Professional Body Double - Chapter 65

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After eating, ZhouXiang went to clean up the kitchen.

At this time, YanMingXiu was also done with his phone call and had returned to the living room.

ZhouXiang grabbed his coat, looking as though he wanted to leave but still asked for YanMingXiu’s permission, “President Yan, may I go home first?”

YanMingXiu glanced at him but didn’t answer.

ZhouXiang put the coat down again and waited for YanMingXiu\'s response.

YanMingXiu unexpectedly asked, “Where\'s your home?”

"It\'s… close by." ZhouXiang didn\'t know why he asked this, and added, "President Yan if you……call me, I can come over at any time." After ZhouXiang said that, he showed a self-mocking smile. It was very slight but YanMingXiu still caught it.

YanMingXiu stood up, “I\'ll take you back.”

“Yan… no need. It\'s very close… only ten to twenty minutes walk, I could go back by myself."

YanMingXiu didn\'t allow him to refuse and had already started to get dressed. He persistently added, “I\'ll take you.”

ZhouXiang couldn’t refuse.

After YanMingXiu took him to the neighborhood, he had no intention to leave. Instead, he followed ZhouXiang out of the car and said naturally, “You said that your mother\'s health is not good? I want to go visit.”

ZhouXiang’s expression changed slightly, “President Yan… This is not appropriate right? My home is such a small place, how could it accommodate your noble……"

YanMingXiu waved his hand and look at him warningly, “ZhouXiang, if you talk to me like this again, I will seal your mouth." Sometimes he could feel that when ZhouXiang talks to him in a very polite and respectfull manner, it would also at the same time be tinged with a trace of sarcasm. But he didn\'t understand why. It seems that ZhouXiang didn\'t have much opposition in being his boy toy so it\'s really not necessary for him to be emotionally unbalanced, right?

ZhouXiang really shut his mouth. Whatever intent YanMingXiu had in wanting to go to his home, ZhouXiang would have no ways to stop him. He couldn’t possibly coax him to leave.

Just because YanMingXiu gave him a condo and money, he had to bend his spine in front of YanMingXiu this lifetime.

The two men took the elevator upstairs. When ZhouXiang opened the door, ChenYing\'s voice immediately sounded, "XiuFen (Auntie Wang )?"

“It’s me, Mom.”

ZhouXiang led YanMingXiu into the home as ChenYing came out from the room. While walking, she grumbled, “XiuFen went grocery shopping and its been a long time……Oh? This is……" ChenYing saw YanMingXiu and is utterly startled.

When average people meet YanMingXiu, they would naturally be captivated by his celestial appearance. Being startled is really not much.

ChenYing had never really seen such attractive man in real life; so good looking that he seems to have come out of a painting. In any case, she was also an intellectual but she couldn\'t even find a suitable adjective to describe her shock in seeing YanMingXiu. She quickly regained her senses. YanMingXiu seems to be a celebrity. She had been staying home all day and spent most of her time watching TV so it\'s not surprising that she could recognize YanMingXiu.

ChenYing is a little excited, “Isn’t he that celebrity?” Her eyes switched back and forth between ZhouXiang and YanMingXiu, and finally looked to her son for an answer.

ZhouXiang smiled and responded, “Mom, he is considered as my boss. The movie that I am currently acting in, he invested in it. We went to an outdoor filming site and couldn\'t come back yesterday. He gave me a ride today. When he heard that your health is not good, he wanted to come by and visit."

YanMingXiu also nodded kindly at ChenYing as he put the tonic in his hand onto the ground. He had always received gifts from others that he hasn\'t done anything with so it was merely left in the trunk. Taking a few items out was easily done.

The excitement in seeing a celebrity made ChenYing blushed a bit, “Aiyah, You\'re too modest. Come have a sit. Ah Xiang, why didn\'t you call? The home is so messy. I didn\'t even boil water. Aiyah……" ChenYing rushed to boil water as she didn\'t know how to host YanMingXiu. Even if YanMingXiu just stood still, she thought YanMingXiu is a person from another world.

Once ChenYing turned around, the smile on ZhouXiang’s face immediately disappeared. He really wanted to know why YanMingXiu deliberately came here to torment him and his mom.

He got his answer very soon.

In the midst of ChenYing\'s conversation with YanMingXiu, he continuously asked about ZhouXiang’s past. Although his questions were not obvious, ZhouXiang is perceptively aware.

ChenYing is also not stupid. After talking for more than half an hour, she also noticed. Anything that she didn\'t feel was appropriate, she also didn\'t say it. After recovering from her initial shock of seeing YanMingXiu, her doubts gradually deepened.

After YanMingXiu realized her resistance in delving more into ZhouXiang\'s past, he stopped asking and came up with a reason to leave.

Immediately after he left, ChenYing and ZhouXiang were left staring at each other speechless.

At this point, ChenYing’s face had no more of the initial excitement; instead, her expression became depressingly heavy.

ZhouXiang carefully tested, “Mom? What\'s the matter?”

