Professional Body Double - Chapter 37

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ZhouXiang’s breadth became unstable as his chest fiercely undulated. He looked at the person in front of him, the feeling is so unfamiliar. His pupils tinged with the shade of extreme disappointment as he very slowly open his mouth, “YanMingXiu, do you know the importance of this role to me? I’ve offended WangYuDong. There is no place for me in the entertainment circle. All my bet is on this role. Only if I can breakthrough this barrier myself will I be able to have a footing in this industry.”

YanMingXiu didn’t put his apprehensions to heart. He couldn’t wait for ZhouXiang to quit the entertainment industry. After all, the disappearance of a small character like ZhouXiang would not be any huge loss to anyone. But for him, it can ensure that ZhouXiang would no longer have any associations with LanXiRong. Not to mention that it is no big deal for him to support ZhouXiang.

YanMingXiu threw the phone on the sofa and said nothing, “You overestimate yourself. What makes you think you can play Dong Ge’s role? When this film comes out, it won’t even be profitable. Will you be able to establish yourself? You will be even more dejected and depressed.”

ZhouXiang sneered, “In your eyes, WangYuDong is God. But that’s not what I think. Whether or not I can play this role is not for you to judge. You have no right to stop me.”

YanMingXiu looked at him fiercely, “You can try and see if you can get out of here. Your few moves are only for show. Even if I have to tie you up, I won’t let you go.”

ZhouXiang can’t suppress the sorrow from rising in his heart, “YanMingXiu…you treating WangYuDong with such deep affections, I can say nothing more. In your eyes, except for him, others are nothing. Even if we were together for a year, in your eyes, it didn’t amount to shit.”

YanMingXiu’s lips quivered, seeing the sorrow in ZhouXiang’s eyes, his heart shuddered all of a sudden. He gritted his teeth, “ZhouXiang, why bother to steal his role? What is the point of humiliating him? What’s more, it’s a role with LanXiRong! You want to shoot a film or you want to be the lead, I’ll satisfy you. You can pick any prominent director and screenwriter in the country; I’ll pay to tailor a film or TV series for you. Are you satisfied with that?”

ZhouXiang’s expression is as if he wanted to cry, “YanMingXiu, we’ve been together for this long, why haven’t you thought of giving me anything during this time? With your prestigious wealthy Yan family, it shouldn’t matter to anything. If it wasn’t for me threatening your Dong Ge, you wouldn’t even have thought a bit for me, am I right?”

In this relationship between them, ZhouXiang had always been the one who is continuously putting in the effort…constantly putting in the effort. Not once had YanMingXiu given him the slightest reciprocation. ZhouXiang wasn’t really expecting anything in return for treating him well. He even believed that the reason YanMingXiu didn’t help him in the past wasn’t because he was unwilling to spend the money. It was merely because he was too lazy to put in any effort for him…because even if YanMingXiu didn’t do anything, he, ZhouXiang, would still shamelessly treat him wholeheartedly. Why would YanMingXiu need to waste any energy?

ZhouXiang felt that he, himself, is so fucking pitiful. If he knew early on that YanMingXiu was only treating him as a substitute, he would’ve handle the relationship between them completely differently and definitely wouldn’t have let himself fall for this person. But right now, everything is too late.

YanMingXiu responded harshly, “You are deliberately twisting my meaning. Whether or not there is Dong Ge, I won’t let you and LanXiRong have a chance to act in the same film…”

Unexpectedly, ZhouXiang yelled at YanMingXiu, “Don’t fucking pretend!! I’ve known you for more than a year. Only with matters involving WangYuDong would you not be calm. Only with matters involving WangYuDong would you become abnormal. In your eyes, WangYuDong is God. I’m not fucking anything. Why can’t you admit it!!? Why are you involving LanXiRong in this? It has nothing to do within him from start to finish. From now on, I, ZhouXiang… whoever I’m with, whatever film I’m in, how I live… will have nothing to do with you! I also don’t care whether or not your Dong Ge will be humiliated. I must act this role! Get the fuck out of my home right now!” After ZhouXiang said these words, his tears had already fallen.

This is purely unbearable. YanMingXiu’s unconditional protection of WangYuDong made him gnash his teeth with hatred toward WangYuDong. No, maybe it’s not hate, but jealousy. He is so jealous of WangYuDong that he is going crazy.

WangYuDong has everything… the looks, the talent, a great family, status, and even YanMingXiu’s wholehearted genuine feelings.

Which of these do ZhouXiang have? He is jealous of WangYuDong having something that is beyond his reach. The power of jealousy motivated him to take WangYuDong’s role, to humiliate WangYuDong. Even if he can beat WangYuDong for even a little bit, it is enough to make him feel happy.

Although he knew that he will never win over WangYuDong.

In WangYuDong’s eyes, he is just a lucky bastard that Director Wang conveniently use as a weapon, someone that is not even worthy to be his opponent. He definitely wouldn’t have known that the thing that ZhouXiang desperately strive to get and wanted was actually YanMingXiu’s heart, which also belonged to him (WangYuDong).

He, ZhouXiang, will always just be a mere stuntman for WangYuDong. The applause and glory that WangYuDong gets in front of people and the fame and affections he gets from behind the scenes has nothing to do with his stuntman (ZhouXiang).

There had never been a moment in his life when he felt so mediocre, so lowly. WangYuDong’s glory that had occasionally swept through his dark corner is already enough to pierce his heart, making his entire body feel such immense pain, not to mention YanMingXiu stabbing him with a knife time and time again.

He didn’t just get deeply hurt and heart-broken from YanMingXiu, he was also deeply ashamed.

Although he knew that doing so will only exacerbate the situation and will not be beneficial to him at all, he still wanted to compete with WangYuDong for this role. Otherwise, he can’t get pass himself. He also wanted to take something from WangYuDong to save this last bit of self-esteem that is on the verge of collapse.

