Professional Body Double - Chapter 22 (2)

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u3000u3000Zhou Xiang smiled awkwardly, and randomly fabricated a story about how they got together, and then introduced them to each other.

Yan Mingxiu didn\'t feel any hostility towards Cai Wei. This was primary because ‘sister-in-law’ was one of the first words that came out of Cai Wei’s mouth when he arrived. Yan Mingxiu politely shook Cai Wei\'s hand, but as usual, he still didn\'t look really enthusiastic.

Zhou Xiang was used to his behaviour, and hurriedly invited Cai Wei in to sit.

Cai Wei glanced at Yan Mingxiu a good number of times, and his occupational disease kicked in, "Xiao Yan, which agency are you from? Who come I haven\'t heard about you before?"

Yan Mingxiu lightly knitted his brows.

Zhou Xiang hastily said, "Wei\'ge, he\'s not in the circle."

Cai Wei responded in surprise, "Is that really true? Even with such good qualifications, you\'re not a show business? Just relying on your looks alone, what can make money rush in faster than that?"

Yan Mingxiu shook his head. "I\'m not interested." His relationship with his dad was already strained enough because of his rebellious nature. If he became a celebrity and showed his face to the public eye on top of that, his dad would definitely beat him to death. Moreover, he had never been interested in that sort of job which required you to sell smiles.

Cai Wei let out a disappointed sigh, and, unwilling to give up, passed him his business card anyway, smiling as he said, "A\'Xiang and I are good brothers, if you change your mind, you must find me, don\'t go finding someone else."

To give Zhou Xiang face, Yan Mingxiu accepted the card.

Cai Wei said to Zhou Xiang. "Since you have someone at home, I\'ll be off now, eat the crab as soon as possible. Let’s talk by phone."

Zhou Xiang recalled that Cai Wei had come to find because of Director Wang and Wang Yudong\'s matter, but because Yan Mingxiu was here, it wasn’t convenient for Cai Wei to bring it up.

After seeing Cai Wei off, Yan Mingxiu asked, "He came over to find you for something, right?"

Zhou Xiang said vaguely, "Work-related, it\'s not important." Zhou Xiang remembered that Yan Mingxiu was not just Wang Yudong\'s little brother-in-law, but also Wang Yudong’s fan, so he definitely couldn\'t tell Yan Mingxiu about what happened today. Who knew how he would react.

Yan Mingxiu originally was just asking, but Zhou Xiang\'s evasive attitude made him feel a bit uncomfortable. Zhou Xiang let Yan Mingxiu have his way for almost everything now. Yan Mingxiu had taken this for granted and gotten used it, enjoying Zhou Xiang\'s tenderness and leniency. Zhou Xiang hiding matters from him was a bit difficult for him to suddenly accept. Thus, he unhappily said, "What matter is it that you can\'t let me know? Am I an outsider?"

Zhou Xiang saw that his complexion had changed, and knew that Yan Mingxiu\'s temper was acting up again. He hurriedly coaxed him, "How can you be an outsider? You\'re absolutely an insider." He smiled craftily. "Don\'t overthink, it’s really nothing important. A few people got into a dispute at the set, that\'s all. It\'s really complicated to explain. It\'s a trivial matter, you definitely won\'t have the patience to listen."

Yan Mingxiu\'s expression eased slightly. Seeing Zhou Xiang\'s slightly pallid face, for some reason, Yan Mingxiu couldn’t quite bear seeing him like that. He pulled Zhou Xiang to sit down on the sofa. "You look exhausted, have a rest, I\'ll cook."

Zhou Xiang’s face broke into a content smile. He couldn’t help but hug Yan Mingxiu’s waist and rub against his stomach. "Really? You\'re really going to make food for me?"

Seeing the expectation across Zhou Xiang’s face, Yan Mingxiu’s mood brightened. "Don\'t we have crabs now? I\'ll make you some steamed broth mitten crab."

"Yay, I really don\'t know how to cook that thing, I\'ll learn from you."

"Don\'t you want to lie down to rest for a bit?"

"No need, I get reenergised looking at you." Zhou Xiang quickly stood up and moved forward to kiss him, saying out velvety words, "If I can\'t see you for even one day I..."

In the past, Yan Mingxiu always felt disgusted hearing sweet speech and honeyed words, but when those lines came out of Zhou Xiang’s mouth, even though Zhou Xiang hadn’t changed a single word, Yan Mingxiu felt happy hearing it. Every time Zhou Xiang said those sappy lines, Yan Mingxiu wanted to push him down and fiercely f*** him, because not only could Zhou Xiang\'s mouth sprout out these pleasant sounding words, it could also let out very nice sounding sounds, especially his uncontrollable moans during their intense lovemaking. Even just remembering those moans made Yan Mingxiu entire body heat up.

As they were snuggled so close, Zhou Xiang was able to detect right away that Yan Mingxiu had gotten hard. Zhou Xiang unconsciously fell back one step, and smiled proudly, "Mingxiu, I see you really want me too."

They had been together for a few months. Ever since Zhou Xiang said he wanted to start a serious relationship with him, contrary to expectations, from their non-interfering sex-friend mode, they entered a sort of head-over-heels honeymoon phase. Thus, their average sweetness level wasn\'t low. As long as the notion crossed their mind, they could immediately go into heat anytime.

However, Zhou Xiang truly was too tired today. He didn\'t really want to do it, and would much rather eat right now.

Yan Mingxiu pushed him down onto the sofa, and reached out his hand to pull Zhou Xiang\'s pants. He said in a low voice, "You provoked me first..."

Zhou Xiang blinked. He didn\'t want to ruin Yan Mingxiu\'s mood, but because he was too tired, and that unluckiness that occurred today was still occupying his mind, he couldn\'t quite throw himself into it. Yan Mingxiu kissed him for a long while before he finally realised that Zhou Xiang attention was wandering.

