Professional Body Double - Chapter 18

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The CEO of their company booked a banquet hall at the Grand Hotel to host a welcoming reception for LanXiRong. In fact, LanXiRong had returned twice, seeming to prepare for his record. But the film did indeed take more than a year to complete filming. After it was completed, his popularity in the country is already very different from before.

On this day, most of the company\'s people had arrived. Their company is not very large, but still, there were about 70- 80 people and their profits have been good. Their boss is from a 2nd generation wealthy family. The businesses in his hands are very vast but his personality is a bit strange. Still, he is a good person, giving the employees great benefits. Whether it is ZhouXiang or other employees, working in this company has been very comfortable.

As ZhouXiang entered the hotel, he first noticed CaiWei welcoming the guests downstairs. He greeted him and walked by but CaiWei is too busy to socialize with him, “Go up by yourself, it\'s on the second floor.”

There are many big-shot celebrities attending from entertainment circle. When someone is popular (LanXiRong) it is obviously very easy to rally a powerful crowd. There are at least three hundred attendees and at least ten media reporters. Their President Wang is evidently trying to hype up interest for LanXiRong.

Although ZhouXiang is a relatively unknown martial arts stuntman, he\'s widely known within the entertainment circle. He, himself, knows many people. Adding on, with his warming personality, he gets along with everyone. So along the way, he met many acquaintances, greeting each of them tirelessly.

Looking around after he got upstairs, he finally spotted LanXiRong and their President Wang, who were being surrounded by a group of people in the middle of the banquet hall.

LanXiRong looked just like he does on TV… tall and handsome; his face is like a crown jade with two visible dimples when he laughs. He looks very adorable. His fresh temperament between a man and a boy can really make people like him tremendously.

When ZhouXiang saw LanXiRong\'s flushed with successful contented appearance; it was really hard for him to feel any connection now to this youngster. LanXiRong was once at a complete loss with his future, having just graduated from the film academy. This was the youngster who would always come over to his home to hang out and eat hot pot.

ZhouXiang wandered over aimlessly.

LanXiRong and President Wang both saw him at the same time. LanXiRong\'s eyes suddenly sparkled, unable to take his eyes off of ZhouXiang, his expression looking a bit excited.

ZhouXiang very naturally and calmly greeted him, “XiRong, Xiang Ge congratulates you on your triumphant return.” Then, he smiled at President Wang, "President Wang, you\'re back.” After saying that, he consciously moved to his side and greeted the guests that he knew, not leaving any time for LanXiRong.

LanXiRong\'s eyes flashed a tinge of disappointment, but there were many people surrounding him talking so he couldn\'t just distract himself. He could only sneak glances at ZhouXiang from time to time.

ZhouXiang whispered to the originally pale and chubby President Wang, “President Wang, you got tan.”

President Wang humphed twice, “What\'s up?”

ZhouXiang narrowed his eyes, “(You) Going to Tibet to pray to Buddha and having only eaten vegetarian food, not touching meat for three months, don\'t everyone look oddly good since your return?"

President Wang glared at him, “I can just see that you look oddly good, how about I drown you (with work)?"

ZhouXiang smiled, “Bring it on, I most certainly welcome it.”

President Wang looked at him blankly, “Hold with the nonsense. Come aside, I have something to ask you.”

When the two of them walked aside, President Wang asked, “I heard that Director Wang and WangYuDong\'s quarrel got a bit unpleasant. You were also on the set; do you know what\'s going on?"

“The two don\'t like each other. Director Wang has a fierce temper and WangYuDong has never been subjected to this kind of temperament, gradually there would be some contradictions."

President Wang furrowed his brows, “I\'ve invested a lot in this movie. It can\'t afford any impediments. I\'ll find a day to have a chat with Xiao Wang.”

“If it comes from you, it\'ll definitely help."

President Wang embarrassingly uttered, “Not necessarily. The Xiao Wang now can\'t be compared to the past.”


