Professional Body Double - Chapter 17 (2)

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After ZhouXiang took a shower, he went to bed. Glancing at the clock on the wall, it was already 4am.

He actually felt exhausted but couldn’t sleep. His mind had been in a state of tension. He couldn\'t stop his mind from lingering of all the things that happened in the ten hours with YanMingXiu.

ZhouXiang was deeply worried for himself. No matter how charming YanMingXiu is, he should be not be like a little boy experiencing love for the first time, plunging head on into it. Analyzing it rationally, even though ZhouXiang dreamed of having a stable relationship… to have a very considerate person who he can share the rest of his life with… YanMingXiu is obviously not that person who can settle down with him. YanMingXiu is too dazzling and too young. ZhouXiang didn\'t feel like he could hold onto him.

He shouldn\'t set his heart on YanMingXiu too much; it is too dangerous.

ZhouXiang closed his eyes and forced himself to sleep.

Just when he was feeling sleepy, the doorbell rang. ZhouXiang sat up in shock. He opened his eyes to look and saw that it was already 5am. Who would be ringing the doorbell at this time?

Could it be……

ZhouXiang jumped out of bed and looked through the peephole, then opened the door. Standing in front of the door is YanMingXiu, reeking of alcohol.

YanMingXiu had always looked arrogant and indifferent. It is definitely the first time for ZhouXiang to see him in such drunken state.

YanMingXiu glanced at him and immediately threw himself onto ZhouXiang. Murmuring softly, “Fuck, what am I……"

ZhouXiang didn\'t hear it clearly, “What? What\'s going on?”

YanMingXiu is so tall and heavy that when he leaned on ZhouXiang, ZhouXiang almost ended up sitting on the ground. He exhaustively supported YanMingXiu into the bedroom. Fortunately, his home is small so they didn\'t have to go too far.

YanMingXiu still mumbled words that ZhouXiang couldn’t understand. ZhouXiang turned on the light and sees YanMingXiu looking helplessly pitiful.

He removed YanMingXiu\'s clothes and shoes and used a hot towel to help him wipe the sweat on his face. Then poured him a glass of water so he can smoothly take the hangover medicine.

YanMingXiu opened his eyes and stared blankly at him, or he could be looking at someone else through him.

“MingXiu? Are you awake or not? Where are you uncomfortable?” After saying that, ZhouXiang felt that he had asked something stupid. How can he feel comfortable being drunk like this?

“Didn\'t you go to pick up your drunk friend? How come you also got drunk? How did your friend get back? Why did you come here? Fuck, you didn\'t drive while intoxicated right? It\'s very strict now. You really dare, it\'s so dangerous."

YanMingXiu’s eyes gradually regained its focus as he hoarsely uttered, "Oh, it\'s you."

This time it was ZhouXiang who stared at him. Then, he helplessly responded, "You\'ve really drank too much."

YanMingXiu covered his eyes with the back of his hand; the lights are too glaring.

YanMingXiu did his utmost to be good to WangYuDong. He had never treated anyone this good in his life. Why is WangYuDong his future brother-in-law? He drove to the nightclub to pick him up in the middle of the night, but WangYuDong kept calling out for his sister. Finally, his sister came and the couple went home.

WangYuDong is nothing special. He has no power, no influence. If he was not with his sister, YanMingXiu would\'ve already used his own means to get him. But there are actually things in the world that he, YanMingXiu, could not have.

No matter how good he treat him (WangYuDong), it is useless.

YanMingXiu turned over and suddenly became distracted when he smelled the cheap detergent on the bed sheets.

What is he doing here? There are so many things he could do, yet he\'s wasting time on a man who merely has a similar back silhouette as WangYuDong. What exactly is he doing?

A cold hand landed on his forehead like that of cool breeze, diminishing is temper and depression. ZhouXiang’s soft and alluring voice sounded on the side of his ears. “I\'ve turned off the light. Sleep well." This voice is full of a man’s simplicity and kindness, making people feel immensely comfortable.

