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Chapter 846: Unwilling to Say Goodbye

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Xia Yu was in the sea of fire.

The fire was the anger of the Nine Regions for having been invaded repeatedly by the Immortal World for tens of thousands of years, for the complete destruction of the Southern Heaven Region, and for being interrupted in its long sleep.

This was the first time that Xia Yu tasted the anger of the world. The flame was much more intense than what he had imagined. The moment he was in the sea of flame, his nearly flawless body began to melt rapidly, and the Immortal spirit that covered his whole body disappeared.

He could not dodge, could not avoid, and could not resist. The Immortal King Xia Yu who crisscrossed thousands of worlds was dying in the sea of fire.

In the sea of fire, Xia Yu heard the cry of hundreds of millions of resentful spirits. They were the souls of those who had died since the arrival of the Immortal World. At this time, they poured out the most vicious curse on Xia Yu in the sea of fire, which corroded his Immortal body.

In the sea of fire, Xia Yu saw the doomsday scene of the collapse of heaven and earth and the destruction of all things. It was the curse cast by the dead souls who died in the Southern Heaven Region when it was destroyed by the Against the World Dragon Pillar. The curse from the land was so powerful that it instantly damaged Xia Yu’s Immortal Mansion, with countless Immortal Mountains and jades disintegrated. The Immortal Mansion in the Immortal Body was where the foundation of the cultivation laid, and the revenge from the Southern Heaven Region almost damaged Xia Yu’s foundation.

In the sea of fire, Xia Yu also saw his old opponents in the previous thousand worlds campaign, including the gods of the Western Continent and the strange-looking creatures from alien worlds. They either spat him or loudly ridiculed his current embarrassing situation. Others simply came to cut his flesh with sharp weapons, bringing him endless pain like the tide of the sea.

This was the heart fire, as well as the heart demon. The appearance of his old enemies meant that the anger of Nine Regions had penetrated into Xia Yu’s primordial spirit and began to work from inside and outside to disintegrate his existence. In such a burning flame, even the Immortal King could not persist for too long.

However, Xia Yu could only bear the weight of destruction silently at this time. After being hit by the Non-Phase Celestial Cannon, his Immortal King’s magical power almost instantly collapsed. At this time, even if he wanted to escape from the sea of fire at all costs, he was powerless.

But things might not have necessarily turned for the better. Xia Yu calmly looked down and, through the sea of fire, his gaze fell on the Spirit Sword Mountain.

There was another person who was struggling to survive.

“Tsk, why is this old bastard not dead yet?”

On the Stellar Peak, Wang Wu, with a sword in one hand, was holding up a milky white dome over her head. On top of the dome, an endless sea of fire poured down like a waterfall, and was intercepted by the Non-Phase Sword Defense halfway. However, the sea of fire was inexhaustible, it constantly impacted and enveloped Wang Wu’s Non-Phase Defense, making it hard for her to hold it.

However, she had no choice but to hold out.

When Wang Lu released the full power attack of the Non-Phase Celestial Canon, he also mixed the Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman into it. Then, with the Spirit Sword Mountain as the beacon, it guided the energy beam of the Non-Phase Celestial Cannon in the endless void to return to Nine Regions. As long as the space barrier was cut in the right location and they made sure that the Immortal King was placed in the middle of the straight line between the crack in the barrier and the Spirit Sword Mountain… Then by surprise, even the Immortal King would inevitably fall into the trap.

This was Wang Lu’s plan that he hatched out before he returned to Nine Regions. A considerable part of this plan involved risk-taking. If there was a slight difference, they would lose everything. For example, how to ensure the energy beam from the bombardment would not be lost forever after entering the endless void? How to ensure that Xia Yu would not find out the truth too early and thus be able to avoid the surprise attack? The most important thing was that there was a huge loophole in this three-point plus one-line plan: The power of the energy beam from the Non-Phase Celestial Cannon was endless, so how could they ensure that this power was completely blocked by the Immortal King instead of directly falling right at Spirit Sword Mountain?

In fact, these matters were, of course, not necessarily guaranteed. What Wang Lu could do was to arrange several insurances at each step. As for whether it would work, he had to leave it to fate. After all, if he didn’t take risks, how could he make up for the huge power gap between him and the Immortal King?

