Professional Body Double - Chapter 58

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T/N: Way this chapter ends.. will make it a double update for y’all. Enjoy.

The next morning, ZhouXiang called the auntie with the surname Wang and told her about ChenYing\'s condition. His main intent in hiring her was for her to look after ChenYing and take her to the hospital for her treatments.

Aunt Wang cried on the phone upon hearing ChenYing\'s condition and said that this mother and son\'s lives have really not been easy. She agreed to it.

Finally, they agreed that she would come twice a week to go with ChenYing to the hospital. In addition, she will also help ChenYing clean up the apartment. She will be paid ¥80 each time she comes.

As long as ChenYing adhered to the dialysis treatment, doing ordinary cooking and other work were not a problem. Because of limited money, ZhouXiang can’t afford a full-time caretaker. Since the pay is based on the number of times the caretaker comes, if he has time on Saturday, he can take ChenYing himself and save the money. But, in fact, he has never had a full weekend off after he started working.

Now he must turn like a spinning top to finds ways to make more money. At the same time, he would find some free time to check and see if ChenYing could get any medical benefits.

He felt that when he opened his eyes now, there is a bunch of things waiting for him to do. He\'s never felt so exhausted nor worked so hard before.

He arrived at the company a little later. CaiWei called him directly into the office.

CaiWei handed him a bank card, “There is ¥50,000 inside. Use this to take care of urgent needs first. President Wang went to Tibet for his Buddhist seclusion. No one can contact him at this time. When he comes back, I\'ll surely talk to him. I believe he will definitely help. However, you guys have no relationship so President Wang\'s assistance will be limited. You still have to quickly find a way. I will introduce as much work to you as possible but you must not casually tell others in the company or else other people will be jealous.”

Ever since he entered the company, CaiWei had taken extra care of him. Other people were inevitably suspicious. ZhouXiang faintly felt that he owed CaiWei too much.

If this didn’t happen, maybe after a year and a half, after he had adapted to his identity and cast away all his layers of defenses, maybe… maybe he would tell CaiWei the truth. After all, with such a big secret weighing heavily in his heart, he didn’t know if he would collapse one day. But he definitely can\'t reveal it now. He didn\'t want to cause CaiWei any injustice.

CaiWei’s expression is very deep, “Ah Xiang, you have to be strong. You\'re young after all so don’t be discouraged about the future.”

ZhouXiang forcefully smiled, “I understand…”

He naturally understands but reality is just too cruel.

CaiWei\'s desk phone rang. He reached for the handset, "Hello? Yea, it\'s me……what?" CaiWei frowned and looked at ZhouXiang, his eyes full of astonishment.

ZhouXiang asked, “What is it?”

CaiWei hung up; his expression strange. “JiangYuan is waiting for you downstairs and said that YanMingXiu is looking for you for some matters.”


“Yes, downstairs.”

ZhouXiang looked at his cellphone; there was no message. It seemed that YanMingXiu knew what to do to force him to give in.

CaiWei knocked on the table irritably, “ZhouXiang, what the hell is up with the two of you? You……are you hiding something from me?" CaiWei\'s eyes flashed brightly, glaring at ZhouXiang.

ZhouXiang smiled forcefully, “Wei Ge, what YanMingXiu wants to do, I really don’t know. I\'m also very confused.”

Strange thoughts rose in CaiWei\'s mind. Could it be……could it be that YanMingXiu took ZhouXiang as "him"?

Although they do have many similarities, they are not the same person. YanMingXiu can\'t be this blind right?

If that is the case, then this ZhouXiang in front of him still don\'t know how bad luck he is. CaiWei\'s heart shook but he knew that he could not stop anything. He could only warn ZhouXiang to not get too close to YanMingXiu. But even after warning ZhouXiang so many times, ZhouXiang still got involved with YanMingXiu.

ZhouXiang didn’t want to cause any trouble for CaiWei, so he quickly responded, “I\'ll go first. YanMingXiu looking for me probably have something to do with the movie.”

CaiWei\'s eyes followed his back as he left; the anxiety in his heart increased considerably.


“Jiang Ge.” ZhouXiang got into the car and nodded to JiangYuan in the driver’s seat.

JiangYuan frowned at him. He didn’t expect ZhouXiang to be so calm. He dared to assume that ZhouXiang was awake the night before. Even though his footsteps were unsteady, his mind was alert so he should not have forgotten what happened that day.

He also didn\'t know of the changes surrounding ZhouXiang. If it was before, ZhouXiang should still be at loss having been kissed by YanMingXiu; however, his mind now is just full of money. This kind of shock compared to the shock of receiving ChenYing\'s diagnosis is simply insignificant.

