Professional Body Double - Chapter 45

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YanMingXiu almost gnashed out of his teeth, “Your name is ZhouXiang?”

The name ZhouXiang is actually a very common name. There is nothing special about it. But this person in front of him has stirred up emotions in him that he had never felt before. He could not explain why he would pay such attention to a stranger, adding on that this person\'s name is \'ZhouXiang.\' He is also named ZhouXiang?

The two words ‘Zhou Xiang’ is like a curse that can instantly erode his heart with tremendous pain. Why, why is this person also called ZhouXiang? Is God messing with him?

ZhouXiang passed by YanMingXiu and quickly ran toward the set filming the republic era drama. He ran very quickly, not turning around, trying to leave all his distress and heavy-heartedness behind, along with this person who made him restless. Completely leaving all of it behind him.

YanMingXiu stood stiffly for a few minutes; his body not moving at all.

His assistant looked at him anxiously but also incomprehensively.

YanMingXiu said to him, “Look into him, the more extensive the better.”

ZhouXiang’s role is very simple for this drama. He merely had to act as a classmate who aids the protagonist in liking the heroine. When the protagonist tries his hardest to reveal his love toward the girl, his role is just to say a few scripted lines of advice and then follow up with some sort of commotions. That would be the end of it.

The plot is so simple, yet he NG\'d seven times.

When everyone could almost shoot their scenes in one to two takes, his behavior obviously causes dissatisfaction among others. His is merely a dispensable supporting role, yet wasted everyone’s time and film. ZhouXiang\'s face is flushed with shame. The more he wanted to recover from the shock of running into YanMingXiu… to calm down, the more he is unable to do it.

He either forgot the scripted lines or was in a daze in the middle of the scene. Having been a stuntman for so many years, he has been cast in dozens of small supporting roles that requires him to show his face. This kind of situation has never happened before. It makes him want to just slap himself.

If it wasn\'t because CaiWei was the one that introduced him to this job, the person in charge would have kicked him out.

At last, he was forcefully able to complete the scripted lines, ending his day’s torture.

Unexpectedly, after the work was over, CaiWei actually picked him up. ZhouXiang was already worried about his performance from this afternoon. He felt that he had put CaiWei to shame, yet CaiWei still came to pick him up. This made him even more embarrassingly ashamed. The person in charge must have called CaiWei to complain, so he came over specifically.

CaiWei smiled immediately upon seeing him, “I know what you wanted to say but you don\'t need to say anything. It’s normal for the first time. Let me tell you a joke. It\'s with my buddy ZhouXiang. The first time he acted in a movie, it was with a scene with a model that is almost as tall as him. So the director put a box under his feet but he forgot about it when they were shooting and fell off. It wasn\'t such a big deal that he fell, but he fell on top of the model who was furious. Hahaha. That is way more embarrassing than you."

ZhouXiang looked at CaiWei. When he first took that minor role where he ended up accidentally harassing that model seven to eight years ago, he really made a spectacle of himself. CaiWei was watching on the side at the time. After he finished shooting, CaiWei laughed at him the entire time. Then the two went to a bar and got drunk. At that time, it seemed that nothing was a big deal. As long as there was liquor and their brotherhood, they just laughingly passed the time.

Where did that heroic boldness of his go? Could it have died with his body?

The rim of ZhouXiang\'s eyes turned red, his tears almost falling.

When CaiWei saw that his eyes were red, he mocked, “No way, why are you crying? With this, you\'re very different from my buddy. He will not cry over something like this.” After CaiWei finished saying, he looked at him and heaved a sigh, “You must not cry. Man up!”

ZhouXiang swung his head and smiled, “Of course not, why would I cry?" Looking like this, he is indeed not at all like that \'ZhouXiang.\' He was an optimistic and open-minded person. He\'s always adopted a lighthearted perspective in everything and is usually free from worries. Because in his mind, there is nothing in the world that is more painful and terrible than the death of his parents. He had already overcome that. What else can bring him down?

How can he let himself become someone like a resentful woman over a man and even gave up his life?

What is the big deal with owing ¥370,000 in debts? As long as he is alive, it can be repaid. So what if life is a bit hard? At least he can run, can move, and can feel the world around him. Being able to live again is already the biggest bargain God had given him.