But all this, YanMingXiu will not understand.

He understood that in YanMingXiu’s eyes, he is now just a lowly person who dared to offend WangYuDong. YanMingXiu would not hesitate to bait him with huge sums of money in exchange for WangYuDong’s reputation.

He absolutely won’t agree to this.

YanMingXiu dazedly looked at the tears on ZhouXiang’s face and felt overwhelmed for the first time.

He never saw ZhouXiang cry. ZhouXiang always had on a smile… a generous and wholehearted smile… a gentle smile and a considerate smile. In YanMingXiu’s eyes, ZhouXiang is a person who never seems to have any worries and can get over anything. At least, ZhouXiang never showed his moodiness in front of him.

But in one night, all of this changed. He got to see ZhouXiang’s indifference and resistance. And now, he also got to see ZhouXiang’s helpless tears.

YanMingXiu immediately felt his heart tightened. He really didn’t know what is happening to him. Seeing ZhouXiang expressionlessly crying is most unsightly.

He didn’t know how to refute ZhouXiang’s words.

The reason he did this is not only for WangYuDong. WangYuDong’s request, he really can’t refuse. But the bigger reason is that he can’t stand for ZhouXiang to film with LanXiRong, especially when their relationship is on the verge of collapse. LanXiRong will definitely take this opportunity to get together with ZhouXiang. He had heard from WangYuDong before that this new film will be shooting in the northwest desert for three months. This is a very remote area with no entertainment whatsoever. With ZhouXiang and LanXiRong in this place for more than three months, what will happen when he return? Will ZhouXiang have a change of heart? Will he still like him (YanMingXiu)?

He can’t take this risk. He can’t see his own heart clearly. The only thing that he knows surely is that he don’t want ZhouXiang to leave him. He is used to having ZhouXiang by his side. He is used to enjoying everything that ZhouXiang had given him. Especially after his delusion with WangYuDong shattered, he needed ZhouXiang to stay by his side even more. ZhouXiang is the only person who can comfort him and is the only person who can put him at ease.

He would never give ZhouXiang to anyone. He absolutely would not let ZhouXiang be in this film!

ZhouXiang wiped the tears from his face, picked up his keys, and turned to go to the door.

YanMingXiu shouted, “Where are you going?!”

ZhouXiang did not answer and went straight to the door.

YanMingXiu quickly chased from behind. But ZhouXiang seemed to be prepared and on guard. He suddenly turned around and raised his fist toward YanMingXiu.

YanMingXiu didn’t think that ZhouXiang would hit him. ZhouXiang didn’t think he would be the first to strike, but without thinking, his fist had already been thrown out. Even though he hesitated, he still struck YanMingXiu in the face.

YanMingXiu’s body hit the shoe cabinet, groaning as he instantly grab the shoe cabinet to stabilize his body from falling to the ground.

ZhouXiang desperately gasped a few breaths and quickly reached for the doorknob, wanting to quickly leave this place as soon as possible.

YanMingXiu suddenly hugged him from behind, forcing him to fall on the floor in the living room.

ZhouXiang’s body slammed on the ground. He struggled to get up.

YanMingXiu was on top of him at once. With his infinite strength, he instantly had ZhouXiang trapped. He couldn’t even move.

ZhouXiang didn’t know where YanMingXiu’s strength came from as he vigorously struggled to get up, but YanMingXiu hands grabbed his arm like a pair of iron tongs.

ZhouXiang glared at YanMingXiu with bloodshot eyes, “Let me go, are you fucking crazy!?”

YanMingXiu looked at him condescendingly and said firmly, “Don’t think of leaving.”

ZhouXiang was anxious as he screamed, “Even if you treat WangYuDong better, he won’t be with you! He is your brother-in-law! What fucking use is it for you to be doing this?! He won’t like you, he never will!”

“I know that,” YanMingXiu responded calmly. He knew all these reasons, but he never thought that someone would tell him that. He thought he would flip out from humiliation, but he didn’t. He felt that he had accepted this reality very peacefully. Perhaps because he had been disappointed for too long so he couldn’t even feel much sadness.

The only thought in his mind now is how to stop ZhouXiang.

ZhouXiang struggled desperately, so much that he was panting and sweating profusely, “YanMingXiu, you are really pitiful, for someone who doesn’t like you…” He wanted to say something provoking to incite him, but he can’t say it, because every word and every sentence seems to be mocking himself.

For a person who doesn’t like him, he made himself into such a pitiful fool, what qualifications does he have to talk about others?

YanMingXiu pulled out a rope used for jump rope from under the coffee table. It was very old and seemed to be more than ten years old. It hasn’t been used for a long time but it is very convenient. He grabbed ZhouXiang’s hand and tied them up.

ZhouXiang saw that YanMingXiu was serious about this and panicked as he shouted, “YanMingXiu, let me go!! WangYuDong merely lost just a role. If I don’t go, my career in the entertainment circle for all these many years is completely over, I must go!”

“If it’s over, then so be it. I’ll support you,” YanMingXiu said calmly and coldly.

ZhouXiang’s eyes are bloodshot as he glared at YanMingXiu furiously.

After YanMingXiu finished tying him up, he gripped his chin and asked, “ZhouXiang, do you like me?”

ZhouXiang didn’t speak. He just stared at him.

YanMingXiu gently stroked the newly grown stubble on ZhouXiang’s chin and softly muttered, “Continue to like me, you can have anything.”

He leaned over and softly touched ZhouXiang’s lips, “I’ll give you what you want, but you’re not allowed to think about others.”

ZhouXiang closed his eyes, turning his face to the side, feeling completely devastated.

End of the Chapter