Professional Body Double - Chapter 11

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ZhouXiang put down his chopsticks after eating a little. The food is very good but he really couldn\'t eat anymore. So he just sat there and chatted while at the same time help YanMingXiu remove the crab meat from the shell, dipped it in yellow curry sauce and placed it on his plate.

This obvious doting action made YanMingXiu feel quite pleased. He had been served by people since he was a child so he didn\'t feel that there was anything wrong with it. He actually enjoyed having ZhouXiang serve him.

YanMingXiu could see that ZhouXiang likes him very much. ZhouXiang is likely one of those rare people who is very attentive to YanMingXiu and whom he does not want to push way because ZhouXiang’s kind of attentiveness doesn\'t make people feel tired. Instead, he allowed people to feel his enthusiasm and warmly tenderness.

After the two finished eating, ZhouXiang excused himself to use the restroom, wanting to pay the bill.

YanMingXiu pointed toward the direction of the window, "There is a restroom in this private room.”

“Oh, I also wanted to go smoke a cigarette." He figured that this meal must have cost a lot of money. He has a good income while YanMingXiu had just graduated from college and probably hasn\'t found a job yet.

After ZhouXiang went to the restroom, he went to the cashier to pay the bill.

The cashier took out their bill to look, "Sir, your table is on credit. No need to pay."

“What does that mean?”

"Our restaurant has a membership system. This room is booked by a member and does not need to pay cash."

ZhouXiang said “Oh.” Fine, save my money then.

When ZhouXiang returned to the room, YanMingXiu had already stood up, intending to leave. ZhouXiang’s hand pressed against the door frame as he smiled and asked him, “It’s only nine o’clock, let’s find a place to have a drink?”

YanMingXiu shook his head, “No fun.”

“Then where do you want to go?”

“Your place.”

ZhouXiang laughed a few times, then lowered his voice and asked vaguely, “How come I can’t see that you are actually this anxious (to have sex)?”

YanMingXiu respond, “I just don’t like noisy places.”

"Fine. Let\'s go to my home. My place is quiet.”

After they left the restaurant, ZhouXiang went directly to get his car. YanMingXiu pondered and then called his driver to come over to help him take his car back while he left in ZhouXiang’s car.

ZhouXiang’s home is small and old, but unknowingly YanMingXiu likes it a lot. It\'s probably because this home has a \'homely\' feel and is full of life everywhere.

When the two returned to the home, ZhouXiang took off his jacket and threw it on the sofa, then turned to ask YanMingXiu, “You want to shower first or me first? Or……" He licked his lips and smiled mischievously, “Together?”

YanMingXiu clenched his chin. “You first, wait for me in bed after you\'re done.”

ZhouXiang laughed, “No problem.” After saying that, he hummed a little song and went to take a shower. After washing, he especially sprayed some cologne on himself.

While YanMingXiu was showering, ZhouXiang took out the lubricant and condom. KY is something that is normally not used on him. ZhouXiang felt that this is quite mystical. There is actually a day when a pure man like him would be a 0. He didn\'t know if it would hurt or not but who cares. If it\'s not pleasurable, there won\'t be so many gays willing to be fucked by men. This kind of experience (being a 0) is bound to be very fresh and exciting.

ZhouXiang also deliberately burned some fragrant candle to make the atmosphere more romantic. Making love is an important enjoyment. If done well, it will be memorable for a long time, especially with a stunning man like YanMingXiu. He must absolutely take it seriously.

After a while, YanMingXiu came out. As soon as he entered the bedroom, he sees ZhouXiang wearing a pair of black briefs sitting on the bed smirking at him. ZhouXiang is not very handsome but is very manly. His figure is very good; a standard male model\'s body. His muscles are beautifully even and not overly exaggerated; his bulging penis encased in the area between his legs. He has this extraordinary scent, so sexy that it gives people nosebleeds.

YanMingXiu is quite satisfied with ZhouXiang\'s appearance. ZhouXiang\'s smooth and sly, yet passionate personality blended together is just perfect. It makes this 30-year old man full of matured charms… so much that people can’t help but want to tame him.

