Professional Body Double - Chapter 115

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When ZhouXiang woke up, it was already dawn.

He heard YanMingXiu’s voice coming from downstairs. It seemed like he is talking to somebody on the phone.

He turned over. His whole body is sore and achy, especially below his waist, it hurts every time he moves. He felt that this is even more exhausting than riding a horse. He lie on the bed and groaned for a bit and then slowly got up and wore YanMingXiu’s robe and went downstairs.

Indeed, YanMingXiu is talking on the phone in the living room, his expression looking very serious.

“We must obtain this within two days. I will contact Director Lee. Find ways to have the auditors redo the audit.”

ZhouXiang tied the strap on the robe as he walked downstairs and heard YanMingXiu talk but couldn’t guess what he’s talking about.

YanMingXiu quickly realized the moment ZhouXiang came downstairs from his movements. He lifted his head to look at him, his chilling expression change to a smile directly reflected in his eyes.

He quickly hung up the phone, “Xiang Ge, you’re up.”

“Why didn’t you wake me? It’s almost 10am.” When ZhouXiang thought about what happened yesterday, he actually felt embarrassed. It’s not the first or second time they made love frantically but not once had they done it with such desperation like that. Up until now, ZhouXiang is still in a daze over what happened. At times, he wondered if it had been a dream.

YanMingXiu walked over and kissed him, “Xiang Ge, you were awesome.”


“You went to see my dad yesterday. My dad had already told me.” YanMingXiu held ZhouXiang’s waist and said softly, “I’ve never felt so powerful. I feel that I have endless strength enabling me to fight with my dad for another three hundred rounds.”

ZhouXiang smiled and lowered his head, “MingXiu, sometimes I feel that I am quite a coward and timid but sometimes I feel that I’m quite manly. I also wanted to be a very manly person but I’ve always been unable to avoid my cowardly side. I may not always have the courage I had last yesterday. But…how do I say it? The thought of wanting to continue on with you gave me the persistence to be manly.”

YanMingXiu’s eyes turn red, revealing an extremely gentle and soft smile, “Xiang Ge, thank you. Everything that you had given me, I want to thank you.”

Just like many years ago, ZhouXiang habitually caressed his hair, “In fact, thinking about yesterday, it’s quite scary. Your dad has a gun on him right?”

YanMingXiu couldn’t help but laugh.

“You didn’t go back home yesterday, is it going to be okay?”

“Regardless, it’s already the way it is. I’ll go back later.”

ZhouXiang nodded, “You said yesterday……”


“You said that you have methods. I wanted to hear about it now.”

YanMingXiu kissed him intensely, “Okay, let me tell you.”

“Tell me.”

“It has to do with WangYuDong.”

ZhouXiang is surprised, “With him?” ZhouXiang immediately remembered the rumors circulating in the entertainment industry of WangYuDong’s illegal fundraising. He had thought about asking YanMingXiu before but he couldn’t even take care of his own matters so WangYuDong’s gossip was long forgotten. Could it be that YanMingXiu wanted to take advantage of this matter? When his thought came to this point, he immediately casted his own doubts, “There are gossips in the circle saying that he and his father are suspected of illegal fundraising. Is this related to that?”

“You already heard the news?”

“Yeah, CaiWei told me.”

YanMingXiu smiled, “Not bad. The news traveled fast.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was the one who spread that news.” YanMingXiu pulled him into the kitchen, “You still haven’t eaten breakfast yet. Come hurry and have breakfast.”

ZhouXiang wasn’t in the mood for breakfast. He looked at YanMingXiu inquiringly, “You spread it? Why?”

YanMingXiu filled a bowl of porridge for ZhouXiang, “Of course it’s to scare him.”

“Be a little more clearer.”

“Actually, the matter is not that serious. Simply put, I can make it so that it can be very serious, enough to make WangYuDong’s father stay in prison for the rest of his life and also resolved that matter.” YanMingXiu looked up, his eyes narrowed with a smile, “Although my dad looks down on WangYuDong’s father but if his in-law was to go to prison, he also loses face.”

“You……you had this planned out?”

“I was just taking advantage of this matter. I didn’t force him to do illegal fundraising.” YanMingXiu finished putting the porridge and the veggies together, “Hurry and come eat. You definitely haven’t eaten anything from last night till now.”

ZhouXiang’s face is a little pale; he suddenly felt that YanMingXiu is a little scary. Although YanMingXiu didn’t force them to do illegal fundraising but it’s still related to YanMingXiu’s unwillingness to help. Even though he might not have any sympathy toward WangYuDong but he just thought…just thought that YanMingXiu….this person is quite ruthless.

YanMingXiu patted his face and said resolutely, “Xiang Ge, there are a lot of things that I can’t explain clearly to you. You also don’t think about it okay? I am confident in this. I won’t really put WangYuDong in jail, or else my sister will be finished. But I must take advantage of this matter to stop them from getting in our way. Trust me, okay?”

ZhouXiang shook his head and sighed, “Business matters I don’t understand nor do I want to care. I just want to ask, the issue with marriage, how do you plan to handle it? Using WangYuDong? Will it really make your dad acquiesce from that (referring to the promise)?”

YanMingXiu’s face changed slightly and lowly uttered, “Xiang Ge, I had originally planned to meet that girl my dad introduced for a couple of times to satisfy their……”

ZhouXiang’s body stiffened.

YanMingXiu quickly added, “Xiang Ge, don’t worry. I definitely won’t marry anyone. I have confidence in this matter. Don’t think rashly, okay?”

ZhouXiang looked deeply into his eyes; after a long while, he reluctantly said, “Okay.”

YanMingXiu heaved a sigh of relief. He clenched his fist and said, “Xiang Ge, as long as you are by my side, I can completely change for you. I can do anything for you but you must not leave me. If you leave me, I don’t know what things I will do, do you understand?”

ZhouXiang felt numbed under his dark gazed. He nodded.

“YanMingXiu smiled and kissed him, “Hurry up and eat.”

ZhouXiang didn’t want to worry about anything. Anyway, he had already been prepared. He will live every day in the moment. If YanMingXiu really let him down in the future, he will just leave. It’s not that he can’t leave YanMingXiu; there’s no one who cannot leave the other.

After YanMingXiu left, ZhouXiang also left.

He went home first and replenished a lot of his daily necessities. Then took a break and went to the gym in the afternoon.

ZhouXiang had always been an exceptionally responsible person when it came to work. The studio asked him to lose ten to twelve pounds in two months so he will lose it.

After exercising, he took a shower and went to the locker room to change. His cell phone was in the locker. After he finished changing and took out his phone, he saw several missed calls, all of which were from YanMingSu.

His first instinct is that something happened to YanMingXiu. He quickly returned the call and it was connected very shortly.

“Hello? What happened?”

YanMingSu’s tone was not good, “Why are you just answering the phone now?”

“I was in the gym. What happened?”

“MingXiu had been beaten by my dad quite seriously. Come to the hospital.”

ZhouXiang grinded his teeth. He punched the locker with a loud bang and the poor quality tin door sunk in.

End of the chapter

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