Professional Body Double - Chapter 11 (2)

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R18 - NSFW

After Zhou Xiang ate his full, he chatted while he helped peel crab for Yan Mingxiu. He dipped the white tender crab meat into the clear yellow fragrant thick curry, and placed it in Yan Mingxiu\'s plate.

Yan Mingxiu felt that this sort of action, which was clearly done kiss up to him, was very convenient. However, he had been waited upon his entire life, and didn\'t feel that it was anything inappropriate, fully enjoying Zhou Xiang\'s service with a clear conscience.

He could tell that Zhou Xiang really liked him. Zhou Xiang was one of the rare people that Yan Mingxiu didn\'t want to kick away despite his exceptionally eager attentiveness towards him. This was because Zhou Xiang\'s attentiveness didn’t make him feel fed up or annoyed, but instead made him feel his passion and tenderness.

After they finished eating, Zhou Xiang made an excuse that he was going to bathroom, wanting to go pay the restaurant bill.

Yan Mingxiu pointed to the direction of the window. "This room has a toilet."

"Oh, I want to go out to smoke on the way." This meal probably cost a lot of money. However, in the really least, Zhou Xiang thought, he had income, while Yan Mingxiu had just graduated from university and probably hadn\'t found a job yet.

Zhou Xiang first went to the toilet and when he came back, he passed the front desk and told the employee at the cash out that he wanted to pay the restaurant bill.

The employee brought up their order and said after one look, "Sir, your table is signed, you don\'t need to pay the bill."

"What do you mean?"

"Our restaurant has a membership system. Your room is a room for members, you don\'t need to pay."

Zhou Xiang responded with an "Oh". Good, saved some money.

When Zhou Xiang returned to the room, Yan Mingxiu was already standing and was planning walk out. Zhou Xiang pressed a hand on the door frame, and asked him with a smile, "Right now, it\'s only a bit past nine, how about we find a place to have a drink?"

Yan Mingxiu shook his head. "Not interested."

"Then where do you wanna go?"

"Your place."

Zhou Xiang laughed aloud a few times and then lowered his voice and said flirtatiously, "How come you don’t look like you’re in as much of a hurry as you sound?"

Yan Mingxiu replied, "I just don\'t like noisy places."

"Fine, let\'s go home. My house is quiet."

When Zhou Xiang went to get his car from the parking lot, Yan Mingxiu rang the chauffeur to tell him to come over and drive his car back. He then left in Zhou Xiang\'s car.

Zhou Xiang\'s house was small and old, but for some reason Yan Mingxiu really liked it. It was probably because it had that feeling of ‘home’ everywhere, and the smell of everyday life.

When they arrived at Zhou Xiang\'s home, Zhou Xiang took off his own jacket and threw it on the sofa. He then turned around to ask Yan Mingxiu, "You wash first, or should I wash first? Or..." He licked his lips, and smiled ambiguously, "Together?"

Yan Mingxiu pinched his chin. "You wash first. After you\'re done, wait for me in bed."

Zhou Xiang laughed playfully. "No problem," he replied, and went to have a shower while humming a made-up tune. After he finished his shower, he also specially sprayed on a bit of cologne.

While Yan Mingxiu was in the shower, Zhou Xiang took the opportunity to take out lubricant and condoms. He normally never used KY on himself. Zhou Xiang felt it was very miraculous, that there would actuallybe a day where a purely masculine guy like him would be a 0. Would it hurt? Oh screw it, if it wasn\'t pleasurable, there wouldn\'t be so many gay guys willing to be drilled by a man. This experience was going to be fresh and exciting for sure.

Zhou Xiang also specially lit some incense, wanting to make the atmosphere a bit more romantic. Lovemaking was an important pastime. If it all worked out well, he\'ll be able to reflect back on it for a long time. Above all, he was doing it with a beauty like Yan Mingxiu, so he definitely had to take it seriously.

A while later, Yan Mingxiu came out. As soon as he entered the bedroom, he saw Zhou Xiang sitting at the headboard smiling at him devilishly, wearing a pair of black bullet briefs. Although Zhou Xiang wouldn\'t be considered very handsome, he was very masculine. He had an extremely good figure; the sort of slender, healthy and beautiful figure of a standard male model. His body muscles evenly distributed and beautiful, but didn\'t appear exaggerated. A bulging sex organ was parcelled between his two thighs. He had a sort of particular flavour, sexy to the point it gave people nose bleeds.

Yan Mingxiu was really satisfied with Zhou Xiang\'s outer appearance and his personality which was a perfect makeup of suaveness and passion; it permeated this thirty year old man with a mature charm, so that people couldn\'t help but want to properly discipline him.

