Professional Body Double - Chapter 62

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ZhouXiang immediately realized that the person he was just talking to is the hugely popular newcomer WangYuDong’s company\'s is currently promoting, TanYuXuan. No wonder he felt familiar even though he didn\'t watch too much TV. People who had too high of an exposure rate, others would always inadvertently remember.

No matter what, TanYuXuan seemed like a stage name. ZhouXiang only now remembered that ChenYing had mentioned a person named TanYin. A person who the original owner of this body knew.

He subconsciously felt that they are the same person. It\'s very likely that the original owner of this body and this TanYin didn\'t just know each other.

He used to think that it was a bit strange. He felt that ChenYing is very secretive and had concealed many things with the previous experiences of this body. Especially when he used a joking tone to test her by asking, "Did I have a girlfriend?" ChenYing was even more evasive in not wanting to respond. Two days ago, when he mentioned that he had borrowed money from a celebrity friend, ChenYing’s reaction was extreme, adding on to TanYin\'s tone just now, a vague thought formed in the ZhouXiang\'s mind. The original owner of this body and this person with the surname Tan might have been a couple.

After coming to this conclusion, ZhouXiang felt a surging headache. If he was to follow this reasoning, then it can completely explain why ChenYing was so secretive about so many things from his past, not wanting to tell him. For her, her son had lost his memory. So perhaps, he\'d also forget that he is a homosexual. This would have been a good thing. She\'d never understand that homosexuality is a natural instinct.

If this is really the case, ZhouXiang would need to get a little farther away from this surname Tan. Fortunately, this TanYin didn\'t seem to want to be too close to him too. After all, he is popular now and must pay close attention to his image. So, ZhouXiang didn\'t really give it too much thought. He\'s merely a wild soul who had occupied a nest. He has no qualifications to judge the original owner’s past

So when TanYin came over, ZhouXiang looked as usual, as if he didn\'t know him at all. In fact, he really doesn\'t know him—as he shook hands with him when WangYuDong introduced them, it was only when he said his name, that it was a bit vague (T/N). In any case, ZhouXiang and ZhouYang sounded almost the same. WangYuDong might have forgotten what his name was.

T/N: TanYin knew him to be ZhouXiang, but he told WangYuDong that his name was ZhouYang.

Moreover, it didn\'t seem like WangYuDong had regained his senses from the hurried departure of YanMingXiu. His expression wasn\'t very good. He eyes didn\'t even seem as if he saw them. After handing them (ZhouXiang and TanYin) to Director Zhao, he quickly gave TanYin a word of advice, “perform well” and left.

TanYin is very respectful to WangYuDong and Director Zhao but toward ZhouXiang, his expression was obviously hostile.

ZhouXiang completely ignored him and only talked to Director Zhao regarding the first scenes for his supporting character role.

For the first time, he saw the four subordinates arranged for the villain BOSS in this movie. They are all very handsome young men; most of them are in their early twenties. ZhouXiang is the oldest and the least outstanding in terms of appearance.

However, on the basis of acting and the interpretation of the martial arts action sequences, no one could match him. Very soon, aside from TanYin, the other two started to call him ‘Ge’. He helped them correct their movements, saving the director and the martial arts coordinator a lot of trouble.

TanYin looked at him incredulously. In his memory, ZhouXiang absolutely didn\'t have such ability. If he did, why wasn\'t he able to get popular in the past? Not to mention that there was no performing companies willing to sign him.

When they got off work, the two boys invited ZhouXiang out for a meal. If it was before, ZhouXiang would not refuse the invitation of such young and handsome boys. Although from the time he awakened, his mind was never on these kinds of things (getting into other relationships). But, that was how he had lived before and it\'s long become a habit. However, at this time, there is something more important waiting for him when he gets off work. He had to go see YanMingXiu.

Just the thought of YanMingXiu, ZhouXiang’s mind would begin to shudder again. He tried to suppress the throbbing in his head as he refused the invitation from the two boys. He rushed to remove his dress-up and changed into his clothes, intending to leave.

He got off late today. He didn\'t even finish removing his makeup as he rushed out wiping his face with the wet towel given to him by the makeup artist.


ZhouXiang instantly felt impatient. He\'s not a person that is considered to be lascivious. But as a man and a man that likes men, he has a natural affection for those that look beautiful. However, from the moment he saw TanYin, he didn\'t feel comfortable. There seems to be something from within the depths of his soul that makes him want to avoid this person. Perhaps, this is the wish of the original owner of this body.

Unfortunately, TanYin would not let him do as he wished. He had caught up with him in a few steps. Feeling furious being ignored, he energetically grabbed onto ZhouXiang and pushed him against the wall, “Why are you running!” TanYin fiercely glared at ZhouXiang.

(TanYin’s thoughts) Could it really be what this person had said? That he had lost his memory? Otherwise, how could this person who loved him deeply before, would ignore him to this extent. But memory lost is such bullshit. Can it really happen in reality? There is only one possibility, that is, he is pretending!

