Professional Body Double - Chapter 54

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In the afternoon, when ZhouXiang is reshooting a falling down sequence, YanMingXiu remained on the side watching, making him feel very uncomfortable.

During the break, he heard Director Zhao discussed with the screenwriter, saying that he wanted to add a supporting role for YanMingXiu as the younger brother of the protagonist. A role of a sickly frail person that is on the sick bed all the time but at the same time is a scholarly person with great talent. In the end, he will die in the hands of the protagonist\'s enemies. It plays a crucial role in fueling the important plot of the change in the protagonist\'s temperament.

When they discussed the script, YanMingXiu was also on the side and made some comments. ZhouXiang only heard part of the content, but he basically understood it. In order to add more screen time for YanMingXiu in the film, Director Zhao can be said having to painstakingly rack his brain. In fact, he didn\'t have to do it this way. ZhouXiang felt that as long as YanMingXiu could act many of his scenes with WangYuDong, YanMingXiu would definitely not refuse.

ZhouXiang had been working in the entertainment industry for a while. Obviously he would have heard a lot of gossip. It has been said that YanMingXiu had never guest-starred in other people’s films. The only exception was for his brother-in law, Wang YuDong. If there is a first time, inevitably there would be a second time. Compared to other people, WangYuDong is naturally different.

Looking at the image of YanMingXiu and WangYuDong in deep discussions, ZhouXiang\'s heart is filled with indescribable emotions. When the two men stood together, it could be compared to the film\'s numerous magnificent special effects. There is really no need to worry about the box office.

After ZhouXiang finished shooting a short scene, he went to the corner of a corridor to smoke and take a rest. His mind was always on ChenYing\'s health condition so he was restless the entire day.

At this time, footsteps sounded on other side of the corridor. It was very quiet. Right next to ZhouXiang\'s side is the bathroom. He thought someone was coming to use the bathroom but unexpectedly the footsteps stopped at the corner. Shortly after, YanMingXiu\'s voice sounded on the other side of the wall.

“Hey, Bureau Chief Qin, you called me?"

“Have you found a reliable person? When can we meet?”

“I know that I\'ve reported this to the police too late. For one, I can\'t let anyone know about this. Second, I\'ve been busy with the company\'s work these past few days. I really can’t get away. I\'m worried that the media will catch wind of this so I must find a reliable person to look into this."

“No, I didn’t go into the room. The scene was kept as is. I had important matters to deal with abroad at the time so I had to leave quickly for a business trip the next day. I\'ve only glanced outside from the door but still haven’t gone into the room yet. Furthermore, there are two people who had moved around in the living room at the time but they didn\'t go into the rooms. They shouldn\'t have touched anything. If necessary, I can call them over to cooperate with the investigation.”

“That\'s great. I\'ll see you in the neighborhood at four o’clock tomorrow afternoon.”

ZhouXiang didn’t dare to breathe. It wasn\'t until YanMingXiu hung up and returned to the set that ZhouXiang dared to blow out the smoke in his mouth.

YanMingXiu really found someone to investigate. ZhouXiang became incessantly worried. In hiring a professional criminal investigator to investigate the case, this simple case of "theft" really have too many questionable points.

So much that ZhouXiang can count it out.

The undestroyed lock can reluctantly be interpreted as the thief’s superb skills in unlocking the lock. But as soon as he entered the room, he went straight to the bedside table in the bedroom to get the cash and then immediately returned to the living room to get the bank card. Any ordinary thief entering the condo would certainly have turned the home upside down and ransacked it. If this thief was not familiar with the home, how could he know exactly where those things are? Just this point alone is already strange. ZhouXiang really didn\'t know what conclusions they will come to. At least people with normal IQ will suspect that this was done by someone internally. Although ZhouXiang didn\'t believe that they will suspect a dead person, he was still not at ease.

ZhouXiang pondered and pondered, the more he thought, the more he became fearful.

