Professional Body Double - Chapter 25 (2)

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After they completed shooting the final scene, everyone was exhausted but excited.

Someone earlier had pulled up the celebratory banner, wishing for the movie\'s success.

WangYuDong accepted a round of interviews with the reporters on the set and took some pictures with the banner and the staff. Then, he took YanMingXiu away.

In the evening, the crew booked a few tables at the restaurant to celebrate the completion of filming. WangYuDong didn\'t participate but he did everything expected of him for this occasion.

ZhouXiang was originally in a very high spirits but after YanMingXiu left, he couldn\'t help himself from feeling depressed. In the end, it was actually LanXiRong who accompanied him to dinner.

They drank till very late into the night. Many of the people ended up drunk, becoming absolutely unruly and wild. Everyone has worked hard for seven to eight months. There were many challenges in the middle, especially with the tensed relationship between the director and the protagonist that created a lot of extra work for these menial staff. Now that everything is finally over, everyone is thrilled; inevitably they will drink to their heart\'s content.

On the contrary, ZhouXiang, who can usually drink actually didn\'t drink much. He and LanXiRong have just been sitting next to each other, chatting about the past. ZhouXiang\'s mind is a bit distracted, but there was too many people present so he really couldn\'t leave.

LanXiRong finally couldn’t help but ask, “Xiang Ge, what is the relationship between your boyfriend and WangYuDong? They just left together.”

ZhouXiang replied, “Ahh, they know each other.”

LanXiRong creased his brows.

ZhouXiang immediately tried to explain, “It\'s not what you think.”

LanXiRong lowly added, “Really? I don\'t think it\'s that simple.”

ZhouXiang can’t just casually gossip about WangYuDong to him. But what just happened earlier, with WangYuDong’s warning expression before he left made him feel somewhat annoyed at LanXiRong\'s speculation. He finally gloomily voiced, “Don’t just blindly speculate, it\'s really not what you think.”

LanXiRong was surprised to see ZhouXiang’s gloomy expression, feeling a bit grieved, "Xiang Ge, are you angry at me?”

ZhouXiang sighed, “No…”

“Back then, even if I mocked your intentions toward me, you didn\'t even get angry at me. I was really ignorant at the time but you still tolerated me. Now you\'re actually angry with me over something I unintentionally said. Xiang Ge, I\'ve thought wrong. You really like that surname “Yan" guy, right?" LanXiRong’s expression is extremely somber.

ZhouXiang lowly uttered, “XiRong, I like him a lot. Otherwise I won\'t be living with him. But this, don\'t tell others. He is not from the circle, and I also don\'t want to indirectly have any connections to WangYuDong."

LanXiRong didn’t speak, but depressingly poured a cup of liquor. Then said bitterly, “Xiang Ge, can we really not go back to the past?”

ZhouXiang was also not really in the mood to comfort him. He, himself is in a mess, not knowing how his matter with YanMingXiu progressed to."

The celebratory dinner didn\'t end until sometime past 10pm. ZhouXiang didn’t drink too much so he could have just left and drive away. But LanXiRong couldn\'t. Whether he was deliberately drunk or not, he leaned onto ZhouXiang\'s body, insisting that he\'s couldn\'t leave by himself.

Regardless of whether he could leave or not, he was reeking of alcohol. So, it\'s absolutely impossible for him to drive. LanXiRong came to this gathering because of ZhouXiang so ZhouXiang had no choice but to bear the responsibility of taking him home.

LanXiRong look very thin, but he\'s tall and drunk so he\'s particularly heavy. ZhouXiang was breathless, sweating profusely in this winter weather as he took him home using the address he mentioned.

Opening the door, he could see that this is a duplex apartment at a size more than 200 square meters. The décor is simple but very stylish.

ZhouXiang couldn\'t help but think of the small house LanXiRong once rented. Now, it\'s a world of difference, he felt a bit envious.

Right when he was in a dazed, LanXiRong\'s body heavily slumped forward.

ZhouXiang quickly tried to hold onto him, but instead he was kicked by his long legs and lost his balance. He and LanXiRong both fell onto the clean wooden floor.