Zhou Xiang smiled at him. "Let\'s get this out of the way first, I have to work the day after tomorrow. If your technique isn\'t up to scratch you must give prior notice, don\'t defraud me." He had heard of cases where people had ended up in hospital from their first time. He didn\'t want to end up in such an embarrassing situation just from having sex. Though his words were very conservative, Zhou Xiang\'s eyes were already nakedly checking out Yan Mingxiu\'s chest. Those muscles were too beautiful, and his skin was so exquisite it shone. When Yan Mingxiu wore clothes, he looked really slender; perhaps it was because he was too tall. Zhou Xiang hadn\'t expected that once he stripped off his clothes, he would be so sturdily built. Matched up with those pair of long legs and that face, tsk, tsk, his feelings right now, was exactly the same as how a straight man would feel when a peerlessly beautiful woman is about to go to bed with him.

Yan Mingxiu lightly hooked his slender fingers on the bath towel\'s bow knot. Zhou Xiang\'s eyes stared fixedly at his hand. That hand only needed to lightly pull once and then Zhou Xiang would be able to see what he wanted to see.

The bath towel was deftly pulled off and tossed to the ground. The discrepancy between the size of that chap between Yan Mingxiu\'s legs and that face of his was too wide. Zhou Xiang was a bit startled.

Yan Mingxiu slowly walked over. Zhou Xiang sat up on the bed, and pulled his arm, yanking him down onto the bed. Zhou Xiang climbed on top of him, and said, lightly smiling, "Mingxiu, you drive me crazy." He had spoken sweet words of endearment to many people in bed in the past, but today these words came from the bottom of his heart.

Yan Mingxiu\'s hand wandered around his body. He said hoarsely, " I\'ll let you see if my technique is up to standard or not."

Zhou Xiang laughed as he dipped his head and covered Yan Mingxiu\'s mouth with his, carefully tasting the soft pair of lips inside his mouth. Yan Mingxiu fondled and stroked his skin without stopping; that smooth and firm sensation under his hand felt too good.

Zhou Xiang had enough of kissing his lips, and shifted his lips onto his chin, delicately nibbling with his teeth. Yan Mingxiu\'s breathing grew noticeably heavier. He flipped over and pressed Zhou Xiang under his body. One hand grabbed hold of Zhou Xiang\'s length and started rubbing and playing with it.

Zhou Xiang also grabbed onto Yan Mingxiu\'s big hot erection. The size was truly spectacular, making him feel extremely excited. While they kissed and stroked, they rubbed each other’s desire. They entwined and rolled like two snakes, their burning bodies tightly rubbing against each other, causing their body temperatures to rise continuously, and their blood to boil up higher and higher.

Yan Mingxiu slapped Zhou Xiang\'s firm butt. "Turn around."

Zhou Xiang did as he was told and rotated his body, leaving them one on top of the other, with heads on opposing sides. He pressed one hand on Yan Mingxiu\'s thigh, grabbed hold of Yan Mingxiu\'s sex organ with his other hand and took that stiff treasure into his mouth. Zhou Xiang\'s blowjob was pretty good. After he licked Yan Mingxiu\'s big treasure a few times, it stiffened even more.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xiang\'s entire lower body was in front of Yan Mingxiu\'s eyes. Yan Mingxiu parted his thighs, squeezed some lubricant onto his palms and applied it between the crack of Zhou Xiang\'s butt. He pulled apart Zhou Xiang\'s tight butt cheeks, skilfully poking and exploring that tightly closed chrysanthemum hole with his slender finger, and then slowly pushed his finger in.

Zhou Xiang felt a bit indisposed and twisted his butt. Yan Mingxiu gave his butt a slap. "Don\'t move."

Zhou Xiang purposely rubbed his own sex organ on Yan Mingxiu\'s chest. His mouth worked hard to suck Yan Mingxiu\'s cock in and out, while also using one hand to play with Yan Mingxiu\'s round sacks.

Yan Mingxiu\'s finger was now completely inside Zhou Xiang\'s meat hole. With the help of the lubricant, he stirred and slid his finger in and out. From beginning to end, Zhou Xiang could feel that there was something inside his butt. Although, he couldn\'t say that it hurt, it was definitely not comfortable. Don\'t tell me this is how it feels to be a 0? It truly didn\'t feel good.

Just as he was puzzling over this, Zhou Xiang felt Yan Mingxiu squeeze in yet another finger. When he had sex with other people in this past, doing that sort of thing was really normal. He hadn\'t expected that it\'ll feel completely different when it was being done to him.

Zhou Xiang lifted his head, panting as he said, "Hey, lighter, it feels very weird."

Yan Mingxiu arched his lower body up. "Don\'t speak, I guarantee that I\'ll make you feel good. Suck it properly."

