Professional Body Double - Chapter 21

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Without much further ado…..

LanXiRong eyes are a little red. He\'s only in his early twenties and has never truly fallen in love with anyone. In fact, he didn\'t even know whether he liked men or women, but his intuition tells him that he doesn\'t want to give Xiang Ge to anyone.

Before he achieved any level of success, only ZhouXiang was good to him. After he became popular, none of those people close to him are genuinely good to him.

ZhouXiang blinked and quickly calmed down, “XiRong, do you know what you\'re talking about?”

“I know.”

“Let go of me first,” ZhouXiang pushed him a bit but couldn\'t get him to let go. LanXiRong looked at him persistently. ZhouXiang uttered hopelessly, “Let me go. If others see us like this, you don\'t know what rumor it\'s going to turn into," ZhouXiang very slowly pushed him away.

LanXiRong half-squinted his eyes, finally calming down, "I\'m serious with what I said, Xiang Ge. I don\'t trust anyone else. They all have ulterior motives. You\'re the only one that is truly good to me."

ZhouXiang smiled bitterly, "I also have an ulterior motive. At that time, didn\'t I find you attractive?”

LanXiRong grinned at him, “At least, when I had nothing, only you are willing to help me unconditionally. I know that you liked me before. What about now? Is there not a bit of feelings now?"

ZhouXiang didn’t know how to explain it to him. At that time, the feeling he has for LanXiRong could be said as \'like.\' He really liked him. But it was exactly the same as when he first saw YanMingXiu. He was just attracted to his appearance. ZhouXiang had never avoided a man whom he considered to be good looking. But in order to really have this person in his heart, there must be a process. LanXiRong didn\'t give him that time before having a fall-out with him. No romantic feelings could withstand this kind of game. He no longer had any feelings for him.

Moreover, he already has YanMingXiu.

He felt very vexed and hopeless in LanXiRong\'s reversal in wanting to be with him, because he knew that LanXiRong is not GAY.

ZhouXiang sighed, “XiRong, you don’t like men, stop messing around okay?”

“But I like you.”

“What you feel for me is not \'like.\' It\'s dependence. You don\'t have any relatives or friends in Beijing so you feel that I am trustworthy. You relied on me. But you don\'t like me, don\'t waste our times."

LanXiRong reluctantly clenched his fists, his lips trembled slightly.

ZhouXiang lowly uttered, "Go back and think about it carefully. You\'re not that young, you should be able to figure it out.”

LanXiRong wants to refute but didn\'t know what to say. If ZhouXiang was still single, he would definitely not refuse him. The resentment in his heart has nowhere to vent. He was so angry that he turned and kicked the trash can.

ZhouXiang had a bit of headache. He no longer said anything and just walked silently past him.

LanXiRong looking at his back silhouette, his expression full of unwillingness.

ZhouXiang drove to the set. The movie starring WangYuDong hit a few bumps in the middle, but still it was very quickly nearing completion. Today ZhouXiang is acting as WangYuDong\'s stuntman for a fighting scene at a tavern.

As soon as he arrived on the set, he felt that the atmosphere was not right. The staff was busy with their heads down, no one spoke a word.

He looked inside, Director Wang and WangYuDong stood face to face. Director Wang looked angry. Although WangYuDong put on his signature smile of a gentleman, his smile appeared forced.

These two people not being able to get along is not something new, especially recently. WangYuDong work notices came continuously, having to fly all over the country. Director Wang is a person who is extremely demanding of his work, often dragging him for several hours, delaying his trip. The two of them have been in contention over this numerous times. In the end, it was basically WangYuDong who compromised but everyone could see that WangYuDong\'s forced smile won\'t be able to last for too long.

ZhouXiang seeing their tense stance, he\'s definitely not stupid enough to run over to be a cannon fodder. He grabbed MiYou, intending to head over to do his makeup.

When he walked passed, Director Wang saw him at a glance and pointed at him, shouting, “ZhouXiang!”

The voice startled ZhouXiang. He quickly walked over, "Hey, Director Wang, you called me?”

Director Wang asked sternly, “What you have is time right?!”

ZhouXiang didn’t know how to respond. He could only answer that he does.

“The next scene, big star Wang don\'t need to be in it. Change the script, this scene will be masked with a black silk hat, all to be shot by ZhouXiang!”

WangYuDong’s face changed immediately. He didn\'t expect Director Wang to be so ruthless.

