Professional Body Double - Chapter 14 (2)

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Zhou Xiang said with slight astonishment. "What are you doing here?" Although he was very surprised, he still couldn\'t conceal his delight.

Yan Mingxiu pulled the ear phones out of his ears. "I\'m not welcome?"

"How could that be? Come in."

Zhou Xiang opened the door and let Yan Mingxiu into the apartment.

Yan Mingxiu stared at the exposed area of Zhou Xiang\'s slender neck from the back. He really wanted to throw himself at him and take a bite, to vent out the resentment and indignation in his heart.

He drove almost three hours to the shooting location to see Wang Yudong, but in the end, Wang Yudong went to his sister\'s place, and Yan Mingxiu even had to bid him farewell with a smile. He was so angry he felt like heart and lungs were going to explode.

That\'s why he went to find Zhou Xiang. When he was on top of Zhou Xiang, he could hypnotise himself into thinking that he was with Dong\'ge, and make his heart feel a little better.

Zhou Xiang asked him, "Have you eaten? I only bought fast food for one person. If you want to eat something, I\'ll make it for you."

"No need, I\'ve already ordered food." Right after he said those words, the door bell sounded. Yan Mingxiu went to open the door. The moment Zhou Xiang saw that food delivery person\'s uniform he knew that the food was from that hotel opposite his neighbourhood.

Zhou Xiang laughed as he shook his head. "Boy, you really know how to enjoy life."

Yan Mingxiu looked at Zhou Xiang and remembered how he was using this person as a substitute for Dong\'ge\'s and felt a bit guilty inside, so he couldn\'t help but blurt out, "You\'re really tired from filming the whole day, so you should eat something good."

Zhou Xiang was really happy. He teased, "Not bad, you sure know how to dote on people." He sat at the table, and placed the food on the table one by one. "Come over to eat. It smells delicious." Zhou Xiang picked up a piece of T-bone steak with his chopsticks, and bit into it. The meat was fresh and tender, the sauce rich; it was very tasty.

Yan Mingxiu saw the content look on his face and felt an urge to smile. "This is so-so, I can cook better than this."

Zhou Xiang exclaimed, "You can cook?"

Not the least bothered by Zhou Xiang’s surprise, Yan Mingxiu replied, "I always cooked my own meals when I was living overseas. I don\'t like having strangers in my house."

"Let me try your cooking some other time."

"No problem." Yan Mingxiu thought for a moment. "Do you have any more work the next few days?"

"I\'m completely free next week. This profession is great, any day could be a day off."

"Then I\'ll stay here." Yan Mingxiu glanced at him. He had almost no intention of asking if he could stay because he knew that Zhou Xiang would definitely agree. He wasn\'t blind. He could tell that Zhou Xiang was really interested in him, and it just so happened that he didn\'t want to go home, and also didn\'t want to be alone.

Each taking what he needs; Yan Mingxiu really liked this sort of method of interaction.

Yan Mingxiu’s staying more than Zhou Xiang could have wished for. He smiled, "You’re welcome to stay however long you like." A beautiful man to keep him company during one of his rare holidays, adding an air of life to his house; he simply couldn\'t think of any reason to refuse.

After they finished eating, they had sex again. They were like two vigorous beasts, fervently entangling and copulating, leaving behind the traces of lovemaking everywhere around the small apartment.

Zhou Xiang hadn\'t passed his days so preposterously for a long time.

He and Yan Mingxiu were eating and living together. They almost didn\'t leave the house. Every day falling asleep in the midst of exhaustion from their mad and wild sex, sleeping until noon the next day, sometimes ordering takeout, sometimes going to the supermarket together to buy ingredients to cook, watching TV and playing games together. They grew more and more familiar with each other as they spent more and more time together, and Yan Mingxiu also started smiling more.

Yan Mingxiu had never been a person who was easy to get along with. He had very few friends because very few people could stand his unstable temper. However Zhou Xiang could, and that wasn\'t all, Zhou Xiang could also coax Yan Mingxiu into feeling comfortable and at ease, and patiently put up with Yan Mingxiu\'s immaturity and self-centeredness. For Zhou Xiang this wasn\'t anything difficult. A man is always especially patient to beautiful living beings. Besides, Zhou Xiang was originally a very patient, tolerant and magnanimous person anyway. Yan Mingxiu would sometimes show a bad attitude, but Zhou Xiang would treat it as he was acting like a spoiled child, and never bickered with him.