ZhouXiang glanced at JiangYuan, “Jiang Ge?”

JiangYuan\'s regained his senses and started the car. He smiled, “Xiao Zhou, you\'ve got guts to dare hang up the phone.”

ZhouXiang’s mind cleared a bit. Thinking of his actions yesterday, it was very irrational. He tried to explain, “Something serious came up at home yesterday. I was very agitated and couldn\'t control my emotions. Jiang Ge, please don\'t take offense.”

“Oh, why are you explaining it to me? You have to explain it to MingXiu. You didn\'t hang up on me but on him." JiangYuan sighed, “You should also know that MingXiu\'s background is very unusual. No one has ever dared to provoke him. Even big shot celebrities with the strangest temper will still show him some level of respect. I really admire you for being so daring, but this is not a good thing.”

ZhouXiang chuckled. Not a good thing.What can YanMingXiu do to him? He is still familiar to YanMingXiu to a degree. Although he (YanMingXiu) has a bad temper and is proud and arrogant, he is not a one to seek revenge on a trivial matters. It was just a phone call, ZhouXiang was not too worried.

JiangYuan looked at ZhouXiang’s uncaring expression and sighed in his heart. He had worked for YanMingXiu for more than a year. Even though he\'s not someone who is considered to fully understanding YanMingXiu, he is somewhat familiar with his temperament. YanMingXiu has never shown any intense interest to anybody like he did to ZhouXiang. In fact, he even did a lot of things that he never did before. Based on his assessment as a professional agent and assistant, he felt that YanMingXiu had fallen for ZhouXiang.

Although his news is very well-informed, only a few people are aware of YanMingXiu\'s past relationship with someone named ZhouXiang. And for whatever reasons, these few people would never tell anyone so JiangYuan could not determine whether YanMingXiu had fallen for ZhouXiang based on this. It\'s only his intuition telling him that this is the case. As for why, he could not guess.

He felt that ZhouXiang\'s appearance was not bad. He is somewhat handsome but not outstanding. Especially when compared to YanMingXiu, it is like heaven and earth. ZhouXiang didn\'t have any unusual attractive personal traits or any particularly good qualities. He\'s merely just an ordinary person. No matter how hard JiangYuan scratch his head, he couldn\'t figure out what it is that YanMingXiu sees in ZhouXiang. He only needed to confirm this point, then he can help his boss pacify all the obstacles and conceal all the bad news is enough.

ZhouXiang didn’t know what JiangYuan was thinking since he is still absorbed in his own thoughts.

The car quickly got to an upscale neighborhood. When ZhouXiang looked up, he immediately recognized that this was where YanMingXiu lived.

When he took YanMingXiu back that night, he asserted that YanMingXiu didn’t live in his home. YanMingXiu really had no reason to live in his home. Surely, YanMingXiu had gone back that time to get some of his things. ZhouXiang is indeed unlucky. Ever since he had awakened in this body, he had gone back his home three times. The first time, he saw YanMingXiu; the second time he ran into LanXiRong, and the last time nothing happened.

ZhouXiang felt a bit unsettled, "Jiang Ge. Is this where President Yan lives?”

“Yeah,” JiangYuan stopped the car and led him to the elevator.

“Jiang Ge. What does President Yan want? Can you reveal a bit?" When JiangYuan took him to YanMingXiu’s apartment, ZhouXiang finally feel a little nervous.

JiangYuan shook his head and shrugged, “I don’t know, I am just responsible for bringing you here.”

ZhouXiang still wanted to say something but JiangYuan suddenly turned his head and put his hand on ZhouXiang’s shoulder. He smiled, “Ah Xiang, I advised you, \'a wise man knows when to submit to his circumstances.\' You will understand my words in the future."

When JiangYuan said these words, ZhouXiang is even more puzzled.

JiangYuan led him to the front door and pressed the doorbell. YanMingXiu opened the door dressed in casual clothes. From the moment the door opened, YanMingXiu stared right at ZhouXiang.

JiangYuan smiled, “MingXiu, I\'ll leave first.”

YanMingXiu didn’t even look at him but said coldly to ZhouXiang, “Come in.”

ZhouXiang glanced at JiangYuan who had just turned and walked away just like he did that night with an attitude of this not being any of his business. ZhouXiang couldn\'t suppress himself from feeling nervous.

YanMingXiu couldn\'t remember kissing him right? Could it be that JiangYuan told him?

When ZhouXiang was in a daze, YanMingXiu had already dragged his arm and pulled him into his home impatiently.

End of the chapter