Fortunately, the plan finally progressed smoothly to the last step. However, this last step was more difficult than all of the previous steps combined.

The most worrying situation still happened. In these three points one line situation, the Immortal King in the center did not absorb all the power of the energy beam. About thirty percent of the power bypassed the Immortal King and landed directly on the Spirit Sword Mountain.

This Non-Phase Celestial Cannon energy beam came from the endless void and could only maintain its cohesion by the positioning of the Spirit Sword Mountain. However, if the Spirit Sword Mountain was hit head-on, it would disappear in an instant. The energy beam of the Non-Phase Celestial Cannon would also collapse because of the loss of guidance. And Xia Yu, trapped in the sea of fire, would immediately be free.

At that time, even though Xia Yu had been heavily injured by the energy beam, he would still be uncontrollable by virtue of his absolute superiority in the cultivation stage.

Therefore, according to Wang Lu’s plan, Xia Yu must be completely killed once and for all. Before he fell, the impact of the energy beam must not stop. And Wang Wu, as the most important insurance on the Spirit Sword Mountain, must not make any mistake.

Thus, one could imagine what kind of pressure Wang Wu felt right now.

No one knew how long, but the pillar of fire that descended from the void was still pouring. The woman felt that her wrist was numb, so she raised her head a bit anxiously and looked at the Immortal King in the sea of fire. Although he was in a mess and his Immortal body was disintegrating, his posture was still as firm as a rock in a big wave.

“Tsk, sure enough, anyone who can live for one hundred thousand years without dying definitely still has it. Such an old age but still this firm and upright, he must have definitely tempered it in his harem.”

As soon as she said those words, she heard a crisp sound from the dome above her head. Wang Wu’s complexion immediately changed, and she quickly extracted more True Yuan from her body and poured it into the white bone sword to make up for the deficiency.

It was just that this time, the force was too strong and many of the originally stable three thousand golden cores began to become restless. After all, not all of them were originally hers. Thus, stability and compatibility were insufficient. If Wang Lu had not explained the characteristics of the energy beam from the Non-Phase Celestial Cannon to her in advance so that she could lay down a targeted defense line calmly… In the face of the thirty percent power of the energy bombardment, Wang Wu’s sword defense would’ve long been broken.

“Xia Yu, oh, Xia Yu, why don’t you die quickly? Consider it as your last good deed, okay?”

Of course, Wang Wu’s call had no effect.

On the contrary, Xia Yu seemed to have gradually adapted to the energy bombardment of the Non-Phase Celestial Cannon. Although his body was still disintegrating, the remaining part had begun a new round of rejuvenation. His loose flesh became compact, and his grey hair was gradually stained with black. The magical power that belonged to the Immortal King came back bit by bit.

Of course, compared to Xia Yu’s recovery speed, the rate of his destruction was still a bit faster. Before he could recover to the fullest, he would surely die without a burial place. However, Xia Yu’s unexpected rejuvenation had greatly slowed down the pace of destruction. And considering that before he was completely wiped out, there was always a chance for him to make a comeback, Wang Wu at the top of the Stellar Peak must persist to the end.

In this regard, Wang Wu could not help but smile bitterly, “Wang Lu that b*tch didn’t say that this job would be so hard. I thought I would just need to hold on for a few seconds, but in the end, what’s the difference between me now and Xia Yu? If this goes on, I’m afraid I’m going to be finished first. Wang Lu, you scammer, when you become the spirit of the Nine Regions you still didn’t change your nature…”

As soon as her voice fell, Wang Lu’s voice rang out in her heart.

“Tsk, in this kind of plan that involved the Immortal King, how wonderful do you expect me to be? Managing to calculate until this step is already world-shakingly amazing you know?

Wang Wu replied, “Then please think of another world-shakingly amazing plan. Help me hold it on for a moment! I really can’t hold on anymore!”

“Okay, I know, I’m thinking about it…”

A moment later.

“Well, I thought of one.”

This was obviously good news, but Wang Lu’s voice didn’t sound very happy.

“Wang Wu, get ready… Say goodbye to Spirit Sword Mountain.”