In this moment, ZhouXiang felt his mood lightened up a bit. Although he is still suppressed by the shadows of YanMingXiu and the debt, he began to learn to self-balance, to enlighten himself and think of the positive. He has a mother as well as his good buddy CaiWei.

CaiWei patted him on the shoulder, "It’s really okay. It\'s your first time acting in a film. It\'s normal to not do well. You\'ll be fine after a few more times in the future.”

ZhouXiang nodded, "Wei Ge, I\'m so happy to have met you.”

“That\'s right, so you are very lucky. Be optimistic. All difficulties will pass. Let’s go. I\'ll take you to dinner. Shoot… let\'s just go to my house. I already told your sister-in law (his wife) that I am going home to eat today."

“That\'s great. I also wanted to see your twins.” Before his accident, it was near the time of his wife’s delivery date. Their ultrasound pictures revealed that it was a set of twin girls, whom he saw as his goddaughters. He felt that he would never have children in his life so he wanted to cherish CaiWei’s children as his own. Unexpectedly things in the world are never certain. Before the babies are born, he had the accident. Now that he thought about it, the girls should be two years old.

Surprisingly, CaiWei is shocked. He looked at ZhouXiang strangely, “Twins?”

ZhouXiang is stunned. He remembered that it was indeed twin girls. Did he remember it wrong?

CaiWei creased his brows, "Who told you that I have twins?”

ZhouXiang suddenly became nervous. What did he say wrong? He only felt that he had said too much, “Heard….heard it from others.”

“My wife did have twins but only gave birth to one. This other one died in the womb. But this, nobody knew about it. How did you know? Who did you hear it from?"

ZhouXiang felt the vision in front of him turning dark. He didn\'t expect that he had been so careful, yet still ended up saying the wrong thing. He never thought that he would make such a careless mistake.

CaiWei didn’t suspect anything else. He totally thought that the people in the company found out about his family\'s secret. Having one of their child die in the womb was very painful for the couple. They didn’t want anyone to know. He\'s always thought that nobody in the company knew. He didn’t expect that the secret that he had kept so well, is it really no longer a secret in the company? That even a newbie like ZhouXiang knew about it?

This made him furious and suspicious.

If ZhouXiang knew about this, how can he not know that one of them was not born? Did he really not know or did he slip-up?

CaiWei stared at him fixedly, “Who actually told you?”

ZhouXiang’s face turned ghastly paled as he tried to evasively respond, “I forgot, maybe I got it mixed up. Didn\'t Bai Jie just have a baby? That day everyone was talking about children and someone mentioned that Wei Ge has twins. I definitely remembered it wrong. There were too many people talking that day. I got it all confused. I must have gotten you mixed up with somebody else.”

CaiWei didn’t really believe it. He thought that ZhouXiang was afraid that it would make him depressed so deliberately hid it. But even if he was to pursue this matter, there wouldn\'t be any sort of outcome so CaiWei didn\'t want to ask any more. He just thought that it was strange. How did this get leaked out?

He only told ZhouXiang about his wife\'s condition at the time. So except for ZhouXiang, no one knew that his wife was pregnant with twins. ZhouXiang is definitely not a blabbermouth person. He has known ZhouXiang for so many years and knew his personal character.

So who could have said it? How could this young man in front of him know about it? CaiWei felt that this was so peculiarly bizarre. But he couldn\'t say what is wrong so he could only conceal his emotions, "If people gossip about me in the future, remember to let me know.”

ZhouXiang nodded stiffly, thinking that he must carefully think about what he says in the future. He must never make this kind of blunder again.

After ZhouXiang got in the car with CaiWei, YanMingXiu and his assistant were in the car not far away. YanMingXiu’s eyes kept staring at ZhouXiang until their car disappeared from his sight.

He (ZhouXiang) also works for JuXing and is also under CaiWei??!!

This person with the same name as ZhouXiang, why are there so many coincidences with ZhouXiang. These coincidences, it is too strange to say. It\'s as if the paths of their lives are overlapped.

YanMingXiu is more and more curious about this person. He said to his assistant, “The ad for the suit, reach out to him to shoot it with me.”

Assistant Jiang nodded and carefully took note of YanMingXiu\'s instructions on his notebook.

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