Professional Body Double - Chapter 50

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When ZhouXiang heard that voice, all the fine hairs on his body stood up….How could it be him?!

He immediately remembered that besides him and YanMingXiu, there was one other person who knew where he put the spare key. At the time, this person had a very good relationship with him and went to his home almost every day. LanXiRong!

One time ZhouXiang wasn\'t at home and couldn\'t leave but LanXiRong had come to his place so ZhouXiang told him the location of the spare key. After all, at the time he trusted LanXiRong and there was nothing valuable at home. That was the only time. Ever since then, every time LanXiRong came over, he was always home so he had long since forgotten about this.

It wasn’t until the encounter with LanXiRong at this strange time that he suddenly remembered.

What to do?!!

LanXiRong quickly turned on the lights in the living room. His first reaction was that there is a thief. Sure enough, a man wearing a cap, sunglasses and a mask with his face tightly concealed fell onto the ground. As he tumbled, several bills and hundred yuan bills fell out of his pocket.

LanXiRong angrily shouted, “You fucking dare to steal things here!” He hastily rushed up in a step, not even giving ZhouXiang a chance to react as he stepped on ZhouXiang\'s calf.

ZhouXiang smothered his groans. It was so painful he almost cried out.

LanXiRong bent over and was going to capture him. ZhouXiang remembered there was a potted plant behind him, so he reached behind and grabbed a handful of soil from the potted plant and didn\'t hesitate to throw it toward LanXiRong\'s face.

LanXiRong was caught unprepared and couldn\'t open his eyes for a moment.

ZhouXiang took the opportunity to bolt up from the ground and kicked LanXiRong to the ground, then with big step jumped over him and fled out the door.

The soil went into LanXiRong’s eyes so tears gushed out. He forcefully turned his head and sees the thief\'s back as he fled out the door. His legs slightly slanted, but that figure, LanXiRong faintly felt that he had seen it somewhere.

ZhouXiang ran out of the neighborhood. When he ran down the stairs, he faintly saw that several of his neighbors had turned on their lights. They were likely awakened from the shouting and commotions.

As he ran, he removed the things from his face and threw it into the trash can. These were things he brought to disguise himself as he got near the neighborhood. At this time, most of the people in the neighborhood are sleeping, but there are still people on the main street. These things would easily make people suspicious.

He ran out hundreds of meters away. It was only when he saw that LanXiRong didn’t catch up that he finally felt relieved.

His heart were in leaps and bounds, as if it is about to jump out of his body. ZhouXiang has never been so nervously tensed his entire life. He can’t imagine how he could explain this if he was caught by LanXiRong. Confess to him?

When ZhouXiang thought of this possibility, his heart beat even faster. Perhaps, LanXiRong can accept his identity?

No, he can’t hold on to this kind of wishful thinking. The reason why ZhouXiang didn\'t dare to let anyone know, for the most part is to protect himself. This kind of outrageous thing, once it is discovered by others, the impact it could bring him is completely unpredictable. Even though he still trusts CaiWei and LanXiRong, he still does not dare to take these risks.

ZhouXiang hid in the corner for a long time. He is now half a kilometer away from the neighborhood. But because he was hidden directly in front of the neighborhood, he could clearly see the neighborhood\'s gate. He originally planned to return home quickly, but he suddenly wanted to see if LanXiRong would call the police.

After waiting for about half an hour, the police car still didn\'t come. LanXiRong also didn\'t come out. It appears as though he didn\'t call the police.

Suddenly, an Audi Q7 drove past the street next to him. He casually looked. Despite the dim lights and a few other cars on the street, ZhouXiang could still see the license plate number at a glance.

That is CaiWei\'s car!

ZhouXiang watched as CaiWei\'s car turned into the neighborhood. He is utterly shocked. He knew his plan has completely failed.

LanXiRong didn’t know why he suddenly came to ZhouXiang\'s home but he was obviously shocked running into a thief inside. For a moment, he didn’t know how to deal with it so he called CaiWei.

No matter how much they discussed on how to handle this, there would still be traces left. In the end, YanMingXiu will still surely know about this.

YanMingXiu will definitely be more strictly guarded in the future. At the very least, he would change the door\'s locks. It would be impossible for him to go back to his home again.

ZhouXiang quickly pulled out his pocket to check the bunch of cards that he had quickly stuffed into his pocket.

There were medical insurance cards, VIP cards from the clothing stores, hotel discount cards, etc. In the pile of cards, ZhouXiang finally found his ICBC card. To his disappointment, he remembered that this card is not the one that had most of his money. There might only be four to five thousand in this card.

Moreover, after such a trouble, he didn\'t dare use this card. Just in case that after much discussion, the two people would report the card loss to the police. He knew that the banking system is connected to the network so if the card is really registered as loss, he would walk right into the trap when he goes and withdraw the money.

He put the cards back into his pocket and subconsciously patted the cash in his pocket, hoping that it can be a bit of a comfort to himself.

Although this time isn\'t considered as not having achieved anything, the loss is far more than what he had obtained. This made him feel extremely pained.

In this world, what is more unlucky than being able to see your own money but can\'t use it…seeing your own home, but can\'t live in it?

ZhouXiang looked at the time and saw that it was already very late so he could only return home. He planned to go to the company tomorrow to see if he can inadvertently get any information from CaiWei regarding the incident today. CaiWei is not on guard with him so he may tell him.

Early the next morning, just when ZhouXiang got into the company’s door. Ah Liu immediately saw him and grabbed him, “ZhouXiang, are you planning on looking for Wei Ge?”

Everyone in the company knows that ZhouXiang and CaiWei have a good relationship. If he wasn\'t out for work, he would often look for CaiWei.

ZhouXiang nodded, “Yeah, why?”

Ah Liu lowered his voice, “Don’t go. Don’t go right now.”

ZhouXiang also unconsciously lowered his voice and creased his brows, “What happened?”

“Young Master Yan is here. LanXiRong is also here. They\'re arguing right now. What are you going to do going in there now, be a cannon fodder?”

ZhouXiang\'s heart thumped, “YanMingXiu? YanMingXiu came?”

Ah Liu has gotten to know ZhouXiang for a while and the two have become familiar with each other. Ah Liu told him without hesitation, “Yeah, you\'ve just entered the company. You may not know. It\'s been told that YanMingXiu and LanXiRong don\'t get along. They have fought before in the company. Not sure why. Anyway, after YanMingXiu entered the entertainment circle, LanXiRong went abroad, mainly to develop abroad. It\'s likely that he wanted to avoid him (YanMingXiu). Don\'t know what\'s going on today but YanMingXiu suddenly came to the company to look for LanXiRong and CaiWei. He caused a big commotion; just don\'t know if they fought already." Ah Liu shook his head, although his tone seems to be very concerned but his face clearly showed that he\'s gossiping.

“Wouldn\'t it be troublesome if there really was a fight? Nobody told President Wang?” ZhouXiang merely wanted to test the waters. It would really be troublesome to tell President Wang.

Ah Liu blinked, “Who would dare? Even Wei Ge himself didn\'t call (President Wang), who would dare call? Isn’t that looking for a scolding? In short, just don\'t go in there. Everyone just pretend like we don\'t know, after all, it\'s none of our business anyway.”

ZhouXiang nodded and patted his chubby arm, “I know, I\'m gonna go take a smoke.”

ZhouXiang got rid of Ah Liu and snuck toward the direction of CaiWei\'s office.

End of the chapter