Professional Body Double - Chapter 22

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ZhouXiang conveniently made up a story on how they end up liking each other, then introduced the two.

YanMingXiu had no hostility toward CaiWei. This is mainly because CaiWei initially mentioned \'sister-in-law\' when he first entered the door. He politely shook CaiWei\'s hands but his expression is still not very friendly.

ZhouXiang is also used to him being like this as he quickly led CaiWei into the house.

CaiWei glanced at YanMingXiu a few times. His occupational habit led him to ask, “Xiao Yan ah, what company are you from? Why haven’t I heard of you before?"

YanMingXiu frowned slightly.

ZhouXiang quickly replied, “Wei Ge, he is not in the circle.”

CaiWei was surprised, "For real? Such good conditions, why not be an artist? Just relying on this looks, is there any faster way to earn money?"

YanMingXiu shook his head, “I\'m not interested." Not following his family\'s discipline had already made his relationship with his father tense, if he really went and became a star, exposing his face, his old man will definitely kill him. Not to mention that he has no interest in this type of work that requires him to sell himself to the cameras.

CaiWei felt the slightest pity and sighed, but still handed him a business card and said with a smile, “Ah Xiang and I are good buddies, if you are to change your mind, you must come to me, don’t look for anyone else.”

Giving respect to ZhouXiang, YanMingXiu smiled lightly and took it.

CaiWei told ZhouXiang, “Since you have someone at home, I\'m going to leave first. Make sure to quickly cook the crabs. We\'ll chat on the phone."

ZhouXiang remembered that CaiWei was looking for him because of the matters with Director Wang and WangYuDong. But since YanMingXiu is here, it was an inappropriate place.

After escorting CaiWei out, YanMingXiu asked, “Was he looking for you about something? What is it?"

ZhouXiang responded vaguely, “Work related stuff; it\'s not important." Thinking that YanMingXiu is not only WangYuDong\'s future brother-in-law, but also a fan of his, he must not tell him about this. Who knows how he will react.

Originally, YanMingXiu was just casually asking, but ZhouXiang’s half-hearted attitude made him a bit uncomfortable. At this point, ZhouXiang basically did everything his way. YanMingXiu naturally got used to it, enjoying the warmth and indulgence from ZhouXiang. So ZhouXiang hiding something from him suddenly made it hard for him to accept. He lashed out unhappily, “What is it that you can\'t tell me…that you have hide from me? Am I an outsider?"

ZhouXiang saw that his expression had changed and knew that his temper has surged. He quickly coaxed, “How could you be considered an outsider? You\'re certainly an insider,” After saying that, he smiled perceptively. "Don’t think too much, it\'s really nothing important, just that a few people got into some arguments on the set. It\'s actually quite complicated and over something so trivial. You most definitely don\'t have the patience to want to hear it."

YanMingXiu slowly glanced at ZhouXiang’s slightly pale face, he felt inexplicable heartache. Pulling, ZhouXiang onto the couch, "You look so tired, take a break. I\'ll cook."

ZhouXiang exposed a contented smile. He couldn’t help but hugged YanMingXiu\'s waist and rubbed his belly, “Really? You\'re going to cook for me?”

When YanMingXiu saw that his face is full of expectations, his mood became a lot better, “Isn\'t there crabs? I\'ll make you steamed crabs.”

“Okay, I really don\'t know how to cook that kind of stuff. I\'ll learn from you.”

“You don’t want to lie down to rest for a while?”

“Nah. Just looking at you I\'m even more awake," ZhouXiang quickly stood up and leaned over to YanMingXiu, then softly uttered, “Even if I don\'t see you for a day, I want to……..”

YanMingXiu use to feel nauseous hearing people\'s honeyed-sweet words. These words coming out of ZhouXiang’s mouth didn\'t change its meaning, but sounding into his ears made him utterly happy. Every time ZhouXiang flirtingly say these sweet words, YanMingXiu would want to shove him beneath is body and fuck him fiercely. The reason is because ZhouXiang\'s mouth not only could spit out words that are pleasing to his ears, it could also let out pleasurable sounds, especially when he\'s in the thrills of passion moaning continuously. This made YanMingXiu aroused just thinking about it.

The two are standing especially close, so close that ZhouXiang immediately noticed when YanMingXiu got hard. ZhouXiang subconsciously took a step back and smiled smugly, “MingXiu, I think you\'ve missed me.”

The two have been together for a few months. Ever Since ZhouXiang told him that he wanted to genuinely be with him, they have entered a loving period similar to that of a honeymoon instead of their independent non-interference arrangement from before. So the usual sweetness between them is not lacking, as long as they have that thought, they could easily be horny at any time.

However, ZhouXiang is really tired today, not wanting to do it, but rather eat.

YanMingXiu threw him down on the sofa and reached his hand into his (ZhouXiang\'s) pants, whispering, “It\'s you that aroused me….”

ZhouXiang blinked a few times, not wanting to ruin YanMingXiu\'s mood but he was really too tired. Adding on, he was still bothered by the things that happened today so he couldn\'t get himself in the mood. YanMingXiu kissed him for a long time before finally realizing that ZhouXiang’s mind was somewhere else.

YanMingXiu’s expression is not very good, "What are you thinking? Why is your mind wandering off when you\'re doing it with me?"

ZhouXiang immediately regain his senses, feeling extremely apologetic, “MingXiu, I\'m very tired…”

YanMingXiu glared at him for a while.

