Professional Body Double - Chapter 15 (2)

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WangYuDong’s old man, Chairman Wang, is a big boss worth billions but only had a primarily education. Even though he had accumulated wealth over the years, his unrefined nature would occasionally be exposed. He married a very pretty supermodel very late in life and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named WangYuDong. Having a child in old age, adding on his son\'s temperament is like that of his mother, Chairman Wang had always doted on WangYuDong immensely.

Although the Wang family does not lack money, the relatives around them are not socialites. Having money was not comparable to having power. Although WangYuDong is also a rich young master but almost everyone knew that his father is new money (newly rich). Therefore, it was still necessary for Chairman Wang to constantly kiss up to the elites in the capital. The Yan family is the biggest tree for them to climb to increase their status.

Originally, with the Yan family\'s prestige and influential power, the Wang family couldn\'t even have a meal on the same table with the Yan family\'s master. To be related to the Yan family is something that Chairman Wang wouldn\'t dream of. But he has a son that is very capable. WangYuDong is born naturally loving to have people revolve around him. After graduating from an Ivy League Business School, he didn\'t go into business, but instead went to become an actor. Chairman Wang took out a few millions to produce an ancient costume drama tailored for him. As expected, WangYuDong became popular. Getting popular was not what was worthy for celebration; after he got popular, the Yan family\'s young miss was extremely captivated by the role he played and thought very highly of him. So under the WangYuDong\'s aggressive pursuit, the two got together.

The patriarch of the Yan family does not like actors. In his eyes, WangYuDong was not worthy of his daughter but he didn\'t explicitly opposed them. After all, the young couple likes each other. Besides there were no problems with WangYuDong’s financial abilities, appearance, education, or behavior. Adding on, he especially knew how to cater to people so they gradually accepted them.

What the Yan patriarch didn’t know was that not only did his daughter liked WangYuDong, when WangYuDong entered the Yan family home for the first time, his 16-year-old son\'s (YanMingXiu) eyes also stared radiantly at WangYuDong.

Now, the Yan family\'s young miss had reached marriageable age; the parents from both sides planned to sit down to discuss their engagement and marriage date.

YanMingXiu\'s mother called him every day, urging him to quickly go home so that the two families could have a meal together but YanMingXiu simply didn\'t want to attend such occasion. Having to sit for two hours just to hear his sister and WangYuDong talk about when they will be holding their engagement banquet? How sickening will that be for him?

Finally, WangYuDong called him. The entire family knew that YanMingXiu would listen to this future brother in-law\'s words.

YanMingXiu elatedly went to meet up with WangYuDong. But as soon as he entered the door, he saw the scene of his family meeting with the Wang’s family. His expression immediately darkened. But because the elders were present, he didn\'t want to slam the door and leave so he could only sit down depressingly.

WangYuDong immediately sat next to him. He can\'t afford to offend this little future brother in-law of his. If it wasn\'t for Mrs.Yan forcing him to call YanMingXiu, he would not do such thing. After he sat down, he instantly apologized warmly, “MingXiu, I\'m sorry. Auntie asked that I must call you to come over but I really want to treat you for dinner. How about tomorrow?"

YanMingXiu didn’t want to unleash his temper on him, but his expression is not good, "Don\'t need to. I have plans tomorrow."

WangYuDong still wants to say something but Mrs. Yan called YanMingXiu over.

YanMingXiu walked over in a bad mood, “It\'s just fine for you guys to discuss. I\'m not the one getting married, why must you call me here?"

Mrs.Yan glared at him, "This is to discuss your sister\'s engagement. Wouldn\'t it be a bit more dignified with the entire family here?"

“Then how come older brother didn\'t come?”

“Your brother is on a business trip; he really can’t come back.”

“Then I can’t come back as well.”

Mrs. Yan bunched her brows, “What’s wrong with you? How hard is it for you to have a meal together with us? You\'re really that busy?”

“My company has just started and I\'m also partially in charge of dad\'s other company. You don\'t think I\'m busy? Don’t call me for this kind of thing in the future. I have no opinion.”

Mrs.Yan distressingly said, “Even if it\'s for nothing, can\'t I just want to see my son? A good university in China, you didn\'t want to attend but insisted on going to a university abroad. I didn’t agree with it then. But after you came back, you also didn\'t come home. What part of home do you find so unbearable?”

When YanMingXiu saw his mother’s grievances and dissatisfied expression, his attitude softened, “Mom, that\'s not what I mean. I’m just really busy.”

It\'s not that he finds the home unbearable. He just didn\'t want to hear about his sister and WangYuDong when he\'s home. It’s best not to know anything. But the two have planned to get engaged later in the year. Every time he goes home, that\'s what they would talk about. He knew that WangYuDong would not belong to him. He just wanted to evade as much as possible and change to a quieter environment.

This meal was bland and dull. He watched as YanMingMei and WangYuDong smiled intimately at each other. YanMingXiu felt bored and wanted to leave.

At this moment, a text message came. He turned on the phone screen and saw that ZhouXiang had sent him a joke.

