Professional Body Double - Chapter 16 (2)

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ZhouXiang was working until 11pm in the evening. Looking at YanMingXiu, he appears to be someone who is impatient, yet he sat quietly in the corner with his headphones plugged in his ears and his eyes closed, waiting for him quietly.

Nobody knows what he is thinking; even though everyone on the set is captivated by his extraordinary beauty.

Occasionally ZhouXiang would turn his head and sees YanMingXiu sitting on the side with an indifferent expression, looking at him from time to time.

Seeing YanMingXiu waiting for him made ZhouXiang feel an indescribable emotion filling his heart.

Having a person, waiting an entire 8 to 9 hours from noon to the middle of the night just for him to get off work, ZhouXiang don\'t know what YanMingXiu is thinking of but he is very moved by this act.

There had never been anyone who had waited for him for so long just to go home together with him. ZhouXiang simply didn’t know how to describe his excitement. YanMingXiu is a person who baffles people. Sometimes he is very cold, but sometimes he would unexpectedly do something that would make him (ZhouXiang) fall for him. This contradictory and mysterious person makes it all the more increasingly hard for ZhouXiang to look away from him.

After work was over, ZhouXiang walked toward YanMingXiu, who was resting with his eyes closed and touched his nose.

YanMingXiu opened his eyes, "Off work?"

ZhouXiang smiled at him softly, “Yeah. Having to wait so long, you should have went back first."

“Meaningless to go back by myself," YanMingXiu stood up and stretched, "Let\'s go. Let’s go eat something.”

YanMingXiu added, “I also drove. I know a Japanese cuisine at this place that is very good. How about you follow my car?"

ZhouXiang responded, “Okay, you lead the way.”

Once they got downstairs, ZhouXiang noticed that YanMingXiu drives a Lexus SUV. ZhouXiang glanced and him and smiled, "You brat is indeed a wealthy second generation.”

The Yan\'s family\'s disposition is to not reveal their true colors. When in public, they would never flaunt. This car is just an ordinary transportation mechanism. But to ZhouXiang, for a young kid like YanMingXiu to drive a car over a ¥100,000 is very unusual.

YanMingXiu responded casually, “It\'s my dad\'s.”

ZhouXiang replied with an “oh,” “I\'ll follow you then. Let\'s go. I am starving.”

At this time, traffic is very smooth. They arrived at their destination in less than half an hour. It\'s almost midnight but there weren\'t many people who came to eat. The two occupied a tatami (T/N) private room. ZhouXiang casually flipped through the menu, his stomach is constantly rumbling.


T/N: tatami is a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms.

This restaurant is very expensive; about ten plus pieces of shark fin is over a ¥1,000.

Since YanMingXiu treated him last time and waited for him for so long today, ZhouXiang ought to pay for this meal. But how much would this cost?

ZhouXiang sighed in his heart but soon got over it. Money is merely a worldly possession right? As long as they have a happy meal then it\'s all fine.

YanMingXiu ordered seven to eight dishes; ZhouXiang didn\'t even have any interest to glance at the prices. He didn\'t want to ruin his good mood in tasting the delicious food.

After the dishes were served, the waiter closed the door, leaving two of them in this tranquil ambiance.

ZhouXiang poured him some wine and smiled, “MingXiu. Having you wait so long today, I\'m sorry. I saw that you quickly fell asleep even just sitting there."

“It\'s alright. I have nothing to do.”

“Didn\'t you say that you\'d be starting a business? What have you been busy with during this time?”

“Financing stuff,” YanMingXiu didn\'t seem too willing to talk to him about work matters. “Try this burdock. It\'s nutritious for the kidneys.”

ZhouXiang cracked up, “Your Xiang Ge\'s kidney is pretty good. Looking at your stamina, you really need more nutrients.” ZhouXiang was referring to the incident (sex) in the bathroom earlier in the afternoon.

YanMingXiu narrowed his eyes, his expression full of ambiguity and flirtation, making ZhouXiang\'s little heart tremble erratically.

“Eat a bit more. Your work has no fixed time and the nature of your job is dangerous. This is very damaging to your health."

ZhouXiang smell the wine and asked softly, “Why do you suddenly care about me?”

YanMingXiu looked at him with narrowed eyes, "Of course you have to be in good health because I quite like being with you."