Thus, Yan Mingxiu increasingly felt that being with Zhou Xiang was really relaxing and comfortable.

They were like a pair of sweethearts who had lived together for a long time, living as if their lives only had each other.

The more Zhou Xiang interacted with Yan Mingxiu, the more he felt that Yan Mingxiu was a like little child. So long as you satisfied his demands, he was really easy to get along with. He wasn\'t planning to marry Yan Mingxiu, why should he care if Yan Mingxiu had a good temper or not.

At this point in time, forget Yan Mingxiu, not even Zhou Xiang was taking this relationship seriously.

Their six days of leisure and comfort came to an end very quickly. Zhou Xiang needed to got to work and Yan Mingxiu had been pestered by the two calls a day from home, and finally decided to go home.

Zhou Xiang had an appointment with someone, and was leaving the house first. When Yan Mingxiu saw Zhou Xiang put on his shoes and prepare to leave, a feeling of reluctance surged up in his heart. He pulled Zhou Xiang\'s arm, turned his shoulder around, pressed him against the wall and deeply kissed him.

Zhou Xiang hugged Yan Mingxiu\'s firm and narrow waist, closed his eyes and returned the passionate kiss. Yan Mingxiu unconsciously slipped his hand into Zhou Xiang\'s clothes. He didn\'t want to let Zhou Xiang go. As soon as he thought of Zhou Xiang accepting those jobs that tired him to death but didn\'t earn him much money, Yan Mingxiu really wanted to say to him, "I\'ll financially support you." However, as he knew that Zhou Xiang was really satisfied with his job, he couldn’t say it out loud.

Zhou Xiang laughed lightly, "Hey, hey, enough. If you keep touching me, I won\'t be able to leave, and you won\'t be able to leave either."

"Then don\'t leave, it\'s still raining outside."

"I can\'t do that. Work is a serious matter." Zhou Xiang laughed. "You can\'t bear to part with me? If that\'s the case, then don\'t leave either. Wait for big brother to come back to pamper you, okay?"

Yan Mingxiu pinched Zhou Xiang’s waist. "I need to go back home. I\'ll come back again another day."

"Fine, you\'re welcome here any time." Zhou Xiang licked his ear, and said ambiguously, "It feels so good doing it with you, if I can\'t see you, even just thinking of you gets me hard."

These flirtatious words were basically words that Zhou Xiang had spilled out without thinking and Yan Mingxiu also felt really comfortable hearing it. He bit Zhou Xiang\'s lips. "Even if you\'re hard, don\'t indiscriminately go shooting your gun. If you let another person top you, I won\'t spare you."

Zhou Xiang laughed out loud. "Why would I want anyone else if I have you?" However, he didn\'t take Yan Mingxiu\'s words to heart. He didn\'t know that Yan Mingxiu was being serious.

Yan Mingxiu originally never had any concept of chastity, but he unconsciously felt that Zhou Xiang belonged to him. Perhaps it was because he was the first person who topped Zhou Xiang, or perhaps it was because he thought of Zhou Xiang as Wang Yudong’s substitute, he couldn’t tolerate Zhou Xiang being with anyone else.

Although he could feel that there was something wrong with his thought process, he was too lazy to delve deeper to find out why. In his heart, only he was allowed to pierce Zhou Xiang\'s butt.

After Zhou Xiang left, Yan Mingxiu turned on his phone.

These past two days, in order to evade his mum and his sister\'s calls, he had only kept his phone on for a few hours. As soon as he turned it on, a text immediately popped out. Wang Yudong had sent it an hour ago, and the message read: "Dong\'ge wants to invite you out to eat."

Yan Mingxiu was overjoyed. His gloomy mood from Zhou Xiang leaving was immediately swept clean. He returned a confirmation message, and then rushed into the bathroom to have a shower. After tidying himself up, he headed straight for the restaurant.