Professional Body Double - Chapter 12

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The morning light reflected on Zhou Xiang’s bare shoulders. It was already Fall, yet the sun could still burn his skin. ZhouXiang finally woke up.

He glanced at the clock on the wall. He hadn’t slept till noon for a long time. When he was young, he loved to sleep in. But after passing the age of 30, he\'s always felt that it was wasteful to spend time sleeping.

He was really too exhausted last night. ZhouXiang moved his thighs; his body is so sore. He really didn’t want to move.

YanMingXiu asked hoarsely above his head, “You\'re up?”

“Yea……” ZhouXiang turned over, “Fuck, I\'m really sore. You brat……I can\'t really tell." YanMingXiu looks so beautiful. How can he be such a wild beast in bed? That kind of strength is too vicious; that stamina is too……

YanMingXiu proudly \'humph\' twice, “Did my skills pass?” He couldn’t help but reach out to knead ZhouXiang\'s ass. It felt so great.

ZhouXiang responded, “But my bones are falling apart. I’m so exhausted. If I can’t get up tomorrow, you have to pay me for missing work.”

YanMingXiu casually asked, “What drama are you filming tomorrow?”

“Still the one with WangYuDong.”

YanMingXiu responded with an \'Oh,\' "Is he coming?”

ZhouXiang smiled, “Want to see him? I don’t know. The whereabouts of the big star will not be revealed to me.” He then asked, “Do you know WangYuDong?”

"Yea, we…our parents know each other."

“No wonder. In the beginning, I thought you and him were from the same management company.” ZhouXiang rolled over again and laid flat on the bed. With his waist sore, he couldn\'t straighten or bend. This is called discomfort, he quietly murmured.

YanMingXiu felt guilty so he put his hand on ZhouXiang\'s waist and massaged it twice, “Originally, I wanted you to cook for me. I\'m hungry. But seeing that you can\'t even get out of bed, let\'s call for takeout."

ZhouXiang \'humph\' twice, “Who said that I can’t get out of bed? I\'m just being lazy. Let\'s just call for takeout…” He reached out and grabbed the phone. “What do you want to eat?”

“Something light.”

"There is a porridge place outside the neighborhood. It\'s open twenty-four hours. I often eat there; it\'s pretty light."

“Okay. You order then,” YanMingXiu yawned and rubbed his smooth face on ZhouXiang’s chest like a lazy cat.

ZhouXiang caressed his bare back; although his body is not feeling very comfortable, he is in a good mood.

YanMingXiu caressed a bit here and there and then changed his course of action to suck on the little nub on ZhouXiang\'s chest with his tongue swirling back and forth.

ZhouXiang wanted to laugh at being toyed with. He pushed his head, "Sucking milk? Get up. That restaurant delivers food pretty quickly."

YanMingXiu licked his lips and reluctantly let him go.

ZhouXiang used his hand to pull himself up, his movements are particularly awkward.

YanMingXiu watched as ZhouXiang held his waist to walk oddly into the bathroom. His heart gushed up with pride and satisfaction. He didn’t expect to do it so many times last night. The sexual stimulation this man gives him is far from what he had imagined.

YanMingXiu is a very picky person. From childhood, he is only willing to enjoy the best of everything. Even his bed companions from when he was studying abroad were all rare beautiful men. Compared to these men, ZhouXiang is a far cry from them. As for comparing to WangYuDong, there is essentially no comparison. But this man (ZhouXiang) is just to YanMingXiu\'s liking, his character, his smile, and even his natural performance in bed.

The most important thing is that ZhouXiang has a back silhouette that is very similar to WangYuDong. Just looking at him makes him hard. He likes to have sex with this man, very much so.

After ZhouXiang came out from the shower, the food had just arrived.

YanMingXiu also finished washing up and walked out of the bathroom cheerfully. The heater is turned on in the room and it is warm. He only wore a pair of ZhouXiang\'s pajama pants; his broad shoulders and narrow waistline is very alluring.

ZhouXiang whistled, “MingXiu, if you become a star looking like this, don\'t know how many people will be captivated to death by you."

YanMingXiu is in a very good mood as he grinned and smiled, “I first need to captivate you to death is enough.”

ZhouXiang blew him a kiss, “I\'ve already been captivated to death. Come and eat.”

The two are like a couple who have been living together for a long time. After a night of frantic passion, they woke up at noon, sitting face to face to have breakfast in their pajamas. This ambiance is warm and harmonious.

After eating, ZhouXiang received a call from CaiWei.

“Hey, Wei Ge,” ZhouXiang put down the spoon in his mouth and answered vaguely.

CaiWei\'s crude voice sounded through the phone, "Just got up?"

"Ah, haha, yeah.”