ZhouXiang harshly grabbed his wrist, “TanYin, what the hell are you doing?”

TanYin\'s eyes lit up as he responded furiously, "You really are pretending, you know my real name."

“My mom told me your real name when we saw you on TV. I repeat. I was in the hospital for two years. I don’t remember anything. If you are my friend, you should let go of your hand first.”

TanYin reluctantly let go of his hand and looked at ZhouXiang seriously, “You… you\'ve completely changed from before.”

The previous ZhouXiang was a man who was very gentle and even a little weak. Most importantly, he never looked at him with this unfamiliar expression.

“I\'m really like two completely different people from before," ZhouXiang said with pun intended. He calmed down, “TanYin, I don’t know what relationship we had before but I really don’t remember you. If I have offended you before, don\'t take it to heart. It is also a rare fate for us to be shooting a film together now. Let\'s just take care of each other in the future.”

TanYin looked at him stunned. Looking at this person, using this face that he was once so familiar with, saying something that is completely contrary to their previously deeply affectionate feelings… this kind of unfamiliarity and indifference made TanYin feel very uncomfortable.

Under ZhouXiang\'s calming expression, he didn\'t know how to respond.

“Let\'s just leave it like this. We can have a drink when there is free time. I still have urgent matters, I\'m going to leave first." ZhouXiang patted him on the shoulder, then turned and ran away.

TanYin remained, looking at his back. His lips twitched slightly, his brows bunched together.


ZhouXiang took out the key and opened the door to the condo.

It was already past nine o\'clock. He hasn\'t eaten yet. After finishing work, he was in a rush to get back. His belly is empty, but he obviously knew that this feeling of panic is not because of hunger but simply because he didn\'t know how to respond to YanMingXiu.

As soon as he got through the door, YanMingXiu came downstairs. He was wearing a bathrobe and his hair was still wet. Apparently, he just took a shower.

When ZhouXiang really saw him, this intense panic he was in quickly calmed down.

Why think so much? YanMingXiu paid the money; he only just has to do as he\'s told. Right… he doesn\'t have to think about anything else. He is ZhouXiang but not ZhouXiang. At least for now, there was no relationship between him and YanMingXiu.

YanMingXiu glanced at him indifferently, “Just got off work now?”

"Yeah," ZhouXiang used the bent-slip slippers to conceal his emotions.

“Just got off work now?" He had heard this phrase many times when he was living with YanMingXiu. Every time it is because he returned home very late. YanMingXiu\'s tone would be tinged with a bit of dissatisfaction. At that time, ZhouXiang felt happy that someone cared that he came home late and it was a sweet feeling to him.

“Have you eaten?” YanMingXiu further asked.

ZhouXiang responded, “Yeah”

He stood in the middle of the living room and looked up at YanMingXiu, waiting for his next words.

YanMingXiu said expressionlessly, “Shower downstairs. Then, come up.” After saying that, he turned around and went upstairs.

ZhouXiang walked into the downstairs bathroom. As the warm water flowed down his cold skin, he felt the tightness in his heart relaxed a bit.

ZhouXiang. Don’t be such a coward. Just be calm. What\'s the big deal? This is not a big deal at all.

The more he comforted himself, the more resolute and steadier his heart felt.

After he showered, he went upstairs wrapped in only a bath towel. The heating in the room was very good, he didn’t feel cold at all but his footsteps were a bit heavy.

YanMingXiu was sitting on the bed, reading a book. The soft light struck the side profile of his perfectly beautiful face, so beautiful that it makes people tremendously excited.

No wonder so many people have lost their souls to him. ZhouXiang thought, Wasn\'t he one of them?

When YanMingXiu heard his footsteps, he turned to look at him. Then, put the book on the headboard.

ZhouXiang stood at the door. He didn’t know what to do for a while, so he just stood there.

YanMingXiu said, “Come here.”

ZhouXiang went to the bed.

YanMingXiu looked at his bare chest. The emotions in his eyes fluctuated as he grabbed ZhouXiang’s hand and pushed him onto the bed, pressing on top of him.

The two gasped as they look at each other. A gust of complicated and strange aura flowed between them.

YanMingXiu\'s mind shook tremendously. It\'s that kind of expression again, that kind of expression that makes him feel this sense of familiarity, that makes his heart beat rapidly. What does this expression really mean? Why does it seem to penetrate his soul and shock him endlessly?

He trembled as he touched ZhouXiang’s face.

ZhouXiang looked at him stiffly.

YanMingXiu’s expression suddenly became distorted with a glimpse of unspeakable pain. He propped up his body as if he is extremely tired.

Then, he pushed ZhouXiang away and turned to lie down next to him on the bed.

ZhouXiang looked at the ceiling woodenly for a long time before saying very slowly, “President Yan…”

“Don’t bother me. Don’t talk.” YanMingXiu\'s low voice sounded from the side, as if he was suppressing his emotions.

ZhouXiang felt the body that was in close proximity to his, his heart is full of all kinds of conflicting feelings.

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