ZhouXiang’s face also changed, his heart grumbled endlessly, "Aiyah, stop joking around Director Wang. I\'m merely a stuntman. I can’t act Dong Ge\'s scene." He sneaked a glimpse at WangYuDong and saw that WangYuDong is looking had him lividly.

ZhouXiang felt that he is so unlucky. Director Wang humiliated WangYuDong in front of so many people but WangYuDong can’t do anything to him (Director Wang). But to make life difficult for a little minion like ZhouXiang would be a piece of cake. Now he could only pray that WangYuDong would be a little more generous toward him. This Director Wang is really causing him a lot of trouble.

Adding to the fire, Director Wang shouted intentionally, “He (WangYuDong) doesn’t have the time! If he can\'t act well, then might as well not act in it. After all, you both look similar with your face covered. You can even make more money. Big star Wang can have more time, isn\'t this all great?!"

The entire set can hear his angry sarcasm. The staff who had a good relationship with ZhouXiang look at him sympathetically.

ZhouXiang sighed in his heart. He planned on not speaking; anything he said is going to be wrong.

The smile on WangYuDong\'s face disappeared as he bitingly muttered, "Fine, let him shoot the scene. I\'ve no opinion." After saying that, he took out a pair of sunglasses from his shirt pocket, wore it on his face, then turned and left.

His assistant quickly followed behind, calling for him while apologizing to Director Wang.

ZhouXiang, seeing WangYuDong\'s assistant rushing like that, he felt that he might not have been the most unlucky one.

WangYuDong shook off his assistant’s arm and left without turning around.

ZhouXiang stood there in shock, not knowing how this is going to end.

Director Wang is so enraged that he is shaking, “What are you doing just standing there! Change the script! ZhouXiang will shoot this scene!”

ZhouXiang really wanted to kneel down in front of him; his face seeming to wail, “Director Wang, don\'t mess with me. I really can\'t shoot this scene. If I played Dong Ge\'s role, how am I going to be able to continue on working in this circle?”

Director Wang simply didn\'t hear any of it, “Why can\'t you? The viewers won\'t be able to tell. He is busy running around with all his other work, his mind is not in this film. You are his stuntman. If he can\'t do it, then you can. Go get your makeup done."

ZhouXiang reluctantly followed the stylist. After leaving Director Wang, he immediately took out his phone to call CaiWei, informing him of the matter.

CaiWei cursed as he talked about how this old geezer is causing trouble for him. But he didn\'t have that power to settle this matter, so he could only let ZhouXiang shoot the scene first. But this scene must not be put in the movie, this kind of act where the minor player upstages the main actor, WangYuDong would absolutely be furious.

ZhouXiang has no choice but to endure it and filmed the scene with a veil.

Most of the scenes in this movie are shot from the back and sideways, with the face covered in a black veil. If there wasn\'t a close-up view, one can\'t see the difference. With some more editing, the stuntman can definitely be the main actor.

But everyone on the set knew that he\'s fake and this news will spread before tomorrow even arrives. The joke of WangYuDong being taken over by his own stuntman is definitely sensational material for gossipy news.

ZhouXiang has been in the entertainment industry for seven to eight years, and has been cautious, almost never offending anyone, but today he has been forced to take a tumble.

This scene took over nine hours to shoot. ZhouXiang was extremely exhausted when he returned home.

YanMingXiu was home reading a book. Seeing ZhouXiang looking so distressed, he asked, "What happened?”

When ZhouXiang thought of YanMingXiu and WangYuDong\'s relationship, he couldn\'t tell him what happened, merely responded that he\'s just exhausted from filming.

YanMingXiu poured a glass of water for him. Just as ZhouXiang was drinking, the doorbell rang.

ZhouXiang went over to look through the peephole and saw that it was CaiWei.

He opened the door, startled, “Wei Ge, why are you here?"

CaiWei raised the gift box in his hand, “Someone gave me a bunch of big hairy crabs today. They\'re all alive. Your sis-in-law (his wife) tells me to bring some over to you. This kind of things can\'t wait."

ZhouXiang was very touched. He knew that CaiWei came because of today’s events.

He opened the door for CaiWei to come into the home. At a glance, CaiWei saw YanMingXiu and is stunned.

ZhouXiang smiled, “Wei Ge, this is… we\'ve just lived together not too long ago. I just haven’t told you yet.”

"You two live together?" CaiWei asked shockingly.

ZhouXiang nodded.

“Fuck. Aren\'t you telling me this too late?” From a straight man’s point of view, doesn\'t living together mean that a couple\'s relationship is basically settled?

ZhouXiang awkwardly smiled, “Let me explain it….”

End of the chapter