ChenYing bit her lips and then resolutely asked, “You and him, what is your relationship?” Even a housewife like her who rarely goes out knows that YanMingXiu’s identity is unusual. If it wasn\'t for any special reason, why would he have the leisure time to come here to visit her? Does she deserve a special visit from such a big shot?

No matter how she thought about it, it has to be because of her son. But her son is just an unknown minor actor. What does he have that is worthy for a big star like him make that effort? The more ChenYing thought about it, the more unsightly her expression became and the more worried she is.

ZhouXiang was in a daze and for a moment, feeling guilty, "I\'ve told you… he\'s an investor in a movie that I have a supporting role.”

“You are just a minor supporting role, why should he give you a ride home? Even if he gave you a ride, why come visit me?” ChenYing changed her usual frailness to suddenly becoming a bit aggressive.

ZhouXiang rarely saw ChenYing like this. The first time was when "TanYin” was mentioned. The other time is now. A thought gradually formed in his mind. He calmed down and explained, “We get along well, that\'s all there is."

ChenYing obviously didn\'t believe him. With her voice trembling, "Ah Xiang, tell mom the truth. Are you……are you……"

ZhouXiang grabbed ChenYing’s hand and calmly asked, “Mom, the TanYin you mentioned last time, was he my ex-boyfriend?”

ChenYing’s expression suddenly turned paled, with her body uncontrollably shaking, she evaded his gaze, silently confirming.

Sure enough, it is what he thought. With TanYin\'s demonic enchanting appearance, anyone can tell he\'s GAY at just a glance. Moreover, he still has a lot of skills up his sleeves, knowing how to use himself.

Combined with ChenYing’s reaction and what TanYin had said, ZhouXiang is sure that TanYin is a couple with the original owner of this body. In the end, the owner of this body could not get popular, but TanYin took the opportunities and the two of them parted ways. These facts in the entertainment industry are not uncommon. Women could rely on their bodies to climb up the ladder. Men could also do the same. As a matter of fact, this happens even more than often. Although he was not sure that TanYin was such a person, but after he got popular, he trampled on his old love. So he is definitely capable of this.

ChenYing’s face became slightly distorted, “Ah Xiang, I know that I can\'t hide this from you. You told me before that homosexuality is not a disease, that it can’t be cured. You said that is a gene a person is innately born with, it\'s their nature. I used to be against it. I wanted to get rid of that gay gene from your mind. But after you were comatized is when I came to realize that nothing is important. No matter what you are, as long as you are healthy and living, that is most important. So, I…I\'m not going to have any objections anymore (of ZhouXiang being gay). I know that if it is really like you said, even if you lost your memories, you would still like a man in the future. But…but Xiao Tan won\'t do. This child\'s moral conduct is not good. When he was with you before, he just wanted to be famous. His feelings toward you are not genuine. Mom\'s just worried that when your career takes flight, you will run into him. I always see him on TV. That child\'s appearance looks good; he can sweet talk, and knows how to flatter people so everyone is fooled by him. But……you must be careful of him. No matter who you are with, it must not be him."

ChenYing said a lot of things. In the end, she was somewhat anxious. Her inner turmoil is all written on her face.

ZhouXiang sighed and smiled calmly, “Mom, you\'re thinking too much. I really don’t remember that TanYin. You\'ve said a lot. Even though I don’t remember the things from the past, I really don\'t have feelings for women. But I will remember your words and not get too close to TanYin.” He thought, if ChenYing knew that he had already met TanYin, she would be so upset. But this is something he can\'t hide for long. ChenYing will sooner or later know that he and TanYin are playing supportive roles for the villain in a movie.

But, however long he can hide this from her; then let it be. He didn\'t want to upset ChenYing so soon.

ChenYing took a deep breath and said anxiously, “Ah Xiang, that President Yan…”

“Mom, we are definitely not together. There is no such thing. Someone like him, how could he like me? We are just colleagues.” Perhaps because he was guilty, he said all these words very quickly. Afterwards, he felt that he had over-explained. It is inevitable that he looked like he was trying to mask it. But it is impossible to take back what was said. He felt that although he has no great wisdom, he had always been smart…with the exception of matters relating to YanMingXiu. Only with matters relating to YanMingXiu would he seem to always be out of control, making him so hopelessly stupid.

Sure enough, ChenYing\'s eyes flashed a trace of blemish. She knew that forcing ZhouXiang is useless so she just said, “Ah Xiang, you are right. It is impossible for someone like him to look upon us with our backgrounds. I don\'t care what\'s going on with the two of you, but son… you have to remember, you must see clearly into the person\'s heart. Be smart and don\'t let people play you."

The worry in ChenYing’s eyes is quite obvious. This worry stems from a mother who is deeply considerate of her son, regardless of everything else. This made ZhouXiang felt touched.

If he can be like any ordinary person, having experienced parents who would warn him a bit, perhaps he may not be so lost.

Unfortunately, he did not have that. Furthermore, he sank into a complete mess.

While in a daze, ChenYing caressed his face, “Son, mom has no objections in you finding a boyfriend. You\'re also not young. If there is a good boy, you could……bring him back. As long as he has a good character and is dependable, mom won\'t object." After ChenYing finished saying this, she let out a long sigh.

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