ZhouXiang felt his cheeks burning hot and his heart beating erratically. Without thinking, he blurted out, "How about you move in with me?"

After the words are out, both are shocked.

YanMingXiu silently mixed the wasabi with his chopsticks while ZhouXiang lowered his head, feeling regret for saying those words without thinking.

YanMingXiu must have been frightened. They\'ve only known each other for two weeks and ZhouXiang had already wanted to live with him.

In fact, that\'s really not what ZhouXiang thought. At least, he\'s absolutely not prepared to cohabit with a person he didn\'t know. No matter how compatible their bodies are, cohabitation is a matter that requires careful consideration in case the two people\'s personalities clash and they have a fallout, it would be too unsightly. He\'s already at this age, how can he speak so carelessly? What\'s wrong with him?

ZhouXiang really wanted to punch himself twice.

Fortunately, YanMingXiu did not express his position and intended to use his silence to declare his rejection.

While ZhouXiang sighed in relief, his heart is also faintly disappointed. He\'s increasingly feeling that he\'s not normal. With any matters relating to YanMingXiu, his way of dealing with it always seems to lack some rationale.

The alarming bells in ZhouXiang\'s heart erupted. YanMingXiu\'s influence on him is so immense; he couldn\'t have fallen in love with him right?

ZhouXiang had already passed the age of recklessly throwing himself into love. At the age of 30, falling in love with a 20 year old young man who he doesn\'t know much about and who neither seems close or distant is definitely not a good thing. ZhouXiang lowered his eyes and tried hard to conceal his emotions.

If he is allowed to choose now, he wanted to continue on being fuck buddies with YanMingXiu and not get himself involved in a relationship.

But seeing as it is, all this is just his wishful thinking. YanMingXiu changed the topic and gave him a caviar sushi, "Eat this. The business is good here; the food is very fresh."

“Uhm, okay," ZhouXiang quickly regained his senses, “This tastes good.”

As if nothing had happened, the two continued to chat and eat.

At this time, YanMingXiu\'s phone suddenly rang.

He glanced at the phone and it was WangYuDong. He immediately picked up, "Hello?"

“Ah, MingXiu.” WangYuDong\'s voice sounded obviously drunk.

“What\'s going on? You drank?”

“Ah, yeah, come, I\'ll treat you to dinner.”

“Where are you? I\'ll come pick you up.”

“I am at……don’t know……”

Someone next to WangYuDong took his phone and said, "Hello. Can you come to pick Mr. Wang up? He is at the Tang Association. He drank too much.”

“I\'ll go there now. Look after him,” YanMingXiu stood up immediately.

WangYuDong\'s voice no longer sound like him so ZhouXiang could only hear that someone is drunk. But he didn\'t know who he was. He asked, "Your friend\'s drunk?

"Yeah,” YanMingXiu responded, “Wait for me. I\'ll take him home and come back.” After saying that, he quickly put on his shoes and rushed out.

ZhouXiang wanted to tell him to not bother with coming back, that he will go home. But before he could open his mouth, YanMingXiu had disappeared. He had no idea know who the person on the other line was that could make YanMingXiu so anxious. ZhouXiang looked at the unfinished exquisite cuisine on the table, his heart feeling flavorless.

He hesitated on whether to pay and leave or like YanMingXiu said to wait for him to return?

ZhouXiang decided to continue eating. He\'ll just wait for a bit; maybe YanMingXiu would come back after taking the person home.

This wait lasted two hours. He couldn’t wait any longer so he gave YanMingXiu a call. The phone was connected but YanMingXiu immediately hung up.

YanMingXiu is just this kind of person. In a second, he could care about his health and give him food; but in the next second, he could be so insensitive to people\'s feelings and hang up on him. This kind of volatile personality, even with ZhouXiang\'s mild temper, it is also a bit unbearable.

ZhouXiang sighed softly and asked the waiter for the bill.

This meal cost more than ¥3,000, more than his one month\'s food expenses but he had no complaints. He was never a petty person. Adding on, he had originally intended to treat. It was just that this meal was not too pleasant with YanMingXiu leaving without eating a few mouthfuls and didn\'t return.

Although thinking this way was not very mature, he had a feeling of being played by someone. ZhouXiang went home feeling depressed.

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