Professional Body Double - Chapter 10

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ZhouXiang rested at home for two days. When he has work, he\'d be busy well into the middle of the night. But when there is no work, he didn\'t even have to go out for a week. In the past two days, he sent two text messages to YanMingXiu but received no response. ZhouXiang is somewhat disappointed. It\'s likely that even if he takes the initiative to ask YanMingXiu out, he (YanMingXiu) wouldn\'t even come out.

By chance, a young model named Ah Bei, whom he just met last month, asked him to go out to eat. He also said that he would bring a friend along and asked ZhouXiang to pick them up. ZhouXiang is free so he went.

These two people had just come to Beijing for work. Their only assets are their good looks; they don\'t have money, don’t have any special background or know anyone. Each month, they relied on some magazines postings or modeling a few sets of clothing to survive. Sometimes they would call ZhouXiang out to freeload a meal. ZhouXiang would also happily take them out to eat delicious foods. Being a migrant working in Beijing is very harsh so he understood these youngsters quite well.

After dinner, he gave the two a ride home. When they arrived to their home downstairs, Ah Bei tugged him, hinting with eagerness for ZhouXiang to join them in a threesome. ZhouXiang looked at their desperate expression, but he\'s really no match for them. He can deal with one but two, they will take his life. He really doesn\'t have that physical stamina so he refused, saying he has something to do.

The boy he just met unhappily asked, "Xiang Ge, is it because you don\'t like how I look?"

ZhouXiang forcefully smiled, “How can you say that? I really have something to do." After all, he can\'t tell them that he won\'t be able to endure doing it with the both of them right?

Ah Bei tugged at his clothes, refusing to let him go, “Xiang Ge, I have been bragging to my friend for a long time, saying that your (sex) skills are really good. Play with us for a bit okay?”

ZhouXiang patted his face, “Stop pulling (his clothes). I really have something to do today. My friend is waiting for me.”

“Which friend? Is it because you have one hiding at home?” Ah Bei unhappily asked.

“Really…no. Be good, stop making a fuss.”

Ah Bei unwillingly sigh and then told him the truth, “Xiang Ge, we want to ask for your help.”

“What is it?” ZhouXiang knew that there had to be something. Why didn\'t he just say so in the beginning?

“Isn\'t your company recruiting models? Please help us submit our profiles."

“Ahh okay. That\'s nothing big."

“Thank you, Xiang Ge,” Ah Bei kissed him on his cheek.

ZhouXiang smiled, “No need to thank me.”

Ah Bei sadly said, “Xiang Ge, it\'s not because of this that I wanted to have sex with you. I really like you. You really can’t come up?”

ZhouXiang is getting an ongoing headache. Just when he was about to say something, his phone suddenly rang. He took it out and saw that the call was actually from YanMingXiu.

Elated, he quickly connected the call, “Hello?”

“Hey, where are you?”

“I…I just finished doing something, about to go home.”

“Come out to eat with me.”

“Okay. Where do you want to go, I\'ll go pick you up?”

“Don\'t need to. GongTi worker\'s stadium. I\'ll text you the address. Just come over." He hung up after saying that.

ZhouXiang put his cell phone away and looked up. He saw the two boys looking at him mischievously. The space in the car is small and it is quiet, so they must have heard.

“No wonder you\'re so eager to go. That voice sounded really nice, a singer?” Ah Bei asked with a wink.

ZhouXiang smiled but didn’t explain.

“Since Xiang Ge has a date, we won\'t stop you. Hurry and go."

ZhouXiang ruffled Ah Bei\'s head, “Give me your information. I will help you as much as I can.”

After the two went upstairs, ZhouXiang quickly drove toward the direction of the GongTi worker\'s stadium.

He followed YanMingXiu\'s direction on the text and found the Thai restaurant. When he entered the private room, YanMingXiu was already sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, looking at the menu. His imposing mannerisms looked as if he is reading a contract worth hundred millions. Next to him, stood an extremely polite and courteous looking waitress who was sneaking glances at him with her glimmering eyes.

