Professional Body Double - Chapter 101

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The next day, YanMingXiu took ZhouXiang to his company.

This is the first time for ZhouXiang to really come in contact with YanMingXiu\'s business. The scale of this company really shocked him. It must be difficult for YanMingXiu to manage such a large company while also being exposed to the public (being an actor). ZhouXiang can imagine how tired YanMingXiu is every day.

Although YanMingXiu is now trying to fade from the public but when their car entered the courtyard of the office building, they saw a dozen girls holding banners bearing YanMingXiu\'s name being blocked by the security guards at the gate.

ZhouXiang looked at those young girls who were not afraid of the freezing cold, he couldn\'t help but sigh.

YanMingXiu remained his usual self, coldly indifferent. He didn\'t even glance at them. ZhouXiang probably understands why YanMingXiu is driving such inconspicuous car. Even all the windows were tinted black.

They took the underground garage elevator to YanMingXiu\'s office. Once they got out of the elevator, JiangYuan came over, "President Yan, WangYuDong is here."

“Okay. In the reception?”

"Yes, besides him, there is also…..”

“Who else?”

“Miss Yan is here as well.”

YanMingXiu’s expression changed slightly, “What is she doing here?”

“I don’t know. You\'re heading there now?"

YanMingXiu sighed “Yeah.”

“Then…” JiangYuan looked at ZhouXiang.

The Yan family\'s young miss is particularly strict in her brother\'s affairs. In contrast, YanMingXiu’s eldest brother turned a blind eye on it. YanMingXiu\'s brother and sister had argued many times over YanMingXiu\'s sexual orientation. Bringing ZhouXiang with him this time will surely make matters worse.

“It\'s okay." YanMingXiu patted ZhouXiang’s back, “Let\'s go.”

Sooner or later, YanMingXiu will have to face his family. YanMingXiu could already guess WangYuDong\'s intent in bringing YanMingMei. To get what they each want, both will have to give in.

ZhouXiang also hesitated as he glanced at YanMingXiu.

YanMingXiu pulled him toward the reception.

As soon as they entered the reception, they saw an extremely well-matched looking couple sitting in the center of the sofa chatting happily.

Seeing that YanMingXiu had come, WangYuDong stood up but still held onto YanMingMei’s hand.

YanMingMei also stood up; she who usually wears six-seven cm high heels is now wearing a pair of soft-soled flats.

“Sis, brother-in-law.” YanMingXiu nodded, which can be considered as saying \'hello\'.

YanMingMei’s smile faded when the two came in. It\'s likely that WangYuDong had said something to her, which made her glare viciously at ZhouXiang the moment he walked in.

ZhouXiang has never had any conflicts with women in his entire life. Although he is not attracted to them, he had always been amiable to his female friends. It had become second nature to him. Even though YanMingMei didn\'t look too cordial, he still nodded and smiled faintly.

YanMingMei seemed to be in a daze for a moment. Then, she uncomfortably turned her face to the side.

YanMingXiu sat on the sofa, “Brother-in-law, I thought you are coming to talk about business today. Why did you bring my sister?"

“You guys talk about your stuff. Having me here still won\'t affect it.” YanMingMei glared at YanMingXiu, “I haven’t seen you for a long time too.”

YanMingXiu glanced at WangYuDong, “Then come back another time to talk. It is my rule to separate my business from personal affairs.”

WangYuDong smiled expressionlessly, “MingXiu, MingMei is not an outsider. I have to take her to a pregnancy checkup later so I conveniently brought her along. I\'ve brought the contract and some information. Take a look."

When the pregnancy checkup was mentioned, YanMingXiu’s expression had a trace of commotion, but he still didn\'t take the things WangYuDong handed over, "Since you have other things to do, you should take my sister there first. The day after tomorrow is mom\'s birthday; come look for me after her birthday. Sis, I have things to do. I\'ll leave first."

After he said that, he stood up intending to leave.

This attitude is obviously not giving WangYuDong face. YanMingMei didn\'t know what was happening so she somewhat blamingly asked, “MingXiu, how can you treat your brother-in-law like this? Even if he asked for your help with business matters, we are still one family. What can\'t be said in front of me?"