ZhouXiang smiled at him, “Let’s agree on something first. I still have to work the day after tomorrow. If your skills are not up to par, you better say so ahead of time, don\'t dupe me." He\'s heard of people having to go to the hospital from their first time (being a 0). He just wants to have sex. That\'s all. He didn\'t want to be embarrassed. Although his words sound quite conservative, ZhouXiang\'s eyes have already nakedly swept at YanMingXiu\'s abs. His muscles are too beautiful and his skin so exquisite that it\'s reflective. YanMingXiu looks very thin when he\'s wearing clothes but that\'s probably because he\'s so tall. ZhouXiang didn\'t expect that once YanMingXiu remove his clothes, his body would be so firm, paired with his long legs and his face, click-click (clicking his tongue sound), his mood right now is just like a straight male having sex with an exceptional beauty.

YanMingXiu’s slender fingers gently hooked on the knot of the bath towel. ZhouXiang’s eyes stared at his hand. YanMingXiu\'s fingers only need to pull gently and ZhouXiang would be able to see what he wanted to see.

The bath towel was gently removed and thrown to the ground. The (huge) size of YanMingXiu\'s cock visibly between his legs is vastly different compared to his stunning appearance, causing ZhouXiang to be a bit shocked.

YanMingXiu walked over slowly; ZhouXiang sat up from the bed and pulled him onto the bed. ZhouXiang climbed on top of him and faintly smile, “MingXiu, you\'re so damn mesmerizing to me.” He had said sweet words to many people on the bed, but this sentence today is absolutely heartfelt.

YanMingXiu’s hand wandered around ZhouXiang\'s body as he hoarsely muttered, “I\'ll let you see if my skills could pass."

ZhouXiang smiled and lowered his head to suck onto YanMingXiu’s lips, very carefully tasting his lips. YanMingXiu kept caressing his skin; the smooth and firm skin feels really good in his hands.

After ZhouXiang satiated himself with sucking YanMingXiu\'s lips, he moved to his chin and carefully bit him with his teeth. YanMingXiu’s breathing obviously became heavier. He turned over and pressed ZhouXiang beneath him. Then immediately grabbed ZhouXiang’s cock and stroked it.

ZhouXiang also grabbed YanMingXiu’s big hardened hot rod. This size is really gratifying, arousing him endlessly. The two kissed while stroking each other others desires. Entangling like two snakes rolling around, their fiery hot bodies grinded tightly against each other, causing their body temperatures to rise continuously and their blood to boil.

YanMingXiu patted ZhouXiang’s firm ass, “Turn over.”

ZhouXiang knowingly turned his body over and flip to the other side; the two men are in a top-to-bottom (6-9) position. He pressed YanMingXiu’s thigh with one hand and pulled his cock with another hand to put the hard baby into his mouth. ZhouXiang’s blowjob is great. After a few sucking of YanMingXiu’s big baby, it got even harder.

At the same time, ZhouXiang’s entire lower body is in front of YanMingXiu\'s eyes. YanMingXiu spread apart his thighs and squeezed some lubricant onto his palm and smeared it on ZhouXiang\'s butt crack. Then he spread the tight buttocks and used his slender finger to skillfully poke at the tight chrysanthemum, slowly inserting his finger.

ZhouXiang felt a bit uncomfortable and turned his butt. YanMingXiu slapped his ass, “Don’t move.”

ZhouXiang deliberately used his cock to rub against YanMingXiu’s chest, his mouth sucked YanMingXiu’s cock harder while one of his hand played with YanMingXiu balls.

YanMingXiu’s finger inserted fully into ZhouXiang\'s hole. With the effect of the lubricant, he began to thrust his finger. ZhouXiang obviously felt that there is something in his butt. Even though it\'s not considered painful, it definitely felt uncomfortable. Could it be that this is how it feels to be a 0? This really doesn\'t feel very good.

While ZhouXiang was still wondering, he felt YanMingXiu squeezing in another finger. This is quite common when he did it to other people, but he didn\'t expect it to feel so different when done to his own body.

ZhouXiang looked up and gasped, “Hey, be gentle, it feels weird.”

YanMingXiu arched his lower body, “Stop talking. I guarantee to make you feel good in a bit. Suck it (his cock) good.”

ZhouXiang move his mouth away and deliberately stuck out his tongue out to fiercely suck the tip of his cock. YanMingXiu took a breath of cold air; this move almost made him cum. Having been provoked, he forcefully slapped ZhouXiang\'s ass and thrust his fingers into ZhouXiang\'s chrysanthemum.