When ZhouXiang came in, both of them turned around. ZhouXiang cheerfully greeted YanMingXiu, “Sorry, I am late.”

“It’s okay, I just got here.”

ZhouXiang sat down next to YanMingXiu. The waitress immediately poured a cup of tea for him. The tea tasted a bit strange. He didn\'t know if it came from Thailand.

YanMingXiu closed the menu, "We\'ll have these (food items) first.”

ZhouXiang quickly added, “Don’t order too much. I ate something before I came.” In fact, he is actually full.

“You ate already?”

“Ahh, no, I just ate some snacks at home so I\'m not too hungry.”

“These aren\'t too many (dishes),” YanMingXiu handed the menu to the waitress.

After the waitress left, they were the only two left in the private room. ZhouXiang asked, “Seeing outside, the business here is very good. Just the two of us use such big private room?” He could guess that it won\'t be cheap.

YanMingXiu didn’t even pay attention to what he was saying, but instead stared at his lips strangely.

ZhouXiang said a few things but seeing that YanMingXiu is staring at him, he felt that the atmosphere had changed. He cleared his throat and flirtingly asked, “How come you have time to ask me out today? The text messages I sent you, you didn\'t respond. I thought you\'ve already forgotten who I am.”

YanMingXiu faintly responded, “Too lazy to respond (to the texts).”

YanMingXiu\'s arrogant and selfish nature is actually quite detestable — if placed on ordinary people. But when YanMingXiu displayed such expression, ZhouXiang felt that each of his expressions are extraordinarily charming. Even his laxed indifferent attitude made people\'s heart feel tingly. ZhouXiang wondered if he was a bit too craved for sex. Had he known, he would\'ve gone upstairs with Ah Bei and the boy today. Perhaps, after he had sex with them, he would not be daydreaming about this boy so much that he looks like horny pervert.

YanMingXiu looked at him. ZhouXiang\'s attraction and desire for him is so obvious that it can\'t even be concealed. Actually, there is no reason to conceal it. Between men, it\'s better to be direct. Each takes what one needs.

ZhouXiang leaned close to him and softly asked, “So, have you really forgotten me?”

YanMingXiu gripped his chin and gently touched his lips, “Maybe I\'ve only just remembered you.”

ZhouXiang burst out in laughter, “It’s quite timely.” He bit YanMingXiu\'s lips, gently tugging it, “But I\'ve been thinking of you every day.”

YanMingXiu asked softly, “Think of me? Thinking of me topping you?”

“Actually, of me topping you but if you\'re not willing, I can only suffer this time."

“You\'ve really never been a 0?”

ZhouXiang jokingly responded, “Nope. I wanted to be (a zero) when I was young, but people wouldn\'t even look at me because they thought I looked too mature. When I got older, it was even more unlikely. There are more 0\'s than 1\'s in the circle…so many fresh meats waiting for me; you think I’d go looking for people to top me?"

YanMingXiu gently reached his hand into ZhouXiang\'s clothes and pinched his slender waist, then says coarsely, "So then, if you\'re going to do it with me, it\'ll be your first time (being a zero)?"

ZhouXiang laughed, “Exactly. Don\'t you have to be responsible?"

“Haven\'t topped you yet, what\'s there to be responsible for? Give an IOU?"

“Then you top.” ZhouXiang blocked YanMingXiu\'s mouth from talking and slipped his tongue in. In between the heated kiss, he murmured, “Otherwise, why did you ask me out for a meal?"

YanMingXiu also didn\'t bother with the nonsense. They are both adults; there is nothing to be embarrassed about. He responded to ZhouXiang\'s kiss intensely. Thinking of how he would be pressing this man beneath him on the bed and fuck him fiercely tonight, the feeling must be very good.

He’ll use the back position and pull ZhouXiang\'s hair, forcing him to lift his ass. That tight muscles and elegant figure will definitely make his arousal increase tremendously since ZhouXiang\'s back looks so much like WangYuDong’s.

The WangYuDong whom he dreamed of fucking.

Just when the two people were unable to separate from their intensely wet kiss, a knock sounded from the door and a few girls strolled in with the dishes.

