Professional Body Double - Chapter 14

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ZhouXiang was also a little astonished, “Why are you here?" Although it is much unexpected, he couldn’t hide his pleasant surprise.

YanMingXiu took off his headphones, “Am I not welcome?”

“How can that be? Come on in."

ZhouXiang opened the door and let YanMingXiu into the condo.

Looking at ZhouXiang’s slender neck from behind, YanMingXiu really wanted to pounce on him and bite it to vent the grievances in his heart.

He drove for nearly three hours to the filming set to see WangYuDong, but in the end, WangYuDong still went to his sister\'s place. WangYuDong even said goodbye to him with a smile. YanMingXiu was so furious that he was about to explode.

So he came to look for ZhouXiang. When he fucked ZhouXiang, he could fantasize that he is with his Dong Ge, which made him feel better.

ZhouXiang, “Have you eaten? I just got fast food. What do you want to eat? I\'ll cook it for you."

“Don\'t need to. I ordered food,” Right after he said that, the doorbell rang. YanMingXiu went to open the door. Once ZhouXiang saw the uniform on the food delivery staff, he knew that it is from the hotel across from his neighborhood.

ZhouXiang smiled and shook his head, “You little brat really knows how to enjoy."

YanMingXiu looked at ZhouXiang. When he thought of himself treating this person as Dong Ge, he felt a bit guilty and couldn\'t help but say, “You must be very tired after a day of filming, you should eat something good.”

ZhouXiang is very happy. He smiled, “Not bad, you really know how to treat people well.” He sat down on the table and arranged the dishes one by one. “Come and eat. It smells very good.” ZhouXiang clipped a piece of T bone and took a bite. This meat is very tender and the sauce is so flavorful. It was very delicious.

YanMingXiu looked at his contented expression and wanted to laugh, “It\'s alright; I can make it better."

ZhouXiang is surprised, “You know how to cook?”

YanMingXiu responded nonchalantly, “I\'ve always cooked for myself when I was abroad. I don’t like having outsiders in my home.”

“Cook for me one day so I can try your culinary skills."

“No problem,” YanMingXiu thought for a moment. “You still have work later?”

“I\'m going to be free next week. This profession is good. It\'s doesn\'t have fixed days off."

“Then I\'ll stay here,” YanMingXiu gave him a look that didn\'t seem to be seeking permission because he knew that ZhouXiang would certainly agree. He’s not blind. He could see that ZhouXiang is very much interested in him. Adding on, he just didn\'t want to go home and also didn\'t want to think of someone.

They each take what they need. YanMingXiu liked this mode of getting along.

ZhouXiang more than welcome him. He lightly smiled, “How long do you want to stay?” It\'s rare to be able to spend time-off with an attractive man accompanying him, having some liveliness in the home, he couldn\'t think of any reason to refuse.

After the meal, the two have sex again. They are like two energetic vigorous beasts passionately entangling with each other, leaving sex traces all over the small home.

ZhouXiang had never lived such an incredible life in a long time.

During this period of short time, he and YanMingXiu lived and ate together; they barely went out. Every day, they had passionate sex and then exhaustively slept till the afternoon of the next day. Sometimes, they called for takeout; sometimes they went to the supermarket to buy food to cook. They watched movies and played games; the two of them got very familiar with each other.

YanMingXiu\'s smiles appeared more often. He had never been an easy person to get along with and didn’t have very many friends because very few people could stand his unpredictable bad temper. But ZhouXiang could. Not only that he could, ZhouXiang was also able to coaxingly make YanMingXiu feel very much at ease and comfortable. The most important is that ZhouXiang could tolerate YanMingXiu’s immaturity and selfishness. This was not something difficult for ZhouXiang to do. Men were always very patient and tolerant toward beautiful creatures. Especially since ZhouXiang have always been a patient and tolerant person. Toward YanMingXiu\'s occasional bad temper, ZhouXiang treated it as if YanMingXiu was just being a tease; he was never bothered by it.

YanMingXiu felt that when he is with ZhouXiang, he felt very relaxed and very comfortable.

They are like a couple who had been living together for a long time… living a life where they only have each other.

The longer they are together, the more ZhouXiang felt that YanMingXiu is like a child. As long his demands are met, it is very easy to get along with him. After all, he wasn\'t planning on marrying YanMingXiu, why bother on caring whether or not the person had a good or bad temper?

At that time, let alone YanMingXiu, even ZhouXiang, didn\'t take it seriously.

The six days of peaceful leisure time soon came to an end. ZhouXiang had to start on the stunt coordinator job for the ad he agreed to last time. YanMingXiu was also annoyed by the repeated phone calls urging him to go home. He finally planned to make a trip home.

ZhouXiang had an appointment with someone and had to leave first. YanMingXiu watched as ZhouXiang quickly put on his shoes. A gush of unwillingness rushed to his heart, he pulled ZhouXiang’s arm, turned him around and pressed him to the wall to kiss him intensely.

ZhouXiang held onto YanMingXiu’s slender waist and close his eyes to respond to the heated kiss. YanMingXiu unconsciously reached his hand into ZhouXiang\'s clothes. He didn’t want ZhouXiang to leave. When he thought of ZhouXiang going to a job that can make him extremely exhausted for only a few bucks, he really wanted to tell ZhouXiang that could support him. But he knew that ZhouXiang is very content with his work so he couldn\'t say it loud.

ZhouXiang lightly smiled, “Hey. Okay. If you continue to grope me, I won\'t be able to leave. You also won\'t be able to leave."

“Then don’t go; it’s still raining outside.”

“I can\'t ah. Work is a serious matter.” ZhouXiang smiled, “Not willing to part with me? If so, then don\'t leave. Wait for your big brother (referring to himself) to come back and give you some love?"

YanMingXiu pinched his waist, “I need to make a trip home. Will be back another day."

“Okay. You\'re welcome here at any time," ZhouXiang licked his ear and lewdly muttered, “It feels so good doing it with you. Even if I don\'t see you, I get hard just thinking of you."

Hearing these flirtatious words coming from ZhouXiang\'s mouth, YanMingXiu also felt very pleased. He bit ZhouXiang\'s lips, “Even if you\'re hard, don\'t casually have sex. If you let others fuck you, I won’t let you off.”

ZhouXiang laughed happily, “Having you, who else would I want?" He didn’t take YanMingXiu’s words seriously to heart. He didn’t know that YanMingXiu is serious about this.

YanMingXiu never had any concept of chastity, but he subconsciously regarded ZhouXiang as his. Perhaps because he is the first person to top ZhouXiang; or perhaps because he regarded ZhouXiang as WangYuDong so he could not stand ZhouXiang being close to other people. Although YanMingXiu felt that there is a problem with his way of thinking, he was too lazy to delve into the reasons. In his heart, he\'s the only one who can fuck ZhouXiang. After ZhouXiang left, YanMingXiu turned on his phone. In order to avoid the phone calls from his mother and his sister, his phone was only turned on for a couple of hours. Immediately after the phone is on, there was a text message. It was sent an hour ago from WangYuDong; the message read, "Dong Ge will treat you to dinner.” YanMingXiu was elated; his gloomy mood of ZhouXiang leaving was swept aside. He responded to the text with his confirmation. Then he quickly went to take a shower, tidied himself up and headed straight to the restaurant.

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