Professional Body Double - Chapter 61

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The next morning, JiangYuan took the initiative to contact him, naturally telling him that he would come to pick him up and take him to check out the condo that is being prepared for him. His tone sounded very ordinary with nothing unusual. It was if everything was how it should be. He was not at all surprised.

In the entertainment industry, all kinds of outrageous things stemming from personal interest happens every day. Not to mention JiangYuan, even ZhouXiang has known it to be a common occurrence. JiangYuan looked on stoically while ZhouXiang acted even more indifferently. He didn\'t even have a hint of blush on his expression when talking to JiangYuan in the car.

JiangYuan felt guilty of muttering such thoughts in his heart. He felt that this person really don\'t seem like a newbie. He (ZhouXiang) didn\'t seem a bit embarrassed with this. JiangYuan couldn\'t even tell if this person is crooked (gay) or not but it\'s not his business. He only needed to do his job well and get his monthly salary.

Not surprisingly for YanMingXiu, whether it is something for his own use or gifted to others, it\'s all good things. This condo, located in the downtown area, has a market value of no less than five million yuan. ZhouXiang didn\'t expect him to be so generous. Or, it could be that this is nothing in YanMingXiu\'s eyes. All the living necessities in the condo have been completely prepared. This place is basically ready for anyone to live in.

JiangYuan explained, “MingXiu had originally prepared this condo for his older brother so everything is well equipped. Elder Young Master Yan (MingXiu\'s older brother) will be transferred back to Beijing in the near future so MingXiu specially chose to buy this condo near his work place. But now it\'s given to you. MingXiu treats you pretty well."

ZhouXiang didn\'t say anything. He really didn’t care about this at all. “Jiang Ge, I just came to get the key. I already know this place, thank you.”

“You don’t want to go in to check it out? This condo is very beautiful,” JiangYuan looked at the handmade chandelier on the ceiling, with his tone full of envy. He also came from a second generation average official family. He is the son of YanDeJiang’s old subordinate. If not, he would have not have the qualifications to be YanMingXiu\'s assistant. But there is no comparison to their positions. He can’t afford such a condo. YanMingXiu didn\'t even blink and just went on to pay for a secret lover. JiangYuan felt a bit jealous.

What made him most speechless was that ZhouXiang didn’t look happy at all. He just faintly glanced at it and was more anxious to leave.

ZhouXiang shook his head, “Next time. I still have something to do today.”

JiangYuan couldn’t help but look at him, “Where are you going? Home? I\'ll take you.”

“No, I… I\'m going to stroll around to get familiar with the area.”

No matter how beautiful this condo is, ZhouXiang is not at all interested. He was only trying to assess the value of the condo. After this agreement with YanMingXiu ends, he would sell the condo. What does he need such a good condo for? He doesn\'t have that kind of life to enjoy it. Now that the location of the condo has been determined, he will rent an apartment nearby for his mother and Aunt Wang. If YanMingXiu is not here, he will go back there.

He and JiangYuan went their separate ways downstairs.

Strolling around the nearby area, he found a lot of rental agencies. He has to go to work the day after tomorrow so it would best to get the housing situation settled today. Then, they can start moving. The place where they live now is very bad. It\'s definitely not suitable for a patient.

He checked out four apartments in the afternoon and selected one. After spending an afternoon renting the apartment, he hurried home and called Aunt Wang to come over and help them pack up to move.

ChenYing didn’t think that ZhouXiang would be so swift and decisive in his actions. He had only just mentioned about them moving yesterday and they are already packing up their luggage today. However, ChenYing had never been a woman who has her own opinions. Her personality is one that is easy-going and amiable. After her husband died, the son who had gradually grown up became her pillar.

The three people quickly got everything packed up in one night. They had a lot of things. Even though it wasn\'t worth much, it embodied the memories from the family in the last twenty to thirty years.

Early the next morning, the truck from the moving company hired by ZhouXiang came. In one trip, the three of them and all their luggage were taken to the new place.

The newly rented apartment is still somewhat old but it is very clean. The furniture and home appliances are complete. The rent is ¥3,000 per month. In Beijing, where the land is so expensive, to be able to find such a cheap three-bedroom in such an ideal location is ZhouXiang\'s luck. If it wasn\'t because the homeowner needing to leave the country and was eager to rent it out, he wouldn\'t have given it to ZhouXiang at this price.

They were busy for an entire day, cleaning and handling everything that needed to be done. Finally, they got everything settled in this new home.

