Professional Body Double - Chapter 68

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ZhouXiang is lying on the passenger seat, with his body gently rising and falling from the car\'s forward movements. Under the influence of alcohol, his sense of consciousness continuously slipped in and out of his mind. Sometimes he\'d open his eyes and didn\'t know where he\'s at; at times he\'s in a daze.

Half consciously, he was pulled out of the car by YanMingXiu. He could feel the elevator going up the floors. He knew they had gotten to their place.

YanMingXiu put him in the guest room downstairs. ZhouXiang flopped himself onto the bed, his mouth making mumbling sounds that can\'t be understood.

YanMingXiu was so exhausted that he was sweating profusely. He removed his coat and went to pat ZhouXiang’s cheeks, “Get up to take a shower.”

ZhouXiang looked at him with his eyes half-squinted, “No…shower, gonna sleep.”

"Get up. You stink." YanMingXiu can’t stand the smell of him and hated that he was wearing LanXiRong\'s clothes. Even if he was raising a dog, it should be wearing clothes according to his preferences.

He hauled ZhouXiang out of bed, dragging him up at the same time pulling off his sweater and then furiously throwing the sweater onto the floor in disgust.

ZhouXiang was a little impatient and said boldly, “President Yan, can you just let me sleep?" His eyelids are battling to stay open.

YanMingXiu pulled him up unwaveringly, “No, go wash up.” As he was saying this, he was holding him and dragging him to the bathroom, “I\'m warning you, if you\'re drunk like this again in the future, I\'m going to throw you out the street.”

ZhouXiang snorted, “Didn\'t tell you to pick me up.”

Maybe because the liquor gave him courage, all of ZhouXiang words were scolding him, making YanMingXiu extremely livid. He\'s always been disgusted with people who get badly drunk. They stink horribly and their minds would become retarded, not to mention that they would speak rudely.

He grabbed the shower head and turned the water faucet, spraying the water above ZhouXiang’s head. But he forgot that the hot water wouldn\'t come so quickly. The first thing that sprayed out of the shower-head was cold water making ZhouXiang angrily scream out as he subconsciously used his arms to block it.

With this block, the shower-head was knocked to the ground, the water sprayed all over the place and all over them.

YanMingXiu suppressed himself from shouting but the water on the skin was really uncomfortable.

ZhouXiang bent down to try and pick it up. YanMingXiu lowered to turn off the faucet but the two men collided with a loud bang and both fell to the ground.

ZhouXiang was already wobbly from his drunken state. This time, his entire person fell on top of YanMingXiu. He wasn\'t able to get up even after trying several times.

YanMingXiu\'s heart pounded erratically again. His heart is shouting a person’s name. As he\'s holding this person in his arms, the familiar weight, the familiar scent and even the familiar feeling of this person\'s hair made him return to the crazy things that he did with ZhouXiang three years ago. All of it is so vivid in his mind.

The shower-head had already started spraying out hot water, soaking both of their clothes. ZhouXiang tried strenuously to prop himself up. He looked at YanMingXiu’s deeply dark eyes.

YanMingXiu is also looking at him. No…those passionate eyes were definitely not looking at him, but at somebody else through him. He drank a lot but he is more sensitive than ever.

ZhouXiang moved a little bit and felt that he\'s become hard. It has been half a year since he was reborn. He has not had any sexual activities during this entire time. It can be said that since his sexual experience in his teens, there has never been more than half a year gap that he didn\'t have sex.

It\'s not that he didn’t want to but he just didn’t have the energy or time. When one is under dire economic pressure, his mind would be fully concentrated on making money instead. He didn’t have leisure time to be thinking about sex. So when he was tightly pressed onto YanMingXiu\'s lower body, he was not at all surprised that he had a reaction.

He was originally extremely mesmerized by YanMingXiu, not to mention that he is a normal man after all. He craved for uninhibited intense sex, extremely craved for it.

YanMingXiu also felt ZhouXiang\'s manhood pressing against him. It is very hot and very hard. YanMingXiu got a bit agitated. ZhouXiang\'s reaction is actually faster than him. Who is really satisfying who?

ZhouXiang revealed a shallow smile, “President Yan, don\'t you want to enjoy your purchased goods (offering himself)?

YanMingXiu responded hoarsely, “You\'re very skilled, how many (guys) have you been with?"

“Don\'t remember. I had a concussion. Don\'t remember anything from the past." Although this is only the half the truth, ZhouXiang sincerely hoped that this is true. Sometimes, being able to forget is one of the greatest abilities.

YanMingXiu watched him for a few seconds, then grabbed the shower-head and sprayed it down his head. ZhouXiang closed his eyes and didn\'t dodge; he was too lazy to move.

After a while, he felt the hot water disappeared. He was hauled up by YanMingXiu and thrown onto the bed.

When YanMingXiu grabbed his shoulder to flip him over, he willingly complied by turning to his back. He didn’t need YanMingXiu to remind him. He knew what he was (WangYuDong\'s substitute).

YanMingXiu removed their wet clothes. The heating in the room is sufficient. The two people didn’t feel cold but neither of their hearts are warm.

YanMingXiu pressed his head and forced him to lift his butt.

ZhouXiang heard YanMingXiu say very clearly, “Don’t turn your head around… don’t make a sound.”

ZhouXiang didn’t even hum a sound. In fact, compared to the fool that he was before, he felt a lot happier with this relationship they have now is clear. Nothing but fuck buddies. All other feelings are utterly nonsense.

YanMingXiu’s hastily expanded his hole a bit and then roughly thrust his cock in.

ZhouXiang felt immense pain but he didn’t say anything. If he treated this relationship between him and YanMingXiu as a business transaction, then satisfying the customer’s needs is the most basic principle.

He is familiar with the frequency of YanMingXiu’s thrusts, familiar with his strength and taste, familiar with everything of this person in bed and in his livelihood. So he (ZhouXiang) tried to find his own pleasure and release in this unilateral venting sex. He really didn\'t need to make it hard on himself.

YanMingXiu’s movements were getting stronger and more rigorous. ZhouXiang felt groggy, though he was still quite drunk. He is on the verge of collapse and losing his consciousness. Everything in front of him is no longer clear, even the noise sounding in his ears are surely also hallucinations because YanMingXiu would certainly not call out \'ZhouXiang\' when making love. It didn\'t seem like he did before so how could he now?

He must have fainted a long ago. Otherwise why would have such intense illusion.

Sexual and alcohol stimulation brought him to the pinnacle of his climax. His entire person felt as if he is floating in soft silk but also struggling in the hot river. All the sensory stimuli suddenly seemed far yet near, seemed real yet fake, causing him to almost forget who he is.


Is someone calling him? That voice seems to be crying(T/N).

Crying because he died? How sorry I am for making people sad even after death.

T/N: YanMingXiu did actually call out for ZhouXiang and cried during this unilateral venting sex but ZhouXiang thought he was hallucinating.

His body is intolerably numb that it felt like he is in paradise in one second and hell the next second. How long will this continuous torturous desire last?

ZhouXiang? He is not ZhouXiang. No… he is ZhouXiang. Who is ZhouXiang? Is he ZhouXiang? Which ZhouXiang is he?

It gradually became dark in front of his eyes.

End of the chapter