Professional Body Double - Chapter 35

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After ZhouXiang made up his mind, he felt that he really had no way out. Either he never work in the entertainment circle ever again or go all in at this time. So even if he can\'t get popular, at least the film\'s pay this time would be enough for him to venture into other businesses.

At this crucial moment, it is really not the time to be reflecting on this fucking relationship. What he really should worry about is how to make a living going forth. He is completely carefree with no other family, if he can\'t even support himself, no one can help him.

When ZhouXiang came out of CaiWei\'s office, LanXiRong was waiting for him in the corridor. He was holding an icepack to his face. For a celebrity, his face is the most important weapon. YanMingXiu\'s fists concentrated solely on LanXiRong\'s face. It most certainly is intentional.

ZhouXiang and LanXiRong both calmed down a lot. They looked at each other for a long while. LanXiRong was the first to laugh aloud, “Xiang Ge, I\'ve really never expected to get into a fight out of jealousy in my life; and over a man at that." His laughter must have aggravated the injuries on his face. It became a little distorted.

ZhouXiang walked over to check the injuries on his face and sighed, “Don’t be so impulsive next time. You still have to trouble Wei Ge to help you settle the matter this time. Even though you\'re now in a good position, you\'re still a newcomer. You must not be slandered by negative news."

“I know, Xiang Ge. You still care so much about me.” LanXiRong looked at him deeply.

Seeing LanXiRong\'s expression made ZhouXiang feel extremely awkward, "Go back and rest, I…” ZhouXiang couldn’t think of what he should do for a moment. He really wanted to go home but he didn’t know whether YanMingXiu had moved out.

LanXiRong uttered, “I heard a bit from Wei Ge. Right now you\'re living at his place? Sister-In law is about to give birth, it\'s not convenient for you to live with him. Come to my home.”

ZhouXiang shook his head. If LanXiRong still considered him as a close friend, it\'s no big deal for him to go to his home for a few days. But now, with his and YangMingXiu\'s matters still a mess, he can\'t allow for any ambiguity between him and LanXiRong at this time. That would really complicate things.

LanXiRong looked at him genuinely, “Xiang Ge, I have no other meaning. You just can’t stay at hotel every day. I used to also stay in your home all the time. I just want to repay you for all your kindness. You saw my home, it\'s big enough. There is place for you anywhere.”

ZhouXiang sighed, “XiRong, thank you, but I really can\'t go to your place. I\'m going to stay at Wei Ge\'s for the night and will go home tomorrow. YanMingXiu is such a proud and arrogant person, he must have moved out by now. I\'ll get myself ready to go to the film launching ceremony on Saturday.”

LanXiRong is unrelenting, “At least have dinner with me. You\'ve promised me a long time ago, can’t you appease me once?”

ZhouXiang looked at LanXiRong’s half-bruised face and his intensive hopeful eyes. Words of refusal that was on the tip of his tongue, he couldn\'t say it out. He merely muttered, “Okay, Xiang Ge will treat you to a meal today.”

LanXiRong smiled happily.

ZhouXiang and LanXiRong drove to a membership-based restaurant opened by a renowned agent. People who come and go here are all celebrities from the entertainment industry. They don\'t have to worry about being disturbed and the ambiance is pleasant with delicious foods. There are many celebrities who come here every night.

After the two went in, they really saw a few acquaintances, but they were all \'acquaintances\' of LanXiRong. These are people that ZhouXiang only knew of. They likely didn\'t give any second glances to peons (minor character) like ZhouXiang.

The two were taken to a secluded corner. LanXiRong ordered a table of food. Although ZhouXiang mentioned that he would treat but LanXiRong didn\'t intend to let ZhouXiang pay.

ZhouXiang wasn\'t in any mood to eat. His mind is fully focused on the words that YanMingXiu said and his distorted angry expression. Each one of his words pierced his heart. Until now, ZhouXiang still have not recovered from this confrontation with YanMingXiu. He sometimes dazedly thought that he was dreaming. Obviously everything was going really well. Clearly, his life living with YanMingXiu was already very stable. How did everything change in the blink of an eye? How did he and YanMingXiu come to the point of tearing into each other?