Tomorrow afternoon, YanMingXiu will bring the professional criminal investigator to the supposed crime scene. At that time, they would definitely see a lot of questionable loopholes. Although ZhouXiang didn\'t feel that they would suspect him, his guilty conscience still made him feel very scared.

He came up with an outrageously bold idea. And that is to return back tonight and destroy the scene. According to what YanMingXiu said, they are conscious of protecting the scene and didn\'t go in at will. If he could go back before tomorrow and mess up the scene a bit, they won’t be able to find these suspicious traces.

Immediately when he thought of this idea, ZhouXiang literally jumped out of his skin, his hand that is holding the cigarette shook. He has been a good citizen all his life and has always been an honest and upright person. He\'s never done these sneaky things but reality has forced him to take these risks time and time again.

ZhouXiang palely stood on the side of the bathroom for a long time. He finally made up his mind to go back again tonight. He must mess up the scene and not leave too many trails for YanMingXiu.

In order to do this, he needed to first find out about YanMingXiu’s whereabouts. Although ZhouXiang didn\'t think that YanMingXiu would go back tonight, but after last time\'s unfortunate experience, he wanted to make sure. Otherwise, he wouldn\'t even have the courage to step into his old neighborhood.

He returned to the set and continued to shoot (his scenes).

At night after getting off work, ZhouXiang asked the staff around if they wanted to go singing and drinking in the evening. These people are all young and love the bustling lively excitement. Very soon, people responded. ZhouXiang also tried to suck up to YanMingXiu, “President Yan I don’t know if you can do me the favor? But I can see at first glance that you\'re very busy, you must have some social gatherings tonight?"

“No.” YanMingXiu looked at him faintly, "I\'ll join you guys.”

Everyone looked at YanMingXiu with their eyes wide-open. Even in their dreams, they didn\'t think he would agree.

With YanMingXiu attending, how could other big and minor actors dare not accompany them? In the end, even WangYuDong and Director Zhao are coming. A small gathering had morphed into a welcoming party for YanMingXiu. The location changed from KTV to a nightclub.

ZhouXiang thought, this is also good, YanMingXiu\'s alcohol tolerance is not good. He has the confidence to get him drunk.

As soon as the work was over, more than 20 people enthusiastically rushed to the nightclub. WangYuDong acted as the host and reserved a big private room. The manager of the nightclub brought in fifteen young ladies and five young gentlemen. All of them looked quite beautiful. The staffs who were basking in the light enjoying their times all had radiant expressions. Even the girls followed along and became rowdy.

One of the young men, for whatever reasons went to sit right next to ZhouXiang.

ZhouXiang glanced at him and thought that this kid’s eyes are quite perceptive. He\'s only just glanced at him a few times and this kid could already tell his sexual orientation? ZhouXiang thought to himself, he obviously had no such thoughts at all, yet his natural character can’t be changed after all.

The boy smiled and asked, “Ge, what liquor are you drinking?”

ZhouXiang smiled lightly, “I don’t drink. This is just a soft drink. You help me drink (liquor).”

"That\'s gotta be a lie. Just a glance and one can tell you can drink. You don’t want to drink with me?” The boy\'s thigh brushed up against his thigh. Suddenly, he leaned his head closer, “Ge, you\'re the type I like. I\'m not being like this just for money. I won\'t take your money. Take me out tonight? You just have to pay for the hotel."

ZhouXiang smiled and responded, “I have something to do tonight, next time.”

The boy looked at him astonishingly, “Aiyah, you don\'t even want when it\'s free. Did I see wrong? You like big breasts?”

ZhouXiang smiled and look in YanMingXiu\'s direction.

The boy sensitively caught onto something, lowering his voice, “Ge, you can\'t be having this kind of bad habit right? You like that big star?”

ZhouXiang looked at him blankly, “What nonsense are you saying?”

“What? You don\'t think I\'ve seen all sides of society? Every night, those big and minor stars come to us in waves. Whether they are straight or curved (gay), it could be seen at a glance. That Young Master "Yan" is definitely not interested in men. Don\'t think about it, just think of me.”

