Professional Body Double - Chapter 27 (2)

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ZhouXiang finally couldn’t stand it and found a hotel to sleep for the night. That place is obviously his home, but it seems like he was kicked out.

He slept till noon before he woke up from hunger.

After he got up, he sat on the bed in this unfamiliar hotel for a long time, thinking about everything that had happened the day before. The more he thought, the more his head hurt.

He washed up and went downstairs to check out. This is the noisiest time in the afternoon. The sunlight pierced his eyes. With such nice weather, his mood was still so gloomy.

He sat in the car for a long time, finally deciding to go home.

He can\'t just continue to not go home. No matter what, escaping is meaningless.

He regretted a bit having argued with YanMingXiu yesterday. He obviously knew that YanMingXiu temper is like that, yet he still argued with him. But if he really did hold back yesterday, the words that YanMingXiu said later would have made it even harder for him to control himself.

He no longer felt angry. His feelings of being hurt had past.

When he calmed down and pondered over it, he was still unwilling to break up with YanMingXiu like this. He had already put in a lot of effort into this relationship, how could it be that easy for him to let go? Even if YanMingXiu doesn’t like him, he can’t control himself from liking YanMingXiu.

So he decided to go home. If YanMingXiu is home, they would calmly sit down and discuss peacefully. There is just some misunderstanding between them. Maybe it would be all fine after they talked about it. So he quickly drove back home. But what made him disappointed was that YanMingXiu wasn\'t even home.

As soon as he got into the home, he saw the cell phone that was thrown on the ground. He walked over to pick it up. The screen is cracked but it is obviously still on. However, it is impossible for him to decipher the information on the screen because it was too shattered but he could still see that there were many missed calls.

ZhouXiang charged his own phone, wanting to give LanXiRong call. But right when he was about the make the call, he remembered that LanXiRong’s cell phone is in his hands. He didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry.

He simply took someone\'s cell phone. Thinking that LanXiRong is such a busy person, there must be many calls for many important things. He didn\'t know what kind of interference this could have caused for LanXiRong.

He quickly called CaiWei to have the call forwarded to LanXiRong\'s assistant. After connecting the call, LanXiRong was really with his assistant.

“Hey? Xiang Ge?” LanXiRong’s voice is tinged with a hint of surprise.

“XiRong, Sorry. I have your phone with me.”


“When I took you home last night, your phone fell on the ground and since we have the same model phone, I thought that it was my phone so I took it. But, I accidentally dropped and cracked it."

When LanXiRong heard it, he sounded relieved. “Oh, it\'s just great that it\'s not lost. The phone\'s condition isn\'t that big of a deal. The most important thing is that there are many other phone numbers and information on there. If someone was to have gotten a hold of it, it will be troublesome.”

“I\'m really sorry. I got it all mix up yesterday. Where are you? I\'ll go and buy a new phone and send it over to you."

“No need Xiang Ge. It\'s fine. I\'ll to your home to get it back….. Or, I can get it back from anywhere you want. You don’t have to buy me a new one. So many fans give me cell phones; I can\'t even use it all."

ZhouXiang is particularly embarrassed, “That\'s not right, I\'ll buy you one. After all, I\'m the one that broke it.”

“Xiang Ge. You really don\'t have to. I have a lot of cells phones at home. It\'ll be a waste even if you buy me one. I only need the card inside. How about this, let’s meet at the coffee shop we used to go to?”

“Okay, that\'s fine.”

ZhouXiang took a shower and ate something. Then, drove to the coffee shop not too far from his home. The time was just right.

He didn\'t sit for too long before LanXiRong arrived. LanXiRong was still wearing the similar attire from last time; huge black sunglasses with a scarf covering his mouth; his face is almost completely concealed. If one wasn\'t looking at him carefully, one can\'t tell who he is at all.

At this time, there were very few patrons in the cafe. The two were sitting in a secluded corner. After LanXiRong sat down, he removed his sunglasses and his scarf, then relaxingly looked around the café. He sighed, "There\'s barely any change here.”

“Yeah,” The rented apartment where LanXiRong use to live was not far from here. It didn\'t have internet connection so he would often come here to go online. ZhouXiang would come hang out with him if he didn\'t have anything to do. This was a very leisure time period in their lives. But right now with LanXiRong across from him, ZhouXiang would worry that he would get recognized.

ZhouXiang gave the phone back to him, "I\'m really sorry. Giving you the phone back with it cracked like this. I also drank too much yesterday.”

LanXiRong smiled and said, “Xiang Ge. It\'s really fine. I was really anxious after realizing that the phone was missing this morning. But fortunately, it is with you. If it ended up in the hands of people with malicious intent, it would be troublesome.”

ZhouXiang teased, “Why, are there some sex photos in there?”

“No sex photos, just a lot of tabloid worthy gossip."

ZhouXiang pitifully expressed, “It\'s too bad that the screen is cracked.”

LanXiRong smiled, “Xiang Ge. Even if you were to read it, I\'m not afraid. You\'re not one to gossip. You\'re a trustworthy person.”

ZhouXiang smiled, “I hope this didn\'t interfere too much with your matters.”

“There\'s really not. My assistant couldn\'t get in touch with me today so came to my home to wake me up. Xiang Ge, you are really heartless, you just left me on the floor yesterday.”

ZhouXiang embarrassingly, “You weren\'t drunk at all.”

“But you shouldn\'t have just left me on the ground. In any case, you should have taken me to the couch."

Just when ZhouXiang was about to talk, two waiters excitedly came over and whispered, “Excuse me, are you LanXiRong?”

LanXiRong looked up at and glanced at them, then lightly smiled.

The two little girls blushed and stuttered. “Really, you\'re really him? Can you please give us an autograph?”

LanXiRong took the book handed over by them. He quickly signed his name and then smiled softly, "Ladies, I\'d like to talk to my friend here. After this, can you please not disturb us?"

“Of course. Of course, thank you.” The two of them walked back and left.

ZhouXiang scoffed, “I really didn\'t expect that you would have such a day.”

LanXiRong also smiled, “I also didn\'t expect it. More than a year ago, I was only getting ¥1,500 for my modeling jobs. Fortunately, I had you at the time. Otherwise, it would have being so unbearable being in alone in Beijing."

The two men sipped the fragrant coffee and slowly reminisced about their past; sometimes they would laugh out aloud; sometimes they\'d get very emotional. This is the first time since they have met up with such harmonious atmosphere, sitting and chatting, with no apologies, no ulterior intentions, no disputes, nothing but just old friends chatting along.

They talked for three hours. At this time, LanXiRong’s phone rang. He mentioned that he had a social gathering to attend at night. But seeing ZhouXiang’s expression seemingly depressed, he asked if he wanted to go.

There are still a lot of things on ZhouXiang’s mind. He really wasn\'t in the mood to be socializing so the two left separately.

After ZhouXiang returned home, he realized that YanMingXiu still haven\'t returned. He hesitated again and again, but still called YanMingXiu. What he didn\'t expect was that the phone was turned off.

He threw the phone aside in frustration. His entire person feeling dispirited. Although he felt that he was very inept, he was still worried. He was worried that YanMingXiu would break up with him just like that…. but he never wanted to give up that easily.

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