Obviously WangYuDong brought YanMingMei along to force YanMingXiu to sign the agreement as soon as possible. YanMingXiu can still deal with WangYuDong but his sister\'s temper is very big. Money is just a number in her eyes; it\'s the least valuable thing. She never had to be anxious over these numbers nor did she ever think she would ever have to worry about it. So she certainly won\'t understand what it meant for any investment to be appropriately spent in the right place. If she knew that WangYuDong is short of money and he didn\'t help, she\'ll definitely make a hell of a fuss.

YanMingXiu’s dissatisfaction toward WangYuDong had gradually increased over time. What WangYuDong did yesterday and today are about to touch his bottom line. In fact, he had realized WangYuDong\'s many shortcomings before but he never confronted it because he was fully concentrated in liking him at the time. Who would have known that he mistakenly liked the wrong person? After discarding these subjective love feelings is when he could finally see WangYuDong clearly. WangYuDong is merely just an attractive face with a lacking character; he can speak well and do things; he can make his image appear to be perfect, but he has no business mind-set and is narrow-minded.

If YanMingXiu didn\'t have ZhouXiang, he really didn\'t know when he would be able to see WangYuDong\'s true character clearly.

YanMingXiu didn\'t know why WangYuDong is against ZhouXiang but whatever the reasons are, he won\'t let anyone hurt ZhouXiang. It\'s just that he didn\'t expect WangYuDong to bring his sister to force him to submit.

YanMingXiu\'s attitude is a bit cold, “Sis, I\'ve said that I have a separation between business and personal matters. At home, he is my brother-in-law. In the company, he is Party B. You guys go do your stuff. I won\'t discuss it today nor will I discuss it at home."

“You…what is it that\'s so secretive?! Are you guys hiding something from me?!" YanMingMei is so enraged that she slammed her hands on the coffee table a few times, “MingXiu, you\'ve become more and more peculiar in recent years, even using this attitude toward us. How did you become like this? You…is it because you\'re with this man? You having this messed-up (gay) man by your side, what the hell are you thinking? Mom and dad have been turning a blind eye but sooner or later they will take care of you!"

YanMingXiu narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “I\'ve said it many times; just take care of yourself. Leave me alone.”


ZhouXiang laughed at himself. He stood up and said politely, “President Yan, Executive Wang and Miss Yan, since this is your family affairs, it\'s not appropriate for me to be here. You guys talk, I\'ll leave first." After he said that, he didn\'t hesitate and walked toward the door.

“Stop right there." YanMingMei stepped in front of him, "This is indeed our family affairs but you\'ve already taken part in it. Since you\'re both here, as a sister I can\'t just watch my brother fool around with a man and pretend not to see it!"

WangYuDong did not expect the situation to turn out like this. Once YanMingMei\'s anger flares up, even ten cattle cannot stop her.

YanMingXiu is even more enraged. He told WangYuDong to come by today with the intention for him to explain the matter with the movie and have him make up for it with monetary compensation to give ZhouXiang a justification. He also intended to request that WangYuDong re-edit a new version of the movie with ZhouXiang appearing in it for internet sales. But he didn\'t expect WangYuDong to bring YanMingMei, which instead caused ZhouXiang to be insulted again.

ZhouXiang\'s mouth still has on smile with his head lowered and not talking.

In fact, most of those words he said yesterday were just angry words spoken in the spur of the moment. After he slept and woke up, his mind had cleared a lot. He felt that asking YanMingXiu to be in contention with his own brother-in-law really doesn\'t make sense and is completely unnecessary. After all, this merely involved just minor personal interest. Why bother to let emotions affect them. He\'s won\'t go so far as to be this immature. He just wanted some monetary compensation from WangYuDong. This way, WangYuDong can still preserve his dignity and he (ZhouXiang) can feel better as well. However, this turn of event is completely unexpected. Before he could open his mouth to say anything, he was being insulted first. This result was so novel that he wanted to laugh.