ChenYing touched the clean and beautiful patterns on the curtains in the living room, her face revealing a genuine smile for the first time in these several days.

On Sunday night, ZhouXiang stayed in his newly rented apartment and received a call from YanMingXiu.

When he saw the caller ID, his heartbeat is abnormally fast. It is reasonable to say that he shouldn\'t be nervous. It\'s just sex after all. He is not a woman and it\'s not like he\'s never had frantic sex before. In fact, he had even lived with this person for a year. To pay such a small price so that ChenYing could live the remainder of her life well, he should be glad.

So what is he so nervous about?

ZhouXiang hesitated for just a bit. The ringing on the phone made ChenYing called out, “Ah Xiang, your phone.”

ZhouXiang quickly connected the call, “Hello, President Yan.”

YanMingXiu got straight to the point, “Have you checked out the condo?”

“I have. Thanks to President Yan for being so generous.”

“It\'s nothing. There\'s no suitable condo in this short notice. Have you moved in?”

“In the coming two days,” ZhouXiang responded vaguely.

“Come to the set tomorrow. Director Zhao will give you a supporting role that will have your face exposed.”

Needless to say, this is naturally due to giving face to YanMingXiu. ZhouXiang forcefully smiled, “President Yan, I asked you for money. This business deal is considered to have been settled. You don\'t have to bother with me. I know my own weight (importance).

YanMingXiu didn\'t take it seriously, “This is simply a piece of cake (T/N).”

T/N: 舉手之勞 - Something that can be effortlessly done, as easy as lifting a person\'s hand.

ZhouXiang is too lazy to say anything else. It seems that YanMingXiu didn\'t need him to go over to the condo today, which made him relieved.

YanMingXiu added, “Come to the set at nine o’clock tomorrow.”


ZhouXiang doesn\'t have the habit of sleeping in late. He got up early and rushed to the set.

The filming for the city scenes were not yet completed. This is a good thing for ZhouXiang. It\'s been said that the outdoor scenes would be filmed in GuiZhou. At this time, he really didn\'t want to go anywhere far.

He thought that he had gotten to the set early enough but didn\'t expect that when he got there and looked about, Director Zhao was in a heavy coat, already eating breakfast. As he was eating, he was directing the props team to change the scene.

The season is already early Fall so the morning is particularly cold. ZhouXiang walked over and greeted the director, “Good morning Director Zhao, morning Wang Ge…”

Once Director Zhao saw him, he pointed his chopsticks at the dressing room, “Go wait in line. Those little makeup artist girls really can\'t bear any hardship, still not here at this time.”

This tent was temporarily set up in the studio city and is open on all four sides. ZhouXiang shrunk his neck and headed to the dressing room. He waited in line to get his makeup done. These small supporting roles don\'t have exclusive makeup artists so they could only hurry and rush to line up.

After he got dressed up, two hours had passed. Coming out of the dressing room, WangYuDong and YanMingXiu were already there and in the midst of discussion with the director.

YanMingXiu signal with his eyes for him to come over.

ZhouXiang went over. Director Zhao had mentioned that he will give him a role that would show his face. It\'s a villain role. Originally there were three underlings; right now one is changed and two is added. One is him and the other is a newcomer that is being promoted by WangYuDong\'s management company.

WangYuDong canceled his contract with his original management company over a year ago and opened his own company, pulling in many artists. His business flourished in Beijing and his career thrived. Whoever he wanted to promote, it is an extremely easy thing to do.

ZhouXiang knew that no matter how much he cursed WangYuDong in his heart, he couldn’t even rattle half a fine hair on his body. The two of them are from completely different worlds. What resources does he have to be jealous of WangYuDong? It\'s laughable to even say that out loud.

WangYuDong is still just as clever in dealing with people as he was before. Toward ZhouXiang, he is very polite. Anyone that had just met him will feel that he\'s a pleasure to talk to; the elegant and graceful mannerisms of a noble son, so gentle and courteous, how could anyone not feel overwhelmingly flattered.

It\'s likely that ZhouXiang is the only one who could see through him as a snake(T/N) that he is.

T/N: what this means is that ZhouXiang is the only one that knows him as a two-faced hypocrite, just like a snake that will shed its original to get new skin.

ZhouXiang spent the entire morning shooting the stuntman scenes. Director Zhao and WangYuDong\'s requirements are very vigorous, constantly making various demands on the spot. ZhouXiang’s body can\'t be compared to himself before. There are many action sequences that he felt he could do, but it came out unsatisfactory.

