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Chapter 845: I Prefer Late Entry

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On the Stellar Peak, all of the remaining forces of Nine Regions had gathered to provide Wang Wu with the necessary support in various ways.

Needless to say, many elixirs were collected by various big sects and given to her. The cultivators even contributed their own golden cores and Yuanying! When Wang Wu withstood the palm strike of the Immortal King with her own strength, the three thousand golden cores in her body were damaged. However, when she returned to the Stellar Peak, more golden cores were waiting for her. Some of these golden cores came from the fallen cultivators and some were simply taken from living people. At this point in the war, there was no need for anyone to reserve.

Facing the Immortal King Xia Yu, without the same level of power, the number was meaningless. Even if there were ten million Jindan Stage cultivators on Spirit Sword Mountain forming an array together, it was impossible for them to withstand even a casual blow from the Immortal King.

At this moment, only Wang Wu and Wang Lu were capable of fighting face-to-face against the Immortal King. If they couldn’t hold on, the others would be dead.

At this time, Wang Wu seemed more excited than nervous. Although she had yet to heal from her injuries, the power that she could use in a short time had reached the peak. The three thousand golden cores were full, and the bone sword in her hand had become heavier. The core of this sword was still her own bones, but it was now covered with a layer of Immortal bones, which was a very precious treasure refined from the remains of the Immortals by the Ten Thousand Arts Sect experts. It wrapped around the bone sword, making it sharper and stronger than before.

On the whole, Wang Wu’s power was not as pure and refined as before, but in terms of quantity, it was more than doubled. In any case, she didn’t need her power to be so refined to do what she needed to do next. Her current state was just right for that.

“Junior Sister, don’t force yourself too much. The matter has come this far, so your survival is the most important thing.”

There was a hint of loneliness in Feng Yin’s eyes. Looking at the trace of destruction on the mountain, his heart was at a loss. The Stellar Divine Eyes had long been unable to penetrate the future, and could not even understand the cause and effect. No one could tell for sure whether his Big Brother could turn this ‘against the sky’ situation around. Thus, if they wanted to plan for the worst… In the entire Nine Regions, there were only two people who ought to keep on living. Of which, Wang Lu had integrated himself with the Nine Regions and became the spirit of the land, so he could not just be alone. Besides him, the most suitable candidate was Wang Wu.

The three thousand golden cores in her body contained various laws of Nine Regions and even the Western Continent. Although limited to the quality of golden cores, meaning that they were only prototypes of the Main Paths, each prototype meant unlimited possibilities. As long as she was alive, she would be like a Nine Regions miniature mobile library and the kindling fire that could spark the Nine Regions. In addition, she was able to cultivate the outside path in just two hundred years and was able to compete against the Immortal King with her own strength. This meant that her talent was not inferior to that of Wang Lu.

Therefore, despite what other people thought, Feng Yin hoped that Wang Wu could live. Even if it was just a lingering life, as long as she lived, there was hope.

“Hey, Senior Brother, you’re spreading negative energy again.” Wang Wu turned her head and wanted to laugh at her Senior Brother who had been the leader of Spirit Sword Sect for two hundred years. But when she looked at Feng Yin’s aging face, she suddenly couldn’t bear it.

She was the one who inherited the inheritance of their Big Brother. However, over the years, most of her energy had been devoted to personal cultivation, as in cultivating her outside path golden cores and optimizing her Non-Phase Method. On the other hand, Feng Yin had bore all of the affairs of the sect, large and small. His age was not that much different from her, but at this time, his signs of aging were pretty obvious. Of course, Feng Yin was also a guy who liked to worry and was prone to premature aging.

“… Don’t worry, he gave me this life, so I won’t lose it so easily. Of course I will live, and not only me, all of us will. In fact, we have already won.”

Feng Yin was stunned because he saw that Wang Wu didn’t seem to be joking, but rather relied on Wang Lu’s hidden trump card. So he asked, “Does Wang Lu have another hidden trump card?”

“No, that’s all that he can do.” Wang Wu shook her head and said, “Don’t think of him as omnipotent. Incarnating into the spirit of the Nine Regions was a helpless move. Moreover, things are rushed, so he has no time to adapt to his new power. The Burning Blood Great Array of Nine Regions and Non-Phase Celestial Cannon are only the most superficial applications of Nine Regions’ power. If he wants to use the entire continent as easy and as deftly as lifting a finger, then he has to practice for at least a few hundred years. However, looking at the current shape of the Nine Regions, I guess it won’t be able to persist for a few hundred years, hahaha.”

Feng Yin was shocked. Since the situation was that bad, how could she laugh?

Wang Wu said with a smile, “Because our opponent is not that strong, either. He’s just an old man struggling to keep his life, why do we need any new tactic to deal with him? Wang Lu’s layout just now is enough. Perhaps you didn’t notice this, but Wang Lu has already launched his killer move.”

“Killer move?”

“There’s no time to explain it to you in detail. I need to go now, the old man is here.”

With that, Wang Wu’s toes went down a bit. This was an understatement move because Wang Wu actually released such an enormous amount of power that it shook the entire Stellar Peak. However, she did not fly straight to the sky using the counterforce, but deeply rooted her heels into the mountain and became one with it. In a flash, Wang Wu seemed to have become the spirit of Spirit Sword Mountain, able to absorb the strength of the mountain, but would also share the damage suffered by the Spirit Sword Mountain.