Thinking of himself and this youth that he love, not being able to make a meal together, nestled together to watch TV and play games, and fervently touching each other in every corners of the home, he felt his heart cracking into a big gaping hole and nothing could fill that gap.

There was even a voice in his head telling him that what he is doing is wrong. If he didn’t bring all this to light, at least he and YanMingXiu could still appear to be getting along harmoniously. Why didn\'t he just pretend that he didn\'t know and continue on peacefully? What harm would this have done him? For them to go so far as to get to this step today!

However ZhouXiang knew that even if this was to repeat itself, he still can\'t pretend as if nothing had happened and continue to live on well with YanMingXiu.

There is no grandiose reason; it\'s just because he loves YanMingXiu. He can\'t stand for YanMingXiu to treat him as a substitute to someone else.

Seeing that ZhouXiang was distracted, LanXiRong felt very agonized. But he knew that ZhouXiang had just broken up with YanMingXiu, it\'s not possible for him to recover so soon. He needed to take the time to carefully consider the matter.

He waved his hand in front of ZhouXiang and muttered, “Xiang Ge, are you thinking about him again?”

ZhouXiang came back to his senses and glanced at LanXiRong awkwardly, his expression gloomy.

LanXiRong sighed, “There\'s going to be one day when you will stop thinking about him. At that time, it should be the best chance for me."

ZhouXiang didn\'t seem to hear him as he completely absorb himself in his meal. His entire person seeming like his spirit has left his body.

LanXiRong also put down his chopsticks, with his arm propping his chin looking out the windows, his expression looking a little desolate.

The two finished eating their meal in silence. Afterwards, ZhouXiang drove to CaiWei\'s home. After entering the home, what made him feel even more awkward was that CaiWei hasn\'t returned home, only sister-in-law (CaiWei\'s wife) was home alone. Even though he is a gay and this sister-in-law treated him fondly, ZhouXiang still inevitably felt awkward. He made an excuse to go downstairs to buy cigarettes so as to avoid that awkward atmosphere, and to especially evade this sister in-law from probing about his love life. He\'ll just wait for CaiWei to come home before going back.

He stood outside the small supermarket in the neighborhood. The weather is cold but he didn’t want to go into the house. He wanted to clear his mind a bit.

At this time, CaiWei called him and ZhouXiang answered, "Wei Ge, are you home yet?"

CaiWei responded in a bad mood, “Don’t mention going home, I can\'t even get out of the company.”

ZhouXiang\'s heart sank, thinking that President Wang scolded him, “What happened?”

“YanMingXiu is at the door of my office, not letting me leave. He\'s adamant on seeing you.”

ZhouXiang breathed deeply, not being able to speak for a while.

When he and LanXiRong left, YanMingXiu was still talking to President Wang in his office. It didn\'t seem like he was stopping him, but instead he\'s impeding CaiWei from leaving.

ZhouXiang forced himself to stay calm, “Wei Ge, I… I\'ll head over right now.”

“Don’t. I know that you don\'t want to see him. Seeing him like this, you guys will just end up fighting when you meet. Aigh… even President Wang can’t persuade him. President Wang will call you in a moment; you must not pick up the phone, just pretend as if you didn\'t know."

“Then, what are you going to do?”

“I\'ll sleep in the office for the night. I don\'t believe that he won\'t leave for an entire night.”

ZhouXiang responded, “No, sister-in-law is due anytime now, someone has to be home. Just come back.”

“I can’t leave; help me watch over her.”

ZhouXiang sighed deeply, “Wei Ge, come back. I\'m sorry toward you. Now, I\'ve even brought trouble to you.”

“What shit are you spewing?”

ZhouXiang hung up and then called YanMingXiu.

YanMingXiu quickly picked up the phone. His voice chillingly cold, “Where are you?”

“Stop causing trouble for Wei Ge. Why are you looking for me?”

"ZhouXiang, I\'ve said. This is not over."

“MingXiu, what more do you want?”

“Come home right now.”

ZhouXiang is silent.

“ZhouXiang, don’t think that I, YanMingXiu, is that easy to get rid of. Come back right now or this is not over."

ZhouXiang only felt that his entire body is frigid, so cold that his hands were uncontrollably shivering. He gloomily responded, "Fine, I\'ll come back now. We\'ll get this all over with once and for all tonight."

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