Professional Body Double - Chapter 15

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Wang Yudong\'s father was a big businessman who was worth several billion. However, he had only had a primary school education. Even though he had risen up in the world and made his fortune many years ago, his crude upbringing would sometimes display itself. President Wang married very late. He married a very beautiful supermodel, who gave birth to a beautiful boy, Wang Yudong. As Wang Yudong was a son that came when Chief Wang was already old, and because his son\'s appearance and temperament took after his mother, Chief Wang really doted on Wang Yudong.

Although the Wang Family was not short of money, none of their relatives were from a high social class. Nowadays, wielding money couldn’t compete with wielding power. Wang Yudong was also a rich young master but, anyone who rummaged through his family background would instantly know that his father was new money. Chief Wang also still constantly needed to go curry favour with those influential officials in the capital with deep and unmeasurable backgrounds, and the Yan Family was the biggest tree they climbed up on.

Originally, for a family at the level of the Wang\'s, even being able to eat one meal at the same table as the Yan Family could allow him to reap benefits for a long time. Seeking connections with them to climb up in society was something that he never even dared to dream of. However he had a son who was determined not to fall short. By nature, Wang Yudong liked people revering and swarming around him like little moons circling a planet. After he graduated from an Ivy League Business School, he didn\'t go pursuing a career in the business world, and insisted on becoming a celebrity. President Wang spent millions to create a costume drama catered for his son, and not surprisingly, Wang Yudong propelled to stardom. What was most worthy of celebration wasn\'t his rise to fame, but rather, after he became popular, the Yan Family\'s precious daughter became captivated with the character he played, and became his admirer. Thus, under Wang Yudong\'s warm pursuit, the two people logically became a couple.

The head of the Yan Family household looked down on performers. In his eyes, Wang Yudong wasn\'t good enough for his daughter but he didn\'t explicitly oppose. After all, the two young people were mutually in love. Plus, he couldn\'t find any shortcomings with Wang Yudong\'s financial ability, appearance, education or behaviour. Wang Yudong was also very good at boot-licking, so the Yan Family Head also gradually tacitly consented.

What he didn\'t know was that it wasn\'t just his daughter who liked Wang Yudong. When Wang Yudong entered the doors of the Yan Family house for the first time, Yan Mingxiu was only sixteen, and his eyes were also glued to Wang Yudong the entire time.

The Yan Family\'s daughter had now reached marriageable age. The elders of the two families decided to sit down to have a discussion, shifting the matters such as their engagement and wedding into their schedule.

Yan Mingxiu\'s mother rang Yan Mingxiu every day, pressing him to return home without delay; the two families were going to have a meal together. However, Yan Mingxiu didn’t want to go to that sort of occasion at all. Sit there for two hours hearing about when his sister and Wang Yudong\'s engagement dinner will be held? How else did they want to disgust him?

Thus, Wang Yudong gave him a call. The entire family knew that Yan Mingxiu still listened to the words of this future brother-in-law.

Yan Mingxiu happily went to meet up with Wang Yudong, but as soon as he walked into the room, what he saw was the Yans and the Wangs conducting the meeting of future in-laws, and his face blackened on the spot.

As the elders were also present, he couldn\'t just slam the door and leave, and so he gloomily sat down.

Wang Yudong immediately sat next to him. He couldn\'t afford to offend this little brother-in-law. If Madam Yan hadn\'t forced him to call Yan Mingxiu out, he definitely wouldn’t have done such a strenuous and unrewarding task. He gently apologised, "I\'m sorry Mingxiu, Aunty said that I had to call you over, but I really do want to invite you out for a meal, is tomorrow okay?"

Yan Mingxiu didn\'t want to take out his bad temper on him, but he didn’t put on a good face either. "No need. I\'m busy tomorrow."

Wang Yudong still wanted to say something, but Madam Yan called Yan Mingxiu to come over to her.

Yan Mingxiu went over and said grumpily, "You guys can discuss among yourselves, it\'s not me getting married, why did you have to call me over?"