ZhouXiang whimpered, “Fuck……it\'s hurts a bit, be gentler."

YanMingXiu\'s tone tinged with a bit of caution but his words were very erotic, “I haven’t fucked you yet. If you make me cum now, then I can only use my fingers.”

ZhouXiang smiled, “If you cum, then it means you\'re not good. Don\'t blame me ah."

YanMingXiu pulled out his moisten fingers and quickly sat up. He half-kneeled behind ZhouXiang, “Give me the condom.”

ZhouXiang took the condom from the headboard. He turned around and tore the package, then sucked on YanMingXiu\'s cock while putting the condom on it.

The veins on YanMingXiu’s cock are exposed; it\'s ready and eager to penetrate ZhouXiang body to have a good fuck.

ZhouXiang generously lay atop him, with his arms around his neck, “Gently ah.”

YanMingXiu looked at his face; a strange feeling rose from his heart. He pulled ZhouXiang up and turned his body over, making him hunch over doggy-style.

ZhouXiang astonishingly asked, “You like this position?”

Before ZhouXiang finished talking, YanMingXiu had already pushed ZhouXiang\'s head onto the bed, "Stop talking and focus." After he said that, he held tightly onto ZhouXiang’s waist and grabbed his own cock to try and squeeze his huge cock into the tiny hole that had been slightly opened.

ZhouXiang finally felt some pain. He grimaced, “Gentler……oh……it hurts a lot.”

At this time, YanMingXiu is already unable to restrained himself. ZhouXiang’s broad shoulders, elegant shoulder blades, and fine sweat beads on the back of his spine all make his blood vessels erupt. This sexy back instantly overlapped with WangYuDong’s image. YanMingXiu only felt his blood madly rushing to his lower body, clamoring for him to fuck this person ruthlessly and unleash all his desires on him.

YanMingXiu did not allow ZhouXiang to flinch back as he push his thick cock into ZhouXiang’s body.

ZhouXiang sucked in the cool air, thinking that this kid was really bragging. His skills suck. He\'s not good. But at this pivotal moment, he can\'t tell YanMingXiu to stop. He can only passively accept YanMingXiu\'s entry.

YanMingXiu sighed with a long deep breath; ZhouXiang had never heard such a satisfying sigh. For a moment, he was very happy.

YanMingXiu held onto ZhouXiang’s waist, moving slowly in and out and then sped up.

ZhouXiang buried his head in the bed sheets, enduring the waves of foreign intrusion in his body. Even though it hurts, he could still bear it. But he really felt that having something in the ass is too strange. When he fucked someone before, he never felt it.

YanMingXiu’s movements sped up as he skillfully searched for ZhouXiang’s sensitive spot. He poked in different angles and finally found the spot that made ZhouXiang cry out.

After the initial pain, following the movements of YanMingXiu\'s thrusts, ZhouXiang felt a burst of strange pleasure. He unconsciously swayed his hips, not knowing whether he wanted to get rid of that unfamiliar feeling or wanted more.

YanMingXiu started to thrusts vigorously. His strong muscled thighs slammed harshly into ZhouXiang’s buttocks creating \'pat-pat\' sounds. His eyes became somewhat blurred from the rising pleasure. The back silhouette of ZhouXiang kneeling in front of him, allowing him to freely fuck him, and WangYuDong\'s elegant and graceful back silhouette converged. YanMingXiu\'s lower body movements became even more and more rigorous and fast causing ZhouXiang to moan unbearably and gasped continuously.

ZhouXiang was fucked so hard that he had no strength to even lie on his stomach. YanMingXiu caressed his waist and continue to pummel him from behind. The sweat on ZhouXiang’s back gave him an impulse to want to lick it.

It definitely didn\'t feel like this is their first time having sex; the compatibility of their bodies is astonishing. Throughout the night, YanMingXiu pressed onto ZhouXiang and did it with him three times. Each time, it ended with indescribable climax. Finally, ZhouXiang\'s voice is so hoarse that he can’t make any sounds and can only let YanMingXiu take him to the torrents of desire again and again, unable to extricate themselves in this thrilling pleasure.

End of the chapter