LanXiRong panted as he leaned atop ZhouXiang body. His typically pair of almond-shaped eyes is especially dazzling. When he smiles, they looked pure and familiarly warm, captivating all those around him.

But at this time, his eyes were full of drunkenness and desire.

ZhouXiang felt that this would be bad so he quickly pushed LanXiRong away to stand up.

LanXiRong immediately held his arm down, lowered his head and sealed his lips with ZhouXiang’s lips.

ZhouXiang furrowed his brows.

LanXiRong\'s mouth is full of the stench of liquor, but this is not the main point. The main point is that this is likely his first time kissing a man, completely lacking in skills as he bit and grind his lips, even colliding against ZhouXiang’s teeth.

ZhouXiang calmly hit his waist.

The pain made LanXiRong curled his body.

ZhouXiang quickly pushed him away and got up from the ground, sullenly uttering, "Don’t drink so much next time. You don\'t normally drink.” He knew that LanXiRong is not drunk because drunks would not have such tremendous strength.

LanXiRong voiced hoarsely, “Xiang Ge. Why didn\'t you wait for me?” He said this phrase so quietly that it\'s almost as if he was saying it for himself to hear.

ZhouXiang didn\'t answer him as he picked up his cell phone that had dropped on the ground. He left without turning back.

He had thought that YanMingXiu would definitely not come home tonight so he didn\'t expect that the lights at home to be brightly turned on.

When ZhouXiang got into the house, sure enough, YanMingXiu was sitting on the couch, not watching TV or reading, but sitting as if he was in deep thoughts. Seeing that he had returned, he glanced at him, his expression turning pale.

ZhouXiang stood at the door in disbelief, “You… you\'re back.”

YanMingXiu said coldly, “Shouldn\'t I be the one to be saying that? You had dinner until now? The restaurant didn\'t have to close?"

YanMingXiu glanced at the clock on the wall; it was almost two o’clock.

ZhouXiang responded, “We went drinking after eating. These people are too wild. If I had known that you\'re home, I would have came back earlier."

"Why wouldn\'t I be home?" YanMingXiu asked.

ZhouXiang hesitated, “Today, WangYuDong…”

YanMingXiu’s face is even more gloomy, “It has nothing to do with you, don’t mention it.”

ZhouXiang changed his shoes into slippers, took off his jacket and hung it on the clothes hanger, carefully observing YanMingXiu\'s face as he sat next to him.

YanMingXiu said with a sullen face, “I\'ve called you several times. Why didn\'t you pick up?”

“Oh, the phone was out of battery. The screen of this phone uses a lot of battery.”

ZhouXiang also deliberately took out his cell phone from his pocket wanting to prove what he had just said. But instead, with just a push of a button, the screen lit up. ZhouXiang was shocked as he looked down at the screensaver, which turned out to be a fashion picture of LanXiRong.

YanMingXiu\'s sharp-eyes also noticed it. With lightning speed, he grabbed the phone, his expression extremely unsightly.

ZhouXiang immediately knew how this could have happened. That year was the first generation release of the iPhone. It was so hotly popular. The entertainment industry is full of people wanting to follow the trends. ZhouXiang also inevitably feel the pressure, so he also got one.

Now most people around him are using it. It\'s all the same phones so sometimes it\'s easy to get confused.

Seeing LanXiRong\'s picture, ZhouXiang almost immediately thought about it. His out of battery cell phone is still in the pocket of his coat. But he mistakenly grabbed LanXiRong’s phone thinking it was his own.

How is he going to explain this?

YanMingXiu shook the phone in his hand with the glaring screensaver, his face a bit fierce, “Do you want to explain this?”

ZhouXiang’s thought quickly for a moment but then decided to tell the truth. “Yes…. he got drunk and can\'t drive so I took him home. His phone fell onto the ground and I took it thinking it was mine."

YanMingXiu very fiercely said, “ZhouXiang, are you turning a deaf ear to what I said? I\'ve fucking told you to not have any more contact with him!"

YanMingXiu\'s anger that had all been accumulated the entire day exploded. He took the cell phone and ruthlessly threw it on the ground.

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