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Chapter 848: Afterward, The Pioneers Of The New World

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On the green grassland, a white tombstone was quietly facing the breeze. There was no word on it, but it was filled with years of vicissitudes.

A young man stood silently in front of the tombstone, compassion and relief filled his eyes.

One man and one tombstone stood opposite to each other, not moving even an inch. They let the wind and grass around them move, as well as the rise and setting of the sun. After many days and nights, the tombstone was still standing on the grassland, and the man had not moved. It was as if he was to stand there forever even if it was the end of time.

The arrival of an unexpected guest finally broke the silence there.

The visitor’s hair was grey, his wrinkled face showing the vicissitudes of life, and his back was slightly curved, showing his old age. Only his pair of eyes were still as sharp as autumn water. There was a long sword on his waist, which was dotted with broken tips and looked as bright as the rivers of stars. This characteristic revealed the identity of its owner, the leader of the Spirit Sword Sect and the successor of Stellar Star Sword Divine Art, Daoist Master Feng Yin.

“You’re still here?”

Hearing the voice behind him, the young man woke up from his reverie, turned his head, and reluctantly gave out a courtesy smile on his face. However, he could not even reply to the greetings.

Daoist Master Feng Yin didn’t say much. He just stepped forward two steps, stood side by side with the young man, and watched the blank tombstone in silence.

After a long time, Feng Yin sighed and said, “The Will of God plays with humans.”

The young man was stunned, and then his face turned bitter, “God’s will? I don’t believe in God all my life, let alone God’s will. However, today, if it wasn’t for ‘God’s will plays with humans’… How could things end up like this?”

“Before coming here…” Feng Yin said softly, “I wanted to say condolences to you, but thinking of that person’s conduct and deeds, I really can’t bring myself to say it.”

The young man closed his eyes and sighed.

“Xia Yu did all the evil things in the second half of his life. Even I, as his son, ended up going against him. So he really doesn’t deserve to be mourned… I should thank you for leaving this hundred-mile cemetery in this reborn Southern Heaven Region for him.”

Feng Yin said, “Xia Yu is, after all, the head of the Immortal Path. In the first half of his life, he was brilliant and a martial god, and made great military achievements. And also, for a time, the Immortal World was once the dreamland of our Nine Regions cultivators. This tombstone should be dedicated to the Immortal World and the dream of Immortal Cultivation.”

“Yes, there’s no Immortal World anymore, and it’s impossible for a new Immortal World to be born in this great thousand worlds.”

At this point, both of them fell into silence again.

After a long time, Feng Yin asked, “What are you going to do after this? Do you really want to explore the Wall of Worlds? Actually, you don’t have to…”

Senior Immortal Xiaoyao interrupted him, “I know. I am very grateful to you guys for accepting me, a defeated captive, regardless of the enmity in the past. However, in the end, Nine Regions is not my home. I am different from those Immortals who ascended from the Nine Regions. I was born and grew up in the Immortal World, and that Immortal World has been destroyed. Although this world is big, there’s no place for me here. Moreover, the longer I stay here, the more difficult it will be to endure the torture of conscience, so… Forgive me, but I can only refuse your kind offer.”

Feng Yin, with some regret, said, “However, the Wall of Worlds…”

“Yes, the Wall of Worlds is dangerous. Even with Xia Yu’s strength, he was not sure that he could break through the wall. So, my chance of surviving this journey is pretty small.” Xiaoyao said with a smile, “But, to die in the cusp of seeing the new world, I have no regrets. Not to mention that in this journey, I will not be alone. I have a companion.”

As he spoke, a beautiful silhouette floated in the distance.

It was a slender and graceful woman, with a crystal clear gem in the middle of her forehead. Her expression was tranquil and calm, and she had a smile on her face. In short, nothing more beautiful could be imagined.

When Feng Yin saw the woman, he raised his eyebrows in surprise and said, “She…”

“My wife, Yanluo.” Senior Immortal Xiaoyao gently said her identity and, with a firm gaze, stopped Feng Yin from further questioning.

Feng Yin did have a lot of doubts in his heart. Yanluo, the commander of the Servant Army of the Immortal World, should’ve died in Wang Lu’s hands. Moreover, even her body was broken and incomplete. Later, although she was taken back by Xiaoyao, a dead person could not be brought back to life. So, who was this Yanluo? Moreover, wasn’t Senior Immortal Xiaoyao’s beloved Xia Xiaohe? Why did he call Yanluo his wife?

However, out of respect for Xiaoyao, Feng Yin did not pursue his curiosity, nor did he open his Stellar Divine Eyes to see the truth of Yanluo.