YanMingXiu opened his eyes. Sure enough, the lights are off and ZhouXiang is lying next to him.

YanMingXiu blinked and couldn’t help but turned and grabbed ZhouXiang\'s waist, burying his face on his (ZhouXiang) chest.

Although YanMingXiu didn’t say anything, ZhouXiang felt his depressing mood. He stroked YanMingXiu’s back and faintly smiled, "Be good. Sleep. You\'ll feel better when you wake up."

This is the first time that the two slept hugging each other and did nothing.

YanMingXiu didn’t think that ZhouXiang’s embrace would be so warm, his palms so gentle and soft and his voice so pleasant to hear. This man seems to have a lot of things worthy for him to discover.

Holding him made YanMingXiu feel at ease.

He finally closed his eyes relaxingly.

YanMingXiu was awakened by a flavorful aroma. He is so hungry that his stomach is rumbling. Although his eyelids were swollen and heavy, he still struggled to get up.

He is at ZhouXiang’s home; he is familiar with this room.

Wearing ZhouXiang’s clothes, he pushed the door open. ZhouXiang is in an apron, busily cooking in the kitchen, humming a soft tune.

YanMingXiu leaned on the wall and looked at him for a long time. His heart is gradually convinced by such a scene. He can\'t help but admit that he likes the feeling of being with ZhouXiang. How should it be said? It is very comfortable.

ZhouXiang is mature, has his own career, and won\'t nag him. ZhouXiang is broad-minded; even if he (YanMingXiu) said any unpleasant words, ZhouXiang hardly minds. ZhouXiang always has a warmly smile on his face. Even if he (YanMingXiu) is in a very bad mood, ZhouXiang wouldn\'t get angry. Also, having sex with him feels so good. ZhouXiang is a companion that he couldn\'t find any faults with. With such person by his side, it\'s really what he needs.

The most important thing is that being with ZhouXiang, even if he were to only deceive himself, it can slightly alleviate his obsession with WangYuDong.

He walked over and knocked on the glass screen.

ZhouXiang turned his head and exposed a bright smile, “You\'re up. It\'s still early. I thought you\'d sleep till three to four this afternoon.”

“I’m hungry.”

“Just in time. I\'m almost done cooking this."

YanMingXiu sat down on the dinner table, propping his hand on his chin as he turns his head to look at ZhouXiang\'s figure walking back and forth. Even in his own home, he didn\'t feel such intense family ambience.

Could it be that the kitchen in his home is too far from the dining room? Or does it have something to do with the person who is cooking?

ZhouXiang brought out the sumptuous breakfast.

YanMingXiu glanced, “You cooked so much?”

“Look at the time. We\'re eating breakfast and lunch together. You must be so uncomfortable from being drunk yesterday so today, you must nourish yourself." ZhouXiang took the leftover sushi from yesterday and put it on the table. “It’s still fresh, such pity that you didn’t finish eating yesterday.”

YanMingXiu thought of how he had casted ZhouXiang aside and left yesterday, his heart felt a bit strange. “Sorry, I didn’t come back yesterday. You didn\'t wait too long for me did you?”

“It\'s fine. I left after finished eating,” ZhouXiang hardly mind, "The porridge is a bit hot. Blow it a little."

YanMingXiu drank some warm water and then said clearly, “Give me a copy of your house key.”

ZhouXiang stared at him blankly.

YanMingXiu raised his eyebrows, “You haven\'t forgotten what you said yesterday, right?"

ZhouXiang\'s face turned red from excitement. "You, you really……you\'re really going to move in?"

“Yeah,” YanMingXiu nodded and sees ZhouXiang\'s inconcealable happiness. Somehow, YanMingXiu\'s also felt his heart warming, “Except having to return home once in a while.”