He never had a habit of responding back to ZhouXiang’s texts. If anything, he would call directly. But at the moment, he couldn’t wait to get out of the current atmosphere; even if it was just a text message to distract him. He responded with, \'Where are you?\'

ZhouXiang also immediately responded, \'Filming an ad.\'

YanMingXiu asked, \'Where? I’ll come find you.\'

ZhouXiang is ecstatic. Not only did YanMingXiu respond to his text, he also said that he would come to find him. YanMingXiu is really a person that is hard to grasp. Every time he felt that there was no hope to move forward, YanMingXiu would get closer to him. Not a lot, but just bit by bit. But this bit made it impossible for ZhouXiang\'s heart to resist, making him want to be even closer to YanMingXiu, wanting even more to know what other surprises YanMingXiu have for him.

The first time YanMingXiu initiated in calling him… the first time he smiled at him… the first time he responded to his text message…all this made ZhouXiang feel excited. It\'s almost like increasing levels or fighting monsters in a game, he experience the satisfaction of gradually conquering the big BOSS.

The little things he did with YanMingXiu when they are together and them getting closer will from time to time make ZhouXiang reflect back on the feelings of first love. Although he could no longer remember how his first love looked like, he remembered the feeling of his heart beating erratically.

ZhouXiang sent the address of his location to YanMingXiu. The stunt coordinator\'s line of work is very boring. He needed to constantly adjust the stunt sequences with the unrealistic demands of the director, and then guide the actors at every step for each moves. Sometimes when the actors didn\'t perform well, he would get very anxious. So in this boring environment, he looked forward to seeing YanMingXiu. Every time he sees YanMingXiu, his mood would become a lot better.

YanMingXiu couldn’t stand the torture of sitting through this meal. In the end, he threw out and excuse and left quickly regardless of the elder’s unusual looks. Once he started the car, he headed to go find ZhouXiang.

When YanMingXiu appeared on the set over an hour later, ZhouXiang’s mood is like getting a gift that he had waited for a long time.

During break time, YanMingXiu dragged ZhouXiang to a bathroom stall and brutally ravaged his lips.

ZhouXiang gasped hard under his intensive kisses and asked, “Why did you come? Weren\'t you going home?"

YanMingXiu bit his lips, “Stop talking.” His hand lewdly reached into ZhouXiang’s pants.

ZhouXiang gripped his hand, “You\'re not thinking of doing it here, right?"

“I want to do it here,” YanMingXiu’s pupils are unusually bright.

ZhouXiang forcefully smiled, “Stop joking, I have head back in a bit.”

YanMingXiu turned him over and pressed him against the door frame, tugging his pants down while biting his sensitive ear, “Let me do it.”

ZhouXiang felt that if he was 10 years younger, he may agree to have sex with a man in the bathroom stall. But at this age, it is really not appropriate to do such crazy things. He struggled to push YanMingXiu away but he didn’t expect YanMingXiu to have such strength, firmly pressing his hands to the door.

The two had just done it in the morning; ZhouXiang’s lower body is still in a soft and yielding state so YanMingXiu was able to enter him without much effort.

ZhouXiang groaned and quickly urged, “Wear a condom……”

YanMingXiu turned a deaf ear and impatiently thrust into him.

The both of them were still considered to be dressed properly; only ZhouXiang\'s pants had slipped down to his knees, his chest slammed against the door frame with YanMingXiu willfully thrusting in and out of him from behind, causing his body to slam on the door frame making \'bang-bang\' sounds.

ZhouXiang’s face blushed from this burning heat. If someone were to come in at this time…

It\'s not that YanMingXiu didn\'t know that this is an inappropriate place. So after he had vented out his depression and dissatisfaction, he quickly ended the sex.

ZhouXiang’s legs went soft. YanMingXiu held onto him as he sat on the toilet lid. Having been greatly stimulated, ZhouXiang eyes were a little dazed. He wiped off the sweat on his forehead and said breathlessly, “The game you young people play is way too exciting…”

YanMingXiu touched his face. He couldn\'t help but kiss his red lips. “I think you quite like the excitement.”

ZhouXiang gasped and panted a few breaths, “You brat. You usually don\'t talk much. Can\'t tell that you can be this this crazy……Oh no, I have to go back.” ZhouXiang quickly pulled his pants wanting to stand up.

“Don’t rush,” YanMingXiu pulled some toilet paper and did something he rarely ever did. He gently helped ZhouXiang wipe that place (his hole). ZhouXiang felt embarrassed; YanMingXiu is much more brazen than he was at twenty. YanMingXiu supported his waist so he could stand up. Then pulled up his pants and fastened his belt. Rubbing his (ZhouXiang) nose with his lips, “I\'ll wait for you to get off work.” ZhouXiang faintly felt that their relationship is getting more and more into dangerous territory. In the entertainment industry, having sex a few times with someone is not that big a deal. But if one was to really fall in love, it\'s absolutely not as simple as just being together. ZhouXiang is like most gays who hope for a truly sincere relationship but he also fear it.

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