“Climbed onto some high branch.”

“What does that mean? Whose branch did he climb onto?"

President Wang was going to say something, but suddenly glared at him, “You kid, why are you so gossipy?” ZhouXiang felt wronged, "You\'re the one that brought it up first.”

The two still have something to say but LanXiRong\'s voice sounded from behind ZhouXiang.

“Xiang Ge.”

ZhouXiang turned his head. LanXiRong had already gotten rid of the other people and is quietly looking at him. ZhouXiang knew that he can’t hide. He raked through his hair, “Let’s go to the balcony and chat?”

The two went to the balcony and closed the French doors. It\'s a bit cold outside; ZhouXiang lit a cigarette and smiled, “XiRong, seeing you like this, I\'m really happy for you."

LanXiRong’s beautiful eyes stared at ZhouXiang’s face and softly muttered, “Xiang Ge, I\'m sorry toward you, I was too ignorant at the time.”

“Forget it. It\'s all in the past, don’t mention it.”

LanXiRong lowered his head and sullenly voiced, “I didn’t even know what happened at the time… I\'ve always thought that you treating me well and helping me is because you thought of me as a friend. I didn\'t think that you had other thoughts. I felt insulted. In fact, no matter what, you really helped me a lot, but I ……”

ZhouXiang blew out a puff of smoke said faintly responded, “I really did treated you like a friend, actually more like a younger brother. But you knew early on that I am gay. Just like the kind of thoughts you would have seeing a beautiful girl, especially when the person is constantly wandering in front of your eyes. At that time, I had wanted to ask if you were straight or gay. If you don\'t like men, I also won\'t pester you. Anyway, we\'re still friends….forget it. Let\'s not mention the past. I was also wrong. I\'ve scared you."

LanXiRong lifted his head and said emotionally, “Xiang Ge, I\'m sorry. This is really my fault. I obviously knew that you are gay. Yet I still like for you to treat me well, making you misunderstand. I\'ve mocked you in such manners, yet you still so generously let it go, I……. can you forgive me?”

When ZhouXiang remembered the things from the past, he really felt screwed.

At that time, when the two were going through unpleasant times, he had wanted to ask LanXiRong specifically, "You said that you are not GAY, then why the hell are you always coming to my home and constantly getting near me? I confessed to you, yet you fucking feel wronged. Is there something like this?"

However, even at the time when LanXiRong misunderstood him, he didn\'t get angry; thinking that he\'s young and have not yet matured. ZhouXiang comforted himself and endured it. After all, he really liked this little boy and didn’t want to have a fall-out with him. He can just distant himself. That would be good enough.

Now that LanXiRong turned around and apologize to him, he felt that this matter is very satisfactory settled between them.

ZhouXiang said softly, “Xiang Ge doesn\'t blame you. I didn\'t blame you before. Don\'t think too much. We\'re both from the same company. We\'ll see each other all the time. Whatever happens in the future, will happen. Don\'t feel burdened with it, okay?"

The rim of LanXiRong\'s eyes turned a bit red. With big strides forward, he forcefully hugged ZhouXiang, his voice choking a bit, “Xiang Ge, I\'ve missed you so much during this time.”

What is this again?

ZhouXiang is stunned.

“When I just got to America, I can\'t even speak their language clearly. Everything is so unfamiliar. Just like the time when I first came to Beijing, no one treated me as well as you did. I\'ve wanted to call you several times but I didn\'t dare. I\'ve since regret it more and more. I really wanted to come back to find you… Xiang Ge, sorry, can we still be the same as before?" LanXiRong is just like a child in ZhouXiang\'s arms, telling him his heartfelt thoughts. The more he talked, the sadder he became.

ZhouXiang sighed, feeling a bit softhearted as he patted LanXiRong\'s shoulder, "I really don\'t blame you, don\'t cry."