At this time, ZhouXiang felt that this is all too crazy. He invited a one-night stand, whom he had only known for two weeks to live with him, and the other party actually agreed.

His rationale tells him that this is wrong. How much does he know about the other person? What if they are incompatible? But damn it, he wants to hold and kiss YanMingXiu. ZhouXiang is extremely excited. It\'s been so many years. This home finally has a second person in it. Furthermore, it is a person who captivates him.

ZhouXiang happily leaned over the table and kissed him intensely, “Baby, warm welcomes.”

YanMingXiu grabbed his chin and lowly uttered, “Let\'s agree on some things first; you have to promise me two things.”

“Say it?”

“First, when living with me, you can\'t have any connections with other men. Second, we don\'t interfere with each other\'s lives."

ZhouXiang patted his face and lightly smiled, “Deal.”

Accepting a person into his own home, ZhouXiang didn\'t think it was going to be hard even from the start. Perhaps because YanMingXiu never deliberately concealed his shortcomings so ZhouXiang had long withstood his temper and had gotten used to it. So the two people could be said as being able to get along perfectly fine.

YanMingXiu brought some daily necessities and a computer. ZhouXiang heard that he wanted to start a business so he simply cleaned the guest room and put in a desk for him. This room was originally his childhood room. Now, it\'s perfect to use as a study room.

The first night YanMingXiu moved in, ZhouXiang opened a bottle of Laffey that he had saved for a long time. This wine was given to him by a former producer. He had been reluctant to drink it, but today is of great significance to him because he brought another person into his life and into his home. Regardless of how far they may go, at least this person will be with him for a while so he won\'t be so lonely.

At night, they made love passionately, venting their hunger for each other using the most primitive and straightforward way.

The two men\'s cohabitation officially began.


Both of them are considered to be self-employed at the moment. ZhouXiang\'s work usually last a few months. Usually when he doesn\'t have anything to do, he would go out with his friends to drink and watch ball games. But because YanMingXiu is in his home, the number of times ZhouXiang returned home increased significantly. As for YanMingXiu, he is looking into a project and is often out. But almost every time he comes back, ZhouXiang would always have food prepared for him left in the refrigerator to ensure that he would have something to eat whenever he returns.

From the start, they got along very harmoniously. They wouldn\'t ask about each other’s work or friends. ZhouXiang still doesn’t know what YanMingXiu does. He only knows that YanMingXiu\'s standard of life is very good. He never asked. He is very content with their present status.

This day, ZhouXiang received a phone call. Looking at the caller ID, he is startled. He didn’t expect that LanXiRong would contact him after over a year.

He took the call with a complicated mood. A very good male voice came from the other line but his tone obviously sounded awkward, "Xiang Ge, I\'m back.”

ZhouXiang smiled, “Oh, you\'re still using this number? Long time no see.”

“Yea, I\'ve continued to pay the phone bill……"

The two fell into a moment of awkwardness.

ZhouXiang politely uttered, “I\'ve seen your news on TV. The filming must have been quite successful. I\'ll definitely go support the movie when it\'s in theater. One of these days, I\'ll treat you to a meal."

These spoken words obviously sounded very halfhearted. LanXiRong refused to follow the course of the conversation in hanging up. After a moment of silence, he asked, "Xiang Ge. Are you free today? Let\'s meet up."

“Unfortunately, I have plans today. How about another day? You\'ve just returned so you must be tired. Have a good rest."

“Xiang Ge,” LanXiRong scrambled to ask, “Are you angry at me?”

“What are you saying? Don\'t think too much. I really have plans. You\'re a big star right now. You can\'t just casually meet up with people. I\'m just thinking for your own good."

LanXiRong took a deep breath, “Xiang Ge, I want to see you…see you right now.”

ZhouXiang paused and responded helplessly, “XiRong, I think it would be awkward for us to meet. Why bother? I\'m gay, you\'re not. What\'s between us is just this simple. There is no who wronged the other. You created a name of yourself, Xiang Ge congratulate you. Let\'s just leave it at that."

