Professional Body Double - Chapter 40

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T/N: Flashback ended. This chapter resumes with the elevator scene from Chapter 4. In instances where Older and Younger is used, Older ZhouXiang is referring to ZhouXiang before rebirth. Younger ZhouXiang is after rebirth.


All the things that happened in the past are like horses racing by one after another in ZhouXiang’s mind. One can’t blame him for remembering it too clearly. After all, to him, all these things have only occurred very recently. His heart still throbbed erratically for YanMingXiu\'s each and every move. When YanMingXiu grabbed his arm, he felt his breathing stopped.

Could it be that he could recognize him?

That\'s impossible… Everyone thought that he is dead. How could YanMingXiu have known that he had awakened in someone else’s body?

YanMingXiu stared intensely at ZhouXiang’s face. This person is a complete stranger to him, seemingly ordinary with nothing distinctive. YanMingXiu can’t even remember where he had seen this person. But when he stared into this person’s eyes as they brushed past each other, he felt his heart indescribably pounding fiercely.

This gripping pain in his heart made him suddenly feel completely at loss on what to do. He instinctively grabbed onto this person, wanting to know why.

ZhouXiang exerted all his energy to remain calm on the surface. Maintaining his composure, he asked softly, “Mister, is something the matter?”

YanMingXiu stared dazedly. What is really wrong with him?

YanMingXiu still wanted to ask who he is but he can’t really ask. They\'ve never met before. This question is even more baseless. How can people answer?

ZhouXiang nodded at him and slowly pulled his arm out of his hand.

YanMingXiu kept looking at him; the arm in his hand is very thin. Although this person\'s body\'s frame is not small but he\'s too thin and appeared sickly.

No matter how he looked at him (ZhouXiang), there was nothing worthy for him to take notice.

When ZhouXiang turned around and headed toward the elevator, YanMingXiu suddenly realized that this person\'s back silhouette is a bit like \'him(t/n)\', but he is far too thin, so thin that he looks a bit deformed (thin like a broomstick).

T/N: The \'him\' here is referring to older ZhouXiang.

Could it be that this is the reason why he felt this sense of familiarity?

YanMingXiu’s heart can\'t suppress itself from beating erratically.

ZhouXiang calmly walked into the elevator.

When the elevator doors slowly closed, ZhouXiang looked up and sees YanMingXiu looking closely at him.

Their gazes once again collided in the air, but the elevator door quickly closed.

Once the elevator door closed, ZhouXiang felt his legs going soft. He held onto the elevator wall with his hand supporting his body. This shocking impact of seeing YanMingXiu again is too immense. Although he has completely different face now, under YanMingXiu\'s gaze, he still has the feeling that there is no place to hide, as if he is completely naked.

He never… never again wanted to have anything to do with YanMingXiu.

God had given him a second life. It\'s not for him to get himself immersed back in into the mistakes and complicated mess from his previous life but for him to live a new life. This secret must not be discovered by YanMingXiu.

He needed to get farther away from YanMingXiu.

He returned home looking paled. The house permeated with the strong aroma of flavorful meat, the pot on top of the stove is boiling with hot steams. This simple taste makes ZhouXiang feel warm in his heart.

ChenYing poked her head out of the kitchen and smiled, “Son, you\'re back.”

ZhouXiang stood at the door and watch this gentle and caring woman revealing a smile of contentment from her wholeheartedness in stewing a pot of chicken soup for her son.

He felt a bit of sorrow and quickly responded, "Mom, I\'m back.”

“You haven\'t eaten yet, right? Even if you have, come have a bowl of soup. You\'ve just left the hospital. In the past two years, you haven\'t eaten anything decent. Your body is very weak; you need a lot of nourishment.”

In the past two years, this body had been relying solely on nutrient solutions and a liquid diet to sustain life so it\'s definitely not healthy. ZhouXiang also felt that this body is extremely thin but his condition is not bad. With this young body, it\'s just a matter of time before he\'ll fully recover.

The two ate a nice and hot meal around the simple dining table. ZhouXiang told ChenYing about the things that happened and what he had learned at work today.

ChenYing listened with great enthusiasm; her eyes shined full of brilliance. This kind of expression is very easy understand, it is full of hope…the hope for the future.

After the meal, ZhouXiang called CaiWei. After all, it was CaiWei who introduced the job to him. No matter what, he should follow up with him on the first day and also thank him.

CaiWei listened to his brief summary of his day’s work and was very happy for him, "Ah Liu also called me and said that you got along very well with your colleagues and that you learned things very fast. Everyone likes you very much. But then you weren\'t feeling well at night and left first. Are you fine now?”

ZhouXiang smiled, “It\'s no big deal. I might just have been too lacking in nutrients in the last two years so my body is a bit weak. My mom is thinking of ways to help me nourish. If I can gain some weight after a while, that would be good."

“Really, you are too thin. With work, you don\'t need to worry. If you don\'t feel well, just go back to rest. I won\'t pay you any less. Your situation is different from others; I\'ll take special care of you.”

ZhouXiang responded with gratitude, “Wei Ge, thank you.” Regardless of whether it was in his previous life or current life, CaiWei is always his benefactor. He\'s always the one to pull him back when he has trouble and the one to put him on the right track.

“Oh yeah, I heard that you ran into YanMingXiu today?” CaiWei pretended to inadvertently ask.

Sure enough, nothing can be concealed from CaiWei, ZhouXiang thought. YanMingXiu made a lot of commotions at the elevator. For a person (YanMingXiu) with very few words, who treated everyone with cold indifference to suddenly grab onto a stranger and not letting go is indeed very strange. It\'s no wonder that this news will reach CaiWei.

ZhouXiang tried to make light of the situation, “Yeah, we saw each other."

"Why is YanMingXiu interested in you?" CaiWei is baffled. The YanMingXiu that is condescending and arrogant, why would he grab onto ZhouXiang’s arm and not let go?

ZhouXiang responded, “I don’t know, could he have mistaken me for someone else?”

CaiWei is silent for a moment and then warned, “ZhouXiang, stay away from this person. I know that your situation is not good right now. Certain people that can help, you most certainly should reach out to them. But it\'s not the same with this surname \'Yan.\' He comes from a very influential background. In the entertainment circle, he doesn\'t give crap about anyone. Not only will you not earn his favor, but can also end up hurting yourself. I\'ll tell you honestly, I\'m extremely resentful of this person. There is also a problem with this person’s character. The entertainment circle is actually very small. Maybe you will run into him again someday. But no matter what his motives are in being interested in you, you must not get too close to him. Wei Ge will not harm you. Remember my words, got that?”

ZhouXiang responded firmly, “Don\'t worry, Wei Ge. People that should not be provoked, I definitely won\'t. I\'ll follow your words.”

CaiWei breathed a sigh of relief, "That’s good. This matter, I\'ll look more into it. This is too strange…”

The two men talked a bit more and then hung up.

ZhouXiang felt somewhat uneasy, but he does not know where this anxiety comes from.

He thought to himself, perhaps it is because of his ¥370,000 debt.

End of the Chapter