Professional Body Double - Chapter 46

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ZhouXiang saw the little niece at CaiWei’s house. The little girl was running all over, being very adorable and lively. She especially liked him and stuck to him as soon as he entered the door.

CaiWei said with a smile, “Strange, my little girl is very reserve with everyone. She had never been so close to strangers. You\'re the first one."

When ZhouXiang was holding the little girl, his heart is full of emotions. When she was still in sister-in-law\'s belly, he had gently touched her. He could even recall her little movements inside the belly. But now, the child is so big. He is a person who had died and came back to life, but the little person his arms is a purely new life. For a moment, all sorts of feelings welled up in his mind.

During dinner, ZhouXiang was feeling very unsettled. After all, CaiWei and his wife are too close with him. He had already said something wrong during the day. Now he\'s even more careful, his entire person becoming overcautious. Sister-in -law laughed at him, saying that he\'s too shy. ZhouXiang really has an unspeakable suffering.

After dinner, ZhouXiang refused CaiWei\'s offer to take him home. He took the bus instead.

When he arrived home, it was pass 10pm. ChenYing was still waiting for him to give him a bowl of bowl of dong quai (T/N) chicken soup.

T/N: dong quai or angelica sinensis is an herb widely used in Chinese traditional medicine for health, cardiovascular conditions, osteoarthrosis, inflammation, headache, infections, mild anemia, fatigue and high blood pressure.

Dong Quai

ZhouXiang felt that being able to experience this maternal love at all times has been the greatest gift since his rebirth. This is the thing most worthy for him to cherish.


YanMingXiu’s assistant, Xiao Jiang, contacted CaiWei the next day. The two people knew each other but aren\'t too familiar. But still, Xiao Jiang thought that CaiWei will definitely agree. After all, for a newcomer to be in a commercial with YanMingXiu is like a big gift from the sky.

He never thought that CaiWei would flat-out refuse.

Xiao Jiang is shocked, thinking what is wrong with CaiWei, isn\'t this harming ZhouXiang\'s career? This is a rare opportunity; will there be a second time in this life?

So he questioned CaiWei but CaiWei didn\'t dare reveal his hatred toward YanMingXiu. CaiWei is shocked by the fact that YanMingXiu would look for ZhouXiang so he subconsciously wanted to refuse for him. He pondered over it and merely responded, “I have his work fully booked so he won\'t have any extra time. Moreover, his health isn\'t good. He can\'t work too much."

These words were obviously his half-hearted response. Xiao Jiang had his doubts but obviously didn\'t want to point it out bluntly. Since CaiWei put it in such a way, he also couldn\'t force the matter. He can only hang up the phone and planned on discussing with YanMingXiu first before doing anything.

This phone call with Assistant Jiang made CaiWei even more alert. When he heard of the previous incident with YanMingXiu not letting ZhouXiang go at the elevator, he already felt very unsettled. He couldn\'t tell exactly what is wrong. This time YanMingXiu specifically named ZhouXiang to be in an ad with him. These two people are so far off they can\'t even mingle together, how can YanMingXiu choose ZhouXiang?

CaiWei didn’t want to let ZhouXiang do this ad because he hated YanMingXiu. YanMingXiu had already gotten ZhouXiang indirectly killed. He didn’t want to send this ZhouXiang to YanMingXiu\'s side. He felt that is unlucky and is a bad omen.

So he didn’t tell ZhouXiang about this matter. He was afraid that ZhouXiang would be tempted by the money so he suppressed it.


ChenYing eventually found a legitimate agent and started training to be a caretaker. After having something to do, she was full of spirits. ZhouXiang was very happy to see her like this.

After over a month, ZhouXiang had his normal salary with additional incomes from other ads and short films. In all, it totaled more than ¥10,000. ZhouXiang is very satisfied with this start. If he can maintain such income, even if he will be more tired, paying off the debt will just be around the corner.

ZhouXiang spent his free time working out. Having been fed chicken soup every, ChenYing had fatten him up a bit. But after lying in bed for two years, his bones and muscles were very stiff, without the feeling of agile and dexterity compared to his former body. He had already felt that the last time he filmed that game video. Although he felt that he could do many movements, it would not come off as satisfactory to people\'s expectations. If there is still such an opportunity in the future, he hoped to be able to show his level of performance from his past.

He still hopes to be able to work in his old line of profession if possible. Although running into YanMingXiu and WangYuDong in the entertainment industry is a risk, these apprehensions is not important compared to sustenance. Being a martial arts actor is his primary skill set; it is what he is most competent in and most familiar with doing. He had been doing this for seven to eight years and had been relying on this for his income. To do something else all of a sudden, he really doesn\'t know what to do.

If it wasn’t for being able to meet CaiWei, if it wasn’t for CaiWei giving him this type of work, he wouldn\'t even be able to get in touch with doing this type of jobs. He had no diploma, no other skills, or even knew anyone. Perhaps he can only start off by being a security guard or a salesman. Those kinds of days will definitely be much more difficult than what he is doing now.

Now that he had changed into another body, a body that is youthful and somewhat attractive, he hoped to get into the entertainment industry with CaiWei\'s help. Even if he can only be a supporting actor in his life, it is enough to support ChenYing and himself.

He positioned himself to be a martial arts actor. This is his greatest strength. For this goal, he has to train his body to move toward his goal step by step.

When he was resting at home on Saturday, CaiWei called ZhouXiang and asked him to come to the company.