YanMingXiu walked over and patted ZhouXiang’s back, “Xiang Ge, you go out first. I will handle it.”

ZhouXiang looked at YanMingMei. He really wanted leave but the young lady refused to let him go.

YanMingMei said sternly, “MingXiu, if you continue on like this, I can only tell parents about it. You\'re almost 24. How long are you going to continue to keep fooling around like this?"

“Sis, don’t say anymore.” YanMingXiu’s tone was full of warning.

“Do you not know what your status is? The Forbidden City is square and such a big place. Good news can travel far but bad news can\'t be hidden. Do you want everyone to laugh at our Yan family?"

YanMingXiu\'s expression turned gloomy. He ordered while grinding his teeth, “Get out.”

YanMingMei\'s eyes widen, “Repeat that?”

“I said, get out.”

YanMingMei’s anger is almost to the extreme but then turned to grievance. Her eyes immediately turned red, with her voice trembling, she pointed to YanMingXiu, “You…… why are you so irrational. Because of him, you……" YanMingMei glanced at ZhouXiang, "Is it because of him that you are treating your sister this way?" YanMingMei looked at ZhouXiang hatefully, "You\'re a man but you cling onto others like a woman. Don\'t you feel shameful?"

These words are like needles stabbing into ZhouXiang’s heart but he still smiled politely and responded, “Miss Yan, in fact, you don’t have to be so angry. This is just a deal between two willing parties. Any contract has a time limit; sooner or later it will come to an end. Why let it affect your family\'s harmony?"

YanMingMei didn’t expect ZhouXiang to be so calm. She is stunned for a moment.

ZhouXiang took advantage of her in a dazed state and quickly walked passed her and got out of the room.

YanMingXiu’s expression is extremely unsightly. He also followed ZhouXiang and walked to the door. When he got to the door, he suddenly turned back, “Sis, don\'t you want to know why WangYuDong came to look for me? I\'ll tell you. He came to borrow money from me. You guys deal with it."

After he said that, he went out to chase after ZhouXiang.

YanMingXiu stopped ZhouXiang in the hallway and dragged him into an office. There are two people discussing work in that office. Upon seeing them coming in, they were stunned.

YanMingXiu softly ordered, “Go out first.”

The two people glanced at each other and immediately went out, leaving only the two of them in the office.

ZhouXiang took a deep breath, “I can guess what you want to say. Forget it. President Yan, I\'ve already expected what the situation would be in running into your family. It’s no big deal.”

The more ZhouXiang showed his indifference, the more guilty YanMingXiu felt. He said coarsely, "Xiang Ge, I\'m sorry. I didn’t expect him to bring my sister. My sister is unreasonable. Don\'t be angry.”

ZhouXiang smiled, “Don\'t worry about it. I was just speaking at the spur of the moment yesterday. It\'s not serious. Go do your work. I\'m going back to see my mom."

“Xiang Ge.” YanMingXiu stopped him and looked straight into his eyes, “Xiang Ge, what my sister said……Yes, I\'ll be facing the pressure from my family in the future, but I will handle it. I won\'t let you be burdened by it. Please believe me."

ZhouXiang frowned, “No, YanMingXiu. Where do you get this confidence from? You are probably still too young. Not to mention your kind of family but even children of ordinary families won\'t easily allow them to be with a man. What makes you think that you can continue on being with me? Based on what……?" ZhouXiang took a deep breath, “Why do you ……do you feel that your family will allow you to act rashly? YanMingXiu, grow up!"

ZhouXiang is so enraged that he was not able to continue. He told himself that he must be calm. He had already felt very ashamed. If he doesn\'t maintain this calming attitude, he\'ll end up being a joke.

He should have known long ago that in front of WangYuDong, he would always be the one inviting humiliation on himself. WangYuDong never really competed with him but ZhouXiang always ended up being shamed every time. What\'s more disgraceful was that he actually hoped for YanMingXiu to help him vie for some pride. When did he become such a coward?

Now that he\'s thinking of these dark thoughts, his face burned up.

End of the Chapter