WangYuDong was sometimes satisfied but shaking his head other times. After a while, he suddenly smiled and said to YanMingXiu, “He (younger ZhouXiang) is a far cry compared to the previous ZhouXiang. Such a pity.”

ZhouXiang was far away and didn’t hear what they said. He was just trying to repeat the previous actions over and over again in front of the camera.

YanMingXiu\'s expression immediately changed, his tone becoming unusually chilly, “Don’t mention him to me.” Then he turned around and left.

WangYuDong was startled. He likely didn’t expect YanMingXiu to scold him like this. His expression was a bit awkward, his eyes tinged with a traced of uneasiness. He hesitated for half a second and said to Director Zhao, “You guys continue.” After saying that, he turned and headed toward YanMingXiu\'s direction.

Shortly after, when ZhouXiang was still gasping for breath, he could see the door of the dressing room slammed opened and YanMingXiu taking giants steps out without even turning his head, his expression looking extremely unsightly.

WangYuDong caught up and after calling out once for “MingXiu.” He stared and watch YanMingXiu leave.

ZhouXiang didn’t know what was going on, only that something unpleasant seemed to have happened between the two because WangYuDong also came out with a gloomy face.

No one will meddle in the Yan family\'s business. Everyone silently pretended as if they didn\'t see anything, minding their own business.

After lunch at noon, ZhouXiang closed his eyes for a while. Later in the afternoon, he needs to try on the dress up for the villain\'s role. The makeup part is most annoying because it\'s really uncomfortable for him, let alone the constant putting on and removing (of the makeup and head gears).

In the midst of drowsiness, his phone sounded with a text message. ZhouXiang took out his phone to check. It is a message from YanMingXiu, the content is a very simple word, \'Tonight.\'

The hairs over ZhouXiang’s entire body stood up.


What is to happen tonight? It is very obvious.

ZhouXiang is no longer in the mood to rest. He stood up, full of anxiety. He felt that he, himself, is laughable. Why was he being anxious and frightened like a little virgin? But he couldn\'t restrain himself from being nervous because this is YanMingXiu.

Not anyone else… but YanMingXiu.

“ZhouXiang, come and try the dress up!”

The makeup artist is calling him.

ZhouXiang rubbed his face and took a deep breath, then walked into the dressing room.

Just as he was walking out the door after trying on the dress up, he collided with a person and crashed into his arms.

ZhouXiang was scared out of his wits as he quickly uttered, “Sorry.” He pushed this person a bit intending to leave, but unexpectedly his shoulder was suddenly gripped from behind.

ZhouXiang turned his head in surprise and sees a very handsome boy staring wide-eyed at him.

ZhouXiang tried to recall. He had seen this person on TV. He\'s a rookie who has been increasingly popular at quite an astonishing speed. But ZhouXiang had forgotten his name.

“ZhouXiang!” The boy blurted out.

This time it was ZhouXiang’s turn to be amazed, “Yeah? You…..”

The boy suddenly grabbed his arm and forcefully dragged him out.

“Hey? What are you doing?” ZhouXiang wanted to pry his arm out but he was afraid of offending this person so he could only resort to following him to the side.

As the boy turned his face around, there was a hint of disgust on his beautiful face, “What are you doing here?”

ZhouXiang is stunned, “Of course, it is to shoot a movie.”

"You? Shooting a movie? That\'s not bad Xiang Ge. You finally got your day to shine (T/N). The boy smirked and shook his head. “But the things from the past, I hope you won\'t gossip about it."

T/N: 出頭 means poor person that could finally see daylight, getting out of a predicament.

ZhouXiang took a breath and slowly pried his arm out of his grip, “Brother, you may know me but I don’t know you.”

The boy is shocked then smiled sarcastically, “Interesting, is this some new trick? Xiang Ge, don\'t even go there, it’s been two years, you should also let go.”

ZhouXiang simply wanted to roll his eyes. Right now, he really has no time to be dealing with him. He pointed to his head, “I had an accident two years ago and had a concussion. I really don\'t remember anything. I\'m guessing that you also don\'t want me to remember, right? So let\'s just leave it at that." ZhouXiang didn’t even look at him as he turned and left. He is usually very kind to people. But this boy, whether it was his expression or the words he said, it is extremely irritating. There must be some connection between him and the original owner of this body, but that has nothing to do with him.

The boy is completely stunned as he looked at ZhouXiang’s back, seeing him walking away resolutely.

End of the chapter