Professional Body Double - Chapter 28

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ZhouXiang received a call from CaiWei in the evening. CaiWei was very excited to tell him that Director Wang might be working with WangYuDong again on his next film and that WangYuDong\'s company still wanted him to be his stuntman.

ZhouXiang was very surprised, “Director Wang would still work with WangYuDong? How could that be when they can barely get along?"

“Director Wang is not willing but the investor wanted to use WangYuDong. The box office would be guaranteed with him. They\'re in the midst of negotiating over this at the moment. There should be a compromise in the end.”

ZhouXiang felt a bit exhausted, “Wei Ge, this time I don\'t want to be in it.”

“What? Why?”

“You know what happened last time. WangYuDong definitely won\'t see me pleasing to his eyes. I also feel a bit awkward. You say, what happens if the two of them go at it and use me as the scapegoat? I\'d be too unlucky. This money, I rather not earn. I don\'t want to drown in this muddle water."

“Your concern is also reasonable, but our President Wang is also one of the main investors this time. He wouldn\'t be that petty."

“I feel that he finds me aggravating, might as well avoid it. I really don’t want to do it.” If it was only because of what happened last time, ZhouXiang isn\'t too worried. But WangYuDong had already found out about him and YanMingXiu. If he didn\'t give him that detestable expression, it would be strange. Not to mention working together, he\'d rather stay as far away from him as possible.

CaiWei said pitifully, “Alright, it\'s your own business. I have other work for you anyway."

"By the way, LanXiRong is going to play the supporting male role. He\'s now the company\'s sole popular artist. President Wang has really put in a lot of effort on him."

“That\'s a good thing. This kid can carry the weight. He\'s never failed to live up to President Wang\'s expectations.”

CaiWei echoed his words, “Right, he actually thought you would continue to be WangYuDong\'s stuntman and was ecstatic saying that you guys would be acting in the same scenes. Even if you can\'t reveal your face, he was still happy. This kid is very grateful, wanting to repay you. He\'s really good to you."

ZhouXiang smiled, “How could this be considered as having scenes together? He should be concentrating on his acting. I\'m a martial arts stuntman, how can I be acting in the same scenes with him?"

“You can resolve that yourself when he comes and complain to you.”

The two of them chatted about other things and then ended the call.

ZhouXiang looked at the calendar. It\'s been three days since his fight with YanMingXiu. YanMingXiu had not returned and is not answering his phone. He\'s always like this, completely ignoring and neglecting people whenever he felt like it. ZhouXiang can\'t even do anything about it.

Just when he was about to find something to eat, he heard sounds coming from the front door. Someone is opening the door from the outside.

ZhouXiang bolted in to the living room and sure enough, YanMingXiu opened the door and came in.

ZhouXiang was a little excited, “You\'re back.”

YanMingXiu looked at him coldly, “Need to get something.” As he was saying this, he went to the study to grab a folder from a drawer.

ZhouXiang followed him into the study and closed the door. He says seriously, “MingXiu, let’s talk about it?”

“Don’t have time,” YanMingXiu didn’t lift his head. He checked the contents of the folder and intended to leave.

ZhouXiang stopped in front of the door and unrelentingly said, “MingXiu, let’s talk.”

YanMingXiu glared at him, “We shouldn\'t have anything to do with each other right? There\'s nothing to talk about.”

ZhouXiang smiled bitterly, “I was very anxious that day. Both of us weren\'t calm. In fact, it\'s just a misunderstanding. Can we just talk this through? I\'ll be first to swear, there is nothing between LanXiRong and me. I only have you in my heart. We\'ve been together for this long, are we really going to let this misunderstanding cause an irreparable rift between us?"

YanMingXiu’s chilly armor slowly dissipated a bit, but he still looked at ZhouXiang angrily.

Lacking a bit of confidence, ZhouXiang asked, “You also like me a little bit right?”

YanMingXiu is stunned. He didn\'t know how to answer this. Like? The person he likes is someone who can never belong to him, WangYuDong. Not a substitute replacement.