Zhou Xiang twitched his mouth, and deliberately stuck out his tongue and fiercely sucked the meat head. Yan Mingxiu sucked in a breath of cold air; that had almost made him ejaculate. Slightly mad, he gave Zhou Xiang\'s buttocks a heavy slap and stabbed his finger into Zhou Xiang\'s chrysanthemum hole.

Zhou Xiang cried out quietly, "F**k... It hurts, be gentler."

There was a hint of warning in Yan Mingxiu\'s voice, but his words were incomparably erotic, "I haven\'t f**ked you yet, if you make me shoot out, I\'ll have no choice but use my fingers."

Zhou Xiang laughed, "If you shoot, then it\'s because you\'re no good, don\'t put the blame on me."

Yan Mingxiu extracted a dripping finger, and quickly sat up, half kneeling behind Zhou Xiang. "Give me a condom."

Zhou Xiang felt out a condom from the head of the bed. He turned around and tore open the packaging, giving Yan Mingxiu a blowjob while putting on a condom for him.

The veins on Yan Mingxiu\'s erection were exploding out. It was already an arrow pulled back on a bow, impatiently wanting to stab into Zhou Xiang\'s body and go all out.

Zhou Xiang generously lay on top of Yan Mingxiu’s body and hooked his arms around Yan Mingxiu\'s neck, "Be gentle."

Yan Mingxiu looked at his face and a peculiar feeling arose in his heart. He pulled up Zhou Xiang\'s arms, and flipped Zhou Xiang’s body around, making him lean forward on his knees.

Zhou Xiang said with astonishment, "You like doing it in this position?"

Before he had even finished speaking, Yan Mingxiu had already pressed his head onto the bed. "Don\'t talk, concentrate." After he spoke, he hugged Zhou Xiang\'s waist, grabbed his own meat stick and attempted to force that massive head into that slightly stretched small meat hole.

Zhou Xiang finally felt some pain, baring his teeth, "Lighter, hiss... It still really hurts."

At this point, Yan Mingxiu already couldn\'t quite control himself anymore. Zhou Xiang\'s wide shoulders, graceful shoulder blades, and also the fine sweat drops running down his back, all made his blood vessels want to burst. That sexy back momentary overlapped with Wang Yudong\'s form. Yan Mingxiu could feel blood furiously rushing down to his nether regions, screaming that they wanted to ruthlessly f*** this person dry, to vent out all his thirst for him.

Yan Mingxiu didn\'t let Zhou Xiang retreat and pushed his thick cock into Zhou Xiang\'s body.

Zhou Xiang sucked in a breath of cold air, thinking inside that this brat really was just talking big, his skills were crappy to the core, not as good as Zhou Xiang was. But they were already at this critical junction, and there was no way he could tell Yan Mingxiu to stop, and had no other choice but to accept Yan Mingxiu\'s entry.

Yan Mingxiu slowly let out a long breath. Zhou Xiang had never heard such a satisfied sigh before, and felt extremely happy for a moment.

Yan Mingxiu held Zhou Xiang\'s waist in place, and started moving, gradually speeding up.

Zhou Xiang buried his head into his sheets, holding up against the foreign invasion. You could say it hurt, but it was still bearable. But the feeling of having something stab inside his butt was too strange; he had never felt this way when he was stabbing other people.

Yan Mingxiu speed up, and skilfully sought out Zhou Xiang\'s sensitive spots; he poked in different directions, searching, and finally managed to make Zhou Xiang start crying out.

After the initial pain passed, as Yan Mingxiu thrust in and out, Zhou Xiang felt a strange wave of pleasure. He unconsciously twisted his butt, not knowing if he wanted get rid of this unfamiliar feeling, or if he wanted to demand for more.

Yan Mingxiu started furiously thrusting in and out like a violent storm. His firm thigh muscles slapped against Zhou Xiang\'s butt. His eyes were a bit unfocussed from the continuously rising pleasure. The back view of Zhou Xiang kneeling in front of him letting him f*** him as he wished, and Wang Yudong\'s eternally elegant back-view superimposed together. His thrusts became faster and more aggressive, pounding Zhou Xiang to the point he couldn’t stop moaning helplessly.

In the end, Zhou Xiang was f***ed till he didn\'t even have the strength to hold himself up. Yan Mingxiu then supported his waist and continued to enter from behind; the sweat on Zhou Xiang\'s back gave him an urge to lick off all of the drops one by one.

It didn\'t seem like it was their first time making love at all. Their bodies were astonishingly compatible. In one night, Yan Mingxiu pressed Zhou Xiang down and did him three times; concluding with an indescribable climax every time. In the end, Zhou Xiang\'s voice was so hoarse he could no longer make any sound, and could only let Yan Mingxiu bring him into tide after tide of intense pleasure, unable to break free.