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Chapter 842: Sorry, Please Insert Coin

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Looking at the handful of fine sand that went away with the wind in his hand, the Immortal King Xia Yu was suddenly filled with melancholy.

Another brilliant young man died.

Once upon a time, two young men had also lost their lives in his hand, turning into fine gray sand. Those two young men, like Wang Lu, also had boundless potential and brilliant talents. Their overbearing and domineering aura was even stronger than that of Wang Lu. They were rare geniuses in the worlds. Unfortunately, compared with their amazing talent, Xia Yu needed the vitality in their bodies more.

Before their ascensions, the two men were the overlords of the Nine Regions. One of them was called Emperor Qin, while the other one was called Ancestor Desheng. To this day, Xia Yu couldn’t remember their faces clearly and only their names had survived.

“Since when have I lost my appreciation for the new generation of geniuses?”

At this time, although Xia Yu’s hair had turned full gray by now, there was still a bit of youthful look on his face, so he felt a little bit more emotion in his heart, which he couldn’t have when he was old.

He remembered that, a long time ago, he was able to praise the new generation of geniuses. At that time, there were two rare talents in the Immortal World, and Xia Yu had high hopes for them and even agreed with them that, after his fall, they would inherit the throne of the Immortal King. Of course, there was only one throne, so the two also agreed that, when Xia Yu fell, one of them would be the king, while the other one would break through the Wall of Worlds and became the pioneer of the Immortal World.

Unfortunately, these two people did not see the fall of Xia Yu. Because compared to inheritance, Xia Yu finally chose longevity.

That was probably… The first all-out war between the Immortal World and the Western Continent Pantheon. In the fierce battle between the King of the Gods and Xia Yu, they got a little bit of memory of each other. And then that memory greatly changed their temperament at the same time.

Xia Yu, who once looked down on life and death, finally began to pursue longevity.

In order to live forever, Xia Yu would do anything. Even though the side effects of longevity became more and more obvious, making the wise and powerful Immortal King slow and dull, Xia Yu’s dedication to longevity continued to grow day by day. He never regretted anything that he had done. Even when he devoured his wife who he had loved for many years. Even when, in the horrified eyes of his children, he killed them one by one. Even when he turned his most beloved youngest daughter Xia Xiaohe into a puppet, ready to be refined at any time… In order to live forever, Xia Yu could give up everything.

Until today, when he turned young again for a moment. This made him look at his past from another angle.

“Xia Yu, when did you become like this? If the young you sees what you have become now, I’m afraid he would immediately kill you.”

Xia Yu was silent for a moment, and more vicissitudes of life gradually appeared on his face. Then, the melancholy in his heart gradually disappeared.

“No, what I am doing is right. Only longevity is the real way to liberation. Even if it’s not for my own sake but for the sake of the great thousand worlds, I must live as long as possible. Because only I can break through the Wall of Worlds and find a ray of life for this declining world!

“The great thousand worlds have declined. Whether those under the jurisdiction of the Immortal World or the territory of the Pantheon of Western Continent, all are rapidly becoming weak and declining. This is the supreme law of the great thousand worlds. Even the Immortal King and the God King can’t disobey it. So… Since the Wilderness Age, many people have chosen to go deep into the Wall of Worlds.

“However, the predecessors have gone, but the descendants have been unable to follow. In a declining world, it is not easy to reach the heights of our predecessors. Even if it’s me, wanting to be comparable to the sages of the Wilderness Age is nothing but a foolish dream. Therefore, only through longevity and the accumulation of cultivation throughout the long life that was longer than those sages could the Wall of Worlds be broken through and bring vitality to this great thousand worlds.

“So I didn’t do anything wrong. Even if it caused the destruction of the world, but I am the master, the owner, and heir of the world. As long as I live, the world will never die. As long as I can live forever…”

In Xia Yu’s heart, this inner talk continued to emerge. But at the same time, his body continued to age, and his eyes became muddy. However, the Immortal King’s will became firmer.

After he let go of the sand in his hand, Xia Yu turned his gaze downward.

The fury of the Nine Regions, after the launch of the Non-Phase Celestial Cannon with full force just now, finally began to subside. Although there were still some residual flames in several locations, it was not worth mentioning.

After Wang Lu’s death, the Blood Burning Great Array of Nine Regions naturally collapsed and could no longer constitute a threat. As for the Spirit Sword Mountain which was the core of the great array… it could be broken into pieces with a simple palm strike from him. This time, even if the person with the three thousand golden cores came, it would not change anything.

The overall situation had been decided… the Immortal World had finally won.

At this time, a roar sounded from Xia Yu’s side, “Your Majesty is invincible!”

“Congratulations Your Majesty for your great victory!”

“The Immortal King is invincible across all realms, and the bastard of the lower realm became scattered ashes!”

Xia Yu couldn’t help but turn his gaze and saw that Fengyun, Qingliu, Liefeng, and even the other Immortals who previously guarded the Southern Heaven Region have all gathered there. Some of them were shouting loudly with fanatical voices. However, they looked a bit apprehensive.