ZhouXiang really couldn’t stand him being so presumptuous so he gave him a push, “Get me a bottle of green tea.”

He didn’t expect the boy to hug his arm all of a sudden. Almost half of his body was in his embrace. Smiling, “Ge, how old are you? Have you just debuted? I\'ve never seen you before.”

ZhouXiang was just about to say something when he saw the boy’s face suddenly looking very weird. ZhouXiang turned his head back saw YanMingXiu standing behind him with a gloomy face.

"President Yan…"

YanMingXiu grabbed his arm and pulled him up from the couch.

The private room is very large. In order to make it easier for everyone to enjoy and have a great time, the light is especially dark. Not many people noticed what was happening in the corner but ZhouXiang still looked around unconsciously, “President Yan, what’s the matter?”

YanMingXiu glanced at the little duck (male prostitute) coldly and dragged ZhouXiang out with him.

In order to make them look a bit natural, ZhouXiang could only grab YanMingXiu to make it look like the two people are walking out closely, not that he was being dragged out.

After getting out of the private room, the hallway had waiters coming back and forth.

ZhouXiang grabbed YanMingXiu\'s shoulder, “President Yan? President Yan?”

YanMingXiu let go of him and pointed to the end of the corridor, “Go there, I have something to ask you.”

ZhouXiang could only brace himself to follow behind him.

The two walked to the secluded corner. YanMingXiu narrowed his eyes at him and asked. “Are you GAY?”

ZhouXiang shrugged his shoulders, “Yeah.” This is something he\'s never concealed.

YanMingXiu’s lips trembled a bit.

Why? Why are there so many similarities…one after another (between Older and younger ZhouXiang)? What is really going on? This is simply unimaginable. He can’t help but blurt out, “Who are you really?”

ZhouXiang is shocked as he forced himself to calm down, “President Yan, what do you mean by this?”

“You…” YanMingXiu took a deep breath. “You told me that your name is ZhouXiang but you told Dong Ge that you\'re ZhouYang? How do you explain this? What is really your name? Who really are you?!”

ZhouXiang remained calm, “I\'m really called ZhouXiang. It is Wei Ge who told me not to tell Dong Ge my real name. He said that Dong Ge would definitely not use me if he heard that name.”

This explanation is reasonable. YanMingXiu’s doubts are slightly suppressed. He continued to ask, “How much did CaiWei tell you? About ZhouXiang\'s matters?”

“He didn’t say much. Just that he used to be Dong Ge\'s stuntman and had offended Dong Ge.” As ZhouXiang was saying this, he observed YanMingXiu’s expression. Even though he looked as if it was nothing, his heart beated abruptly.

YanMingXiu looked at him deeply and said coldly, “ZhouXiang’s matters, you shouldn’t know too much. It has nothing to do with you.”

"President Yan, I have never asked about it."

“That’s good," YanMingXiu regained his gaze and turned around intending to go back to the private room. Suddenly, he paused and remembered that the little duck was attached to ZhouXiang. His heart felt uncomfortable momentarily. He couldn’t help but want to ridicule ZhouXiang but he didn\'t know what right he has to do so. He stood still for a long time, then finally I left.

It wasn\'t till after YanMingXiu had left for a while that ZhouXiang can calmly breathe and return to the private room.

YanMingXiu sat in the corner. He didn’t talk much and didn’t participate in other people’s activities. It was as if all of this had nothing to do with him. No one would provoke him.

ZhouXiang picked up a bottle of wine and in front of all the eyes around, strolled to YanMingXiu\'s side. His lips curved in a smiled, “President Yan, have a drink.” He poured a glass full of liquor and handed it to YanMingXiu.

The people around him thought that ZhouXiang would be completely ignored. Unexpectedly, YanMingXiu just look at him and actually took the glass of liquor.

ZhouXiang also poured a glass for himself, “President Yan, thank you for your preferential treatment, I\'ll cheers you.”

He must get YanMingXiu knocked out tonight.

End of the chapter