Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 715: Farewell, being chased away (2)

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Chapter 715: Farewell, being chased away (2)

When Lin Chujiu stepped out of the prison stone, the guard beside Xiao Tianyao came over. After a simple salute, he repeated what Xiao Tianyao said to Lin Chujiu to leave this afternoon.

"Wangye wants me to leave this afternoon?" Lin Chujiu was stunned when she heard this.

She suspected that she had heard it wrong, or that the person who sent the message had said it wrong, but the truth slapped her in the face: "Yes, wangye has already arranged the entourage, please leave early, to not rush in the town at night."

"I see." Lin Chujiu took a deep breath before suppressing the urge to curse, and said with a cold face: "Tell wangye, I will leave in the afternoon."

After she finished speaking, she left Xiao Tianyao\'s guards behind and walked toward the wounded barracks without looking back.

Xiao Tianyao\'s decision was too sudden. Although she had planned to return to the capital for a long time, she was caught off guard by Xiao Tianyao\'s order. Not to mention packing, she probably didn\'t even have time to say goodbye.

The more Lin Chujiu thought about it, the more depressed she became, and her steps became bigger and bigger. Seeing this, the Jinwuwei soldier, who was following behind her, lowered his head and didn\'t dare to say a word, and just followed closely behind her.

"Doctor Zhu, I\'m going back to the capital. I\'ll be leaving this afternoon." Lin Chujiu came to the wounded barracks and went directly to the room where Imperial Doctor Zhu was resting.

"What? You\'re leaving this afternoon? Why is it so sudden?" Imperial Doctor Zhu wondered why Lin Chujiu had come again. But after hearing those words, he sat up anxiously, and then pulled the wound again. He grinned in pain.

Lin Chujiu was not at all sympathetic: "It\'s wangye\'s order. However, I also want to go first." Although things went as she wished, the feeling of being forcibly expelled by Xiao Tianyao made her very uncomfortable.

The current situation has nothing to do with whether she wants to leave or not. She was forced to leave by Xiao Tianyao.

"What\'s the matter? Did you and wangye fight again?" Imperial Doctor Zhu was probably the only person in the army who knew that Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao were not as harmonious as they seemed.

"When did we stop arguing?" Lin Chujiu didn\'t hide it in front of Imperial Doctor Zhu. Talking to wise people, it would be foolish to covertly whitewash it.

"Hey… If you are more considerate of wangye, he will not act like this." Imperial Doctor Zhu sighed but didn\'t ask any specific things. He only persuaded Lin Chujiu to let go: "Wangye\'s temperament is like that. There are some things that you need to give way to on your own. Don\'t penetrate into a bull\'s horn."

What kind of temper does Xiao Tianyao have? As long as anyone who has been in contact with him knows about it. It was impossible for Xiao Tianyao to bow his head. No matter what happens, Lin Chujiu can only bow her head in the end.

"There are some things that I really can\'t accept." Lin Chujiu smiled bitterly. Seeing that Imperial Doctor Zhu persuading her, she interrupted: "Okay, let\'s not talk about these unpleasant things. I\'m here to say goodbye to you, and I want to tell you that, I also left some medicine in the tent, and you let someone pack some later. Use it if you can, and watch it if you can\'t."

She didn\'t have much medicine left in the army. Last time she used those boxes to pack the medicines to prevent wind and cold. Now the tents were almost empty.

"Don\'t worry, don\'t worry. Leave this kind of thing to me, and I\'ll handle it properly for you." After hearing that it was medicine, Imperial Doctor Zhu was in good spirits. If it wasn\'t seriously injured, he wanted to pat his chest and promise.

When Lin Chujiu said goodbye to Imperial Doctor Zhu, she returned to her tent. Xiao Tianyao had been waiting for Lin Chujiu to come over for a long time. After long suffocation, he summoned his guard to inquire about Lin Chujiu\'s whereabouts. And as a result… …

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