Professional Body Double - Chapter 23

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The next day, ZhouXiang went to the company to find CaiWei. He didn\'t expect that President Wang, who is rarely ever in the company to actually be there.

ZhouXiang thought that the matter was very serious so he was particularly nervous.

President Wang knew what he was thinking just by looking at him. He slowly took a sip of his tea, "Don\'t be so nervous, it’s okay.”

ZhouXiang felt the weight lifted from his shoulders. President Wang is a reliable person. If he said everything is okay, then it must be okay.

“After CaiWei told me yesterday, I gave WangYuDong a call. Director Wang is more than thirty years older than him and is his senior. His temper can’t be changed. Although this old man is sometimes unreasonable, he\'s really a talent. WangYuDong should give him some level of respect. I\'ve talked to him for a long time yesterday. He said that he would apologize to Director Wang in a few days. On Director Wang\'s side, I\'ve asked another investor to talk to him. I talked to him for a long time yesterday so you don\'t have to worry."

ZhouXiang forcefully smiled, “Got me so worried, I\'m just a minor stuntman. I really can’t afford to offend anyone.”

President Wang also smiled, “They\'re just messing around. I\'m praying that this is the end of this so that I can smoothly get my money (profits) back and not have any more setbacks. Help me watch them closely on the set. If anything happens, immediately notify me."

“Got it.”

“Hey, CaiWei said that you\'re living with your little boyfriend? How\'s it coming along? Is this really serious?"

ZhouXiang didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry, “Wei Ge, I\'ve realized that since you got married, your mouth is getting more and more loose. Sister-in law has fed you very well.”

CaiWei scoldingly smiled, “Don\'t fucking bully me. Isn\'t this a good thing? Your ass had been staggering along for so many years. Don\'t you also want to find true love? Can\'t I just be happy for you?”

President Wang nodded, “That\'s right. I haven’t been back for so long. I feel that I\'m out of sync with the modern lifestyles. The company’s annual meeting permits family members to attend. Bring him along."

“That is still more than a month away. We\'ll talk about it then," ZhouXiang felt that YanMingXiu’s personality is one that doesn\'t like to interact with people so it\'s likely that he won\'t be willing to attend.

President Wang raised his eyebrows, “What\'s the deal with seeing him? I just want to see how this person looks; this keen star manager here, CaiWei, highly praises his beauty."

ZhouXiang sighed, “President Wang, he really doesn’t want to be a star. You might as well give up." What the two wily old foxes are thinking is clearly written on their faces.

CaiWei shrugged his shoulders, “Such a pity. Seeing his face and then looking at my own face, I feel that life is really too sad.”

ZhouXiang felt a bit proud, thinking that he has YanMingXiu to himself. He felt that he is extremely lucky.

He went to the set again two days later. WangYuDong arrived before him and was already getting his make-up done.

ZhouXiang walked over apprehensively and respectfully addressed, "Dong Ge."

WangYuDong glanced at him from the mirror and smiled, “You\'re here.” After saying that, he looked at him, assessing him up from head to toes, his expression very piercing.

ZhouXiang felt the chilling air rising from the soles of his feet.

He uncomfortably went to the make-up table on the side. MiYou looked at him anxiously.

WangYuDong responded, “Hey, wait a minute. Turn a circle so I could take a look.”

ZhouXiang blinked, his heart drumming. He turned around in a circle.

WangYuDong lowly smiled, “Ahhh… you really look quite like me. I watched the scene you shot. The audience most certainly won\'t be able to tell that it\'s not me. It seems it\'s a good deal to have you as my stuntman."

With cold sweat starting to drip down, ZhouXiang muttered, “Dong Ge, don’t make fun of me. Only my figure is a bit similar to yours, but my acting with my mannerisms and posture is still very far from you. The average audience may be fooled, but your devoted fans would certainly know that it\'s shot by a stuntman at just a glance. I definitely can\'t be compared to the real you."

WangYuDong narrowed his eyes and smiled, “The way you say it makes me feel so embarrassed. Go get your make-up done. Do it well. We\'ll have future opportunities to work together."

ZhouXiang nodded. WangYuDong’s smile didn\'t seem genuine. He felt that this would be the last time that he and WangYuDong would cooperate. But this also made him sigh with relief. It\'s not that big of a deal to have lesser salary, the bigger problem is if he was to have accidentally offended this great god of the entertainment circle, he might not even be able to work in this field.

Not only is WangYuDong\'s status high up there, he also have very good backing. He\'s the number one person ZhouXiang can\'t afford to offend so he would rather just stay away.

Today WangYuDong is shooting a tavern scene. ZhouXiang is shooting another scene next to the set.

He looked toward WangYuDong\'s side every so often. Director Wang\'s request is as strict as ever. Anyone who is familiar with him knows that he did not intentionally target WangYuDong but is like this with everyone. On the set, he is just like the emperor, standing by his own words. But in the eyes of WangYuDong, who is proud and arrogant, it seems as though Director Wang is targeting him, especially after the incident from before. Director Wang did not in the last bit curb his attitude; still continuing to yell and scream at him, so it\'s no wonder that WangYuDong would think in such way.

Although they reluctantly forced themselves to finished shooting this scene, the atmosphere between the two did not ease.

ZhouXiang looked on in fear. He also prayed that the film would be completed soon so he can just take the money and leave.

In the blink of an eye, it is Winter.