ZhouXiang asked him why. CaiWei responded happily, “Our boss is coming back from abroad, he wanted to see you.”

President Wang?

ZhouXiang calmly voiced, “Why is President Wang interested in me?”

“I just mentioned you to him. Come over and meet the boss. Show off yourself. Oh, by the way, President Wang also brought back someone, you probably know him."


“Our company’s pillar, LanXiRong.”

ZhouXiang\'s heart tightened.

He left quickly after hanging up the phone. While on the bus, he looked at his face reflected on the windshield and almost hypnotized himself, You are not that ZhouXiang now. Be careful and be cautious when you speak.

No one could comprehend that a dead person\'s soul is reborn into someone else\'s body. He must not expose himself.

When he arrived at the company, ZhouXiang familiarly went to the President\'s office. After entering the office, as expected, three people were sitting around chatting.

He deliberately put on a nervous face and said hello to President Wang. Then he couldn’t help but land his sight on LanXiRong.

LanXiRong didn’t change much from two years ago. He has a baby face that is already distinctive even when he doesn\'t smile. But when he smiles, he\'s very cute. The years seemed to leave no trace on him, except for his pair of incomprehensible bottomless eyes.

LanXiRong faintly glanced at him and then slightly bunched his brows.

He already heard from CaiWei that this person is also called ZhouXiang and also had many similarities with that ZhouXiang but he didn\'t believe it. ZhouXiang is a common name, but his Xiang Ge is very different from anyone else.

But when he saw this person, his heart trembled.

The face didn\'t look like but his body is indeed very similar, especially this person\'s temperament…his tranquility and calmness and his coolness, he\'s not very old but gives people a very steady feeling.

When their eyes collided, ZhouXiang\'s expression displayed an incomprehensible familiarity that made LanXiRong feel somewhat unsettled.

CaiWei is right. This person is very much like Xiang Ge.

LanXiRong\'s expression turned gloomy instantly, feeling endless pain in his chest. Xiang Ge……

President Wang looked at ZhouXiang for a long while, and then sighed heavily, "Fate. It is fate.”

CaiWei pointed to ZhouXiang and said, "President Wang, this kid\'s life is not easy. His mother owed a lot of money in treating his illness, if there are any good opportunities, please give him some consideration."

“I know. XiRong, isn\'t your MV (music video) needing a male supporting actor? Will his figure do?"

LanXiRong glanced ZhouXiang deeply, “Yeah.”

President Wang smiled, "I thought so too. As long as he doesn\'t look as good as you."

ZhouXiang took the opportunity to flatter, "Most people won\'t be more attractive than him."

Everyone loves to hear good flattery words, especially their President Wang. ZhouXiang used to rely on his mouth to make their President Wang happy so he was able to work more than the average employees. Otherwise, how could a little stuntman like him talk and laugh with President Wang?

President Wang likes people who knows their position and smiles, "Then let ZhouXiang do it but let me say this first. You have to do it well. This MV is different from the small ads you have received before. Game promotion video can be different. This is one of the main MVs for LanXiRong’s album. His record sales are all over a million. There are many people who covet this supporting role. I\'m giving CaiWei face and also face to my former employee, ZhouXiang, to give you this opportunity. If you don’t do well, then you should give up this role immediately.”

ZhouXiang is so elated that he almost jumped up.

Being able to show his face in LanXiRong’s MV is more effective than acting in a hundred ads.

President Wang stared at his face for a long time, "Your look is passable. Why don\'t you get double eyelids done? And also fix your chin, I\'ll give you money."

ZhouXiang’s chin almost fell to the ground but he didn\'t want to do cosmetic surgery. He felt that this young man\'s face is quite attractive.

CaiWei laughed, "President Wang is just joking with you.”

LanXiRong, who had not spoken, suddenly said, "This is fine.” He faintly swept ZhouXiang a glance, "You have to act it well. Don’t lose face to this name.”

After saying that, LanXiRong sighed, then turned and walked out.

President Wang frowned, "What\'s wrong with this kid today, so strange."

CaiWei felt pained, "XiRong\'s relationship with ZhouXiang use to be very good. The two are like brothers. When ZhouXiang got in the accident… you also know…he almost collapsed."

President Wang nodded, “But it had been two years. This kid is very sentimental.”

ZhouXiang lowered his head and sighed in his heart.

President Wang and CaiWei had to talk privately so ZhouXiang went out. He ran into LanXiRong in the hallway.

LanXiRong glanced at him; his eyes scanning him.

ZhouXiang smiled, "Lan Ge, I am very happy to be able to participate in your MV. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

LanXiRong smiled slightly, “Just call me by my name. You\'re older than me right?"

“Yes, I am almost twenty-seven, just a little older than you.”

LanXiRong pulled out his phone, “Leave me your cell number. I\'ll have my assistant inform you of the schedule."


The two of them exchanged phone numbers. LanXiRong glanced at him again; his lips revealed a somewhat ironic smile, “You\'re lucky.”

ZhouXiang is stunned.

“If not for you having this name… if not for you looking a bit like him… no one will help you like this. You have to thank that ZhouXiang.”

ZhouXiang lowered his eyes and forcefully smiled, "What you said is true.”

LanXiRong\'s face momentarily turned paled. He shuddered and tucked his phone into his pocket, "Go. I want to be alone for a while."

Seeing his hurtful expression, ZhouXiang felt extremely distressed. He resisted the urge to comfort him and walked in the opposite direction.

Since he is already \'dead\' in everyone’s mind, then just let him be dead.

End of the chapter