Professional Body Double - Chapter 24

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At that moment, even the reporters and staff members on the side could sense the abnormal atmosphere between the three people.

Yan Mingxiu\'s face with covered with ice, Lan Xirong\'s face was stiff, Zhou Xiang was at a complete loss.

Although they didn\'t recognise Yan Mingxiu, and couldn\'t make out what was going on between them, their sharp eyes could see that Lan Xirong and this handsome new arrival did not get along.

They might be able to scoop up some big gossip. Filled with excitement, everyone paid close attention to how the situation would unfold.

Zhou Xiang went forward and grabbed Yan Mingxiu\'s arm. "Mingxiu, what are you doing here? I just bumped into Xirong. We’re planning to go outside for a smoke, let\'s talk outside." He spoke while signalling to Yan Mingxiu with his eyes, getting him to take note of the fact that there were lots of reporters on the side.

Lan Xirong also quickly recovered. Even if there was some conflict between them, he would not gift people gossip material for free.

Yan Mingxiu shook off Zhou Xiang’s hand, and said stiffly, "I\'m not here for you." He then brushed past Zhou Xiang and walked over to Wang Yudong.

Zhou Xiang looked embarrassed and Lan Xirong was also deeply angered by Yan Mingxiu\'s attitude. However, he did his best to suppress it and not let it show. He pushed Zhou Xiang. "Xiang\'ge, let\'s go."

Zhou Xiang watched Yan Mingxiu\'s back and sighed. This was not a good time to go coax him. Just as Zhou Xiang was hesitating, Lan Xirong pushed him out of the doors.

Lan Xirong frowned. "Xiang\'ge, your boyfriend\'s temper is so stinky, did I offend him or something? He always has a bad look on his face whenever he sees me." He however, had forgotten that his face had also been filled with hostility when he saw Yan Mingxiu the first time.

Zhou Xiang smiled awkwardly, "It\'s a misunderstanding. He\'s actually really easy to get along with." Zhou Xiang’s voice grew less confident as he spoke. Even though these two had clearly barely spoken to each other before, they were ready to jump at each other’s throat as soon as they saw each other. Could it really be that he was too charming? Thinking about it, Zhou Xiang didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry.

Lan Xirong wasn\'t a smoker so he simply watched Zhou Xiang smoke and absentmindedly throw glances inside the studio continuously. It was obvious that Zhou Xiang was still thinking about Yan Mingxiu. Lan Xirong felt more and more miserable.

"Xiang\'ge, I know that you are a really tolerant person. There are people with tempers that you shouldn\'t get used to, the more you indulge in them, the worse their tempers will get. I don\'t want you to suffer grievances."

Zhou Xiang laughed, "What are you saying? Two people are only together if they’re a good fit, if they aren\'t then they would have split up a long time ago. There\'s no such thing as grievances or no grievances. Xirong, things are going well between us, it\'s not how you imagine it to be, don\'t worry."

"Don\'t worry?" Lan Xirong smiled bitterly, "I deeply wish that you two will break up faster."

Zhou Xiang awkwardly turned his face away. When he was with Lan Xirong now, he no longer felt relaxed like he used to when he was with him. Not only was Lan Xirong\'s fame completely different now, Lan Xirong’s attitude towards him was also getting stranger and stranger. He didn\'t have the slightest idea how to respond to him.

Lan Xirong turned his head and looked seriously at Zhou Xiang. "Xiang\'ge, I have a feeling that you two won\'t last for long. Don\'t accuse me for jinxing you two, but a person like him who only has a good appearance and considers everyone beneath him is not good enough for you. I\'ll wait for you. By the time your relationship with him comes to an end, you will be able to see that I will still be waiting for you. It\'s true that I\'ve never fallen for a man before, but I really like you. When I\'m with you I feel comfortable and at ease."

Zhou Xiang stamped out his cigarette and said in a low voice, "Xirong, being homosexual isn\'t anything fun, don\'t trample into muddy water, you have a dad and a mum, why go this far? Besides, our relationship really is going well. You’re just temporarily confused about your feelings for me. Sooner or later, you will meet a good girl, when the time comes, you\'ll understand."

Lan Xirong\'s eyes were filled with refusal to accept. He said haltingly, "Xiang\'ge you have no idea at all. The past year I thought about a lot, concerning you... Forget it, you won\'t believe me even if I say it. I just wish that you won\'t avoid me, and can still think of me as a friend."

Zhou Xiang laughed, "Xirong, I think of you as my friend, but I hope that you won\'t bring up it up ever again." Especially those words hoping that he and Yan Mingxiu will quickly break up. He seriously didn\'t like hearing it.

Lan Xirong lowered his head, his tightly pursed lips divulging his unwillingness.

Zhou Xiang said, "Let\'s go back. It\'s too cold outside." He headed back inside with his coat on.

Lan Xirong knew that Zhou Xiang was anxious about Yan Mingxiu and felt even more jealous and resentful towards Yan Mingxiu.

They had been outside for least than ten minutes but when they went in their bodies were already cloaked with cold air.

Yan Mingxiu was waiting inside a short distance from the doors. Wang Yudong was still busy filming, so they had only exchanged a few words. Although Yan Mingxiu hadn\'t gone outside, Zhou Xiang could see that the air around him wasn\'t much warmer than theirs.

Zhou Xiang left Lan Xirong, and walked over to Yan Mingxiu. He smiled, "Mingxiu, you came to find Wang Yudong? Why didn\'t you tell me you were coming?"

Yan Mingxiu glanced at him. "If I had told you beforehand, would you have gone to smoke somewhere else?"

Zhou Xiang turned a death ear to his sarcasm, "Mingxiu, the filming wraps up today. Lots of people came, I didn\'t know that he\'d come either."

