Professional Body Double - Chapter 114

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ZhouXiang kept his head down the entire time, the ash from the cigarette fell to his feet, burning blotches on the carpet that he had painstakingly kept clean, but he didn\'t even realize it.

YanMingXiu took a deep breath, “Xiang Ge, I have already thought of countermeasures but I\'m not sure if it\'ll work that\'s why I haven\'t mentioned it to you. Do you want to hear it? ”

ZhouXiang shook his head, “I don\'t… not right now…. I just want to be a lone for a little while.”

“Okay, I\'ll give you some time to be alone. I\'ll be back here tomorrow night. If you\'re not here, I\'ll go pick you up.”

ZhouXiang lifted his head and look at YanMingXiu with bloodshot eyes, “You go back first.”

YanMingXiu turned his head, grabbed his clothes and left.

ZhouXiang showed a faint smile.

Is the problem stemming from them or from around them? Why are things always happening in ways that they least want? He and YanMingXiu wanted so desperately to pull themselves back onto the right track but get derailed again and again. It\'s as if there is an invisible force opposing them. No matter how hard they try, they can\'t free themselves from it.

It shouldn\'t be that everyone\'s love life is this difficult, right? So difficult it doesn\'t even make any sense.

ZhouXiang even starts to feel an indescribable resentment for everything that had happened from beginning to end. He\'s really unwilling to be resigned to this fate… for him and YanMingXiu to be manipulated by others, not being able to do anything about it…. just like this…

He had even lost his life, yet still couldn\'t disengage himself from this relationship. Having paid such huge price, it\'s definitely not to end up with nothing in the end.

How can he be willing to accept this?

ZhouXiang suddenly stood up, grabbed his coat and rushed out of the gate. He hailed for a taxi on the side of the road and gave a street name. It is a street in the embassy district. This area lives many leading governmental officials who had stepped down from their post but are still actively working. The distance is not far from his home. ZhouXiang had been there once. He thought that he would never have the chance to step into this place a second time his entire life, especially not the one to take the initiative to do so. But his heart felt tremendously suppressed, so much that all his rage flooded in that direction.

Before he regrets it, he wants to do what he wanted to do. Anyway, he really can’t see this getting any worse than it already is.

Shortly after ten minutes, he arrived at the door to the family’s compound. The soldier at the door looked very young. Rubbing his frozen red nose, he asked, “Who are you looking for?”

“I am looking for Chief Yan (T/N).”

T/N/: YanFei\'s title is 首長, which could mean senior official, senior officer, chief of a governmental entity.

“May I ask what your name is?”

"I\'m ZhouXiang.”

“Please wait a bit." The soldier went in and said something to the standing guards. A guard picked up the phone. After a while, a soldier took out a book, “Come, you have to register.”

ZhouXiang wrote down his name and the party he is looking for before being allowed to enter.

In a distance, a figure bundled up in a military jacket walked toward him. After approaching closer, ZhouXiang recognized that this person is YanFei\'s personal security guard.

“ZhouXiang right? Follow me.” ZhouXiang sniffed his nose and silently followed him.

The family\'s courtyard is unusually quiet. The hustle and bustle of Beijing at night seemed to not have even the slightest effect in this place. This kind of silence made ZhouXiang’s heart beat erratically.

The guard brought him into the building where he was the last time. There is a big army vehicle and a red flag in the yard. He knew that YanDeJiang as well as the family\'s two sons and daughter don\'t usually live in this home. But at this time, if YanMingSu was at home, he might be able to alleviate some of his nervousness.

He really came.

YanFei and YanMingXiu’s mother sat in the spacious living room waiting for him. Even without wearing his military uniform, YanFei looked prestigiously imposing. With his brows bunched, “Why did you come to my house?”

The moment ZhouXiang saw him, he is surprisingly calm, “Chief, didn\'t you also came to my home?"

YanFei is momentarily speechless; his expression not looking good.

“Are you here to look for me? MingXiu don\'t live here.”

“I\'m here to look for you. I\'ve something to say to you”

YanFei\'s eyebrows twitched, his tone a bit harsh, “Say it.”

YanMingXiu’s mother tugged his arm, her expression looking a bit condemning. YanFei glared at her and swept her hand away.

ZhouXiang remained standing at the door. YanFei had no intention to invite him in. In fact, ZhouXiang didn\'t plan on going in. He just came to finish what he had wanted to say. This place has nothing worthy for him to stay.

ZhouXiang said calmly, “Chief, whether you believe it or not, MingXiu and I are serious about each other. There are many things in the world that you don’t want to believe in nor understand, but it really does exist.”

YanFei slammed fiercely on the table, his breath unsteady as he angrily muttered, “Keep talking!!"

“What I want to say is very simple. MingXiu will not marry anyone. If he does, this would long ago have nothing to do with me. Indeed, I really can\'t have children. After all, I\'m not a woman. I am being with him as a man. I have my own career, he also has his own. We don\'t affect each other. I won’t be a lover that is secretly hidden from the world, especially waiting to take on whatever role it may be after he gets married. All the things you expect me to do, I may not be able to do it. But there is only one thing that I can do, and that is, I will always treat him as the most important person to me in the world. My heart will never change. I hope….. that you guys can respect your son\'s choice."

YanMingXiu’s parents looked at him dazedly, not regaining their senses.

ZhouXiang bowed to them. Then turned around and walked out.