LanXiRong suppressed himself from crying out; but his tone is already off. He wiped his eyes and grabbed onto ZhouXiang’s arm, “Xiang Ge, can we be like before? Can I go to your home to eat hot pot?”

ZhouXiang remembered that his home is already raising a living thing (YanMingXiu), but he couldn’t really refuse a meal so he frankly responded, “That\'s not a problem, you\'re welcome at any time.”

LanXiRong finally exposed a smile.

“Hey, let\'s hurry back. Everyone is here, the lead can’t be missing.”

The two returned to the banquet hall together. The host began to express LanXiRong’s achievements with great enthusiasm. LanXiRong came onto the stage and very mannerly thanked a bunch of people. Although it was words for the occasion, it was all very fittingly appropriate.

ZhouXiang felt a burst of emotions, the little clueless boy from the past really had grown up.

Because there were so many acquaintances, ZhouXiang ended up drinking so much that he became unconscious. LanXiRong\'s had his driver take him home.

LanXiRong is extremely familiar with ZhouXiang’s residence. During his lonely time in America, he didn\'t know how many times he dreamt of carrying food ingredients, coming to this familiar home and knocking on this warmly door, having a gentle and humorous older brother listening and sharing his tribulations with work and helping him relieve is anxieties and difficulties.

The car stopped downstairs, LanXiRong sent the driver away. He personally took ZhouXiang upstairs, intending to stay in his home for the night.

He pulled out ZhouXiang\'s key and opened the door. The room is dark. He familiarly touched the switch on the wall and turned on the light.

Suddenly, footsteps came from the front. A man came out of the bedroom wearing loose pajama pants. LanXiRong looked up and sees YanMingXiu directly in front of him. Both of them were stunned.

LanXiRong seeing YanMingXiu’s attire, it is obvious that this person lives here. He… he ZhouXiang’s boyfriend?

This reality is something he couldn\'t immediately accept. He asked sternly, “Who are you?” He rather wished that YanMingXiu is a random thief but he knew that there\'s no thief that could have such bewitching appearance like that of YanMingXiu.

YanMingXiu is also furious, so much that his fingertips were trembling. ZhouXiang is drunkenly in the arms of a young and attractive man…both even coming back together at past 2 in the middle of the night!

Based on how ZhouXiang wanted to have sex with him the first time they met, he knew that ZhouXiang is someone that is definitely easy, but since he was already with him, how dare he bring other men home in the middle of the night!

The two glared at each other, the scene looking as though they are ready to fight.

YanMingXiu asked coldly, “I should be asking you this? Who is letting you casually come into OUR home?” YanMingXiu clearly emphasized the word “OUR.”

LanXiRong\'s face that had become blushed from drinking instantly paled.

Xiang Ge has a boyfriend… Right, why won\'t he? How can Xiang Ge not have a boyfriend? Why would he continue on waiting for him?

LanXiRong felt a burst of sadness. He didn\'t know what he\'s thinking. He only knew that he hated this man in front of him to the extreme. What gives him the right to be standing in this living room? This is the place where he and Xiang Ge hang out.

YanMingXiu\'s temper is initially bad to start with, at this time, he is so enraged that he wanted to use the broomstick to kick LanXiRong out. He came forward and roughly grabbed ZhouXiang, “The person is home, hurry and get the fuck out.”

LanXiRong refused to let go of ZhouXiang. The two of them pulled for a while. ZhouXiang\'s body tilted and fell to the ground.

YanMingXiu immediately caught him.

LanXiRong looked at his empty hands, his heart felt unbearably terrible.

YanMingXiu glanced coldly at him, “Stop being persistent, ZhouXiang already have someone. You don\'t need to be concern about him in the future.”

LanXiRong glared at him hatefully, then turned and slammed the door.

YanMingXiu looked at ZhouXiang, who is unconscious in his arms. The furor in his heart burned more and more.

He can’t stand ZhouXiang having these thoughts of other people. ZhouXiang’s eyes should only be looking at him.

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