Madam Yan glared at him. "This is a major event for your sister. Doesn\'t it look a bit more dignified when the entire family comes together?"

"Then why isn\'t my big brother here?"

"He\'s on a business trip, he couldn\'t come."

"Then why can\'t I not be able to come?"

Madam Yan puckered her eyebrows. "What\'s wrong with you? Is eating a meal together really so hard for you? How busy are you?"

"I\'ve just started up my company, and I’m also in charge of one of dad’s companies. You tell me, am I busy or not? In the future, don\'t call me over for this sort of matter, I have no opinion."

Madam Yan said resentfully, "Even if there’s nothing going on, don\'t tell me that I can\'t even see my own son when I want to? Instead of attending university here, you insisted on going to an overseas one, I didn\'t agree to it at that time. Even after you came back, you\'re never at home, what is it about home that can\'t make you stay?"

Yan Mingxiu looked at his mother\'s slightly wronged and resentful expression, and his attitude softened. "Mum, I didn\'t mean it that way, I really am busy."

It wasn\'t that home couldn\'t contain him. He just didn\'t want to hear news about his sister and Wang Yudong. It was best if he didn’t know anything. Unfortunately the two of them were planning to get engaged in later in the year. Every time he came home, the stuff they talked about at the dinner table would mainly related to that. He knew that Wang Yudong would never belong to him, but he just wanted to temporary escape and give his ears peace and quiet.

The meal was dry and tasteless. Yan Mingxiu felt only extreme gloominess seeing Yan Mingmei and Wang Yudong smile at each other and their intimate manner. He really wanted to shake his fist and leave.

At that precise moment, his phone sounded, notifying him that he had a new text message. He turned on the screen. Zhou Xiang had forwarded him a joke.

He never had a habit of returning Zhou Xiang\'s texts. If he needed to contact Zhou Xiang, he would directly call. However, right now, he desperately wanted to separate himself from the atmosphere in front of him, even if it was just using a text to temporary divert his attention. He returned: ‘Where are you?’

Zhou Xiang immediately replied: ‘At a film studio.’

Yan Mingxiu asked: ‘Where? I\'ll go find you.’

Zhou Xiang was absolutely overjoyed. Not only did Yan Mingxiu reply to his message, he even said that he wanted to find him. Yan Mingxiu was truly impossible to predict. Every time Zhou Xiang thought that there was no hope between them, Yan Mingxiu would move closer to him a little bit. It wasn\'t much, just a tiny little bit, but that tiny bit made him unbearably excited, made him want to approach Yan Mingxiu even more, made him want to know what other happy surprises Yan Mingxiu still had in store for him.

The first time Yan Mingxiu took the initiative to call him, the first time he smiled at him, the first time he returned his texts, were all things that made Zhou Xiang frolic with joy. Like clearing a level in a game, he experienced the satisfaction of slowly conquering the final BOSS.

With every little interaction he had with Yan Mingxiu and as their relationship got closer, Zhou Xiang would sometimes be able to reflect back on the feeling of being in love for the first time. Although he couldn\'t even remember how his first love looked like anymore, he still remembered that it was like being on an unpredictable roller coaster ride.

Zhou Xiang messaged Yan Mingxiu the address. On-the-spot action directing jobs were very dry and dull. He needed to constantly modify the unpractical requests that the director came up with, and then teach the actors and actresses how to accomplish the set of moves over and over again. Sometimes he would worry helplessly when an actor or actress simply couldn\'t get it right. Thus, in this sort of oppressive environment, he really looked forward to Yan Mingxiu\'s arrival. Every time he saw Yan Mingxiu, his mood would immediately brighten up.

Yan Mingxiu really couldn\'t stand this torturous meal any longer. In the end, in spite of the older generations’ discontent, he found an excuse and quickly ran away.

When Yan Mingxiu appeared at the studio, Zhou Xiang felt as if he had received a present that he had been waiting for a long time.

