Professional Body Double - Chapter 55

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At first, YanMingXiu didn’t realize that ZhouXiang wanted to get him drunk. After all, he didn’t think that someone would be so brazen as to dare to do something like that.

When he realized what was happening, he had already drank three glasses of liquor and felt dizzy. His tolerance for alcohol is indeed bad. He usually doesn\'t drink much.

YanMingXiu grunted, “What are you doing? Wanting to get me drunk?"

ZhouXiang smiled, “President Yan, don’t be so serious. Everyone is drinking; come join the fun. If you really don\'t want to drink, that\'s fine. But I see that you also don\'t want to play or sing. Just sitting here is too boring. I\'ll just drink with you."

A staff member had too much to drink and ended up singing like he was wailing and howling. A few people were already knocked out, flopping on each other with some of the ladies. There weren\'t many still sober. Only WangYuDong who had apprehensions with his brother-in-law being present so didn\'t talk to the young ladies. Instead, he and Director Zhao and the others competed in drinking.

YanMingXiu is really not interested in these things. Instead, he wanted to see what ZhouXiang wanted to do. “What are you going to do if you got me drunk? Let me tell you, my alcohol tolerance is not good; maybe I will make you pay back when I wake up the next day.” "

ZhouXiang smiled lightly in response, “Maybe President Yan would have forgotten me once you wake up. I\'m just a nobody, not worthy for President Yan to remember." Perhaps it was because YanMingXiu drank too much, or perhaps it was because he (ZhouXiang) himself drank too much but ZhouXiang\'s thoughts became bolder, even his usual cautiousness was almost forgotten.

Looking at this drunken YanMingXiu in front of him with his eyes looking disoriented, ZhouXiang can\'t help but compare this scene with this same drunken person who had once held onto him crying out for his "Dong Ge." Although he never wanted to remember this scene in his life, he couldn\'t help himself from remembering it. When he said those words to YanMingXiu, his tone is filled with grievances that even he himself was not aware.

YanMingXiu looked at him blankly. At that moment, YanMingXiu didn’t know whether his thoughts were too sensitive or slow witted. In short, he experienced some strange emotions. His chest felt endlessly oppressed. The more he came in contact with this person (younger ZhouXiang), the more he would think of (older) ZhouXiang. But he can\'t help himself from getting close to this person (younger ZhouXiang).

YanMingXiu looked at the liquor in front of him; maybe this (liquor) is the best thing right now. He picked up the glass and gulped down this liquid that he never liked down his throat.

The twenty plus people partied until three in the morning; most of them were already drunk and couldn’t walk. Only Assistant Jiang had this sense of responsibility. When he saw YanMingXiu drinking, he knew that he would be the driver tonight so he didn\'t drink, and thus was sober.

ZhouXiang\'s alcohol tolerance is great; Even though his walking swayed a bit, his mind is still clear.

The group of people left one after another. Some called for someone to pick them up, others hailed for a taxi. WangYuDong was taken home by someone.

Assistant Jiang looked helplessly at YanMingXiu and ZhouXiang. In the end, his eyes fell on ZhouXiang, “Xiao Zhou ah. You got him drunk; it\'s really troubling for me.”

At this moment, YanMingXiu was so drunk he was laying down on the sofa. Even though he was very quiet, laying there with his eyes closed, not losing his cool and indifferent image, it was enough to shock Assistant Jiang. He had never dealt with a drunk YanMingXiu.

ZhouXiang smiled and stood up with his hand holding onto a chair for support, “We\'re out to play ma.”

“Can you still walk? Help me put MingXiu in the car. I\'ll also take you home while I\'m at it."

"You can still drive?”

“I didn’t drink much. It’s okay, let’s go.” Assistant Jiang pulled YanMingXiu up. Drunk people are particularly heavy, especially YanMingXiu, who is so tall and strong. The two people held each side of YanMingXiu and stumbled outside.

ZhouXiang held onto his waist; he seemed to faintly remember the feelings of holding YanMingXiu.

They put YanMingXiu in the back seat. ZhouXiang is sleepy and tired. He was too lazy to move to the front passenger seat so he also squeezed into the back seat.

During this dark and silent drive, ZhouXiang fell asleep.

Not knowing how much time had passed, Assistant Jiang pushed him, "ZhouXiang. Wake up. Help me take MingXiu upstairs."

ZhouXiang opened his eyes and realized that the car had stopped at the underground parking lot. Assistant Jiang pushed him and pointed his finger at the elevator not far away.

ZhouXiang flung his head and sobered up a bit. He quickly got out of the car and helped Assistant Jiang get YanMingXiu out of the car. Then the two men took YanMingXiu into the elevator and up to his apartment.

Assistant Jiang was taking out the keys while he was holding onto YanMingXiu, his movements in a flurry. When the door opened, ZhouXiang quickly held onto YanMingXiu to get him into the home while Assistant Jiang hastily pulled out the key. The two men\'s (ZhouXiang and YanMingXiu\'s) paces were not in line, causing YanMingXiu\'s body weight to suddenly lean onto ZhouXiang. YanMingXiu is too heavy and ZhouXiang\'s knees gave in causing him to fall down at the entrance with YanMingXiu\'s body leaning above him.

