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Chapter 849: Afterward, Those People

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“All-army, attack!”

In the vast desert, a golden armored Xiang Lang, holding the battle flag and a spear, issued a declaration of decisive battle toward the shadowy Western Continent army in the sky.

Behind Xiang Liang, there was a large army composed of Western Continent people, Nine Regions people, and even creatures from other worlds. With Xiang Lang’s command, they majestically smashed the opposite party on the other side of the desert.

This was an expeditionary army from the Nine Regions. They came to the Western Continent crossing the endless sea. Although they have just experienced a fierce battle with the Immortal World—with most of the soldiers in the army still injured and bandages and plasters could be seen everywhere in the gaps of their battle armors, thus making their military appearance far from gorgeous—but their morale was high, completely superior to their opponents.

It was true that the gods of the Pantheon did unify the Western Continent early on, but this kind of bone-marrow-sucking rule obviously could not last long. After Golden King retreated in defeat to the Nine Regions, the resistance forces in the Western Continent sprang up like bamboo shots after the rain. Naturally, they were then mercilessly suppressed by the gods. After several times of this, the Western Continent people became domesticated, like wild wolves that lost their braveness and completely became house dogs, creatures ready to be slaughtered.

In the face of such an opponent, even if Nine Regions took out a group of disabled and defeated generals, they would still dominate the battle. Moreover, most of the expeditionary army got a lot of benefits when the Immortal King fell. Although their injuries had not yet healed, their cultivation stage and strength had both improved.

It only took half a day to determine the victory and defeat in the battle between the two armies. The Western Continent army was slain, injured, and routed. Xiang Liang relentlessly ordered the army to chase and kill the opponent, he himself leading the charge for thousands of miles.

After the war, the expeditionary army reveled for three days to celebrate the decisive victory. Only Xiang Liang had a lonely face and without joy. When asked about it, he merely smiled bitterly.

A win was a win, but this victory was just a leftover. The real meal has been enjoyed long before this.

Before the expeditionary army landed in the Western Continent, Aya and Golden King had led a small number of elite expeditionary forces directly to the Pantheon. They had slain the group of gods who were smashing the bones and sucking the marrow unhindered to pieces… That battle was the real one.

Although Golden King and Aya were nominally the main generals, their accomplishments were not high on the battlefield. The real main force was Wang Wu with her restored three thousand golden cores and the Immortal World people who surrendered to Nine Regions. With these powerful soldiers and fierce generals, the Pantheon that was once comparable to the Immortal World was simply slammed into the mortal world. A terrifying pit was thus created on the Western Continent. Even the thousands of miles of the surrounding area corroded by the fallen Pantheon had turned into a desert.

As for the army commanded by Xiang Liang, it was more like a sweeper who swept after the war. It could not be said that it was meaningless, but it was obviously inferior to the battle in the Pantheon.

When he thought of inheriting the banner of the number one army of Nine Regions but not being able to show off on the real battlefield, Xiang Liang naturally had no joy in his heart. However, the present Royal Soldier Sect could not bear a heavy burden. During the war against the Immortal World, the Royal Soldier Sect suffered the most losses. The Red Guards Army was formed twice, and the entire army was nearly wiped out twice. The tragedy of the Royal Soldier Sect was comparable to that cataclysm of Spirit Sword Sect. Xiang Liang assumed the leadership position because those closest to Kuqin who assisted her had already long died or injured severely.

When the three days of revelry was over, Xiang Liang led the army back to Nine Regions. After a long sigh with a certain mysterious person, he rekindled his fighting spirit.

“The predecessors in the past were able to overcome obstacles and lay a piece of foundation to build the Royal Soldier Sect, so how could I not do it again with my own hands? The Western Continent expedition is just the beginning. In the New World, there must be endless battles waiting for me.”


The expedition to the Western Continent was a catastrophe for the Pantheon and even the Western Continent. However, in the eyes of many people in the Nine Regions, this was just an episode of post-war reconstruction. After defeating the Immortal King, the self-confidence of the people in Nine Regions completely burst out, and they didn’t take the Western Continent people seriously at all.

However, the significance of this expedition was far-reaching. One was to eliminate the last worries. From then on, no one in the world could threaten the security of Nine Regions. The second was that, as a war booty, the Western Continent was actually very rich.