“Xiang Ge,” LanXiRong quickly stopped him from hanging up and softly voiced, "I want to apologize to you. I was not sensible back then."

ZhouXiang “hmm” and politely said, “I don’t blame you. I\'m busy. Going to hang up." After he said that, he hung up the phone without hesitation.

ZhouXiang threw the phone on the sofa and sighed.

LanXiRong is currently the largest cash cow in their company. When he first debuted, he had a good relationship with ZhouXiang. At that time, ZhouXiang was his senior. Because he was very impressed with LanXiRong\'s talents, he helped him a few times.

ZhouXiang is a homosexual. It is inevitable that he would have other thoughts when seeing such an exceptional boy. But he never thought of using his seniority to force others. ZhouXiang really just wanted to help him. Moreover, he had bluntly expressed his interest in LanXiRong to him, but LanXiRong misunderstood, so much that since then he appeared to be very much insulted by ZhouXiang\'s help. He also publicly mocked ZhouXiang, making ZhouXiang very embarrassed.

LanXiRong\'s course of action is very immature but ZhouXiang didn\'t blame him. It\'s just that the two gradually became estranged.

Later on, LanXiRong got a chance to participate in a Hollywood blockbuster. His future is very promising. ZhouXiang and he no longer contacted each other. He (ZhouXiang) almost forgot out their matters.

Unexpectedly, LanXiRong would still contacted him. But ZhouXiang\'s heart is very calm and also felt very proud of LanXiRong\'s achievements.

After the phone call today, ZhouXiang obviously felt that LanXiRong had matured a lot. It made him felt very gratified. But considering their unpleasant past, ZhouXiang tried not to get in contact with him again.

Unfortunately, the two are from the same company so it\'s impossible for them not to bump into each other.

The next day, he received a call from CaiWei, informing him that the company is throwing LanXiRong a celebratory party and he must attend.

YanMingXiu was next to him at the time. ZhouXiang refused without hesitation, “Wei Ge, I have family issues."

CaiWei rhetorically asked, "What family issues can you have?"

ZhouXiang smiled in response, "I have a date with a beauty.”

“Decline it,” Cai Wei said bluntly. “Today, XiRong specifically emphasized to me that you must attend. He said that he was not sensible before… that you helped him so much. Without you, he wouldn\'t have his accomplishments today. He wanted to apologize and to thank you."

“Aiyah, sounding so serious. I\'m just a mere stuntman. I didn\'t really help him much. He was able to become popular; the number of people he should thank wouldn\'t even get to me. Wei Ge, I\'m begging you. I\'ve not hidden anything from you. You also know how awkward it is between us. I\'m not going to go, okay? You guys go right ahead and enjoy yourselves."

“Can\'t, the boss is attending tonight. You know that the boss think highly of him. If you don\'t attend, aren\'t you not giving him face?

ZhouXiang responded helplessly, "Fine, fine, fine. I know. Jeez."

After he hung up, YanMingXiu glanced at him, “What’s wrong? Who are you seeing? So unwilling.”

“A junior from the past. Now he\'s popular. There were some unhappy matters between us before. I really don\'t want to go." ZhouXiang dejectedly changed into a suit. "Aiiighhh, that\'s how it is when you\'re working for a salary. Oh, you can heat up the leftover food for dinner, okay? I\'m not going to be back till later tonight."

Seeing ZhouXiang slightly bunching up his brows, YanMingXiu\'s heart felt a bit unsettled. “If you don’t want to go then just don\'t go. Your job is no big deal. Quit, I\'ll support you."

ZhouXiang smiled and caressed YanMingXiu\'s cheek, "Baby, I really love hearing your words." But ZhouXiang would never take it seriously. He kissed YanMingXiu, grabbed his wallet and keys and left.

End of the chapter