Professional Body Double - Chapter 100

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“Xiang Ge! Xiang Ge!”

Unknowingly ZhouXiang had quickly walked in front of them, seeming to have no direction at all, just aimlessly walking straight ahead.

YanMingXiu caught up with him in a few steps and grabbed him, “Xiang Ge, don’t get agitated. This matter, I\'ll definitely give you an explanation.”

ZhouXiang’s face is gloomy, “Explanation? The explanation is that no matter what, I\'m still fucking getting oppressed by WangYuDong!”

The humiliation that WangYuDong had given him, each and every one, he couldn’t tell which he hated the most. Before, he had held onto the viewpoint and felt that WangYuDong is not specifically aiming against him. He treated WangYuDong as though he was a love rival, an imaginary enemy. But in WangYuDong\'s eyes, he is essentially invisible. Everything that WangYuDong had done is all for his (WangYuDong) own benefit. He (ZhouXiang) is just a little stone in his path that he could simply just kick out of his way. But this time, he is absolutely sure that WangYuDong is deliberately pissing him off but he can’t figure out why.

Could it be that WangYuDong also liked YanMingXiu? The two of them actually love each, but it\'s just not possible for WangYuDong to say it?

With this thought in mind, ZhouXiang immediately felt frightened.

If this was really the case, then there is definitely no business for him here. It\'s better for him to go anywhere nice and cool instead of giving WangYuDong a chance to make things difficult for him.

ZhouXiang felt very unsettled. A man being suppressed continuously, provoked and humiliated by another person, yet couldn\'t do anything about it! So useless! He\'s completely useless!

Seeing YanMingXiu looking so tensed, ZhouXiang is furious. He said coldly, "WangYuDong is always against me. This obviously has something to do with you. Don\'t you think you need to ask this good brother-in-law of yours about it? It may be that the both of you do love each other. This is a good thing.”

YanMingXiu’s expression changed instantly, “Xiang Ge, don’t say stuff like this. He doesn\'t like men and I don\'t like him anymore. He is just my brother-in-law but you are my lover. No matter what happens, I\'m on your side. I won\'t let you suffer from injustice."

YanMingXiu’s tone and expression are very sincere. ZhouXiang gaze at him steadily for a few seconds before his rage gradually subsided. He heaved a sigh and irritably kicked the tires with his shiny leather shoes. His entire person calmed down. Although he is full of resentment, he has no expectation for YanMingXiu to help him. After all, WangYuDong is his relative. What can YanMingXiu help him do? He can\'t even say clearly himself as to what resolution he expected from this ordeal. He gloomily muttered, “Forget it. I don\'t have the ability. This role was originally not mine anyway. Just leave it at that. I\'m going back.”

YanMingXiu pulled him tightly, “Xiang Ge, this… I will have WangYuDong personally give you an explanation.”

ZhouXiang didn’t have much hope, but just thinking of WangYuDong bowing down to him, he felt very happy. But, this is just his thought.

He heaved a long sigh, feeling extremely tired.

He had dressed like a clown for an entire afternoon, looking forward to seeing his first movie and even told ChenYing that he would take her to the theater to watch it but what happened in the end? All his scenes were completely cut out. He can\'t even be compare to an extra. The entire day is such a joke.

Seeing that he had calmed down, YanMingXiu pushed him into the car and had JiangYuan take them home.

The three didn\'t speak in the car, the atmosphere is extremely depressing. After entering the home, ZhouXiang took off his suit jacket, ripped off his tie and messed up his meticulously styled hair and then flopped himself on the couch with his eyes closed.

YanMingXiu sat down next to him, holding his upper body in his arms and gently massaged his temple.

ZhouXiang endured and endured, and finally exploded, “WangYuDong is so esteemed, how are you going to get him to personally give me an explanation?”

To have a man younger than himself help him "seek justice" actually makes him feel even more useless and cowardly, but if he could see WangYuDong\'s humiliated expression, then all is worth it.

He would rather be a villain than an aggrieved person.

YanMingXiu kissed the top of his head, “He recently needed money and asked me for help. I didn’t expect him to dare to play like this.” YanMingXiu squinted his eyes, his mind rapidly pondered over something.

ZhouXiang also can’t figure out why WangYuDong would so blatantly offend YanMingXiu. If this was a role that he had gotten himself, then let it be. After all, he doesn\'t have much say in the circle. But this is a role that YanMingXiu got for him, so for WangYuDong to be doing this, he\'s directly embarrassing YanMingXiu.

However, after thinking about it, YanMingXiu did use to love WangYuDong. WangYuDong likely didn\'t think that YanMingXiu would do anything to him (WangYuDong) for him (ZhouXiang). Even ZhouXiang didn’t believe YanMingXiu would do such a thing, so why would WangYuDong think so.

He definitely didn\'t believe that YanMingXiu would be willing to go against WangYuDong. Although now YanMingXiu kept telling him that he likes him, he could never forget how much YanMingXiu use to like WangYuDong in the past.

A probing curiosity suddenly rose in him. At this time, he really wanted to see to what extent will YanMingXiu do for him. This is like a scale, the more YanMingXiu tends to him, the more WangYuDong will sink.

ZhouXiang realized that his thought is dangerous, but he could not restrain himself. He really wanted to know how much he and WangYuDong weighed in YanMingXiu\'s heart. He had thought of this question three years ago. At that time, the answer was devastating. It\'s self-evident that for him to dare try this out is absolutely inviting humiliation for himself. But right now, he really wanted to give it a try.

Maybe… just maybe YanMingXiu\'s love for him had really surpassed WangYuDong. This possibility kept attacking ZhouXiang’s heart, making him eager to prove something.

Although YanMingXiu is by his side, the dark shadows of the past have been deeply imprinted in him. He still lacked the confidence and has his doubts, so maybe this is the opportunity for him to really see how much YanMingXiu had changed.

ZhouXiang sat up and looked at him fixedly, “Fine, I\'ll wait for WangYuDong to personally give me an explanation.”

YanMingXiu smiled, “I will take you to my company tomorrow. He\'ll be coming tomorrow.”

ZhouXiang raised his eyebrow, “Come to borrow money?”

YanMingXiu narrowed his eyes. “Now, it\'s hard to say.”

ZhouXiang’s heart beat erratically.

It\'s been many years; maybe this is his only chance to strike back against WangYuDong. He had been suppressed for many years, having been envious and jealous of WangYuDong by every means. But WangYuDong had never even regarded him as an opponent. If they are really love rivals, then he had lost tragically in his past life, leaving him in utter shambles. But what about this time? This time…

ZhouXiang glanced at YanMingXiu and realized that YanMingXiu was also looking at him. He looked away and he found that his rationality had increasingly deviated from his original path.

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