It was normal for them to be terrified because they were the people who should be on guard in the Southern Heaven Region. And according to the rules of the Immortal World, leaving their posts without authorization was a felony. It was just that, since the power of the Non-Phase Celestial Cannon just now was too strong, these Immortals couldn’t help but worry. After all, once the Immortal King died, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Nevertheless, their worry undoubtedly showed their lack of faith in the Immortal King. However, the old Xia Yu no longer understood and tolerated them. These newly arrived Immortals waved the flag for Xia Yu with fear and ugliness, but they were just trying to protect themselves.

“Xia Yu, look around you, what kind of people surrounds you? Are you happy to be surrounded by these clowns?”

Senior Immortal Xiaoyao interrupted the others’ praise and cheering with a sneer, and said to Xia Yu with a determined attitude, “You probably haven’t forgotten what the Immortal World was like before, right? The Immortal World has declined all the way to what it is now, and do you still want to lead us down?”

Xia Yu’s muddy eyes turned to Xiaoyao.

“In other words, you still made a stupid choice.”

Xiaoyao sneered and said, “I already have no choice since a long time ago. Xia Yu, do you really think that your kind paternal words can make me believe you? Hahaha, what you said was indeed pleasant to hear. ‘Like Xia Xiaohe, a blockhead woman who relied on her father’s name to behave unscrupulously, her death is not worth to be pitied about.’ But I clearly remember that you once said to Xia Xiaohe this, ‘Like Xiaoyao, he’s just an eye-catching decoration that I pushed to the front stage. My true successor is you.’ However, the true successor died in your hand!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Xiaoyao, what are you trying to do here?”

Ignoring the doubts and abuse that came from around him, Senior Immortal Xiaoyao continued to point at Xia Yu and said, “Xia Yu, you can fool others, but you can’t fool me with this nonsense! The fact that I betrayed you have become a reality, and since in the end, you will absorb me no matter what, why should I be as obedient to you as those incompetent rats? You are a one hundred thousand years old bastard! You would surely devour yourself and die in the endless void!”

A trace of mixed feelings flashed across Xia Yu’s face as he said, “How did you know about my conversation with Xia Xiaohe? You shouldn’t know about things that happened in the Palace of Three Purities.”

The smile of Senior Immortal Xiaoyao became a bit more sarcastic as he said, “Yes, you put up an impenetrable barrier in the Palace of Three Purities, so even your most trusted aide can’t peep the secrets in it. At that time, you killed Emperor Qin and Ancestor Desheng in the Palace of Three Purities, and your conversation with Xia Xiaohe was in a place that was even more secret. So, you wonder why I knew what you said? None other than Xia Xiaohe herself who told me, of course!”

Xia Yu sighed and said, “Sure enough, you two…”

“So, can you understand why I betrayed you? Whether it’s for the great cause of the Immortal World or for my own personal interest, I can no longer regard you as King. Xia Yu, you are invincible, even Wang Lu, using the power of the Nine Regions, can’t do anything to you. Naturally, I am not even your match. But, even if I die, I will not yield to you!”

As he spoke, Senior Immortal Xiaoyao lit up the Immortal Fire all over his body, wanting to die together with Xia Yu.

However, the next moment, an invisible hand covered his head. Xiaoyao only felt that his body was empty, and the Immortal Fire disappeared in an instant.

“Impossibly stupid.” Xia Yu said coldly, “I actually have high hopes for such a fool like you. I really didn’t see it.”

Senior Immortal Xiaoyao laughed bitterly. He was indeed a fool. Xia Yu had high hopes on him, so how could there be no mechanism left in his body by him? Xia Xiaohe was so smart and thought that she was special. Yet, she didn’t notice the seed in her body at all. How could he be an exception? He wanted to blow himself in front of Xia Yu? That was really naive.

But other than that, what else could he do? His only hope had now been shattered because previously, Xia Yu flashed away from Wang Lu’s inevitable blow… It could only be said that, prior to this, everyone had underestimated the power of the Immortal King too much.

Destroying and refining many worlds, this one hundred thousand years old bastard was really powerful to the degree that was inconceivable.

“Xiaoyao, although you are stupid, I will still give you a chance. I will let you witness when I break through the Wall of Worlds and bring a new future to this great thousand worlds!”

“A new future? Hahaha! No matter where you go, a greedy bastard like you will only bring disaster and destruction. Even if you break through the Wall of Worlds, then what? To absorb the blood from the new world so that you can continue to live? Do you want to destroy all the worlds before you are willing to give up? Xia Yu, you!”

The next moment, Xia Yu’s hand touched Xiaoyao’s head and blocked his mouth. In a moment, the head of the Immortal who once had the position that was under one person but above the many in the Immortal World would turn into a handful of fine sand, just like…

“Like me?”

A certain voice that should’ve disappeared once again rang in the ears of the Immortal King.