Professional Body Double - Chapter 60

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ZhouXiang went home during lunch time.

Aunt Wang and ChenYing didn’t expect him to come back so early. ChenYing asked, “Xiang ah, didn\'t you go to work?”

ZhouXiang showed a smile that put her at ease. “Wei Ge gave me a few days off. I\'ll stay with you this entire week.”

“You don’t have to be with me. I\'m not bedridden. Go to work. You just got the job, don’t take time off.”

“Mom, the days off have been approved. There\'s no point for me to go back. Don\'t worry. It\'s just a few days.”

When Aunt Wang saw that he was back, she told them that she will leave.

ZhouXiang walked her to the door and said to her, “Aunt Wang, I just borrowed some money so I\'m not so tight right now. I\'ve thought about it and want to hire you to take care of my mom full time. I\'ll rent a bigger apartment. It will include food, lodging, and one day off each week. Monthly pay will be ¥1,800, what do you think? I\'m usually not home that much so you\'ll need to take care of my mother and go with her to the hospital.”

Aunt Wang agreed very quickly. After she retired, she had nothing to do. She had so much time that she was panicking.

ZhouXiang had already planned it all out on the way home. The condo that YanMingXiu will give him, he can\'t let ChenYing live there. He could only rent another place for ChenYing; one that has 3 bedrooms. He\'ll live there but if YanMingXiu wants to see him… then he\'ll go to that condo.

Bluntly put, YanMingXiu had bought him so whenever YanMingXiu wanted to fuck him, he\'ll just have to serve him. He thinks that YanMingXiu wouldn\'t want to be with him every day so most of the time, he could still go home.

With this ¥2 million cash, ZhouXiang felt that his entire person has lightened up. For the time being, he didn\'t want to think about YanMingXiu. He\'s only thinking of ChenYing’s problems. This money not only paid off all their debts at once, it is also enough to support ChenYing’s treatment for ten to twenty years and even a kidney transplant too. Even if this is not enough, he will still continue to earn money. He still has that home that he could sell. In short, their future lives won\'t be too hard. ChenYing won\'t have to carry the heavy mental barrier of burdening him.

After sending Aunt Wang away, ZhouXiang returned home.

ChenYing is checking on the pot of soup. It has been almost half a year since ZhouXiang was discharged from the hospital. Although their lives have always been very harsh, ChenYing would live frugally but still won\'t hesitate to splurge money for nutritious soup to nourish ZhouXiang\'s health. ChenYing saved on everything but she\'s willing to spend money on food. In her opinion, she couldn\'t provide anything for her son except for food. She still has a bit of ability to provide for her son to eat well.

After ZhouXiang entered the apartment, ChenYing wiped her hand and came out. She looked at ZhouXiang with a serious expression, “Ah Xiang ah, I really like being with Aunt Wang but I don\'t need her to take care of me. I have hands and legs and can do anything. I\'m embarrassed to tell her. You go tell her that she doesn\'t need to come. We don\'t have the money."

ZhouXiang smiled and said appeasingly, “Mom, besides taking care of you, the most important thing is for her go with you to the hospital for your dialysis treatment and be your companion so you won\'t be so bored. Your dialysis takes four to five hours each time and I usually have to work overtime. It\'s so boring for you to be by yourself. Not only will I not fire her, I\'m going to hire her to take care of you full time."

ChenYing is shocked, “ZhouXiang. Stop joking, you absolutely can\'t!”

ZhouXiang grabbed her hand, “Mom… mom, listen to me. Just listen to me.”

ChenYing looked at him suspiciously.

“Mom, I went out today and borrowed some money.”

“Borrow money? From who?”

“Wei Ge, our boss, and a… a former friend."

“What friend? How much did you borrowed? Ah Xiang, we still owe money. If you keep on borrowing, we won\'t be able to pay it off our entire lifetime."

“Mom, this friend, our relationship is very good. Moreover, he\'s a big celebrity and has a lot of money so he really doesn\'t care about these few hundreds of thousands yuan. He\'s in no hurry for me to pay it back.”

“A big celebrity?” ChenYing is stunned. Then, she suddenly grabbed ZhouXiang’s sleeves and said in a sharp tone, "What friend! Is it that TanYin!?"


ZhouXiang is baffled. Who is this person? He\'s never heard of him.

ChenYing looked at his face in bewilderment and suddenly remembered that ZhouXiang had already lost his memory after he woke up so he shouldn\'t remember. Although she saw the boy many times on TV but he had changed his name. Moreover, he\'s in the limelight, he shouldn\'t have anything to do with her son.

Sure enough, ZhouXiang asked, “Mom, who is TanYin?”

ChenYing felt like she had dug her own grave, she stuttered, "No……you don\'t remember. You met him when you were a model. I……I forgot. Since you don\'t remember, just leave it. If it\'s not him then it\'s fine."

ZhouXiang didn\'t put it to heart. A person that this body\'s owner knew before had no relationship with him. He explained, "Mom, I don\'t remember who you talked about before, but it is definitely not this person. The friend is someone I met after I woke up. He……he\'s a Buddhist; very good at heart and very generous. I happened to meet him at the company today and told him about my problems. He lent me ¥500,000."

ZhouXiang tried to make it as close to the truth as possible, but he still felt that his mouth and tongue were dry. Although he had already lowered the amount significantly, he still felt that his story is full of loopholes.

Sure enough, ChenYing still look at him skeptically.

“Mom, it\'s true. I also think that I came across such a good thing. He said that I can repay him slowly, but he\'ll lend me the money first for our pressing needs. This money is really nothing to him. The money we owed, we can repay a part of it first. I\'ll work hard. It\'ll definitely get better in the future. So Mom, you must not have any burden. You must comply with the treatments. It\'s only if you live that we can have hope, okay?”

ChenYing\'s voice trembled, “There is really such good people? How can there be such good people?”

ZhouXiang smiled and confirmed the matter over and over again; only for ChenYing to feel as ease. If she knew that he agreed to such a deal… he wouldn\'t dare to think about the consequences.

If it was his former body, he may not feel as terrible. He is not a woman, not to mention that he had slept with YanMingXiu before.

However, this body was not his. Although they have converged for so long, ZhouXiang still could not fully accept this body. Using ChenYing’s son\'s body to do this made his heart filled with a sense of guilt. Moreover, when he thought of YanMingXiu using this body as a (substitute)……he could not describe his feelings.

Embarrassed, awkward, and resentful. ZhouXiang’s heart is full of negative emotions.

The gradual despair in ChenYing\'s eyes and her increasing hope is the only motivational force that made him feel better at this time.

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