Senior Immortal Xiaoyao made another salute to Feng Yin and said with a loud voice, “I have been here long enough. Now, I will start on my journey with my wife. I hope that I can meet you guys again in the new world in my lifetime. When that time comes, I will prepare good food and good wine.” Then, Senior Immortal Xiaoyao took Yanluo’s hand and flew to the sky and then quickly disappeared.

Feng Yin looked at them from afar and, after a long time, sighed. However, before his sigh fell, he heard someone snort coldly from behind him.

“Huh, death is near at hand, but this bastard is still clever and eloquent.”

Hearing this voice, Feng Yin quickly turned around and cupped his fist and said, “Golden King, you’re here too?”


The blonde-haired red-eyed Golden King looked at Feng Yin with disgust and said, “You hypocritical bastard, you know perfectly well that he will be dead soon, so why were you trying to keep him here? Since he is willing to die in the Wall of Worlds, then just let him go.”

Feng Yin smiled but said nothing.

He knew very well about the intention of the Golden King. When the Immortals besieged the Spirit Sword Mountain, Golden King practically used his own power to prop up an impenetrable defense line… Then, he was attacked by Senior Immortal Xiaoyao and was seriously injured.

For the arrogant Golden King, that battle was simply a great shame. Even though everyone thought that him as a demi-god confronting the Immortals who were on the same level as gods was already very much extraordinary, the Golden King himself was obviously not satisfied. Therefore, it could be imagined the amount of resentment in his heart that he had for Senior Immortal Xiaoyao.

Feng Yin came here to bid farewell to Senior Immortal Xiaoyao, and the Golden King was also there for a farewell—another form of farewell.

Unfortunately, Feng Yin arrived early enough to intercept all the plans of the Golden King, so that he could only vent his anger by spatting out few curses on the spot.

“A short-lived father-killing ghost coupled with a stitched-up monster-like corpse-girl, it’s actually not bad for this couple to throw away their lives…”

Before Golden King finished his words, however, he felt a chill behind his back.

“Was that the broad-mindedness of the Golden King, Gil?”

Several emotions suddenly flashed through the Golden King’s face before he managed to squeeze out a few words through his teeth, “Knight King… What are you doing here?”

Aya was silent, her clear blue eyes stared at the Golden King silently. And this silence made him more and more uncomfortable.

“Humph! I know! Now, I will prepare for the expedition, but don’t even think of running away! In this expedition to the Western Continent, you are the commanding general!”

Aya raised her eyebrows and said, “When did I say that I was going to run away? Besides, you said that I would be the commanding general, then what are you? My boss?”

“I…” Golden King was held back for a long time without saying a word. Finally, he turned around and walked away with a look of exasperation.

After Golden King left, Aya also stood silently in front of the tombstone for a while, feeling a bit melancholic.

The Immortal World had been destroyed, and the Pantheon was dying—just struggling at the death’s door. Even if there was no expedition organized by the Golden King, the destruction would happen sooner or later… This old world was really running out of time.

It was actually wise for Senior Immortal Xiaoyao to choose to die on the Wall of Worlds. At least, he would be remembered as a great pioneer, even though carrying his corpse-wife with him was somewhat…

As far as the present Nine Regions was concerned, there was no time for slow post-war reconstruction. Within a hundred years, Nine Regions must begin to migrate, break through the Wall of Worlds, and then enter a new world before its lifespan was exhausted. In fact, winning the victory over the Immortal World was only the beginning, the real challenge was still ahead.

However, the most difficult challenge had been passed, so the road ahead must be infinitely bright.

Aya looked up to the sky and smiled slightly.

Countless people have given their lives for this peaceful sky, and their sacrifice would not be meaningless.


“Don’t worry, your sacrifice will not become meaningless.”

At the same time, on an unknown mountain in Nine Regions, there was a bamboo room by a crystal clear lake. An unknown stone tablet stood beside the lake. In front of it, a woman in white sat on the ground, looking sad.

“The post-war reconstruction work is going on smoothly. Although this fierce war has greatly damaged the vitality of Nine Regions, and there are still many things that need to be done, it’s still alive and thriving. The great unification of the Nine Regions that has not been seen for tens of thousands of years is finally realized. Now, even the shattered Southern Heaven Region has been reassembled in a few months… I believe that within a hundred years, we will be ready to migrate.”

The woman confided in a soft voice, then picked up the wine gourd and drank it for half a day.

“So you can rest assured that the Nine Regions will have a bright and beautiful future. It will.”

“So, you can now rest in peace. I will take good care of your legacy, such as the treasures buried for many years in the Nine Regions, your amazing Wisdom Sect, little Liu Li, Zhu Shiyao…”

Before she could finish her words, the blue sky and white clouds over her head suddenly turned black, and a thick thunderbolt fell from the sky.

“B*tch, I’m supervising the work in the Southern Region, yet not only are you being lazy and not offering any help, you’re actually drinking here and cursing at me!”