Assistant Jiang cried out alarmingly, "ZhouXiang!”

With this severe collision slamming to the ground, YanMingXiu mumbled a sound. Hearing the words “ZhouXiang” made his heart jumped and he instantly "woke" up.

He slowly opened his eyes. Even though his eyes are not focused, it stared at the person beneath him.

"ZhouXiang?" YanMingXiu softly mumbled but the two people present didn\'t hear him clearly.

Assistant Jiang wanted to help pull YanMingXiu up but YanMingXiu swung his hand away. Lowering his head, his nose moved closer to ZhouXiang’s face, seeming to smell and feel him.

ZhouXiang stared dazedly at the ceiling and tried to push him away but he was feeling too dizzy. This is not the kind of the dizziness from drinking but the dizziness from the fall. In short, his hands weren\'t coordinating. He softly muttered, “President Yan…”

Without any words, something soft pressed onto his lips. When he realized that it is YanMingXiu\'s kiss tinged with a trace of alcohol, his entire body stiffened.

Assistant Jiang is also dumbfounded. He stood at the door and watched YanMingXiu kiss ZhouXiang. He didn\'t know whether to leave or not. He simply thought that was his imagination.

ZhouXiang gripped onto YanMingXiu’s face, wanting to push him away, but he didn’t know where a drunken YanMingXiu got so much strength. He was kissed so rigorously by YanMingXiu, as if he wanted to swallow ZhouXiang\'s lips.

The rim of ZhouXiang’s eyes had a burning sensation; unknowingly, he has an impulse to cry.

YanMingXiu asked ambiguously, “Is it you(T/N)?” and then he hugged ZhouXiang and cried.

T/N: He is referring to Older ZhouXiang.

ZhouXiang is so shocked that he couldn\'t say anything.

Assistant Jiang is terrified. As a smart and rational assistant, he made a decision which he thought was the most correct. He closed the door and fled. Knowing too much of the boss\'s stuff is not a good thing so it\'s better off he pretended not to know.

ZhouXiang looked at the tightly closed door, thinking of Assistant Jiang\'s resolute \'retreat\'. This series of events happened within just a minute. When he shockingly turned his head back, YanMingXiu had actually fallen asleep. Only the tears on his face and his arms that are holding tightly onto his arms are the only indication that everything that happened earlier is not an illusion.

YanMingXiu cried. Why?

Is it you?

Who is he talking about?

When they first got into YanMingXiu\'s home, was he calling out for himself (older ZhouXiang)? But ZhouXiang wasn\'t too sure, it was all too fuzzy.

No matter what, ZhouXiang couldn\'t go so far as to overestimate himself in believing that YanMingXiu would cry for him. Maybe YanMingXiu just drank too much causing his mood to fluctuate hugely. When ZhouXiang got drunk before, he even cried about the crush he had on this boy in junior high school. But when he woke up, he couldn\'t even remember that person\'s name nor how he looked like.

Alcohol can magnify a person\'s emotions infinitely. Why is YanMingXiu like this? He had no idea. ZhouXiang only knew that he might have provoked some troubles.

He moved his body and tried to sit up but YanMingXiu is still clinging to him, so he couldn’t move.

Although the weather in this season is not too cold, if he slept on the floor for an entire night, wouldn\'t he get sick? His most important purpose of getting YanMingXiu drunk is to ensure that his plan tonight would be absolutely safe. Even though he felt that he is still quite sober, he only needed to drink some water and get some fresh air, there shouldn\'t be any problems going back to his condo. But how can he get out of this place (YanMingXiu\'s home)?

What if his movements are too big and it woke YanMingXiu up?

ZhouXiang pondered for a long time, not knowing what to do.

YanMingXiu’s body was leaning on top of him; hot and heavy and his arm is still holding ZhouXiang\'s waist with so much strength, as if he was holding onto something very important, refusing to let go even in his stupor.

ZhouXiang sighed softly; he endured and endured, and finally he couldn\'t help but stretch out a hand. That hand gently fell onto YanMingXiu\'s back.

Through YanMingXiu’s shirt, ZhouXiang’s palm felt his scorching strength; the warming energy from his skin seeped through the palm of his hand and reached into his heart.

This is….. YanMingXiu.

This is the YanMingXiu that he used to be very intimate with; their bodies had joined as one many times. They had been very close. He still remembered the scent of this person\'s aftershave, the softness of his hair, the heat on his skin, and the taste of their kisses.

Now, they are once again hugging each other. But they are no longer the ZhouXiang and YanMingXiu from before.

ZhouXiang dazedly feel the heat in the palm of his hand. He didn\'t dare to move. He was afraid that if he moved, the scene in front of him will collapse and he will find that everything is just an illusion.

He blinked his eyes, the rim of his eyes felt incessantly painful.

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