Yan Mingxiu turned to glance at Lan Xirong and saw that Lan Xirong was staring fixedly at them. His gaze was very deep and very heavy. The rage in Yan Mingxiu\'s heart flamed up even more. He was absolutely certain that that person had designs for Zhou Xiang. He pulled Zhou Xiang. "Come with me."

The two walked out of the back door of the studio. Outside was an enclosed balcony but the windows weren\'t tightly sealed, allowing wind to blow in, so very few people came out here in winter.

Yan Mingxiu looked at him angrily. "What did you two talk about when you went outside just then?"

"I just smoked one cigarette. It\'s super cold outside, how could we say anything? So I rushed back to see you."

"Does he have designs for you? Or else, why is he always looking at me like that?" A trace of hate emerged on Yan Mingxiu\'s face.

Zhou Xiang consoled him, "He doesn’t, you think too much. I already told you that he\'s straight. There must be some misunderstanding between you two. Maybe he drank too much that day so his attitude wasn\'t good. You two glared back and forth, and ended up glaring up daggers."

Even though Yan Mingxiu could see that Zhou Xiang was very certain, he still had some misgivings.

Zhou Xiang hurriedly moved closer and tightened Yan Mingxiu\'s scarf. "It\'s so cold outside, why are you dressed so lightly?"

"Mn," Yan Mingxiu responded, "This down-fitted garment is really good keeping out the cold."

"Really? It feels very thin." Zhou Xiang kneaded his arm, and then reached out to feel his pants. "Are you only wearing one pair of pants? Why are you only wearing one pair on such a cold day?"

"It\'s not that cold yet."

"This time of the year is the coldest for your bones. You must wear those warm undergarments I prepare for you, okay?"

While they were being sappy and clingy, Zhou Xiang pushed Yan Mingxiu against the wall. Zhou Xiang kissed his lips as he said, "Even your lips are cold, what’re you going to do if you get sick?"

Yan Mingxiu couldn\'t shake off the feeling that Zhou Xiang was trying to change the subject. Just when he was about to say something, Zhou Xiang covered Yan Mingxiu’s mouth with his and slipped his tongue in.

Yan Mingxiu unconsciously hugged Zhou Xiang\'s waist.

Zhou Xiang didn’t have a small frame, but his waist was especially narrow. Even through a thick coat, Yan Mingxiu could still feel out the line of his waist. He couldn\'t help but slip a hand inside to feel his warm skin.

Zhou Xiang shivered from the feel of that ice-cold hand. He scolded, "Is there anyone like you, putting a hand in without any warning, trying to freeze me to death."

Yan Mingxiu could feel Zhou Xiang\'s body shivering. His mood improved a bit, and he snorted, "If you keep barking, I\'ll strip you naked right here."

Zhou Xiang touched Yan Mingxiu\'s face, leaned against him and laughed playfully, "Strip me naked and then what?"

Yan Mingxiu answered hoarsely, "Strip you naked and top you of course. Every time you\'re f***ed by me, your body\'s especially hot, perfect for warming me up."

Zhou Xiang laughed wickedly, "Let\'s try doing it outside another day. It may be a bit cold, but I bet it\'ll be really interesting."

"You actually even want to try... What if we both freeze to death out there?" Yan Mingxiu kissed him while caressing his tight and firm waist.

Zhou Xiang imagined them freezing to death while making love. That would simply be too humiliating; he couldn’t resist bursting out into laughter.

They exchanged vulgar flirtatious words which they could only utter out in front of only each other. The surrounding temperature was cold but they were cuddled together, chest against chest, lips stuck together. They didn’t feel cold at all, and were instead comfortably warm from their bodies to their hearts.

However, an astonished voice, like a bolt of lightning, smashed their sweet little world to pieces.


The two of them immediately turned their heads. Wang Yudong was staring at them with wide eyes of shock. He hadn\'t removed his makeup yet, and was still dressed in a warrior costume; he looked elegant and peerlessly handsome. However, his face was brimming with shock and his brows were tightly knitted, as if he couldn\'t believe what he was seeing.

Yan Mingxiu practically pushed Zhou Xiang away without any hesitation. He pushed so hard Zhou Xiang almost fell over.

Zhou Xiang\'s eyes travelled back and forth between Wang Yudong and Yan Mingxiu, at a complete loss of what to do.

Wang Yudong forced himself to calm down. He indifferently swept his gaze over Zhou Xiang. His eyes contained undisguised contempt and warning. He said to Yan Mingxiu in a stern voice, "Mingxiu, come with me for a moment."

Yan Mingxiu clenched his fist. His whole body started trembling uncontrollably. Without sparing Zhou Xiang even single glance, he followed after Wang Yudong in large strides.

The two entered the studio in a blink of an eye.

Zhou Xiang was still blankly standing on the balcony. Everything had occurred too quickly. He hadn\'t had any time to react.

Yan Mingxiu\'s push just then was like he was anxiously trying to say that he had no relationship with him, filling Zhou Xiang\'s heart with anxiety. He thought to himself, Yan Mingxiu must just be too flustered because he was discovered by his future brother-in-law, that\'s all. He could any comfort himself that way, even though after knowing Yan Mingxiu for so long, he had never seen Yan Mingxiu so flustered over any matter before.

Plus, Zhou Xiang was truly very flustered.

Wang Yudong\'s strong warning gaze made Zhou Xiang feel uneasy. Yan Mingxiu\'s alienating attitude also made him uneasy. He thought dejectedly, perhaps all people react this way when a family member discovers their sexual orientation?

He continuously told himself to not think too much, but no matter what he couldn\'t forget the view of Yan Mingxiu\'s back as he was leaving, how he didn’t turn back to look at him even once.