Wang Wu vowed to live and die together with the Spirit Sword Mountain.


The Immortal King came quickly.

For this god of war who had crossed the endless void and fought in countless worlds, Nine Regions were really too small. A single thought from him was enough to tear the space apart and cross thousands of rivers and mountains.

Xia Yu was not worried that Spirit Sword Mountain could escape. It was not easy for the Nine Regions to move an Immortal Mountain from one location of the continent to the other end in a flash. It was especially impossible for the Nine Regions now to withstand that much energy consumption.

Xia Yu even doubted that Wang Lu could launch his Non-Phase Celestial Cannon that he was proud of after he forcibly carried the Spirit Sword Mountain. The weakness of the Nine Regions could be seen by the naked eye, and nearly half of the continent’s spiritual veins were in a state of exhaustion. Even if the Nine Regions were lucky enough to escape from the great purge this time, it was only a half step away from the real end of the world scenario.

This was really a war that hurt both sides. It was no wonder that Wang Lu still proposed reconciliation even after the Nine Regions suffered a huge disaster.

Unfortunately, Xia Yu didn’t plan to stop here, or more accurately, he could not stop here. After paying such a huge price, he could not afford the failure more than Wang Lu.

After coming out of the Palace of Three Purities, the Immortal King was no longer the untouchable king, but Xia Yu who was in the spotlight. His every move was watched, and every flaw in him was seen. After Senior Immortal Xiaoyao betrayed him and pointed out what he had done for longevity… Xia Yu faced great doubts.

If he was at his peak, even if he was opposed by everyone, he could still use violence to intimidate them. However, the current Xia Yu, who was near the end of his life, could not withstand excessive wear and tear. In a sense, he was not much different from this dilapidated Nine Regions.

Therefore, this time, he must win and regain the trust with a magnificent victory, so that his subordinate would continue to be obedient. And the first act of this great victory was the destruction of Spirit Sword Mountain.

Xia Yu had already seen Wang Wu standing on top of the Stellar Peak and seen even more clearly the three thousand golden cores in her body and the sword bone in her hand.

If it was a head-on fight, she was indeed a strong opponent. Her Non-Phase Swordsmanship was extremely exceptional and strange, and unreasonably hard. Even the palm strike of the Immortal King could hardly break it in a short time.

However, the reason why the Immortal King was the Immortal King was that, in addition to his powerful strength, the more important thing was his magical ability. If frontal head-on attack was difficult, Xia Yu still had many alternative methods.

With his left hand, he lit a fire, which was an innate fire that came from the ruins of the Wilderness Age. At the same time, with his right hand, he conjured out a vast expanse of cold wind which was a pure Yin Ice Breath inherited from the Desolate Age.

With the grinding power of these Ice and Fire, Yin and Yang, no matter how strong the sword defense was, it would definitely not be able to withstand. Xia Yu once used this move to break through the gate of the Western Continent Pantheon. He did not believe that Wang Wu could be stronger than the defense of the Pantheon.

However, just as Xia Yu was about to release the power of his left and right hands, he suddenly saw an undisguised crafty smile on Wang Wu’s face.

The next moment, the sky behind him suddenly became brighter, and an extremely familiar force fell from the sky toward him.

Xia Yu didn’t have to look back to know what the energy behind him was.

“Non-Phase Celestial Cannon! How is this possible?”

Even if the Nine Regions still had hidden power, the signs before the launch of the Non-Phase Celestial Cannon were obvious, so Xia Yu could not possibly miss them. What’s more, the attack should come from below not from the top, so how could it descend from the sky?


In an instant, countless scenes appeared in Xia Yu’s mind, and then he quickly zeroed out one of them.

It was when Wang Lu went all out using the Non-Phase Celestial Cannon. Although Xia Yu was a bit rushed in his reaction, he still managed to dodge and block the force of the attack at the critical moment and let it blast through the sky and enter the endless void.

At that time, Xia Yu didn’t even think about where the energy of the bombardment would eventually go. Because generally speaking, no matter how powerful it was, once lost in the endless void, it would inevitably be exhausted until nothing was left.

Now when he thought about it, in fact, from that time on, Wang Lu actually had quietly arranged this situation.

The bombardment energy from the Non-Phase Celestial Cannon broke through the sky and entered the endless void. It was a mysterious place where time and space seemed to have no meaning. It was, of course, possible that the bombardment energy would be lost forever. However, it was also possible that, after a period of time, it would suddenly turn its direction in the endless void and come back to Nine Regions again.

Xia Yu couldn’t figure out how to achieve this. But it was probably by using the Sky Tower on the Stellar Peak to tear up the space barrier and guide the bombardment energy back to Nine Regions… This was the only scenario that could logically explain it.

Similarly, on the Spirit Sword Mountain, it was easy to understand Wang Wu’s decisive posture. She was not trying to fight against the Immortal King at all, but to block the energy splash of the bombardment that would fall from the sky. After all, it was directly guided to the Stellar Peak…

It was a pity that when Xia Yu realized it, it was already a bit too late. The power of the bombardment had completely enveloped him. Xia Yu had no choice but to withstand it head-on. The innate fire in his left hand and the ice breath in his right hand died off in an instant. Then it came to his Immortal robe and then the flesh and blood under his robe…

Inside the huge energy torrent, Xia Yu roared, “Wang Lu, what a crafty plot!”

“Hahaha, you’re welcome!”