Just when ZhouXiang thought he was still angry, YanMingXiu climbed on top of him, "I\'ve told you to lay down and rest but you have to tease me. Got me so aroused, now you\'re telling me that you\'re tired. Next time you do this, I\'m going to fuck you till you can\'t take it."

YanMingXiu pinched his ass to vent his anger, then adjusted his clothes and went into the kitchen.

ZhouXiang stared at his back as he\'s rinsing rice, feeling warmness rising in his heart.

Although YanMingXiu has a bad temper and is very strong-willed, ZhouXiang felt that YanMingXiu’s heart is moving closer and closer to him. He\'s not as self-centered as he used to be and would occasionally care about him. Every time this happens, it makes ZhouXiang incessantly happy. He used all his sincerity to treat YanMingXiu well. At the same time, he felt that YanMingXiu had little by little returned some of that sincerity. This gave him immense motivation. He knew that at this point in their relationship, YanMingXiu doesn\'t yet have him in his heart. But the return he\'s received from all the efforts he\'s given made him feel that the two of them will one day love each other.

ZhouXiang lay on the couch relaxingly and couldn’t help but laugh.

Although they would undoubtedly be faced with all kinds of difficulties in life, generally speaking, he is still very content.

After lying down for a while, he felt that he\'s regained some of his energy so he went into the kitchen to help. He\'s been so use to spoiling YanMingXiu that it\'s become habit. In turn, it\'s a bit uncomfortable for him to have YanMingXiu taking care of him.

YanMingXiu turned back to glance at him but continued on cooking.

ZhouXiang grabbed an apron hanging on the door of the refrigerator and wrapped it around YanMingXiu\'s front and tied it to his (YanMingXiu\'s) back. After tying the knot, he hugged YanMingXiu’s waist from behind and leaned his face against his shoulder.

YanMingXiu is four to five centimeters taller than him so leaning on him is just perfect.

YanMingXiu couldn’t help but scoffed, “What are you doing? Is that helping?"

"I want to see how you do it, next time I\'ll cook it for you."

“What is there to learn? If there is hairy crab in the future, I\'ll just cook it," YanMingXiu said casually.

ZhouXiang’s gentle soft voice sounded near YanMingXiu side, “For all the hairy crabs in the future?”

“Yeah,” YanMingXiu responded nonchalantly.

“If there is that day that you don\'t want to be with me, I\'m going to buy a bunch of hairy crabs and take it to your house and suffocate you."

YanMingXiu paused, “As long as you don’t mess up, I\'ll be with you.”

ZhouXiang was only just joking. He didn\'t expect to get something similar to that of a promise. He suddenly got excited and couldn’t help but ask, "MingXiu, are you happy with how we are now?”

“It\'s good,” YanMingXiu pondered over it. There is nothing for him to be unsatisfied with; His livelihood is going great and he has someone by his side. Although the one next to him is not the one he wanted, he had no other way but to compromise with reality. ZhouXiang was the next best choice.

YanMingXiu’s eyes flashed a trace of confusion and WangYuDong’s refined and handsome smile appeared in front of him. He often imagined that the person behind him is WangYuDong. But it\'s becoming harder and harder for him to find WangYuDong\'s shadows in ZhouXiang because ZhouXiang’s personality is too distinct. ZhouXiang is a person with an independent personality so it was hard for him to feel that ZhouXiang is \'like\' WangYuDong. Sometimes YanMingXiu would forget the reason why he initially agreed to live here but he didn\'t want to change anything. He enjoyed everything that ZhouXiang has given him.

ZhouXiang quickly followed in asking, “I\'ve never dared to ask you, your family….do they know (about you being gay)?”

YanMingXiu was cutting green onion into sections, looking at him, he didn\'t seem to care all that much, "Know a bit.”

“Then… what is their reaction?”

“I left the country to hide from them, so what do you think?”

YanMingXiu found himself completely disinterested in girls and even bored with their entanglement when he was in junior high. But at the time, he was also equally annoyed with those stupid boys of the same age, so he didn\'t realize the issue is with his sexual orientation.

That is until high school when he accidentally saw a GV (gay video) on the Internet and realized his desire for the same sex.

He has an older brother and an older sister. In the family he is considered to be most heavily favored and didn\'t need to take on the burden of any important matters. As such, he is extremely unruly in his actions. When his parents realized that something is wrong with him, he felt a bit guilty so he packed up his bags and left to America. But now, he has his own views and his own thoughts, his parents are even more unable to discipline him. Everyone thought that he lived very comfortably, but his heart is trapped by a person. How is this considered to be comfortable?

He will never forget the year that he was at the entrance of the cinema and accidentally stopped to watch a movie trailer; that gracefully white back silhouette both mesmerized and captivated him, shocking him to his core.

When ZhouXiang saw that he was looking down, he thought he was feeling depressed. He couldn’t help but laugh at himself, “In any case, your parents care about you. I can only dream of having someone control me.”

YanMingXiu knew that ZhouXiang parents died when he was very young. Thinking that ZhouXiang had been alone for more than 20 years, he felt that it must not be easy.

ZhouXiang continued to hug YanMingXiu’s waist from behind. Wherever YanMingXiu moved to, he also followed behind. The two reached a nonverbal mutual agreement to not continue on with this heavy topic but instead lightly chat about the hairy crabs. The atmosphere is indescribably warm and harmonious.

ZhouXiang has always fantasized that this home will be able to welcome its other owner one day. Now all his waiting has become true.

End of the chapter