How could he have made ZhouXiang think that? What made ZhouXiang thinks that he likes him? This made him terrified. With ZhouXiang asking such a question, he felt resentful. This obviously created some doubts in his feelings (toward WangYuDong).

Is it because he and ZhouXiang are too close? So close that he\'s forgotten to keep that distance? He never wanted ZhouXiang to have such an illusion.

ZhouXiang is already use to use to not getting the answer that he wanted to hear, yet it never made him feel dejected even once.

He even has the feeling that no matter how much effort he puts in, he still won\'t be able to move YanMingXiu\'s heart. This relationship is really like a bottomless pit. He had put in a lot, yet the other party wasn\'t even willing to give him a word of encouragement. When will this ever end?

Even for ZhouXiang, who had always been an optimistic and open-minded person, he has also tasted bitter failure in this situation.

At the same time that ZhouXiang was feeling frustrated, YanMingXiu was also very much alarmed. He enjoyed living with ZhouXiang, but he doesn\'t want to be romantically involved with him. Maybe agreeing to live with him initially was a reckless and wrong decision to start with. Now that that a problem has occurred, he needs to promptly fix it.

“I think I should move out."

When YanMingXiu said this, the palm of his hand was sweating, his lips felt heavy. Why is he hesitating?

ZhouXiang suddenly looked up at him; his expression is that of utter panic, “MingXiu!” ZhouXiang\'s shoulder depressingly drooped. It\'s not that he didn\'t know what YanMingXiu was thinking. YanMingXiu only wanted to have a companion and not be emotionally involved. This is completely different from his (ZhouXiang) intent. Having casual flings in the circle is a very common occurrence. People getting together with this easy-come easy go mentality, sleeping around, having merely a companion, their livelihood is not considered to be lonely, but they never thought for it to be long-lasting. Day after day, until the time comes for one of them to think that it\'s time to break it off, they would just calmly and peacefully end it. It\'s a very harmonious relationship with no bitter fallout in the end. From the beginning when he and YanMingXiu started living together, they too have this mutually agreed mentality. It was him that deviated from those bounds. He wasn\'t satisfied with such relationship because he likes YanMingXiu. He wanted more but YanMingXiu didn’t like him.

Is it because he broke the rules so now there is nothing he could do to get the other party to follow along?

He didn\'t want to end it with YanMingXiu just like this. He even can’t accept it. He can only agonizingly urged, “MingXiu, It\'s just me thinking too much. Don\'t move out. Can we just go back to how we were, just like before ok?”

He not willing… he\'s really not willing. If one can just break up with someone they love so easily, how much tears would be saved?

YanMingXiu\'s heart felt especially pained; he even couldn\'t breathe smoothly. He wanted to get rid of this unfamiliar sentiment as soon as possible. Lowering his head depressingly, “Let’s talk about it later,” After saying that, he held onto this document intending to leave.

ZhouXiang immediately hugged him, “MingXiu, we have been living well together all along. I hope that you won\'t leave.”

ZhouXiang has never begged anyone like this. He, himself, felt really ashamed, but he can\'t help it.

YanMingXiu’s cheeks brushed against ZhouXiang\'s hair, light and soft. It was a little itchy, shaking up his heart each and every time.

This person likes him so much, he really wants to let this surname Lan see this.

The grievance that he harbored because of LanXiRong disappeared in an instant. YanMingXiu stroked ZhouXiang’s hair and muffled, “Then you and that surname Lan, can I still not have a say?”

"How can you not?" ZhouXiang helplessly uttered, "You are my ancestor."

YanMingXiu’s expression finally eased.

ZhouXiang took this time to say a lot of coaxing words. This crisis is finally able to smoothly pass.

Only ZhouXiang knew it himself, that the closer he is to YanMingXiu, the more he wanted him. But the more he wanted him, the more he has to restrain himself. Continuing to live with YanMingXiu is definitely not a good idea, but he\'s really not willing to part.

He hopes that he can freely and easily let go of YanMingXiu one day.

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