Although it was impossible to completely unify the two continents directly because they had to give face to the Golden King, after the Western Continent was plundered by the gods of the Pantheon, Golden King was often bored with the land, which was no longer complete. In addition, a certain spirit of Nine Regions kept throwing out bait at him. It seemed that it was just around the corner before he abandoned his hometown and let it merge with the Nine Regions.

With the pacification of the Western Continent, the next big plan of the Nine Regions would be more likely to succeed.

High above the clouds of Ten Thousand Arts Sect.

In the position that once belonged to Supreme Tian Lun, there was now a young figure. However, compared to the always calm and indifferent Supreme Tian Lun, this successor’s temper seemed frantic and incessant. He responded to the communication talisman by roaring and yelling.

“There are new calculation tasks? We haven’t even finished the backlog of tasks from half a month ago and there are already new ones? This is the thirteenth batch! Are you guys trying to kill people? Do you guys think the intellectuals’ lives are not lives? Tell Wang Lu to don’t push it! We people of Ten Thousand Arts Sect are intellectuals engaged in academic research, not his human calculator! If he wants to calculate the optimum trajectory to pass through the Wall of Worlds, then let him do it himself!”

After yelling out these bunch of words, Zhan Ziye took a deep breath, and then his expression gradually turned cold. Countless numbers and symbols flashed before his eyes, and his mouth was also reciting words. Lightnings began to flicker and snake through the entire clouds in response to his order.

Zhou Mumu, who watched everything from the side, couldn’t help but laugh, “Pfft, you’re like those who say no with their mouths but their bodies say yes. You complained that Wang Lu is treating you like a cow and a horse, but whenever he tasked you with calculation, you can’t help but do it.”

Zhan ZIye snorted and said, “This is called the academic spirit, what do you know?” He said those words, but his tone of voice involuntarily turned soft. If people of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect were to witness this, they would sigh with sorrow that the Motionless Immortal Heart of their new Sect Leader had been cultivated into a dog.

Zhou Mumu could not help but laugh, “Hahaha, very well, since you are good at academics, then I will give you a problem, let’s see if you can calculate it?”

For this blatant provocation in his own area of expertise, Zhan Ziye was very confident. He said, “Let me hear it.”

“Which day do you think is best for our wedding?”



On the other side, in the middle of the Nine Regions, Qiong Hua slowly walked down from the altar, with several beads of sweats still hanging on her forehead.

Despite her current strength, the sacrificial ceremony just now was still extremely difficult for her. Because it was supposed to be completed by a person with a power level of first rank Supreme like Daoist Hetu. Although she had inherited Hetu’s Sect Leader position and did not lose much to Hetu purely in terms of fighting ability, she was essentially still far behind from a genuine Supreme.

Naturally, many of her fellow disciples were puzzled. Jiang Liu who had now been promoted to the position of Elder, asked, “Sect Leader Senior Sister, there are many things that need to be done in the sect, so there’s no need to waste too much time and energy on offering sacrifices to the Nine Regions, right?”

Qiong Hua lightly glanced at him and said, “Do you think it’s unnecessary?”

Being stared at by her, Jiang Liu suddenly felt guilty. “I just think that…”

“You just think that our Shengjing Sect shouldn’t be this much servile to someone, right? Jiang Liu, have you not seen where the future of Shengjing Sect’s lies?”

Jiang Liu was still drenched in cold sweat, but at this time, he braced himself and boldly said, “But Shengjing Sect always prefers to break rather than bent. Even if…”

“Even if cooperation with Wang Lu can bring benefits to common people, we should still save our face and resist till the end? Right now, Wang Lu needs Shengjing, but Shengjing needs Wang Lu more. I know that you don’t mean to say some of those words, but rather some people told you to say it. I want you to go back and tell them that I don’t want to hear anyone saying those words again. Do you understand?”

After sending off Jiang Liu, Qiong Hua stopped at the altar for a long time.

The remarks just now were naturally intended for someone. But it seemed that he had no willingness to respond. In recent years, he had spoken to people less and less, and most of the time, he just listened.

Perhaps this was inevitable. For a living person to transform into the spirit of the land, especially one as huge as the Nine Regions, it was almost inevitable for him to be assimilated by the land and lose his humanity.

When she thought of this, Qiong Hua became a bit sentimental. The relationship between her and Wang Lu had not always been harmonious, but to lose such an opponent, inevitably, she would feel lonely.

“Wang Lu, if you really want to stop after becoming the spirit of the Nine Regions, then… after arriving in the new world, I will surpass you.”