Taking advantage of Zhou Xiang’s break-time, Yan Mingxiu dragged Zhou Xiang into the toilet cubicle, pressed him against the door and roughly ravaged his mouth.

In between his ferocious kiss, Zhou Xiang arduously gasped for breath and said hoarsely, "What are you doing here? Weren\'t you going home?"

Yan Mingxiu bit Zhou Xiang\'s lips. "Don\'t speak." He reached his hand into Zhou Xiang\'s pants.

Zhou Xiang caught his hand. "You\'re not going to do it here, are you?"

"I want to do it here." Yan Mingxiu\'s eyes were abnormally bright.

Zhou Xiang forced a smile. "Don\'t be unreasonable, I still have to go back when my break is over."

Yan Mingxiu flipped him around and pressed him against the door. As he pulled down Zhou Xiang\'s pants, he nibbled Zhou Xiang\'s sensitive ear. "Let me do you."

Zhou Xiang felt that if he was ten years younger, perhaps he would agree to make love with a man in a toilet, but at this age, he truly wasn\'t suited to be doing something so crazy and reckless. He struggled, waiting to push Yan Mingxiu away but Yan Mingxiu was a lot stronger than he expected and his hands ended up being pinned against the door.

They had just done it in the morning. Zhou Xiang\'s lower body was still in a moist and soft state, Yan Mingxiu was able to squeeze himself in without much effort.

Zhou Xiang moaned, and said anxiously, "Wear a condom..."

Yan Mingxiu turned a deaf ear, and impatiently started thrusting in and out.

Both of them were still almost fully dressed, only Zhou Xiang\'s pants were at his knees. His chest was pasted against the wall. The door banged loudly as Zhou Xiang\'s body banged against the door from Yan Mingxiu\'s wanton thrusting.

Zhou Xiang\'s face was boiling red. If someone comes in at this moment...

It wasn’t that Yan Mingxiu wasn’t aware that this was not the right place to be doing this, so after he finished venting the gloominess and discontent in his heart, he quickly finished this episode of sex.

Zhou Xiang\'s legs felt like jelly. Yan Mingxiu sat down on the toilet seat lid while carrying him. Zhou Xiang had suffered an enormous shock. His eyes were a bit dazed. He wiped off the sweat on his forehead and said, gasping for air, "You young people\'s games are too stimulating..."

Yan Mingxiu stroked his face, and couldn\'t resist kissing his red and swollen lips. "I think you really like stimulation and excitement."

Zhou Xiang panted for breath several more times. "You brat, you normally don\'t talk much so it\'s impossible to tell you\'re such a mad... Oh no, I need to get back." Zhou Xiang pulled his pants and was going to stand up.

"Don\'t rush." Hugging his waist, Yan Mingxiu yanked out a few napkins, and in rare bout of kindness, gently helped clean Zhou Xiang’s lower body.

Zhou Xiang was about to protest, but Yan Mingxiu blocked his mouth, fondling him as much as he liked.

It took five to six minutes before Yan Mingxiu finally finished ‘wiping him clean’.

Zhou Xiang’s mind was restless and running like a horse, not thinking about work at all anymore.

Yan Mingxiu was a lot more brazen than Zhou Xiang was when he was twenty.

Yan Mingxiu helped him pull up his pants and buckle up his belt. He rubbed his lips against the tip of Zhou Xiang\'s nose. "I\'ll wait for you to get off work."

Zhou Xiang stared at Yan Mingxiu’s face. His heart was beating so fast he felt like it was going to jump out of his throat. Zhou Xiang faintly started to feel that their relationship, which was becoming more and more intimate, was getting a bit dangerous. In this community, sleeping with someone several times wasn\'t any serious matter, but if they fell in love for real, it absolutely wasn\'t as simple as \'if they like each other then they\'ll be together\'. Like the big majority of the gay community, Zhou Xiang longed for a serious relationship, but also feared it.