This Winter is especially cold in Beijing, with snow already falling in early November. Although the weather was cold, he and YanMingXiu’s small home is always warm and cozy.

ZhouXiang has become used to the life of seeing YanMingXiu every morning when he wakes up and going to bed with him at night.

Initially, he thought that there would definitely be a lot of friction living with such an arrogant and willful person like YanMingXiu. But in reality, when he puts his heart and soul into taking care of their daily lives, most of the times it is harmonious. From the very beginning, YanMingXiu brought only very little luggage to his home, but now there are traces of him everywhere.

ZhouXiang is still living a leisure life. If there was no work, he would just be resting at home. After more than half a year of operations, YanMingXiu’s company is also on the right track. The times that YanMingXiu is home was becoming lesser and lesser, with most of his time spent on his career.

However, even when he\'s busily working during the day, there aren\'t many social interactions at night so most of the time he would come home to have dinner with ZhouXiang. ZhouXiang knew that his personality is not one that likes to socialize, but he is still very happy. He felt that his life with YanMingXiu is similar to that of a newly married couple; warm and sweet. He is very content with this lifestyle.

By the end of the month, the movie starring WangYuDong is soon to be completed. ZhouXiang’s scenes have all been shot. The last day would be the routine celebration and many reporters would attend to report on the updates, thereby creating promotions for the film.

His role is so minor that it\'s not a big deal whether or not he attends. But he didn\'t expect Director Wang to personally ask him to go have a drink, making him feel somewhat fearful.

When WangYuDong was shooting the final scene, ZhouXiang arrived. Many reporters have been waiting on the set to interview WangYuDong immediately after.

ZhouXiang sat on the side and chatted with his colleagues. There was a lot of commotion coming from the doorway.

A few people turned around and sees a man wearing a pair of sunglasses and a heavy black cashmere jacket coming in from the door. Although he was wearing sunglasses and wrapped in a scarf, these perceptive reporters still recognized him as LanXiRong.

A reporter rushed to interview him. LanXiRong took off his sunglasses and politely smiled. Then he slowly pushed the microphone, “I am here to look for a friend, everyone please let me go." After saying that, he ditched the reporters and headed toward ZhouXiang.

ZhouXiang stood up. Since parting on bad terms last time, he hasn\'t seen LanXiRong for more than two months. Although LanXiRong would call him once in a while, ZhouXiang didn\'t know what to say to him.

LanXiRong smiled softly at ZhouXiang, “Xiang Ge, I heard that you\'re done shooting today. I came to see you.”

He put the cakes he brought on the table. Then invited the staff to come over, “Everyone come over and try it. This mango mousse is delicious.”

A group of people came over and grab a piece. LanXiRong took the opportunity to pull ZhouXiang out of the crowd.

ZhouXiang smiled, “Thank you. I\'ve nothing to do today so I came here to celebrate."

The two stood in a corner far from the crowd. LanXiRong deliberately turned his back to the reporters so that they could not see his expression. He softly muttered, “Xiang Ge, I\'ve missed you very much so I can\'t help but came to see you."

ZhouXiang patted him on the shoulders, “I\'ve heard your new album. You used to sing in my ears. You have a naturally great singing voice."

LanXiRong sighed, “Xiang Ge, are you going to continue to treat me so passively?"

ZhouXiang responded embarrassingly, "I didn\'t. It\'s not easy to be able to see you, I\'m very happy.”

“I\'ve been out and about promoting my album recently and have just returned to Beijing yesterday. I\'ve always remembered the meal that you promised. But I don\'t think that you\'d honor that commitment so I came over to freeload off of your celebratory feast and have a meal with you." LanXiRong’s expression is quite lonesome.

ZhouXiang felt very embarrassed. Regardless, he really didn\'t mention it out of courtesy last time but had really sincerely promised to treat him for a meal. But in the end, this person had already returned for over half a year and they still haven\'t gotten together for that meal. In fact, if LanXiRong didn\'t confess to him, and at a time when YanMingXiu could forget about LanXiRong, he would have called LanXiRong to come over and hang out. It wouldn\'t have been that big of a deal, but ever since LanXiRong said those words, everything is now different.

He didn\'t know how to face LanXiRong so he could only keep some distance. But seeing LanXiRong\'s exhaustive appearance with dark circles around his eyes, he believes that LanXiRong didn\'t get enough rest after his promotional activities. ZhouXiang is a person that is extremely soft-hearted. Seeing that LanXiRong especially came to see him today, he felt all the more that he should go have a meal with him.

He raked through his hair, “That, we can go eat after work. It\'s fine if it\'s just you, but it\'s also livelier with more people."

LanXiRong nodded, “Xiang Ge, the set is too stuffy. Can you come downstairs with me for a bit?”

ZhouXiang knew that it would be uncomfortable to be stared at by so many people so he could only agree, “Wait for me to grab my jacket.”

ZhouXiang put on his jacket and went to the door with LanXiRong. ZhouXiang was not used to so many reporters looking so enthused at him. He felt that he didn\'t even know where to put his foot. Fortunately, the reporters understood the rules and didn\'t just carelessly shoot (pictures).

When the two of them got to the door, a person came directly in front of them, joining them in their pictures.

ZhouXiang was surprised as he stared blankly at YanMingXiu.

YanMingXiu looked at him and then looked at LanXiRong, his expression immediately changed.

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