“Dude, where did go have fun last night?”

“You won\'t know even if I tell you."

CaiWei smiled and scolded, “Shameless. Hurry and listen. I have a stunt coordinator job for you. Want to take it? It\'s not a movie but an ad."


“If you want it, come over this afternoon to discuss with them."

“How much?”

“You\'ll definitely be satisfied (with the amount).”

"Okay, text the address to my phone. I\'ll go over in the afternoon."

After he hung up, YanMingXiu frowned and looked at him, “You need to leave?”

“Yeah, someone introduced a job to me. I have to go discuss it with them. How about you stay here and wait for me? I\'ll come back tonight to pick you up for a good meal."

YanMingXiu said displeasingly, “Don\'t go.”

ZhouXiang stunned.

“Just stay at home today and be with me.”

ZhouXiang pamperly ruffle his head, “I also want to stay here with you, but brother, I, have to go to work. I have to take on more martial arts coordinating jobs so I can slowly move to that direction of work later."

YanMingXiu mumbled unhappily, “How much can you get doing that; might as well just stay home to be with me.”

ZhouXiang smiled, “I can definitely get two months\' worth of meals from it. This field pays very fast. Be good, wait for me. I’ll be back soon.”

He changed and quickly left without looking at YanMingXiu\'s darkened expression. He hoped that CaiWei would not see his oddly walking posture; otherwise CaiWei will definitely laugh at him.

ZhouXiang discussed with the screenwriter for two hours. They decided on the content, the requirements as well as the commission for the ad. After that, he got up and left.

He also wasn\'t willing to come out on his day off to talk about work. So right now, he is in a hurry to rush home to be intimate with YanMingXiu.

CaiWei called to stop him, “Hey, Ah Xiang, what\'s the hurry? Come to my house for dinner tonight? Your sister in-law (T/N) haven\'t seen you in a long time."

T/N: This sister in-law is not ZhouXiang\'s real sister in-law. His relationship with CaiWei is like brothers so ZhouXiang would refer to CaiWei\'s wife as his sister in-law.

“Another day; I have something to do tonight.”

“Fuck, what things? Which little moth have you been involved with recently?"

ZhouXiang just \'heh heh\' in response “Wei Ge, you\'re just jealous. A married man seeing me so unconstrained and free, you must be particularly jealous right? Oooh, let me take a closer look at your little eyes, are they red (jealous)? Jealous huh?”

CaiWei swatted away his hand away and laughably cursed, "Bullshit. Laozi (T/N) has a good life with wife and kids. You\'re jealous to death."

T/N: Laozi is an informal way of I.

“I\'m definitely not jealous,” ZhouXiang smiled, “I\'m so unconstrained and free. Anyways, I will call sister in-law when I get back. I really have something to do today. Gotta go.”

CaiWei patted his back firmly, “Get lost.”

ZhouXiang blew him a kiss, “Wei Ge, thank you for introducing the work to me. I\'ll treat you guys out to dinner.” After saying that, he left in an instant.

On his way home, he bought some beer and snacks. It just happened that there is a Real Madrid soccer game in the evening. He and YanMingXiu can watch the game together, how enjoyable.

After buying the things, he was very anxious to return home, “MingXiu, I am back.”

When he entered the home, he saw that YanMingXiu\'s shoes at the front door were gone. ZhouXiang was instantly disappointed but still unwilling to give up, he called out twice. The home is empty. No one responded.

In the past 20 years, besides him, this old home didn\'t have many guests. He can no longer remember the last time he called out, \'I am back\' when he returned home. What it felt like to get a response back, he thought he could experience it again today.

Unfortunately, YanMingXiu had already left; he is still alone.

ZhouXiang couldn’t hide his inner disappointment and dejectedly put the things on the table. The two leftover boxes from their lunch were still on the table… which proved that beside him, there was someone else here.

CaiWei\'s family treated him very well, but he is not willing to go to his house. CaiWei is right. He is very jealous of the joyous life of CaiWei\'s family. It\'s probably because ZhouXiang is naturally born to live a lonely life. His entire family died when he was just ten years old. Adding on, he is even gay. Such natural events in life such as having a wife, getting married, and have children will never happen in his life. Even finding a genuine same-sex companion is harder. He had slept with one after another, but none stayed by his side.

He really wanted to have a family.

ZhouXiang sighed, not knowing why he suddenly thought of these depressing matters, making his mood worse.

He got up and swiftly tidy up the table. Not willing to give up, he sent a text message to YanMingXiu. “There is a soccer game tonight. Come over to my home to watch it. I bought a lot of food.”

This text message is also like the other messages he sent…like a stone sinking into the vast ocean, with no response.

End of the chapter