done packing??”

“All done.”

YanMingXiu pointed to his bedroom, “Go and help me pack. The luggage is on top of the closet.”

ZhouXiang was eager to leave as quickly as possible. He walked into the bedroom and starts to put a few sets of clothes appropriate to be worn for this season into the luggage. It should be very cold in the mountains so he added a down jacket. After adding the down jacket, he thought that he should also add some warm pants. But he couldn\'t find the pants where the pajamas are placed. This closet has three levels, all crowded with clothes. If one isn\'t familiar, it would not be easy to find anything.

He gave up his plan in asking YanMingXiu about this and instead went to look for it himself. He looked around but still couldn\'t find it so he pulled out a drawer that seems to be for underwear. Inside the drawer, there were also some accessories. A small black box caught his attention.

He hesitantly picked up the box and gently opened it.

Inside is a pair of diamond cuff-links. He had gifted this to YanMingXiu.

He used to like giving small gifts to the boys he\'s dating, but it was never too expensive. He was not a wealthy person and didn\'t have the money to be extravagant. It was just a gift coming from his heart. This pair of diamond cuff-links cost him more than ¥20,000 at the time and is the most expensive gift he had ever given. He never thought that such a thing would please YanMingXiu. But he just thought it (the gift) wouldn\'t be worthy of YanMingXiu if he didn\'t give him something good.

In the end, the thing that he thought was good didn\'t even catch YanMingXiu\'s attention at the time. He was upset at himself for spending the money on it.

He didn’t expect that YanMingXiu would bring it here. Doesn\'t this mean that YanMingXiu actually liked this thing (diamond cuff-links) a bit?

YanMingXiu didn\'t hear any movements from the closet for the long time so he went over to look. At a glance, he saw ZhouXiang holding the little black box.

His expression changed greatly as he immediately rushed up and snatched the little box back and yelled harshly, “What are you doing!” The expression on his face was like the other person has tainted this small little box.

ZhouXiang is momentarily terrified, “I… I was looking for something.”

YanMingXiu is so furious that he had forgotten that he had told ZhouXiang to pack for him. He said contradictorily, "Don\'t touch my things!”

ZhouXiang awkwardly muttered, “I was just looking for a pair of warm pants. It\'s going to be very cold in the mountains.”

YanMingXiu glanced at him fiercely. He then pulled a drawer on the left hand side and pulled out a box of unopened thermal wear and threw it at him.

ZhouXiang didn’t want to bicker with him nor did he have any right to do so. He silently picked it up and turned to the luggage and continued to pack other things in there. As he was stuffing things in, he thought …. At this time, he\'s still worried about YanMingXiu getting cold in the mountains. Is this just his nature of caring for people or has he gone out of his mind?

YanMingXiu remained standing in the same spot, dazedly staring at the small box in his hands.

The two men could not see each other with the closet in between them. ZhouXiang buried his head packing things in the luggage while mocking at himself. YanMingXiu\'s face emerges an unspeakable level of pain. He softly kissed the ordinary small box, the rim around his eyes slightly red, as if he is unable to withstand this intense pain in his heart. His body started to tremble more and more, so much that he had to hold onto the drawer with his hands to stabilize his body.


ChenYing repeatedly warned ZhouXiang to be careful with traveling before she finally walked ZhouXiang downstairs. How could she not be worried? Her son was comatose for two years from an accident. This nightmare lasted two years. She never wanted to experience it again, so she repeatedly cautioned ZhouXiang to pay attention to his safety and return home safe and sound.

The next day, JiangYuan arranged for a driver to come pick him up and sent him directly to the airport.

Many crew members have already assembled because celebrities can cause a frenzy at the airport. Even though the schedule for the location was not publicly announced, somehow the fans got the news. The airport was full of people, mostly young girls including many passers-bys watching the excitement, so many people that the outside of the doors to the security checkpoint were fully crowded.

For these little girls, it didn\'t matter whether or not they saw the celebrity that they had wanted to see. As long as a handsome guy came, they would start to scream crazily. ZhouXiang, on a rare chance, got the feeling of being a \'star\'.

The crew reserved a small plane just enough for the 30 or so people. The director and the very popular stars naturally sat in the first class. ZhouXiang casually found a place in the back to put his luggage and sat in a window seat.

Just as he was looking at the tow-vehicle towing all the luggage, there was movement in the seat next to him.

He turned his head and sees TanYin\'s handsomely pale face in front of him.

ZhouXiang frowned slightly, “Morning…”

TanYin was wearing casual sportswear, brimming with youthfulness and beauty, extremely mesmerizing to anyone. Unfortunately, he had no good feelings toward this handsome youngster who use to be the type of guys he liked.

TanYin pointed to the seat next to him. “I\'m going to sit here.” After saying that, he didn\'t wait for ZhouXiang to agree and just sat down.

ZhouXiang couldn’t understand what TanYin is thinking. When they first met, TanYin was desperate to cut off their relationship. How could be turning back to want to get close to him now?

TanYin twisted to open the cap of the mineral water and took a sip. He said vaguely, “In this entire crew, it seems that I\'m only familiar with you. Whether you remember it or not, we\'ll be staying in the mountains for a while, let\'s take care of each other.”

ZhouXiang smiled and responded, “Fine” After saying that, he turned around and continued to look out the window.

TanYin glanced at him, his eyes radiated with an expression that is hard to interpret.

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