The snow on the ground still has not melted, making that \'zhizha\' sounds upon being stepped on. ZhouXiang hearing the sounds felt as if it is playing a splendid tune.

He\'s probably gone crazy or had taken on the heartbroken mentality. Regardless, he was too lazy to care. To be able to freely spill everything that he had kept in his heart in front of the Yan family is extremely thrilling. Whatever happens going forward will just let it be. Can there be anything that is worse than what he had experience before? There won’t be, so there is nothing for him to worry about.

He hailed for a taxi and gave a familiar address.

After more than ten minutes, he stood outside the door of YanMingXiu’s home.

He just came over like that. In fact, that was not hard at all.

He put his finger over the doorbell and was just about to press it when the door suddenly opened from the inside.

YanMingXiu is rushing out. He didn\'t even wear his jacket as he dashed out and immediately slammed into ZhouXiang.

“Xiang Ge?” YanMingXiu looked at ZhouXiang in disbelief.

The corners of ZhouXiang\'s stiffened mouth lifted in a forced smile, “Where are you going in such a hurry?”

“My dad called me and said-”

ZhouXiang interrupted him, “Said that I went there? That\'s right. I went there and then I came back.”

YanMingXiu gasped heavily, “Why did you go there. What did you say?”

ZhouXiang stroked his (own) face and said warmly, “I said that you won’t marry anyone. You can only be with me. You have no objections, right?”

YanMingXiu’s expression can be described as unpredictable, this look of sadness and extreme happiness collided making ZhouXiang endlessly sad seeing him like this.

In the next second, he was dragged through the door by YanMingXiu. His back slammed harshly into the wall, so hard that he is seeing stars as soft lips covered his lips, vigorously kissing him with such desperate eagerness.

ZhouXiang’s fingers caressed his hair as he responded fervently.

YanMingXiu removed his clothes, his warm hands stroking back and forth around his waist, igniting the fires of desire everywhere on his body.

ZhouXiang gasped, “Your dad told you to go home….”

“…Don\'t care,” YanMingXiu said resolutely. In the next second, he pulled down ZhouXiang’s pants and slid his fingers into ZhouXiang\'s underwear, meandering his way to the soft meat hidden in the pubic hair.

ZhouXiang also reached out to grasp onto YanMingXiu’s cock, feeling the soft organ getting hotter, harder and bigger in the palm of his hand.

The two are like two hungry beasts, only by devouring the other person could they survive.

Very soon, they were rolling on the carpet with their clothes disheveled.

YanMingXiu stripped all the clothes off ZhouXiang, his rain-like kisses continuously fall on ZhouXiang’s chest and his hand movements below got faster and faster. ZhouXiang could not last long with YanMingXiu\'s skillful caress. He came very soon.

YanMingXiu smeared ZhouXiang\'s tightly closed corridor with his bodily fluid, the familiar entry is lubricated as fingers plunged into the secluded hole, massaging and expanded it in circular motions.

ZhouXiang spread his legs and wrapped it around YanMingXiu\'s waist as he continuously kissed his (YanMingXiu) chest without the slightest hesitation. It is as though he wanted to use his intense actions to merge their bodies.

YanMingXiu gasped, “I\'m not wearing condom…”

ZhouXiang gnawed his teeth, “Put it in, just put it in…”

Having received the encouragement he was most satisfied with, YanMingXiu readied his cock and resolutely plunged forward, diving into this person whom he had yearned for, the person whom he had tried to possess by all means.

“Ahhhh, mnnn… oooooh…” ZhouXiang painfully moaned as he tightly hugged YanMingXiu.

Blue veins protruded on YanMingXiu\'s forehead as he tried to suppress himself from wildly thrusting into ZhouXiang, instead he penetrated him slowly, waiting for the tight tunnel to open completely.

ZhouXiang desperately restrain himself from moaning out loud as he continuously called out the name of the person whom will be intertwined with him for the rest of his life ‘YanMingXiu’.

YanMingXiu held onto ZhouXiang\'s waist, his hard and hot cock continued to glide back and forth in the narrow flesh walls. ZhouXiang\'s body shook as he starts to feel the familiar climatic pleasure slowly rising up, forcing him to hug YanMingXiu even more tightly, his waist arched, urging with silent movement.

YanMingXiu’s patience has also reached the limit. He bent ZhouXiang’s thighs to his chest and clutched his waist, lifting it and vigorously thrusted again and again into this tunnel that drives people crazy. The sounds from the slamming of their bodies continuously rang into their ears, pulling them into a delirious state of ecstasy. ZhouXiang raised his neck, his face inflamed as he undulated his body to meet YanMingXiu\'s attacks without reservations.

The two rolled onto the soft carpet with their bodies tightly entangled. Being fully immersed in the most primitive lust, they almost didn\'t know what exhaustion meant as they continuously tried to grasp the thrills of passion from the other person, both indulging themselves in the seas of desires unable to pull themselves out.

This kind of exuberant uninhibited feeling gave rise to a very intensive feeling within their hearts. And that is, things should have been like this, this is what they wanted. Nothing should be changed. Actually everything that they want, they had already gotten it a long time ago. Having been tormented for a few years, as it turns out, what they have been looking for had already came true in the very beginning.

Yet they went through so many detours, paying such high price only to go back to their original starting point.

ZhouXiang is both grateful and pained.

At least they still have that chance to go back to how they were. At least… they still have that chance.

End of the chapter