ZhouXiang wanted to push YanMingXiu away. Although he didn\'t need to hide his identity, he didn\'t want to scare these young girls. But in the end, YanMingXiu tightly gripped his waist and pressed him even harder to the sofa; his tongue licking ZhouXiang’s teeth, making it impossible for him close the corners of his mouth that is oozing out transparent bodily fluid.

These girls were so frightened that they didn\'t know whether to continue going in or walk back out so they just stood frozen in place.

After YanMingXiu got satiated from kissing, he licked his lips and turned to glance at them coldly, "Serve the food. Why stand there frozen for?"

ZhouXiang touched the corner of his mouth and smiled softly at the little girls, trying to appease their frightened emotions.

YanMingXiu narrowed his eyes and looked at ZhouXiang\'s smile. He seemed to have just realized that ZhouXiang not only smile at him alone, he\'s like that to everyone.

This made YanMingXiu feel very unsettled.

The little girls forced themselves to calmly place the dishes on the table. ZhouXiang felt a bit apologetic seeing their embarrassed faces so he said, “You can leave after putting the dishes down. Don\'t need to serve us."

Several girls sneakily peaked at him and then at YanMingXiu. Then they all left with their flushed faces.

ZhouXiang pushed YanMingXiu\'s shoulder and smiled, “I really can\'t tell you\'re actually that daring.”

YanMingXiu didn\'t react, “Let\'s just eat.”

Originally, this private room can serve eight to ten people. But because of YanMingXiu, they specially changed the big table, replacing it with a rectangular table for six. The two sat directly facing each other while they tasted the exquisitely prepared Thai food.

ZhouXiang casually ate a few pieces and praised, “This is so flavorful. I\'ve passed by this restaurant several times but never been in.”

YanMingXiu didn\'t say much. He merely responded with a few words, then asked, "How old are you?"

ZhouXiang blinked, “Whatever age you say I am… but I\'m actually 30 years old.”

“Your profession is a stuntman?”

“Yeah, a martial arts stuntman.”

“Isn\'t that kind of work dangerous?”

“Danger is not the primary thing. In fact, there are only a few times that it\'s actually dangerous. It’s just that there are many actions that actors can’t do so a martial arts stuntman is needed for the quality effect.”

“How many years have you been doing that?"

“Hmm…Let me see. When I graduated from sports school, I was 19. Then, I worked for more than a year as a salesperson. Afterwards, I went into the entertainment circle to do odd some jobs. When I really started to be a martial art stuntman, I should be about 22… so it\'s about 8 years.”

YanMingXiu bunched his brows, “An average person working this long should be able to get some supporting roles. You really don\'t blend in well."

ZhouXiang smiled, not minding what he just said, “If I have your looks, I\'d definitely get some contracts. With my looks, I\'m more suitable to play a hero\'s defeated opponent or cop like roles. It\'s too competitive. If there is a chance to make more money, I\'m more than happy. But if there isn\'t, I\'m very content just being a stuntman."

YanMingXiu, “You can’t be doing this for a lifetime, right? What are you going to do in a few years when your body can\'t handle it?”

ZhouXiang casually responded, “By then, I’ll change to become a manager (for actors). In any case, I\'m familiar with the operations in the circle. Why think so far ahead into the future?"

He is indeed a person who lives a relaxed life; he has no family and is completely carefree. He doesn\'t need to worry about taking care of the elders, a wife, or children because he will never have any. He just needs to make sufficient money to support himself in his old age.

ZhouXiang thought…in the eyes of young people like YanMingXiu, who are in their early twenties and have a great future in front of them, such unplanned life is unimaginable. ZhouXiang did not intend to make him understand.

YanMingXiu glanced at him and realized that this person is really just content with how things stand. He felt that there is nothing distinctive with this person, just like his appearance. YanMingXiu didn\'t know why, but he didn\'t feel too happy. Perhaps it is because he’s always wanted to find WangYuDong\'s shadow in ZhouXiang. But ZhouXiang is nothing compared to WangYuDong.

Should he use his status to help ZhouXiang? YanMingXiu hesitated a bit.

End of the Chapter