Yan Mingxiu complexion didn\'t look too good. "What are you thinking? You\'re thinking of something else when you\'re doing it with me?"

Zhou Xiang immediately snapped out of his daze and apologetically said, "Mingxiu, I\'m too tired."

Yan Mingxiu stared at him for a while.

Just when Zhou Xiang thought that he was definitely going to get angry, Yan Mingxiu got off his body. "I told you to rest just earlier, you insisted on being cocky, provoking me and then deciding that you\'re tired. If this happens again, I\'ll going to have to f*** you to death."

Yan Mingxiu pinched Zhou Xiang\'s butt to expel his anger, neatened up his own clothes, and turned to go to the kitchen.

Zhou Xiang blankly watched Yan Mingxiu’s back as Yan Mingxiu washed rice, and warmth welled up inside his heart.

Yan Mingxiu had a bad temper and was headstrong but Zhou Xiang could feel that Yan Mingxiu\'s heart was also drawing closer to him. Yan Mingxiu was no longer as egoistic as before, and would sometimes be concerned about him. This little drip of progress made Zhou Xiang feel overwhelmed with joy. He gave all his heart to treat Yan Mingxiu well, and continuously received a little bit of response. Perhaps his love can finally be mutual one day.

Zhou Xiang relaxed himself along the sofa, and had an uncontrollable urge to smile.

After lying for a while, he felt that he had recovered a bit of energy and went into the kitchen, wanting help out. He was used to waiting on Yan Mingxiu. Being looked after once in a while made him feel at a loss.

Yan Mingxiu turned to glance at him, and continued with what he was doing.

Zhou Xiang pulled down an apron from the fridge door, and hung it over the front of Yan Mingxiu’s body. After he helped Yan Mingxiu tie it on, he hugged Yan Mingxiu\'s waist, and rested his face on Yan Mingxiu\'s shoulder.

Yan Mingxiu was four to five centimetres taller than him. His shoulder was just the perfect height to rest on.

Yan Mingxiu couldn\'t hold back a scoff. "What are you doing? Getting in the way?"

"I want to see how you\'re cooking it, next time I\'ll make it for you."

"What\'s the point in learning how to? In the future, when we have crab, I’ll cook it." Yan Mingxiu said casually.

Zhou Xiang\'s gentle, low and husky voice sounded from behind Yan Mingxiu, "Then, you’ll be in charge of cooking all the crabs from now on?"

"Hm." Yan Mingxiu casually agreed.

"Then, if one day, you don\'t want to be with me anymore, I will buy some crab, go to your house and block off your front door."

Yan Mingxiu paused. "As long as you don\'t cause trouble, I’ll continue to be with you."

Zhou Xiang had only been joking. He hadn\'t expected that he would receive words of commitment. Suddenly overcome, he couldn\'t resist asking, "Mingxiu, are you satisfied with the way things are now?"

"Mm, satisfied." There was food to eat, a person to accompany him, and although the person keeping him company wasn\'t the one he wanted to be with most, he had to compromise with reality and Zhou Xiang was the next best thing.

A trace of confusion crossed Yan Mingxiu\'s eyes. Wang Yudong\'s refined, bright and handsome face appeared in front of him. He often fantasized that the person behind him was Wang Yudong, but he was finding it harder and harder to find traces of Wang Yudong in Zhou Xiang, because Zhou Xiang\'s personality was too clear and distinct. He had his own individual personality, and couldn\'t "resemble" Wang Yudong as Yan Mingxiu wanted. Sometimes Yan Mingxiu forgot the initial reason he first came here. However, he didn\'t want to change anything. He enjoyed everything Zhou Xiang gave him.

Zhou Xiang asked yet another question, "I\'ve always been too scared to ask, your family... How much do they know?"

Yan Mingxiu concentrated on cutting the green onions, and replied as if it didn’t bother him at all, "They know a little."

"Then... How did they react?"

"I left the country just to avoid them, what do you think?"

Yan Mingxiu discovered that he had absolutely no interest in girls in middle school, and even felt very fed up with their pestering. However, at that time, he was also just as fed up with the stupid boys his age, and did not notice that there was a problem with his sexual orientation.

He only became aware of his sexual preference when he was in high school, when he accidentally saw a gay video online.

He had a older brother and a older sister. In his family, he could be said to be the most favoured, and the one with the least expectations on him. Thus, he was a lot more unreasonable and wilful. After his parents noticed that something wasn’t right about him, because of a guilty conscience, he escaped to America to study. But now, he already had a complete mind of his own, and was even more beyond his parent’s control. Everyone thought that his life was really free and unrestrained, but his heart had been trapped by one person, how can that still be considered free?

He would never forget that year when he inadvertently stopped at the gate of a cinema to watch a movie trailer, how that white clothed graceful figure on the screen had stunned and taken his breath away.

Seeing his bowed head, Zhou Xiang thought that he was feeling depressed, and couldn\'t help but say self-deprecatingly, "No matter what they say, your parents are just worried about you. I don\'t have anyone to keep me in check even if I want them to."

Yan Mingxiu knew that Zhou Xiang’s parents passed away early. He recalled that Zhou Xiang had passed over twenty years alone and felt that Zhou Xiang really didn’t have it easy.

Zhou Xiang hugged Yan Mingxiu\'s waist from the back. No matter where Yan Mingxiu moved, Zhou Xiang would follow. The two understood tacitly and didn’t continue with the heavy subject, and started discussing about mitten crabs. The atmosphere was indescribably warm and harmonious.

Zhou Xiang had always dreamed that one day this house would welcome its other master. Perhaps that day had come at last.